Richard Bailey III & Betsy Rinehart
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Tazewell Co, Va 1830 Census


1 male 1-10 years 1 female under 5 years

1 male 30-40 years 1 female 20-30 years


Allen County, Ohio 1840 Census


2 males 5-10 years 2 females under 5 years

1 male 15-20 years 1 female 10-15 years

1 male 40-50 years 1 female 40-50 years


Auglaize County, Ohio 1850 Census page 315


Jane 57 F Va

Samuel 16 M Ohio

Vasta 13 F Ohio

Mary J. 11 F Ohio

Mary McKensey 10 F Ohio

Perry L. Bailey 19 M Va

Sarah 19 F Ohio


Montcalm County, Michigan 1860 Census page 15


Jane M. 60 F Va

Daniel L. 18 M Ohio Farm Labor

John Smith 23 M Ohio Farm Labor


Tazewell Co, Va John Newton Harmon Sr. 975.5763 H

Page 69 These are to certify that the marriage contracts have been duly solemized between the following persons:


marriage solemnized cert by Isaac Quinn


Logan County, Michigan marriage Vol. A. page 274

RICHARD BAILY On this 23 day of Dec 1845 I solemized the marriage of

& RICHARD BAILY and Jane Anderson

Jane Anderson M. L. ?Stan M.G.

Dec 23, 1845


History of Montcalm County, Michigan

462 Resident Tax Payers 1857

…RICHARD BAILEY, section 32…………………160 acres

Samuel Bailey, sections 10, 13…..…………………120 acres

Perry Bailey, section 31………….…………………160 acres…

1857 Justices of the Peace

Perry Bailey listed 5 times.


History of Ionia & Montcalm Cos., 1881, by Dasef

462 - Ferris Twp. Resident tax payers 1857

Bailey, RICHARD, Sec. 32, 160 acres

Samuel, Sec. 10 & 15, 120 acres (son of RICHARD)

Perry, Sec. 33, 160 acres (son of RICHARD)


Montcalm County, Michigan

308-9 At the meeting of the board in 1858 the town clerk was ordered to inform Perry T. Bailey that school district No. 3 had been formed and that the first meeting would be held at his house on the 27th of November, 1858. The returns show that Mr. Bailey notified the following persons according to law: … RICHARD BAILEY…


Will of Richard Bailey Ferris, Montcalm Co, Michigan Estate inventoried: 13 May 1865

Know all men by these presents, that I RICHARD BAILEY of the town of Ferris in the county of Montcalm and state of Michigan being in good health and of sound & disposing mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time heretofore made. And as to my worldly estate, and all the property, real, personal, or mixed, of which I shall die seized and possessed or to which I shall be entitled at the time of my decease, I give, devise, bequeath, and dispose thereof in the manner following, to wit.

First. My will is that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall, by my executor hereafter named, be paid out of my estate, as soon after my decease as shall by them be found convenient.

Item. I give, devise and bequeath to my son Daniel Lewis Bailey my dwelling house, and lands known and described as follows to wit the North half of the North west quarter and the South east-quarter of the North west quarter and the North east quarter of the South west quarter of Section thirty two in Township Eleven North of Range No five west in the County of Montcalm and state of Michigan containing one hundred and sixty acres of land be it the same more or less. To Have and to hold the same to him, the said Daniel Lewis Bailey, his heirs and assigns, to his and their use and behoof forever,

2d I give, devise, and bequeath to my beloved wife Jane M. Bailey our Bed and bedding and my son Daniel Lewis Bailey shall maintain and support her, or if she shall so choose he shall pay her one hundred dollars a year in lieu thereof, so long as she shall live.

3d I give, devise, and bequeath to Each of my sons Hugh R. Bailey, Perry Y Bailey, and Samuel T. Bailey one dollar to be paid by my executor out of my estate.

4th I give, devise, and bequeath to each of my daughters Ursula F. Fach, Vashti Ann Bitttler, and Mary J Lemastres one dollar to be paid by my executor out of my Estate.

5th All the rest and residue of my Estate, real, personal, and mixed of which I shall die seized and possessed or to which I shall be entitled at my decease, I give devise, and bequeath to said son Daniel Lewis Bailey.

And lastly I do nominate and appoint my said son Perry Y. Bailey to be the executor of this my last will and testament.

In testimony whereof, I, the said Richard Bailey have in this my last will and testament contained on one sheet of paper subscribed my name and affixed my seal this twenty fifth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and sixty.

Signed, sealed, Published, and }

declared, by the said Richard } RICHARD BAILEY SEAL

Bailey as and is his last }

will and testament, in the }

presence of us, who at his }

bequest met in his presence, }

and in the presence of }

each other have subscribed }

our names as witnesses thereto}

Levi Camburn

John W. Smith


The Vital Statistics show

Perry Bailey, son of RICHARD BAILEY & BETSEY BAILEY, born in Virginia, was a Farmer, committed suicide Feb 11, 1879 in Ferris, Michigan at age 48.

Sam’L Bailey, son of RICHARD BAILEY & REINHART, born in Ohio, a Farmer, died of a sub-infection of the bladder June 14, 1909 in Ferris, Michigan at age 75.


History of Western Ohio and Auglaize County

Vol. 2 pg 623-4

Samuel Bitler… married Vasti Bailey who died in 1876, leaving three children…

pg 808

Hugh T. Rinehart emigrated to Union Tnsp, Auglaize Co. in 1836. Married Juliana Godfrey. He died March 30, 1904 [Hugh is believed to be Betsy’s brother & it is believed they migrated together.]


Mercer County History 1984 975.474M

page 135 Richard Bailey, Jr.

Richard Jr. And wife Isabel were parents of ten children: Samuel, RICHARD, Elizabeth, Polly, Henry, Sarah, John, Jameson, Margaret and Eli.

page 163 Richard Bailey, Jr.

Richard Bailey, Jr., son of Richard and Annie Belcher Bailey was born in 1768 in Bedford (now Franklin County) County, Virginia. He married Isabel Ferguson, daughter of Samuel and Mary Jameson Ferguson of Wayne County, Virginia, in 1791. Their children were as follows:

Samuel, b. March 31, 1793, married Mary Walker, daughter of John and Nancy Mullen Walker, on August 19, 1816. He died May 10, 1873, and was buried in Bailey Cemetery at Rock, WV.

RICHARD III, b. 1795, married ELIZABETH RINEHEART on November 28, 1820, and moved to Auglaize County, Ohio, about 1840.

Elizabeth, b. 1797, married John Shrewsbury on June 2, 1813.

Jamison, b. 1799 in Wayne County, Virginia, died in 1880. He married Elizabeth Walker, daughter of John and Nancy Mullen Walker.

Polly, b. 1801, married Christian Peters.

Henry, b. February 3, 1802, died October 1, 1884. He married Polly Bailey, daughter of Eli Bailey I, on August 2, 1895.

Sarah, b. 1805, married Edley Maxwell. They moved west.

John, b. 1810, married Jane Rineheart on November 22, 1827. They moved to Auglaize County, Ohio, with his brother, RICHARD BAILEY.

Margaret b. 1815, married Joshua Mooney of Fayetteville, Virginia, on January 15, 1834. She died in 1885 at Laddonia, Missouri and was buried in Kansas.

Eli, b. 1820 married Charlotte Temple Bailey, daughter of George C. and Frances Thompson Bailey. He died in 1902 at the home of his son, Greenville, (the former home of Richard, Jr.). He is buried in the Bailey Cemetery


JAMES BAILEY AND LUCY SIMMS 1714+ of Chesterfield Co, Va & Tazewell Co, Va/Wva

compiled by Donna Beers

Generation 3 Page 4

14. Bailey, Richard 3 (Jr) (Richard 2, James 1), born on 1765+ at VA; died on 1840+ at Mercer Co VA at 75 years of age. He married on 1793+ at VA to Ferguson, Isabell, born on 1776+ at Tazewell Co, Va; died on 1837 at Rock Mercer, Co, VA at 61 years of age; daughter of Samuel Ferguson (No Record) and Mary Jameson (No Record). (Archives of the Pioneers of Tazewell Co, VA)

Children of Richard 3 Bailey and Isabell Ferguson were as follows:

Bailey Samuel , born 03 March 1793

Bailey, Elizabeth.  She married on 23 November 1817 at Tazewell Co VA to Lusk, Eli

Bailey, Jameson, born 1799

Bailey, Henry, born 3 February 1802 at Tazewell Co, VA

Bailey, Eli, born 1810

Bailey, John, born 1810

          Bailey, Margaret

          Bailey, Polly



Book titled Samuel Ferguson Who married Mary Jameson

page 16 Chapter 4 Mary Ellen Howe of 601 Ravenscroft Drive, Petersburg, Virginia, 23805 is compiling a volume to include the descendants of Richard and Isabel (Ferguson) Bailey. Issue:

Samuel b 3 Mar 1793; d 10 May 1873; m. Mary Walker


Elizabeth b 1796-8; m John Shrewsbury.

Jamison b 1799; m Elizabeth Walker

Sarah b 1800-10; m Edley Mazwell.

Henry b 3 Feb 1802; m Polly Bailey

Polly b 1805; m Christian Peters.

Eli b 1810; m Charlotte Bailey.

John b 1810; m Jane Rinehart.

Margaret b 1820; d 1885; m Joshua Mooney.


Archives of the Pioneers of Tazewell Co, Virginia Yantis 975.5763Y

Page 206. Tazewell county Marriages – 1800 to 1820



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