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Richard Bailey of Chesterfield and Tazewell Counties, Virginia and his Descendants

by Mary Ellen Howe Vol 1

Chapter One - The Early History and the Line of Benjamin

page 1-11

The Appomattox River steadily winds through Chesterfield County, Virginia, on its eventual way to Petersburg and the James River. The part of the river between Chesterfield and Amelia County, and at the mouth of Goode’s Creek, remains largely unchanged and untouched, much the same as it was in the days when James Bailey first came with him family to live there

During the early 1700’s many men patented land in the south-western end of Chesterfield known until 1749 as Henrico County. They settled in the areas known as Skinquarter and Genito. Some of the settlers were RICHARD BELCHER, James Gates, John Goode and John Skelton. These men were neighbors and friends of the Bailey family and touched their lives in many way.

The earliest known record of James Bailey appears in Henrico County, Virginia in John Nash’s Sheriff’s Bond along with John and RICHARD BELCHER:

James Bailey Dr. 1736. 1 Levy. Store debt. Mr Cary’s debt. A bond due. Paid 75 lbs. Tobo. By Jno Pride, Jr. 74 lbs. Tobo. Pd by John Worsham.

John Belshar, Jr. 1 Levy. Clks fee. Store debt. "To Rig’r yr. Son Thos. An item cancelled ‘To yr order to RICHARD BELSHAR – note paid by John Belcher Sr.’"

James Bailey’s three sons were Benjamin, James, Jr., and Richard. The youngest son, Richard, married Elizabeth Anne Belcher. Thus the many descendants of Richard Bailey also carry the Belcher line.

The Bailey family lived in very close proximity to John and RICHARD BELCHER. It can be reasonably assumed that Elizabeth Belcher was the daughter of one of these two men…. In deed book four, page 644 of the Chesterfield County, Virginia records, Isham Belcher sold the land of RICHARD BELCHER deceased and may have been the son of RICHARD BELCHER.

In 1759, James Bailey, Jr. Bought seventy seven acres of land from Peter Daniel. It is described as "adjoining John Skelton’s land on the south side of Skinquarter Road." This land was originally part of a patent of 375 acres granted to RICHARD BELCHER in 1754 and was the first piece of land owned by the Bailey family in Virginia.


The Story of Richard Bailey

Chapter Four - Journey to the Mountains pp 168-190

…In 1762, Richard’s [Bailey] father wrote his will. It was proven in court February, 1764. One month later, in March, Isham Belcher sold the land of RICHARD BELCHER, deceased. …


The Story of Richard Bailey Chapter Four Journey to the Mountains pp 169-190

Richard Bailey (son of number 1)

He was probably born around 1735. It has been previously written that he was born in

Lancastershire, England; however, there is no documented proof of this. His marriage to Elizabeth Anne Belcher 1 would have been recorded in the early Dale Parish records that are missing in Chesterfield County, Virginia.

Chesterfield County, Virginia

On November 1, 1760, Richard purchased one hundred acres of land in the Skinquarter area of Chesterfield County, Virginia. 2 He moved there with his young wife and made enough improvements on the land to double its value in four years [see Chapter One].

A large number of Chesterfield families began to migrate to Bedford County, now Franklin County, Virginia. 3 Isham Belcher (the brother or cousin of Elizabeth) 4 was among this group and purchased land there. 5 In 1762 RICHARD’S father wrote his will. It was proven in court February, 1765. 6 One month later, in March, Isham Belcher sold the land of RICHARD BELCHER, deceased. 7 The following September 29th, RICHARD BAILEY sold his one hundred acres and left with his family for Franklin County, Virginia. 8


Magazine of Virginia Genealogy 

Vol 26 1988

Page 94 John Blankenship, 372a, (p.56) Henry Co., bounded by Gilbert Elam line, Clary’s line, S. side the Run of deep Cr. BELCHER’s line, Gates & Nunnerys line. (p.57) 1 Dec 1748.

Vol 29 1990

Page 239 John Edwards 140a Prince George Co,…adj ______ BELCHER and Starkes line, at BELCHER’s upper c….(p.355) 12 Jan 1746/7.

Vol 29 1991

Page 283 John Shelton, 150a, Henrico Co. at William Perdue’s c, (p.3) to a c. of sd Perdue and William Clay, to a c. for said Shelton’s upper survey, crossing br of middle of sd Shelton and RICHARD BELSHER, 12 Jan 1746/7.

Vol 30 1992

Page 304 William Kennon, 630a, Henrico Co, bounded by…parting Webster and BELSHER,…(p.358) 3 Nov 1750.


Amelia Co, Va marriages 1735-1815

Page 8 23 May 1805 Belcher, Isaac and Tabitha Webster. Sur. RICHARD BELCHER. P. B-5.


Virginia Wills and Administrations

ix Chester field (1749; complete)



RICHD. 17__ i


Chesterfield Co Va Deeds 1745-1750 Weisiger 975.5594W

Page 33 p.375 26 Feb 1753 RICHARD BELCHER of Chesterfield to William Thompson, Gent., of same, for L20,2 tracts, one being plantation I live on, 100 acres; and other being plantation where William Tanner lately lived.

Wit John (+) Nunnally, Michael Clay, John Ward

Recorded 4 May 1753

Page 63 p.220 4 Dec 1754 RICHARD BELCHER of Chesterfield Co., to Peter Blankenship of Amelia Co., for L 8, 100 acres bounded by Skinquarter Road, William Gates, Horsepen branch and BELCHER’s old line.

Wit: Joseph (X) Beville, Edward Tanner,

recorded Dec. Court 1754

Page 65 p 240 7 Feb 1755 William Thompson, Gent. Of Chesterfield Co., to Peter Daniel of same, for L 8/12, 77 acres; being part of a patent to RICHARD BELCHER, bounded by south side of Skinquarter Road, Skelton’s line, Perdue’s line, Gording’s line and Peter Blankenship.

Wit: Francis Flournoy, William Newby, Jacob Ashhurst

Recorded 7 Feb. 1755


William & Mary Quarterly   4 W (2)

Page 129 Some Wills of the Clay, Just and Harralson Families

…Henry Clay, Chesterfield Co. March 28, 1749. Mentions sons William, Henry, Charles, John, Daughters Amey Williamson, Mary Watkins, grandson Henry Clay, granddaughter Mary Clay, wife Mary. Also RICHARD BELCHER, James Hill. Witness, George Farrar, Aleson Clark, George Reny Turner….


The Clay Family Association Quarterly 1975  929.2C Vol V. 1 Series II  Page 102

VI Willliam Clay…son of Henry and Mary (Mitchell) Clay of Henrico and Chesterfield Counties, Va….


…Mitchell 1735-1811, d. Giles Co., Va; Md Phoebe Belcher ca 1760

(Phoebe Belcher had a brother named Isham Belcher. Where they children of

RICHARD BELCHER – named in Henry Clay’s will?) (1760 Chesterfield Co., Va.)


Henrico Co, Va Deeds 1706-1737 975.5453 Weisiger

Page 103 p.222 24 Dec 1728 Benjamin Hopkins of Henrico Co., to Thomas Oliver …

Wit: …RICHARD (x) BELCHERS… Recorded 1st Mon. Feb. 1728


Chesterfield Co, Va. Wills 1749-1774 975.5594 Weisiger

Page 37 p.340 Inventory of RICHARD BELCHER, Value L 7/16/6 William Clay (executor ?) by Jordan Anderson, Robert Elam, James Elam

[No date is listed but the ones on either side are 1760 & 1761 & 1763. This book does not appear to be in date order.]

Page 55 p.544 Will of Henry Clay of Henrico County written 28 March 1749

To son William, land and plantation he lives on, and my land & plantation on Deep Creek in Henrico, where RICHARD BELCHER now lives…

Page 99 p.244 Will of Henry Clay of Henrico County written 28 March 1749

To son William, land and plantation he lives on, and my land & plantation on Deep Creek in Henrico, where RICHARD BELCHER now lives…

[No idea why listed twice. Henry Clay wrote will 1749, but didn’t die until 1760.]

Page 128 p.75 Will of Henry Clay presented…5 September 1760.

Page 136 p.421 3 June 1763 William Clay granted administration of estate of RICHARD BELCHER, dec’d; John Elam, Robert Elam, Thomas Bass, Jr., and Jordan Anderson to appraise.

Page 137 p. 465 20 October 1763 Inventory of RICHARD BELCHER returned.


Henrico Co, Southside 1736

Page 7 RICHD BELSHAR. Dr. 1736. 1 Levy. For your last year’s levy. Pd by John Belshar Senr.

Page 10 John Belshar. Dr. 1736. 1 Levy. Clerk’s fees. To I Registerar "to your promise for RD BELSHAR". "Cr given you in my Store 110". "To yr or to R BELSJAR for his Levy 51". In the Credits "The Clk fee is to BELLSHAR junr". The balance of 338 lb tobo pd by Inspector’s note."

Page 19 Aaron Haskins, Dr. 1736. 1 Levy. 100 acres. Clks fees. To lev’d you by the public for taking up yr Runaway. To del yr pet’o vs Ben Lee. To arrest RD BELSHAR. Pd by Co Levy and cash.

Page 26 Wil Norris. Hund’d Norris. Dr. 1736. 1 Levy. Clks fee. Store debt, Mr Cary’s debt. To summon vs. R BELSHAR. Paid by an Inspector’s mote and "By Jno Belshar junr for RICHARD BELSHAR".


Chesterfield Co. Va Deeds 1756-1764 975.5594 Weisiger

p. 227 3 March 1758 Mr. William Thompson, Gent., to Isham Belcher of Chestefield Co., for L 10, 100 acres, being part of land RICHARD BELCHER lives on, on north side of Skinquarter Road. No witnesses. Signed: William Thompson Recorded 3 March 1758

p.54 20 July 1762 Peter Blankinship of Dale Parish Chesterfield Co., to John Nunnally of same, for L 25, 100 acres in Dale Parish, bounded by William Gtes, Skinquarter Road, RICHARD BELCHER, Isham Belcher and Lodowick Blankinship.

Wit: Peter (+) Blankinship, Margret (+) Nunnary, Jane (+) Nunnery

Signed: Peter (+) Blankinship, Ann (+) Blankinship

Recorded Aug. 1762

p. 62 17 March 1764 RICHARD BELCHER of Chesterfield Co., to Thomas Moore of same, for L 30, land on Deep Creek, 100 acres.

Wit: James Elam, Joseph Blankinship, Wm Blankinship

Signed; RICHARD (+) BELCHER Recorded 6 July 1764

[This was not recorded until after Richard’s death.]


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