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My Conaway Line

        My Gr-gr-grandfather, Henry Conaway, born about 1784 in South Carolina, was in Warren County, Georgia, by 1806 when he married Nancy Turner.  His descendants are shown in my Conaway file.  The identity of his parents and/or siblings are not known.  He had one son named Charles and another William, but I do not know if either of these sons were named for Henry's father.  Son Charles and another son Turner were killed during the Civil War.  In the 1790s a Phillip Connaway and his wife Margaret were living in the part of Wilkes County that became Warren County.  Phillip was in South Carolina in the 1780s so there is a possible connection there.  Any information on Henry Conaway will be sincerely appreciated.


Conaway Families in Georgia

          During the 1800s there were 3 Conaway families in the Cass/Bartow area of Georgia.  I am looking for the ancestors of these families as well as their relationship to each other.  Family tradition says that the Turner Conaway family listed below was related to my Henry Conaway.  Please contact me (see e-mail shown below) if you know anything about these families.  One unusual fact is that in the later generations of these 3 families, at least one son of a family was named after one of the Presidents of the United States.


John Conaway of Georgia

         John Conaway, born between 1790 and 1799 in South Carolina was married to Cinthia Poor.  John lived in the Pendleton District of South Carolina, near the families of William and John Poor before he married and moved to Lumpkin County, Georgia. From Lumpkin County, Georgia, they moved to the Cass/Bartow County area.  In 1850 John and Cinthia had four children living with them - Cinthia B. 16 , John 14, Rosilla 12, and Susan 10.  


Aaron Conaway of Georgia

        Aaron Conaway was born about 1804 in South Carolina and was on the 1830 tax list for Cass County, Georgia.  By 1840 he was listed in Spartanburg South Carolina where his age was given as between 20 and 30.  By the 1850 census he was back in Cass County with wife, Martha and five children - Miles P. 10, Jeremiah 8, Elizabeth 5, and Turner1.  In 1853 he married Louisa Gentry and they had two additional children by 1860 - Aaron 5 and Henry 3.  In 1870 he was married to Elizabeth with two more children - Samuel and Martha.  By 1880 he had moved to Cherokee County, Alabama.


Turner Conaway of Georgia

       Turner Conaway was listed on the 1830 Cass County, Georgia, tax list.  In the 1840 census he was listed as between 20 and 30, with a wife between 20 and 30, and a another female between 60 and 70 lived with them.  He was listed as being 33 years old on the 1850 census and had a son John 5 and Elizabeth 80 living with him.  After his first wife died, he  married Levina Bearden on February 8, 1842.  She apparently died before 1850.  On August 18, 1856, he married Mahalia Folkern (Faulkner) who had three children by a previous marriage - Mary, Sarah, and Nancy.  In 1860 his children were listed as John 17, Viney 11, Samuel 6, Martha 4, Frances 3, Henry B. 2, and Dove 1.  Another Son Davis born about 1860 was listed on the 1870 census as 10 years of age.  Turner's occupation was listed as a Tanner, and he was still living in Cass County, near Adairsville in 1880.


Caleb Conaway of South Carolina

        Caleb Conaway was listed on the 1790 census of the Pendleton District of South Carolina as the head of the family over 16 with 2 males under 15 and 4 females.  During the years 1790 and 1794, he purchased over 600 acres in the same area of Pendleton County.  According to the 1800 census of Pendleton County, he was still living there with more children.  Were Caleb and his wife Mary the parents of John Conaway (above) born about 1795 in South Carolina who married Cynthia Poor and Lavina Conaway born about 1804 in South Carolina who married Harper Poor?  Both John & Lavina were living in Cass County, Georgia,1850.

        Other names in my files associated with my Conaway family are HANNON, GOGGANS, PETERSON, ROEBUCK, POORE, TOOLE, BARBER, PATRICK, LEMON, KENDALL, LAWRENCE, SWAYNE, WORKS, and BOBO.   Use these hyperlinks to go to any of my lineage pages for these families.




        Martha "Mattie" Elizabeth Roebuck married my grandfather Patrick Henry Conaway in 1876 in Rhome Georgia.  She is descended through the Roebuck family of Virginia and South Carolina.  Her ancestors fought for the freedom of our country in the Revolutionary War.

        Martha Roebuck's Mother was Martha Joannah Barber who descends through the Barber line of Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia.  Her maternal Grandmother was Martha Patrick, daughter of John C. Patrick and Peggy Nicholson.

        Martha Roebuck's fraternal Grandmother was Elizabeth Lemon whose Lemant and Smythe ancestors came to America from Ireland and settled in South Carolina before moving to Georgia.

        One of Martha Roebuck's Gr-gr-grandmothers was Levinah Bobo, daughter of Sampson Bobo from the Virginia and South Carolina Bobo lineage.

        My Gr-grandfather Benjamin Franklin Conaway married Helena McKenzie Walker, daughter of Wells Walker and Sarah Ann Hannon.   Sarah's Father Henry Hannon came to Georgia from Maryland.  Her Mother Sarah Robertson was rumored to be half Indian.

       My Mother was the daughter of Dr. Alfred Thomas Bryant and Alice Elizabeth Goggans.  My Bryant line descends from Massachusetts in the 1600s through New Hampshire and Alabama.  The Robinson, Poore, Lawrence, Swayne, and Kendall families married into my Bryant line.  The Works, Petersons, and Richardsons married into my Goggans line.  The Toole and Taylor families married into the Works line.  

        While the Bryant and Goggans lines ended up in Alabama, their ancestors followed various paths to get there.  The Goggans came through Virginia and South Carolina.  The Works traveled from Pennsylvania to South Carolina.  The Taylor family was in Kentucky prior to their move to Alabama.


If you find we have a common ancestor and would like to write us, please contact my niece at



Be sure & visit my niece's homepage at .  You will find individual data files on my CONAWAY family (Henry, Benjamin, Patrick, James) as well as information on the associated lines of  BARBER, BRYANT, CARLETON, HANNON,  ROBINSON, TAYLOR & WILLIS that are mentioned in my family lineage.

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