Richard Bailey II & Isabel Ferguson
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According to Mary E. Howe, Bailey researcher & author of Richard Bailey Volume I & II, Paton was not the middle name of Richard Bailey.  


1790 Albemarle Co, Va Census                  1800 Bedford Co, Va Tax list - no census

p81 RICHARD BAILEY                            RICHARD BAILEY

9 males up to 16                                         ----------

1 male 16 & up                                           1810 Henrico Co, Va Census p125

0 females                                                     RICHARD BAILEY

----------                                                    1 males 16-26       1 female 16-26

1820 Tazewell Co, Va Census p244            2 males over 45     1 female over 45

RICHARD BAILEY                                   -----------

1 male under 10      3 males 18-26

1 male 10-16         1 male over 45            1 female 10-16

1 male 16-18         2 females under 10     1 female 26-45


1830 Tazewell Co, Va


1 male 5 to 10 years

1 male 60 to 70 years

2 females 15 to 20 years

1 female 50 to 60 years


The Davidson Genealogy by Elizabeth Davidson Harbaugh Pages 292-3

The following Bible records were copied and furnished to Eunice Proctor Perkins by Lucian Ferguson from his records and the author copies these "Originals" into this book. [Bible of Samuel Ferguson & Mary Jameson.]

ISABEL, b 1766, d 1839, m –BAILY, Mercer, Co. Va..

Jane, b 1768, d ---, m 1-30-1788, Montgomery Co., Va., William Clarke, d 1829, Va.

Samuel, b 1733, d 1834, Va., m 4-30-1793, Mary E. Stokes Wythewille, Va.

John, b 1775, d 8-29-1855, m Margaret McKinney.

William, b 9-2-1777, d 7-28-1848, m Sarah Stokes

Sarah, b. ca 1779, d 1853, m. –Bailey, Mercer Co., Va.

Thomas, b 9-2-1784, d 8-28-1838, m Mary Jones, b 7-1-1779, d 7-1-1862.

Elizabeth, b 1785, d 1862, m. Charles Boothe


Book titled Samuel Ferguson Who married Mary Jameson

page 16 Chapter 4 ISABEL FERGUSON, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Jameson) Ferguson, was born circa 1776. She died about 1850 in Mercer county, Virginia. Her birth and death dates were given by Bailey researchers.

ISABEL married RICHARD BAILEY, Jr., a brother to Sarah’s husband, Reuben. RICHARD, Jr. Was born circa 1767 and died after 1850. Several entries are made by Yantis in Archives of Pioneers of Tazewell County of RICHARD, Jr. And his father. The BAILEYS were located on the Bluestone waters, near the Samuel Ferguson family.

Mary Ellen Howe of 601 Ravenscroft Drive, Petersburg, Virginia, 23805 is compiling a volume to include the descendants of RICHARD and ISABEL (FERGUSON) BAILEY. Issue:

Samuel b 3 Mar 1793; d 10 May 1873; m. Mary Walker

Richard III b 1795; m. Elizabeth Rhinehart.

Elizabeth b 1796-8; m John Shrewsbury.

Jamison b 1799; m Elizabeth Walker

Sarah b 1800-10; m Edley Mazwell.

Henry b 3 Feb 1802; m Polly Bailey

Polly b 1805; m Christian Peters.

Eli b 1810; m Charlotte Bailey.

John b 1810; m Jane Rinehart.

Margaret b 1820; d 1885; m Joshua Mooney.


Calendar of Virginia State Papers - Microfiche 6C602

1793 Oct 17th p. 602 Because of Hostile Indian Attacks wanted present system of defense to continue:

Richard Bailey


James Bailey

John Bailey

Sam’l Ferguson


Mercer County History 1984 975.474M

page 1 Early Settlers

Richard Bailey, the elder, was a Revolutionary War soldier who lived on the Black Water portion of Bedford County which later became a part of Franklin county. Richard Bailey and his wife Annie Belcher Bailey had eight sons and two daughters: John, James, Eli, Micajah, Archibald, Reuben, RICHARD JR., Henry, Chloe, and Sarah.

Page 135 Richard Bailey

Richard Bailey, son of James Bailey of Henrico County Virginia, married Elizabeth Anne Belcher. In September of 1764 Richard Bailey sold his one hundred acres of land, which he had bought from John Skelton in 1760, and left with his family for the Black Water River portion of Bedford County, which later became Franklin County, Virginia. From Franklin County, Bailey came with his family to the Beaver Pond Spring near Bluefield about 1780. …

Richard and Elizabeth Anne Belcher Bailey’s family consisted of eight sons and two daughters; John, James, RICHARD JR., Chloe, Eli, Micajah, Reuben, Archibald, Sarah, and Henry.


RICHARD Jr. And wife ISABEL were parents of ten children: Samuel, Richard, Elizabeth, Polly, Henry, Sarah, John, Jameson, Margaret and Eli.

Eli, the youngest child of Richard Jr. was born 1820 and died 1903. He married Charlotte Temple Bailey, daughter of George Bailey…

Eli lived on part of the RICHARD BAILEY farm at Rock, West Virginia…

RICHARD JR., Eli, Cornelius, Greenville C. and others of this family are buried in Rock Cemetery, Mercer county, West Virginia.

The descendants of RICHARD BAILEY, the settler, are numerous in Mercer County and other counties of West Virginia….


Richard and Anna’s children are John; James married Margaret Stinson; RICHARD married ISABEL FERGUSON; Chloe married 1. David McComas, 2. David Lusk; Micajah married Noami Shufflebarger; Reuben married 1. Sarah Ferguson 2. Milly Belsher; Archibald married Agnes _____; Sarah married Samuel Lusk; Eli married Agnes Clark; Henry married Elizabeth Peters.

John eldest son of Richard, married Nancy Davidson, the daughter of John Goolman Davidson. …

page 160-1 Elijah P. Bailey Family and George Wade Bailey Family

Richard P. Bailey, Sr was born in Lancashire, England in 1735. He came from England, settling in Bedford County, Va. in 1760, where he married Anna Belcher. Later they …Davidson built the "Bailey Davidson Fort" located near his cabin. Three of Richard, Sr.’s sons went to Beartown on Micajah Ridge, Wyoming county, where RICHARD JR. Married ISABEL FERGUSON. After her death he married Jane Harman and to his marriage Elijah P. Bailey was born.


RICHARD BAILEY, JR., son of Richard and Annie Belcher Bailey was born in 1768 in Bedford (now Franklin County) County, Virginia. He married ISABEL FERGUSON, daughter of Samuel and Mary Jameson Ferguson of Wayne County, Virginia, in 1791. Their children were as follows:

Samuel, b. March 31, 1793, married Mary Walker, daughter of John and Nancy Mullen Walker, on August 19, 1816. He died May 10, 1873, and was buried in Bailey Cemetery at Rock, WV.

Richard III, b. 1795, married Elizabeth Rineheart on November 28, 1820, and moved to Auglaize County, Ohio, about 1840.

Elizabeth, b. 1797, married John Shrewsbury on June 2, 1813.

Jamison, b. 1799 in Wayne County, Virginia, died in 1880. He married Elizabeth Walker, daughter of John and Nancy Mullen Walker.

Polly, b. 1801, married Christian Peters.

Henry, b. February 3, 1802, died October 1, 1884. He married Polly Bailey, daughter of Eli Bailey I, on August 2, 1895.

Sarah, b. 1805, married Edley Maxwell. They moved west.

John, b. 1810, married Jane Rineheart on November 22, 1827. They moved to Auglaize County, Ohio, with his brother, Richard Bailey.

Margaret b. 1815, married Joshua Mooney of Fayetteville, Virginia, on January 15, 1834. She died in 1885 at Laddonia, Missouri and was buried in Kansas.

Eli, b. 1820 married Charlotte Temple Bailey, daughter of George C. and Frances Thompson Bailey. He died in 1902 at the home of his son, Greenville, (the former home of RICHARD, JR.). He is buried in the Bailey Cemetery

RICHARD BAILEY is thought to have been one of the first settlers of Rock, WV. He lived on Lake Shawnee Road near Bluestone River. (His homeplace is now owned by Wesley O-Donnell). He was a farmer and trapper. In 1799 his father deeded him 86 acres of land which is located at the mouth of Crane Creek on Bluestone River near Montcalm, WV. RICHARD owned much land. He purchased with his son Henry, 8,000 acres around Rock, Lashmeet, and Matoaka. He owned 200 acres at Lorton Lick, and various other acreages which he patented from the government. He gave each of his sons and son-in-law a sizable tract of land. In 1837 RICHARD and ISABEL deeded to their son, Eli, land and all of their household effects in lien of caring for them in their old age.

In 1840 RICHARD and ISABEL wee living with their son Eli, his wife and their child, Andrew.

RICHARD died at Rock, Virginia, in Mercer County in 1845 and was buried in the family cemetery, which was on his farm. His grave is unmarked.


JAMES BAILEY AND LUCY SIMMS 1714+ of Chesterfield Co, Va & Tazewell Co, Va/Wva

compiled by Donna Beers

Generation 2 Page 2

Bailey, Richard 2 (Sr) (James 1), born on 1735 at Chesterfield Co, VA; died on 1815+ at Beaver Pond, New field W VA at 80 years of age. He married on 1760 at VA to Belcher, Elizabeth Ann (1740 Bedford Co Va/Mercer Co W Va 1782)(Archives of the Pioneers of Tazewell Co VA)(Mary Reed/2720 Winslow Ave/Helena MT/59601)

Children of Richard 2 Bailey and Elizabeth Ann Belcher were as follows:

         Bailey, John 3, born 1763+

         Bailey, James, born 1766

          BAILEY, RICHARD (JR), born 1765+

Bailey, Chloe. She married first on 1 Feb 1787 at Montgomery Co Va to McComes, David; and married second to Lusk, David

Bailey, Micajah. He married to Shufflebarger (Clay), Naomi

          Bailey, Reuben, born 1770

Bailey, Archibald, born on 1760+ at Va. He married Godfrey, Agens (Nancy)

Bailey Sarah. She married on 5 January 18094 at Tazewell Co Va to Lusk, Samuel

Bailey, Eli. He married to Clark, Agnes Nancy

              16. Bailey, Henry

Generation 3 Page 4

14. BAILEY, RICHARD 3 (JR) (Richard 2, James 1), born on 1765+ at VA; died on 1840+ at Mercer Co VA at 75 years of age. He married on 1793+ at VA to FERGUSON, ISABELL, born on 1776+ at Tazewell Co, Va; died on 1837 at Rock Mercer, Co, VA at 61 years of age; daughter of Samuel Ferguson (No Record) and Mary Jameson (No Record). (Archives of the Pioneers of Tazewell Co, VA)

Children of RICHARD 3 BAILEY and ISABELL FERGUSON were as follows:

         Bailey Samuel , born 03 March 1793

Bailey, Elizabeth. She married on 23 November 1817 at Tazewell Co VA to Lusk, Eli

          Bailey, Jameson, born 1799

Bailey, Henry, born on 3 February 1802 at Tazewell Co, VA

          Bailey, Eli, born 1810

          Bailey, John, born 1810

                    Bailey, Margaret

                    Bailey, Polly

Bailey, Richard


Montgomery County, Virginia Circa 1790 975.575Y

page 91

1790 February 22 …(Clear Fork Wolf Cr., heads of Bluestone and Clinch Rivers, Abbs and Wrights Valleys, Cove Spring) … James Bailey, John Bailey, Richard Bailey, Sr., RICHARD BAILEY, JR., …


Archives of the Pioneers of Tazewell Co, Virginia Yantis 975.5763Y

Page 13. Tazewell County Order Book No. 1. October 15, 1801

Grant Jury, to wit: …RICHARD BAILEY…Richard Bailey, Senr., … Samuel Ferguson

Page 21. Tazewell County Order Book No. 1. August 12, 1802


…Road between William Shannons and the divide of the Bluestone and the Clinch not kept in repair. Known to James Moore and Richard Bailey.

Page 24. Tazewell County Order Book No. 1. 1802

(77) Claims allowed against the county

RICHARD BAILEY, JR. – one old wolf $2.80

Richard Bailey, Sr. – one old wolf 2.80

James Bailey – two young wolfes 2.80

October 14, 1802

Page 37. Tazewell County Order Book No. 1. 15 October 1803

Claims allowed against the county:

RICHARD BAILEY – 2 old wolf heads

Page 60. Tazewell County Order Book No. 1. 27 November 1805

Account of expenses incurred by the court under authority of the law against the county: following items are allowed, to wit:

RICHARD BAILEY – two old wolf scalps -- $4.16

Page 68. Tazewell County Order Book No. 1. 25 June 1806

Road proposed by RICHARD BAILEY at a former court is to take effect provided the said BAILEY doth make the road so that it will be received by the overseer thereof.

Page 79. Tazewell County Order Book No. 1. 23 September 1807

Deed from RICHARD BAILEY to Eli Bailey proven by oaths of Reuben Bailey, Jonathan Bailey & Joseph Moore, witness thereto.

Page 80. Tazewell County Order Book No. 1. 23 September 1807

(261) Isaiah Perdew vs. Reuben & Archibald Bailey. Debt. RICHARD BAILEY enters himself special bail for the defendants. Office judgment set aside, payment pled and issue.


Page 107 Personal Property Tax List for 1801

+Richard Bailey, Sr. +RICHARD BAILEY, JR.

1 white males above 16 years 1 white males above 16 years

0 Blacks above 12 years 0 Blacks above 12 years

0 Blacks above 16 years 0 Blacks above 16 years

4 Horses, mares, colts & mules 4 Horses, mares, colts & mules

Page 111. Personal Property Tax List for 1802

RICHARD BAILEY JR 1 0 0 4 White Males over 16

Ely Bailey 1 0 0 1 Blacks above 12 years

Micajah Bailey 1 0 0 2 Blacks above 16 years

Reuben Bailey 1 0 0 3 Horses, etc.

Richard Bailey, Sr 1 0 0 5

James Bailey 1 0 1 3

Archibald Bailey 1 0 0 4

Henry Bailey 1 0 0 4

Page 115. Land Tax for 1802


John Bailey 160

Joseph Bailey 55

Cajah Bailey 150

James Bailey 252

Page 118. Personal Property Tax List for 1803

Archibald Bailey 1 0 0 5


Reuben Bailey 1 0 0 4

Richard Bailey, Sr. 1 0 0 4

Henry Bailey 1 0 0 3

John Bailey 2 0 1 13

James Bailey 1 0 1 6

Micajah Bailey 1 0 0 3

Page 122. Personal Property Tax List for 1806

James Baley 1 0 1 7

Henry Baley 1 0 0 4

Reuben Baley 1 0 0 3

Ely Baley 1 0 0 1

Archibald Bailey 1 0 0 3

John Bailey 2 0 0 18

Richard Bailey, Sr. 1 0 0 2


Page 126. Land Tax for 1806


John Bailey 160, 160

Joseph Bailey 87

Micajah Bailey 75

James Bailey 251

" " (grant) 100

" " (fr. Legatees of John Davidson) 138

Richard Bailey, Sr. 60, 40

Archibald Bailey (fr. Micajah Bailey) 75

Page 137. Land Speculation

5 - Wilson C. Nicholas, also assigned to Robert Morris, 500,000 acres. 4,000 in prior claims. Survey made September 9, 1794, recorded in Wythe Survey Book 1, page 95. Pilot: RICHARD BAILEY, …Following his purchase, Mr. Hector sold large pieces to the Godfreys, Belchers, Shrewsburys and BAILEYS.

10 - …Survey was completed on November 16, 1794, and is recorded in Wythe Survey Book 1, page 156. Corners of this survey, as indicated on the map, which mention names of residents - (c ) near lands of John Davidson, dec’d and BAILEY, (d) nearly south of RICHARD BAILEY on the Bluestone…

Page 139. Land Tax for 1814 Distance from Courthouse

BAILEY, RICHARD JR Tazewell 86 Bluestone River 25 NW

" Same 50 Same "

" Same 36 Same "

Bailey, John Sr. Same 160 Same "

" Same 270 Same "

" Same 200 Same "

" Same 160 Same "

Bailey, Joseph Unknown 87 Unknown Unknown

Bailey, Micajah Tazewell 75 Bluestone 21 NE

" Same 50 Same "

Bailey, James Sr. Same 166 Mouth Milams Fork 30 NE

" Same 151 Brush Creek "

" Same 100 Same "

" Same 138 Same "

BAILEY, RICHARD JR Same 200 Waters of Lorton’s Lick Branch 30 NE

Page 153. Personal Property Tax List for 1820

Eli Bailey 1 0 0 9

Ruben Bailey 1 0 0 4

Micajah Bailey 1 0 0 5

John Bailey 4 2 2 15

Jonathan Bailey 1 0 0 2

George Bailey 1 0 0 2

Dodridge Bailey 1 0 0 2

Samuel Bailey 1 0 0 2


William Bailey 1 0 0 2

Page 165. Tazewell County Land Grants – 1800 to 1820

52-112 RICHARD BAILEY. 50 acres. 7 Nov 1803. Surveyed 27 Aug 1802. On Bluestone River. Bank Lorton Lick branch. Corner Archer Bailey’s land.

52-113 RICHARD BALY. 36 acres. 7 Nov 1803. Surveyed 27 Aug 1802. On Bluestone River.

Page 172. Tazewell County Land Grants – 1800 to 1820

62-23 RICHARD BAILEY. 200 acres. 6 July 1812. Surveyed 29 Apr 1809. On waters of Lorton Lick, a branch of Bluestone, adjacent to Alexander Stuart.

Page 194. Abstracts of Tazewell County Will Book #1 – 1800 to 1832

Isam Belsher (page 280) February 1823

Sale bill. Purchasers: …RICHARD BAILEY…

 Page 256 . Some Descendants of the Pioneers

                                                _Richard Bailey__



|b. 1767-1770                          |_Annie Belsher___

|d. 1840-1844

| Mercer Co., Va.                    _Samuel Ferguson_____

|                                             |


b. ca 1776                               |_Mary Jameson_______

cont. Page 258.

RICHARD is shown on a Wythe County deed as the "son of Richard". Census records indicate he was born between 1767 and 1770. He was living at the time the 1840 Census of Mercer County was taken, but deed dated 29 Apr 1844 shows his heirs (Mercer Dd2-90).

Will of Samuel Ferguson (Cabell Co., Va. 1825) devised to his daughter ISABEL BAILEY, Samuel Ferguson’s wife was Mary Jameson. RICHARD and ISABEL BAILEY named their first child Samuel and another of their sons, Jameson. Samuel Ferguson was living very near the BAILEY family in Tazewell County at the time that RICHARD and ISABEL would have married. For These reasons, it seems plausible that the wife of RICHARD BAILEY was the daughter of Samuel Ferguson – although no marriage bond or license has been found.

Page 257. Some Descendants of the Pioneers

6. According to The History of Middle New River Settlements (page 377), Richard was born in England and married Annie Belcher. The former fact has not been proven and the latter appears erroneous. All deeds and other records in which the wife of Richard is mentioned, her name is given as Elizabeth, including a sale of property in Chesterfield County in 1763. Her last name was probably Belsher, as given, since other references also point to the relationship through the Belsher line; however, no marriage record has been located. The children of Richard and Elizabeth were: John (m. Nancy Davidson); James (m. Margaret Stinson); RICHARD (m. Isabel Ferguson); Chloe (m. 1st David McComas & probably 2nd David Lusk); Micajah (m. Naomi ___); Reuben (m. 1st Sarah Ferguson & 2nd Milly Belsher); Archibald (m. Agnes _____); Sarah (m. Samuel Lusk); Eli (m. Agnes "Nancy" Clark); Henry (m. Elizabeth Peters).

Page 261. An Annotated Enumeration of Every Taxpayer 1801 to 1820

                                    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 09 10 | 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Bailey, Archibald 7                           x x x x x x x x x | x x x x x - - - - -

Doddridge 8                                      - - - - - x x x x | x x x - x x x x x x

Eli 9                                                 x x x x x x x x x | x x x x x x x x x x

George 10                                          - - - - - - - - - | - - - - - x x x x x

Henry 11                                          x x x x x x x x x | x x x x x x x x x x

James 12                                          x x x x x x x x x | x x x x x x x x x x

John 13                                            x x x x x x x x x | x x 2 3 1 2 2 2 1 1

Jonathan 14                                        - - - - - - - - - | - - - - x x x x x x

Micajah 15                                       x x x x x x x x x | x x x x x x x x x x

Reuben 16                                        x x x x x x x x x | x x x x x x x x x x

RICHARD 17                                2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 | 2 2 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1

Samuel 18                                           - - - - - - - - - | - - - - - - x x 2 x

William 19                                          - - - - - - - - x | - - - - - - - - - x

7 Moved to the part of Giles County which became Logan (Tax records, p. 219 this book). He was a son of Richard Bailey, Sr.

8 It is not proven whether this man is related to any of the other Bailey families of Tazewell County. He lived very near the Richard Bailey family and married on 23 April 1812 Phebe Belcher (dau of Isham) who was a grandniece of Richard Bailey, Sr. He appears in the 1840 and 1850 census of Logan County, Virginia – in 1850 he is 63 years. The 1860 census of Calhoun County, Virginia lists Doodridge, 73, & indicates that he was born in Augusta County, Virginia. …

9 Son of Richard Bailey, Sr. Married Agnes "Nancy" Clark…

10 George was a son of John Bailey and Nancy Davidson. …

11 Son of Richard, Sr. Married Elizabeth Peters…

12 Son of Richard, Sr. Married Margaret Stinson…

13 The first John appearing in these lists is a son of Richard, Sr…. Married Nancy Davidson… One of the Johns is a son of James.

14 Son of John (above)

15 Son of Richard, Sr. Married Naomi _____. …

16 Son of Richard, Sr. Married Sarah Ferguson…

17 Richard Bailey, Sr. and his son, RICHARD BAILEY, JR. Sketch in Johnston’s History of Middle New River Settlements, p. 377, 378. A publication on this family is planned which will document all relationships given on BAILEYS above – as well as bring lines down to present – see lineage of Lewis Bailey on page 257 of this book for information concerning this publication. All material pertaining to this family will then be placed in the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond, Virginia.

18 Son of RICHARD BAILEY, JR Jr. …

19 the first William married Elly Shannon in 1806…The William who appears in 1820 is a son of Reuben, above.

120 (Joseph Davidson) …The nature of his services was to guard the Fort and go out occasionally on spying excursions. On these excursions his companion was Richard Bailey. …

178(Absolem Godfrey) …Much of it will be included in th4e book on the Bailey family, Richard Bailey of Tazewell county, Virginia – and some of his Descendants …; after publication all papers will be deposited in the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond, Virginia.

262 (Joshua Losson?) ,,,David McComas, son of the elder John, married Miss (her name was Chloe) Bailey, a daughter of the elder Richard. …

267 (Samuel Lusk) …Samuel Lusk married Sarah Bailey, daughter of Richard Bailey, Sr. The genealogy of this family will; therefore, be included in the book: Richard Bailey of Tazewell county, Virginia – and some of his Descendants.

279 (James McComas) …David McComas, son of the elder John, Married Miss Bailey, a daughter of the elder Richard. … Chloe (Bailey) McComas lived in Caswell County in 1827, at which time she signed a deed from the heirs of Richard Bailey and was called Cloe Bailey (alias McComas)… The Baileys, McComases and Lusks intermarried relatively often…

Page 294

Petition to Form Tazewell County - 1796 & 1797

Richard Bailey, Sr.


Page 295

Petition to Form Tazewell County - 1797


Richard Bealey

Page 300

Petition to Form Tazewell County - 1799



The Story of RICHARD BAILEY Chapter Four Journey to the Mountains pp 169-190

… What was Richard’s occupation during this time? He must have done some farming with the help of his sons. His prowness as a hunter (also sons: John, James, and RICHARD, JR.) was well documented in the Tazewell County, Virginia, Records by the great number of wolf heads he brought I for bounty. 17 In order to gain a better picture of what Richard and this part of his life was like, we can examine hunting during the 1760’s to 1780’s….

Eleanor Compton was Joseph Davidson’s only witness. That fact proves that Richard Bailey, Sr. was Joseph’s companion during spying expeditions and not RICHARD BAILEY, JR. RICHARD BAILEY, JR. Would have certainly been called as a witness if he had been Joseph’s companion. RICHARD, JR. Was living I the Tazewell and Mercer county area at the time of Joseph’s pension application. The pension application also stated that Joseph never received a written discharge, and the court records stated that he had "no documentary evidence." …

Richard Bailey’s land purchases were so numerous and complicated that they will be listed in chart form.

Acres      Location of Land      Survey Date      Dte Rec      Date Sold     County Sold in      Amt      Acres      Person Sold to:

183       N. Fork of Brush Cr    Aug 29, 1787                      June 1, 1827      Tazewell                      183   Heirs of Richard release to

                                                                                                                    6, p. 327                              Archibald (son of John)

 86        Crane Creek                Feb 24, 1790                       Mar 12, 1799     Wythe                          86       RICHARD JR

[Children of Richard & Elizabeth Bailey:]











The line of Richard Bailey, Sr.’s son, John, is recorded in this book. The lines of Richard Bailey’s other children will be continued in Richard Bailey, Volume II and will begin with the line of RICHARD BAILEY, JR.


Chapter Four – Journey to the Mountains –


Netti Schreiner-Yantis, Archives of the Pioneers of Tazewell County, Virginia.


1815 Tax list of Tazewell Co, Va 975.5763Y

Mar 22

Archibald Bailey                     RICHARD BAILEY

1 white males over 16             3 white males over 16

0 slaves                                 0 slaves

3 horses, mules, etc.             10 horses, mules, etc.

9 cattle                                   2 cattle

                                              one mill


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