Sir John Clay & Mary Carlton
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Treesearching with Doris     Boyd Co, Press Observer Jan 29, 1976

According to Margaret Clay’s notes in the British Museum in London (which I have never seen, but picked up from a responsible authority). SIR JOHN CLAY (1558-1632), Coal Baron of Wales, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth. (Perhaps they were having a heating crisis in England at that time). It is said that he was a great-grandson of the John Clay who was knighted by King Edward IV for action in the Battle of Tewkesbury in 1471. He had a son. Captain John Clay (1587-1656) who was a British Grenadier.


Clay Tentative Lineage by Ruth Clay Burrell, Peggy Carswell Peacock, and Shirley Langdon Wilcox September 22, 1983

Charles Clay (1645-1686) and his wife, Hannah Wilson are our earliest proven ancestors, but the records that do exist, and Traditions passed down through various branches of the family, lend validity to the belief that these were indeed our forebearers.

SIR JOHN CLAYE, (Tradition) Coal Baron of Wales; Knighted by Queen Elizabeth I, and given lands in Monmouthshire, Wales; said to be the son of John Claye of Glouchester, who was the son of John Claye of Derby, Knighted by Edward IV at the Battle of Tewkesbury in 1471; b. ca 1565, probably Glouchester Co., England; d. ca 1632, probably Monmouthshire, Wales; wife unknown; the traditional names of his three sons were: Richard, William, John (Called "The English Grenadier")