William Dozier & Elizabeth
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        In DeKalb County, Georgia in 1830 there is a WILLIAM DOZIER. He is the only Dozier in the county & he had a son the age of Marcus. He is living near Marcus' father-in-law Isaac Baker& Marcus followed Isaac to Cass County. They are listed together on the 1850 census. William died before 1840 & his wife is listed with the children. There is an age discrepancy, but Marcus is probably living with another family - possibly with Isaac Baker. Several Bakers from DeKalb won land in the 1832 lottery, which which included Cass Co.  It seems likely that he moved there with them, lived in their house as a boy, then married Martha and built  his own house on their land.

         In the 1821 land lottery a plot in DeKalb County was awarded to the "orphans of Leonard Dozier" of Warren  Co.,  Ga.   Since Leonard did die in Warren County in 1818 and no other Doziers were  awarded  land in the DeKalb area in 1821, I  am  reasonably confident that this WILLIAM was the son of Leonard.  If so, then William was living with his uncle Richard during the 1820 census.  (Per Steven R. Davis - Dozier Researcher)


Columbia  Co., Georgia - Book C - Writs of  Distribution:   Final distribution of Estate of Leonard Dozier - Registered 10 May 1822 -  pp. 255/260.  Document lists Nancy, widow; Dunwiddie, John, & Henry Dozier,  minors, Richard Dozier, Adm:  Epsey,  Rebecca,  & James Dozier, minors, Daniel Vaughn, guardian; WILLIAM DOZIER, an heir of deceased.  [So all children were minors except  WILLIAM, who  inherited  in his own right - per Bill  Edrington  a  Dozier Researcher.  This would mean the dates on the 1830 DeKalb  census were  incorrect for WILLIAM.  This would explain why he  was  the only one who claimed land in DeKalb.] 


1830 DeKalb County, Georgia Census 

p. 53                                                        Isaac Baker (Marcus father-in-law) both on same page

WILLIAM DOZIER                               1 m 10-15 years

1 m under 5 years (Marcus)                    1 m 15-20 years

1 m 15-20 years   (WILLIAM)               1 m 20-30 years  (Isaac)

1 f under 5 years (Amanda)                    3 f under 5 years (Sally, Martha & Amanda)

1 f 20-30 years   (ELIZABETH)             2 f 5-10 years         

                                                                1 f 15-20 years

                                                                1 f 20-30 years



1840 Dekalb County, Ga Census                1840 Cass County, Ga Census 

 p. 52 ELIZABETH DOZIER (wife of WILLIAM)      Isaac Baker          

1 m under 5 years (Madison)                       1 m under 5 years (Newton)  

2 f under 5 years (Amanda & Margaret)      1 m 20-30 years    

1 f 20-30 years (ELIZABETH)                    1 m 30-40 years (Isaac)

                                                                   1 f under 5 years (Mary)

                                                                   1 f 5-10 years (Frankey)

                                                                   3 f 10-15 years (Amanda, Martha, & Sally)

                                                                   1 f 15-20 years   

                                                                    1 f 30-40 years (Patsy)


1850 Cass County, Georgia Census

p.109  Marcus Dozier 20 M W GA (son of WILLIAM & ELIZABETH)

  Martha                          22 F W GA (Daughter of Isaac Baker)  

 Eveline                            1 F W GA

p.109 (Next to Marcus) 

Isaac Baker 45 W M SC                                          

 Patsy            46 F W SC                                           

 Sally             20 F W SC             They were in GA   

 Frankey       18 F W SC               at the time these      

 Newton         16 M W SC            three children were born.         

 Mary             10 F W GA