Wells Walker & Sarah Ann Hannon
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       Deed Records of Warren County, Georgia, show: Book X page 470 WELLS WALKER to Joel Cloud ($440 for 1844-49 80 acres on Harris Creek)

        His wife SALLY ANN HANNON was said to be part Cherokee Indian.  It was told that the children had Indian traits -- high cheekbones and black hair that didn't turn gray.


Georgia )                                                                                                   Warren County )

These are to authorize and permit you to join in the Honorable State of Matrimony WELLS WALKER of the one part and SARAH A. HANNON of the other part, according to the rites of your Church, provided there be no lawful cause to obstruct the same, and this shall be your authority for so doing. Given under my hand as the Clerk of the Court of Ordinary of the County aforesaid, this 21st August 1821 Thomas Gibson J. Clrk

To any Minister of the Gospel, Judge, Justice of the Inferior Court, or Justice of Peace to celebrate

I Do certify that WELLS WALKER and SARAH A. HANNON were joined together in the Holy Bands of Matrimony by me on the 23rd day of August 1821 L. C. Konklen J. P.

Recorded in the Warren County Marriage Book 1811-1825 p. 251


CEMETERIES & GENEALOGY Warren County, Georgia And Immediate Vicinity by Daniel Nathan Crumpton

p. 241 7 March 1809 Book C Page 432 WELLS WALKER witnessed deed where Samuel Winslet, Sarah Casson, John Williams, & Elizabeth Kelly sold land of ?John Casson, deceased to Zephaniah Franklin. The other witnesses were Jones Banner, Job Wilder, & Ezekiel Alexander.

p. 294 23 October 1848 Book X Page 470-1 WELLS WALKER sold land to Joel Cloud.

p. 300 31 December 1840 Book & Page 79 Nathaniel Parham sold land to Alpheus Fuller land. Adjoining landowners were Henry Conaway, Samuel J. Lazenby, Robert Lazenby, John L. Burkhalter, & John Stith.  WELLS WALKER and Sampson Wilder received the original land grant.


WARREN COUNTY, GEORGIA 1793-1900 GENEALOGY II     Daniel Nathan Crumpton

p282 Inventory & Sales (1830-1837) Franklin, Zephaniah: Inventory and Appraisement of Estate: pages 461-2: Appraisers: WALKER, WELLS...

3 Jan 1835.


1820 Warren County Georgia Census

WELLS WALKER was 31 years old. He is not listed on any 1820 Georgia Census. He married 1821 Warren County Georgia. I feel he was related (?nephew) some way to Joel Walker.

p. 270 Henry Conaway                            

p. 270 James Turner

p. 270 John Turner

p. 270 Henry Walker Possibly Joel Walker's Brother

2 males 10 - 16 years                                          

1 males 16 - 18 years                                   

1 males 16 - 26 years                                                     

1 males over 45                                                                   

1 female under 10                                                        

1 female over 45

p. 270 Holliberry Walker Wife of Joel Walker RS Soldier          

1 male 26 - 45 years   

2 females 16 - 26            

1 female over 45

p 263 Persons Walker Holliberry's only son per DAR & Will


1830 Warren Co. Georgia Census     1840 Warren Co. Georgia Census

  WELLS WALKER                              WELLS WALKER 

1 male under 5 years                             1 male under 5 years 

1 male 5 - 10 years                                1 male 15 - 20 years

1 male 40 - 50 years                              1 male 50 - 60 years

2 females under 5 years                          2 females 5 - 10 years 

1 female 1 - 10 years                              2 females 10 - 15 years 

1 female 30 - 40 years                            1 female 15 - 20 years

                                                               1 female 40 - 50 years


1850 Gordon County Georgia Census p. 66         

 WELLS WALKER 61 M W Ga                             

Ferdinand                27 M W Ga      

Pauline                     21 F W Ga             

Vashti                       18 F W Ga                        

Octavia                     17 F W Ga                           

Henry                        14 M W Ga                 

Benjamin F. Conaway 25 M W Ga      

Helena                             25 F W Ga                 

Patrick H.                         1 M W Ga


1860 Gordon County Georgia Census p. 263 Post Office: Calhoun

  WELLS WALKER 70 M W Farmer Ga              

 Octavia                      25 F W Domestic Ga


Deed Book X 1844-49 page 470 Warren County Georgia 1848

State of Georgia This Indenture made this the twenty third day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred and forty Eight between WELLS WALKER of the County of Warren and State aforesaid of the one part and Joel Cloud of the same state and county of the other part witnesseth that the said WELLS WALKER for and in consideration of the sum of four hundred and forty Dollars to him paid in hand by and before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained sold and conveyed and do by these presents grant bargained sell and convey unto the said Joel Cloud his heirs and assigns all that tract or parcel of Land situate Lying and being in the County aforesaid on Harts Creek containing Eighty acres more or less adjoining Lands of said Cloud and Roberts and having such form shape and marks or appear by a Plat annexed to a Deed from Wm A. Fuller to said Parker and also a Plat annexed to a deed issuing from the Executive of Georgia on the Seventeenth day of January Eighteen hundred and Seventeen to the said Jessee P. Parker his heirs and assigns to have and to hold said tract of or Parcel of Land unto him the said Joel Cloud his heirs assigns together with all and singular the rights members and appurtenances thereof to the same in any manner belonging to his and their own proper use benefit and behoof forever in fee simple. And the said WELLS WALKER for himself and his heirs and assigns will warrant and forever defend the rights and title thereof against themselves and against the claim of all other persons whatever In Witness Whereof the said WELLS WALKER hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year above written   Signed Sealed  and in the  presence of these witnesses  WELLS WALKER SEAL         Recorded the 5th 1848 delivered Luke Labdekk SS    James Plecher     Raburn M. Wilder JP


In the name of God Amen. I WELLS WALKER of the County of Gordon and State of Georgia being of sound mind and memory and considering the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life do therefore make ordain publish and declare this to be my last will and Testament.

Item 1st I desire that my body shall be buried in a Christian like manner

Item 2nd To Marshal Clinton Conaway I give and bequeath my clock

Item 3rd To Benjamin F. Conaway my son-in-law and Octavia Alexander Walker my beloved daughter who is now a single woman I give and bequeath and desire all my land and appurtenances situated thereon known and distinguished or described as the WELLS WALKER farm Lot of Land one hundred and sixty acres more or less No 16 & 14 District 3 section lying in the county of Gordon and state of Georgia together with all the residence of my personal property to be equally divided between the said Benjamin F. Conaway and my daughter Octavia Alexander Walker share and share alike upon the marriage of the said Octavia.

Item 4 If the said Octavia does before marriage and before the decease of the said Benjamin F. Conaway Then I give bequeath and devise said property to the said Benjamin F. Conaway.

Item 5 If Octavia dies after the decease of the said Benjamin F. Conaway and without marriage service property to my daughter the now present wife of the said Benjamin F. Conaway and her children.

Likewise I make constitute and appoint my son-in-law Benjamin F. Conaway to be executor of my last will and Testament hereby revoking all former wills made by me. In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal this the 22 day of June 1868                                              WELLS WALKER SEAL  Attested E. J. Tinker; J. D. Tinesly; W. S. Johnson

Gordon Court of Ordinary February Term 1870

The within last will and Testament of WELLS WALKER deceased having been processed in open court for probate and J. D. Tinesly, W. S. Johnson and E. J. Tinker three of the witnesses to said will after being duly sworn deposeth and oath that they saw WELLS WALKER the testator sign seal publish and declare the within instrument to be his last will and testament freely voluntary and without any confusion or influence whatever that said testator was at the time of signing said will of sound and disposing mind and memory that they J. D. Tinesly, W. S. Johnson and E. J. Tinker sign the same as witness in the presence of said testator and in the presence of each other and that said testator signed in the presence of said witnesses   

J. D. Tinesly; E. J. Tinker;  W. S. Johnson

Sworn to and subscribed before me this February 7 1872                Gordon Co, Georgia D. W. Neal Ordinary

I D. W. Neal Ordinary of said County do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the last will of WELLS WALKER and duly proven before me in common form February term 1870 at a regular time of the court of Ordinary that Benjamin F. Conaway named therein as Executor did qualified before me at said term to vest him with full authority to execute said Will I have duly informed to him of the Letters Testamentary and oath to said copy of will.

In witness whereof I the said Ordinary herein here to set my hand and seal of office this 7 day of Feb. 1870.

D. W. Neal Ordinary of Gordon Co. & Ex Official Clerk


From a Family Bible


SALLY ANN HANNON June 1st 1799              

WELLS WALKER born 20th day of April 1788 (9?)

The ages of WELLS and SARAH Walkers Children:

Jane Porter was born June 24th 1822

Don Ferdinand Hannon was born March 17th 1824

Helena McKenzie Walker was born 24 Dec 1825

Francis Drayton Walker was born 27th August 1827

Pauline Napoleon Walker was born 10th June 1829

Isabella Vashti Walker was born 31st October 1831

Octavia Alexander Walker was born 27th July 1833

Henry Augustus Franklin Walker was born 2nd day of June 1836

Lucila Gray Walker was born 19th January 1839



Henry A. Walker departed this life October 4, 1867

F. H. Walker departed this life Oct 23, 1868

Lucila Gray Walker died 7th day of July 1840 - Aged one year five months & eighteen days

Sally Ann Walker died 24th April 1850 aged fifty years ten monthsand twenty four days

WELLS WALKER departed this life on the 21 of December 1869 age 80 years 7 months 22 days


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