William Richbourg & Mary Elizabeth Gibson
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        WILLIAM RICHBOURG enters our family history on March 19, 1822, when Joseph Gibson gave his consent for his under aged daughter, MARY, to wed him. The same day John Gideon stated that WILLIAM  RICHBOURG was placed under him for instructions until age 21, but that he would stand for him and authorize issuance of license.

        WILLIAM was about 20 at the time and his bride-to-be only 15. The license was issued March 23, 1822, solemnized May 1, 1822, by a Justice of the Peace in Monroe Co., Mississippi.

        Before 1840 the couple moved to Itawamba Co, just above Monroe Co. in the NE part of Mississippi, still on the Alabama border. This county where they were living with their 3 sons and 5 daughters in 1836, had been Indian territory, so the land and life must have been rugged indeed.

        In 1846 he purchased land worth $500.00 in Monroe Co. where he was farming in 1850. The family moved again, this time to Atalla Co., Mississippi, before 1860, where we find his property had increased in value to $3,400.00.

        His widow and the 4 children living at home, were found next in Guadaloupe Co., Texas, in 1870. WILLIAM had moved his family there after the Civil War and this is where he died.

        He was born in South Carolina about 1802, possibly, Sumter Co., where most of the Richbourgs were found. A John Sanders Richbourg, born about 1800, in Sumter Co., South Carolina, could be a brother of WILLIAM; they followed the same line of migration from South Carolina. John Sanders Richbourg had a grandson and WILLIAM a son named Flood. Census records give children's names not in true order.

        Information received from Jennie Smith, who lived to be 99 years of age and who was the daughter of Cittura (WILLIAM's 2nd child), states that Thomas L. (WILLIAM's 10th child) lost his sight and mind before death. Jennie also tells of how her Uncle Ben, drank himself to death at about 25 years of age. Thomas L. died in Terrell State Hospital. He was addled and was always concerned about the Yankees going to get him His brother Flood had him put there because he had no one to take care of him.

        The Civil War disrupted this family, just how I only wish I knew. Sometime between 1860 and 1870 the Richbourgs moved to Texas, after the war I'm sure. WILLIAM might have died in either State--Miss. or Texas. I find no record anywhere. His wife always felt that she still had a home in Miss., that she had been cheated out of it. Her grandchildren tell of that.


Most Richbourg researchers place WILLIAM RICHBOURG as a son of John Richbourg ,Jr. by his first wife Sarah  Wise.  I don't believe there is any concrete evidence this was the case, but it should be noted that WILLIAM was placed under the care of John Gideon.  Apparently WILLIAM migrated from South Carolina to Monroe County, Mississippi, prior to 1818 with John Gideon, his brother Abraham Gideon, their sister Elizabeth Gideon and her husband William Wise, and his brother Henry Wise.  They came in a wagon train led by Rev. Frederick Weaver.  The expedition came from Russell Valley (Russellville) down Gaines Trace.  They settled at the ferry.  When these settlers first entered what is today Monroe County area, Mississippi was not yet a state and was still a territory.  Mississippi became a state in 1817, but the Monroe County area settlers were thought to be in Alabama.  It was not until the survey of the boundary between Mississippi and Alabama in 1820, that the status of the settlers was determined.  

The Wise and Gideon families were pioneer settlers in Bedford County, Tennessee.  William Wise was born about 1776 in South Carolina.  He married Catherine Elizabeth Gideon, daughter of Richard Gideon.  She was born about 1775 in Laurens District, South Carolina.  Quite probably William and Henry Wise were brothers to Sarah Wise, the first wife of John Richbourg.  This would make the connection of  WILLIAM RICHBOURG as John Richbourg, Jr.'s son more plausible.  The explanation of her family raising her son after her death would make sense.  The information of the Wise and Gideon family was complied for USGenweb Project by Marie Evans Davis - Biography:  William and Catharine Elizabeth Gideon Wise of Itawamba and Monroe Counties, Mississippi.  The entire article can be read at http://files.usgwarchives.net/ms/biographies/wise.txt  



p. 25 This is to certify that WILLIAM RICHBOURG is now under my instruction, he being just under 21 years of age. But I authorize you to issue a license to him and will stand btwn you and all damages. (Signed) John Gideon March 19th 1822,

RICHBOURG, WILLIAM & MARY GIBSON 23 March 1822; m. 4 Apr. by     George Dilworth, J.P. (p. 7)

This is to certify that MARY GIBSON is under age and it is unlawful to marry without my consent and this is to authorize the county clerk to issue license to WILLIAM RICHBOURGH and the said MARY GIBSON. (Signed) Joseph Gibson

March 19th 1822 (p. 7)



p. 109 Index to Estate Papers, Monroe Co.


[I wrote to the Mississippi Department of Archives & History - "We have searched Monroe Co. Index to Wills, Will Book 1836-1851, and Estate Inventory 1840-1844, but have not found reference to WILLIAM RICHBOURG. We have found WILLIAM RICHBOURG listed in the Index to Estate Papers but we do not have copies of Monroe Co. Estate Papers.]  [Page 64 in the book is the estate page for Joseph Gibson, father of Mary Elizabeth Gibson Richbourg.]



1/2 quarter sec in W 1/2 NE 1/4 533 TIS R17W purchased Aug 19, 1822 (RICHBOURG Land)

Deed Book 12 p. 9

Jan 1, 1846--James E. Cook to WILLIAM RICHBOURG (Both of Monroe Co., Miss) for $2000.00 Lot #6 of Sect. 13 T125 Range 18 W 80 a. no witnesses

At death of Joseph Gibson his descendants...MARY RICHBOURG, wife of WM. RICHBOURG residing Monroe Co.

Item #16 WM. RICHBOURG bought prop. worth $218.15

Item #24 Citation to Court: WM. RICHBURG & MARY his wife


1820 Monroe County, Mississippi Census

John Gideon                                                          

2 males under 10 years                                         

1 male 10 to 16 years

1 male 16 to 26 years ** WILLIAM RICHBOURG   

1 male 26 to 45 years                          

2 females under 10 years                           

2 females 10 to 16 years                                      

1 female 26 to 45 years                                      

 1 female 45 years & up


1830 Census Monroe County, Mississippi      1840 Census 


1 male 5 to 10 years                      2 males 5 to 10 years   

1 male 20 to 30 years                    1 male 10 to 15 years 

1 female under 5 years                 1 male 30 to 40 years 

1 female 20 to 30 years                 2 females under 5 years 

                                                           1 female 5 to 10 years 

                                                           1 female 10 to 15 years

                                                           1 female 30 to 40 years


1850 Attala Co., Miss. Census           |860 Atalla Co., Miss. Census

p. 851 1105                                        p. 174 Rocky Point P.O. 


MARY E.                        43 F W GA                 MARY                                52 F W GA

Citura                            20 F W Miss                 Wm.                                 24 M W Miss   

Joe G.                            17 M W Miss                Cittura McPearson         30 F W Miss

Wm. W.                         14 M W Miss                 Flood M.                         18 M W Miss

Manna                           13 F W Miss                  Martha A.                      14 F W Miss

Mary E.                         10 F W Miss                  Cynthia                          12 F W Miss

Floyd M.                         7 M W Miss                  Thos.                              10 M W Miss

Martha                            5 F W Miss                  Ben                                  8 M W Miss

Cynthia                           3 F W Miss                  Jane Dees                        26 F W Miss

Thomas L.                       1 M W Miss                 Robert Willis                   37 M W NC

                                                                             Elander                 40 F W NC


1870 Guadelupe, Texas Census - Post Office Seguine p. 26 

Humphrey, G. M.          31 M W Farmer Miss   

M. A.                                24 F W                 Miss            

RICHBOURG, MARY 64 F W                 GA         

Thomas                           19 M W                Miss             

Ben                                  17 M W                Miss             

Cynthia                           21 F W                Miss                    

H. M                                 22 M W               Ala                          

McPherson, Robert       13 M W              Miss


Deed Book 12 page 9 & 10 Monroe County, Mississippi 1846


This Indenture made and Executed the first day of January in the year of our Lord one Thousand eight hundred and Forty-six between James E. Cook and WILLIAM RICHBURG both of the County of Monroe and State of Mississippi, witness that the said James E. Cook for and in consideration of the sum of Two hundred Dollars to him in hand paid by the said WILLIAM RICHBURG the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged have bargained sold granted and conveyed, and by these presents do grant, bargain sell and convey unto the said WILLIAM RICHBURG his heirs Executors administrators or assigns the following described tract or parcel of land lying being and situate in the County of Monroe and State aforesaid known and designated as the log N. Six of Section N thirteen in Township N twelve south of Range N Eighteen West. Containing seventy nine acres and fifty six hundredths of an acre more or less. To have and to hold the aforesaid described tract or parcel of Land to him the said WILLIAM RICHBURG his heirs and assigns forever together with all and singular the hereditaments and appurtenances in my wise belonging or appertaining to the same, and the said James E. Cook do by these presents convenient that he will warrant and defend the title of the aforesaid tract or parcel of Land to the said WILLIAM RICHBURG his heirs and assigns forever In testimony whereof the said James E. Cook have set his hand and seal the day and year above written.

James E. Cook SEAL

The State of Mississippi)   Personally came before me John       Monroe County )                 M. Spence a Justice of the Peace in and for said County James E. Cook and acknowledged that he signed sealed and delivered the within Deed on the day and year above named and for the purposes therein contained Given under my hand and seal this the first day of January 1846  

 John M. Spence SEAL          Justice of the Peace

The foregoing is a time Record of the original Deed together with the certificate of acknowledgement thereon filed in my office and recorded this 30th day of March 1846                          T. W. Williams Clerk


Deed Book 2 Deed Index Attala Co., Miss. 1873

M.E. Richburg  2 Jno. O. Carter Trust Deed    This Indenture Made and entered into this 20th day of January 1873 between M. E.  RICHBOURG of the first part andof the second part and John O. Carter of the third part all of Attala County State of Mississippi. Witnesseth that whereas the said party of the first part is justly indebted by the said party of the third part in the sum of Eighty five dollars which said sum is due and payable on the 1st day of November A.D. 1875 as evidenced by the promissory note of the party of the first part and payable to the party of the third part bearing even date with this Deed and whereas the party of the first part is desires of securing the prompt payment of the above described promissory note together with all such other sums of money as may become due and owing to the said party of the third part for money advanced or supplies furnished at the maturity of said promissory note: Now in consideration of the premises and in further consideration of Ten dollars to the party of the first part paid by the party of the second part at and before the signing sealing and delivery of this indenture the receipt whereof is here by acknowledged the said party of the first part has granted bargained sold and conveyed and by these presents doth grant, bargain sell and convey with the said parties of the second part and by his heirs and assigns forever the following described property real and personal Viz: All that certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the county of Attala and State of Mississippi and known and designated as follows. to wit. The containing acres be the sum more or less together with all and singular the appurtenances and hereditaments there unto belonging or in any wise appertaining. Also the following personal property towit: one Sorrel horse Mule about 12 years old, also one white & Black pided cow and calf & one yearling and one yoke of oxen marked with crop & under bit in the right year and half crop in the left also the crop of corn and cotton that the said party of the first part May raise during the year 1875. Also the crop of cotton and corn to be grown on said lands by the party of the first part during the year 187?. Said party of the first part to remain in possession of the property herein conveyed until default in the payment of the debt. In trust nevertheless that if the said party of the first part shall not will and truly pay said party of the third part the sum of money specified in the promissory note here in above named at Maturity thereof together with all such further sums of money as she may then be due and owing the said party of the third part for money advanced or supplies furnished then the said party of the second part may take into his possession the above described property including said crops of corn and cotton and forthwith proceed to sell the same at public auction to the highest bidder for case before the courthouse door of said Attala County, first giving ten days notice of the time place and terms of said sale by posting at the door of the court house of said County of Attala or publishing the same and out of the proceeds of said sale to party of the second part after first paying the expenses. the of this tract, shall then pay to the party of the third part whatever may be due on said note and for money advanced and supplies furnished the balance if any, to be paid to the party of the first part. I do Agree that if from absence sickness death refusal or inability the Trusted herein cannot act, then another than may in writing be appraised by said third party by act as Trustee.

In testimony whereof the parties to this Deed have hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals the day and date first above written.      M. E. RICHBOURG SEAL

The State of Mississippi) Attala County )Personally appeared before me C. G. Harris active Justice of the Peace of said County and State. M. E. RICHBOURG who acknowledged that she signed sealed and delivered the foregoing Deed on the day and year therein mentioned and for the purpose therein stated as her own act and deed. Given under my hand and seal this 20th day of Jan. A. D. 1876 C. G. Harris J. P. Seal

Filed for Record January 21st 1875. At 3rd Oct W. V. Davis   Clerk Recorded January 29, 1875 O. O. Cermer Do

[This must be the land MARY felt she was cheated out of. It appears WILLIAM was already deceased at this time.]


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