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NICHOLAS PERKINS married SARAH CHILDERS and died about 1711.

His will, written June 13, 1711, and proven February 2, 1712, is found in the Henrico Records, 1710-1714. His widow, SARAH PERKINS, also left a will which was presented to the Henrico court in January 1722. SARAH PERKINS' will is referred to on page 226 of the Minute Book of Henrico County from November 1719 to December 1724.



p. 269 The Will of John Ballard 29 Dec. 1691 Henrico Co., Va.

"To god-daughter Sarah Perkins, daughter of NICHOLAS PERKINS, a cow calfe".

NICHOLAS PERKINS granted administration of estate of William Arrington (Arlington)? Feb. 1 1700



Court 7 January 1722 p. 226

Will of SARAH PERKINS presented by Abraham Perkins, her executor & proved by Edward Enroughty & Thomas Childers, a Quaker; Thomas Childers & Constant Perkins, security.



As nothing can be definitely stated as to the European ancestry of these people it does not seem amiss to give here the approximate years of the births of many of them. These years of birth are approximated from statements made by the parties themselves in making depositions in various cases tried in Henrico County Court...NICHOLAS PERKINS, 1646.



NICHOLAS (died 1711) will recorded in Henrico Co., Va: landed propr. m. SARAH CHILDRESS (will proved Jan 1722 Henrico Co.) a Quakeress. It shows him to be son of Nicholas Perkins & Mary with a son Constantine Perkins.


HENRICO CO. RECORDS p. 299 1714 SARAH PERKINS against Dorothy


In the action of case brought by SARAH PERKINS against Dorothy Pleasants Asmr with the will annexed of John Pleasants Decd for the sum of thirteen hundred twenty five pounds of tobacco due to the plaintiff by account, on the Defendants motion the Plaintiff makes oath that the said Tobacco is justly due to her and thereupon it is ordered that the Defendant Admr as aforesaid do pay the Plaintiff out of the said deceds estate in her hands the said sum of thirteen hundred twenty five pounds of tobacco with co? Als Exo.



NICHOLAS PERKINS (see p. 4), born about 1647, died about 1712, Henrico Co., Va. After his father's death he moved from Charles City County with his mother and stepfather and settled in Henrico County where he spent the rest of his life. He was a planter, owned 500 acres in 1705, served on juries, appraised estates, and was at times called upon to administer estates. As he was the ancestor of most of the PERKINS descendants listed in this compilation, the references to him in the original records are given here in some detail.

In 1674 (when he was 27) he and Philemon Childers who was to become his brother-in-law) patented 537 acres of land. The patent on p. 530 Land Patents Book. 6 (1666-1679) reads:

To all &c whereas &c Now know You that I the said Sr Wm Berkeley Knt Governor &c Give and Grant unto NICHO PERKINS five hundred Thirty Seven Acres 3 Rood 20 pole of Land Situate on the north Side of James River in Henrico County Extending as followeth beginning on a Line formerly Surveyed for Richard Parke at A Point and Running n: w bv n: 108 pole n: by E 196 pole to A branch w: by n: 320 pole to A pine marked fork way of S: 1/2 E 288 po E: by S 120 pole S: by E 42 pole E: 194 pole to that place afore mentioned. The said Land is due by and for the transportation of Eleven persons &c. To have and To hold &c. To be held &c Yielding &c paying &c provided &c. Dated 26the September 1674.

Harbalia Havener* Hen Fflegg James Scott Jno Hall

Margaret Havener* Margt Fflegg Mary Diggs Eliz Drummer

Longuire Meguire* Robt Day* Jno Hovevene*

(Note: The names marked * are not very legible.)

On January 31, 1680, NICHOLAS PERKINS deeded the upper half (268 1/2 acres of this 537 acre tract they patented together in 1674 to Philemon Childers. He signed this deed with his mark ("N") just as he signed the deed of 1703 and his will in 1712 with his mark. This deed of 1680 was witnessed by George Lynn and Hugh Davis and was recorded April 1, 1681, p. 161 Part I Henrico Records 1677-1692. It reads:

Know all men by these presents that I NICHOLAS PERKINS of the County of Henrico, Planter, due hereby for me, my heirs, exerts., administrators bargain, sell, alien, enforce and confirme unto Philemon Childers of the said County, planter, the one moyety or halfe part of a dividends of land lying on the north side of James River in the county aforesaid containing by estimation 537 acres three rood and twenty poles which was jointly taken up by and pattened between us ye PERKINS and Childerss as by the patent dated in years of our Lord God 1674, my more plainly appear and in consideration of the equal cost of charges sustained by the said Childers aforesaid firmly, freely and absolutely transferred, confirmed and conveyed 268 1/2 acres, one rood and ten pole of the said dividend (as the one half part thereof) be the same more or less which shall be esbemed and accounted ye upper half of the said dividend of land bordering upon a branch in the said patent expresst. To have and hold the said one half parte of ye first above mentioned dividend to him the said Philomen Childers, his heirs and assigns for ever in as full and ample manner to all intents and purposes as ye other half may be enjoyed by me or my heirs by virtue of the first purchases hereby obliging me and ye said NICHOLAS PERKINS, my exerts., ye admts., to keep said premises free and clear from all former gifts, grants, divers, looses, or defendants or other incumbrance what so ever to the performance where of both ye parties doe bind themselves, their heirs, exorts., admts., each to other in the annual sum of ten thousand pounds of good tobacco, ye witness his hand and seale this 31st day of January 1680.

In presence of us Geo Lynn Hugh Davis

Pecoquiet in the Court Henrico primo d e Apriles Anno Domo 1681


Test Wm. Randolph

ye Marke of NICHOLAS PERKINS (Seale)

In October 1684 the Court of Henrico granted NICHOLAS PERKINS 100 pounds of tobacco for 1 wolf's head (p. 287 Part 2 Henrico Records 1677-1692).

In 1686 he owned land on Four Mile Creek adjoining Robert Sharp (p. 407 Part 2 Henrico Records 1677-1692). On June 1, 1686, he was one of the securities for John Dawson on a debt due John Watson (p. 212 Henrico Order Bk. 1678-1693). In January 1687 he was a member of the grand jury (p. 446 Part 2 Henrico Records 1677-1692). The following year, 1688, he was one of the executors of the estate of Derby Enroughty (p. 266 Henrico Order Bk. 1678-1693), a member of the jury (p. 292 ibid), and security along with Robert Woodson for the tuition of Sarah one of the orphans of John Lewis (p. 292 ibid.). He was also a member of the jury in 1690 (p. 340 ibid) and in 1691 (p. 387 ibid). Feb. 2, 1690, he was security along with Thomas Holmes for Frances Reeve (p. 354 ibid), and in 1691 he was named administrator along with Henry Pew in the will of John Cressy (p. 303 Henrico Records 1688-1697).

NICHOLAS PERKINS, Philemon Childers, Abraham Childers, and Thomas Holmes appraised the estate of Samuel Polley, Oct. 1, 1692 (p. 342 Henrico Records 1688-1697). He was a member of the coroner's jury inquiring into the death of William Arlington, and signed the report with his mark "N" Dec. 8. 1639 (p. 454 ibid.).

On June 1, 1694, NICHOLAS PERKINS bought 100 acres of land on the north side of James River beginning at Cole's Run from John Davis son of John Davis of Longfield. The consideration was 1500 pounds of tobacco. The deed was witnessed by James Cocke and William Cocke (p. 488 Henrico Records 1688-1697). It was this land which he deeded to his son Constantine in 1703.

Along with John Pledge and John Redford, NICHOLAS PERKINS was named "overseer" in the will of John Cannon who named his wife executrix, Feb 1, 1696 (p. 677 Henrico Records 1688-1697). Feb 1, 1698, NICHOLAS PERKINS had an indentured servant William Watt adjudged 15 years of age (p. 218 Henrico Order Bk. 1694-1701).

In consideration of 300 pounds of tobacco, Robert Burton and Mary his wife conveyed to NICHOLAS PERKINS, planter of Henrico county, 100 acres on north side of James River adjoining the land of Richard Cox. The deed was witnessed by Arthur Moseley, Robert Burton and Charles Evans, and is dated May 1, 1700 (p. 180 Henrico Records 1697-1704).

NICHOLAS PERKINS was named administrator of the estate of William Arrington with Allanson Clarke his security. Feb. 1, 1700 (p. 297 Henrico Order Bk. 1694-1701). The same date he bought 100 acres of land from John Cressy (p. 305 ibid.).

In a deed dated Nov. 1, 1703 and recorded Feb 1, 1703 (Julian calendar), "I NICHO PERKINS SENR of the Conty of Henco plantr for the Love and Tender affection that I have for my son Constantine Perkins have...given...unto him the sd Constant tract or parcel of land..." on the north side of James River consisting of 100 acres and being that land he purchased of John Davis. The deed was signed with his mark "N" and was witnessed by Jacob Ware, All. Clerke, and Richard Parker

(p. 249 Henrico Records 1697-1704).

A rent roll of Henrico County taken April 1705 shows NICHOLAS PERKINS as owner of 500 acres (THE PLANTERS OF COLONIAL VIRGINIA by Thomas J. Wertenbaker, 1922). He owned land adjoining that of Robert Sharpes and that of Darby Enroughty on the south side of Four mile Creek (p. 79 Henrico Records 1706-1709).

On June 13, 1711 (when he was about 64 years old), NICHOLAS PERKINS "being sick and weak of body" made his will. It was resented in Court Feb. 2, 1712--indicating that he died probably in 1712. His will reads as follows (p. 185 Part I Henrico Records 1710-1714):

In the name of God amen. I NICHOLAS PERKINS being sick and weak of body but of a sound mind and perfect sense and understanding thanks be to Almighty God for the same, therefore have thought fit to make ordain and constitute this my last will and testament in manner and form following--

First I give and bequeath my soul unto the Mercifull hands of allmighty God that gave it and my body to the Earth to be decently buried according to discretion of my Executor hereafter Mentioned and as for the Worldly goods as it hath pleased allmighty God to bestow upon I have thought fit to bestow them as followeth.

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Phill Perkins all that my land between the Springey Branch and Abraham Childers line, to him and his heirs forever, and my will is that he the sd Phill:Perkins do pay unto my granddaughter Eliz:Perkins daughter of my son Nicho:Perkins decd: five pounds of currt Mony of Virga in Consideration of part of the sd land being Designed for her father whereon he once dwelth before his decease.

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Richard Perkins the plantation whereon I now live to him and his heirs forever allsoe one fether bed and furniture two breeding sows one iron pot on gun one chest two puter dishes.

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Abram Perkins that plantation weh I bought of Jno Pledge by estimation one hundred acres allsoe that pece of Land I have Lying between the sd plantation I bought of Jno Pledge and springey brainch by Estimation fifty acres by the s....other wet tracts I give and bequeath unto him and his fether bed and furniture two breeding sows one Iron pot one (gun one chest and) two puter dishes.

Item I give and bequeath unto my (daughter Sarah Perkins) one fether bed and furniture allsoe two puter dishes.

Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Eliz: Perkins one fether bed and furniture allso two puter dishes.

Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary Ladd wife of Amos Ladd two Ewes one brass Kettle gt about 10 gall: after my Wives decease.

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Constantine Perkins five shillings in curt money of Virga.

My will and pleasure is that all my cattle be Equally divided between my Wife my two sons Richd and Abraham and my daughter Eliza and my will is that Each of my children shall have their shear when they arrive to Lawful age or the day of Marrage of my daughter of what Cattle shall be then Livering.

All the rest of my personall Estate I give and bequeath unto my dear and loving wife whom I make ordaine constitute and appoint my whole and sole Executor of this my Last will and testamt hereby revoking and disanulling all former will or testaments of any kind or Nature whatsoever In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and affixed my Seal this 13th day June Ano Dom: 1711 his

Signed Sealed and Acknowledged as his last NICHOLAS N PERKINS

will in presence of: mark

Joseph Pleasants, Tho: Childers

Abra: Childers, Jr.

At a Court held at Varina for the County of Henrico the 2d day of Febry 1712--SARAH PERKINS presented this will upon Oath and Same being proved by the Witness thereto it is admitted to record.

Test. William Randolph C. Clur

By deed dated and recorded Sept. 1, 1709, John Pledge of Henrico County, planter for L 25 conveyed to NICHO PERKINS SR., planter, of same county, a tract of 100 acres on the upper side of Four Mile Creek adjoining sd. PERKINS and John Cannon. Dorothy, wife of John Pledge, relinquished her dower right. The deed was witnessed by William Frogmorton, Nowell Burton, and John Pleasants (p. 181 Henrico Records 1706-1709).


In January 1710 NICHOLAS PERKINS, John Atkins, Philemon

Childers, and Philemon Childers, Jr...were appointed to appraise the estate of Sarah Mathews (p 34 part 2 Henrico Records 1710-1714).

Although the records found do not prove that the wife of NICHOLAS PERKINS was SARAH CHILDERS, nevertheless the evidence clearly indicates that she was. She was probably the daughter of Abram Childers who was born about 1630 in England and died in Virginia prior to 1649, leaving a daughter, a son Philemon Childers, a son Abraham Childers, and another son. The fact that SARAH, the wife of NICHOLAS PERKINS, named a son Abraham and another son Philemon certainly indicates that she was SARAH CHILDERS.


SARAH, the wife of NICHOLAS PERKINS, is mentioned in the following records:

Apr. 10, 1703, SARAH PERKINS was one of the witnesses of a deed from Edward Mathews to Amos Ladd (p. 327 Henrico Records 1697-1704).

Feb. 2, 1712, SARAH PERKINS presented the will of NICHOLAS PERKINS to the Henrico County Court.

September 1714, SARAH PERKINS vs. Dorothy Pleasants, administratrix of John Pleasents, deceased; suit for debt (p. 299 part 2 Henrico Records 1710-1714).


The will of SARAH PERKINS is not recorded in any of the extant Henrico records. However the following entry (p. 226 Henrico Minutes 1719-1724) shows that it was presented to Court in January 1722 indicating that she died shortly before that time:

January Court 1722. The last will and testament of SARAH PERKINS deceased is presented in Court by Abraham Perkins her Executor who makes oath thereto and the Same being proved by the oath of Edward Enroughty and solemn affirmation of Thomas Childers a Quaker it is admitted to record and on the motion of the said Executor Certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form. Thomas Childers and Constant Perkins entering themselves Securities for the same.



1. Nicholas Perkins ( -1710) m. ELIZABETH_________. married  and had one daughter, but died young.

2. Mary Perkins m. Amos Ladd

3. Constantine Perkins (ca 1682-1770) m. 1. Ann Pollard (?), m.

2. Mrs Mary Allen, m. 3. Mrs Ann Walker.

4. Philemon Perkins ( - ca 1769) m. Obedience Cox

5. Sarah Perkins

6. Richard Perkins (ca 1691 - ) m. Jane Shelton (?)

7. Abraham Perkins (ca 1693-1742)

8. Elizabeth Perkins (ca 1695- )



p. 7-8 At a Court for Orphans at Westover. 15 Sept. 1644

[C 13 page 498] Upon pet and request of NICHOLAS PERKINS orphane and his release to the Co'rt The Co'rt hath appointed Richd Parker to be guardian of the sd NICHOLAS PERKINS and his estate, wch th sd NICHOLAS being of yeares of eleocon doth wholly intrust to his sd guardian.

C 13 Page 498. To the Worp'll Com'rs pf Cjar;es Cottu Cp,


Humbly presenth

That your petn'r being now seaventeene yeares of age desires liberty to make choyce of his guardian

and shall pray &c


Test m'le

Ho: Pryse C1

Note: Indeed it was high time the children were educated. Elizabeth aged 21 and NICHOLAS aged 17 both make marks. And it might be remarked that it was high time Mr. Fleet learned not to transcribe the same word appearing twice in the same entry in two different ways. My apology being that at lease one way must be right. I can prove that in either Co'rt or Court. B.F.



V2 p. 308 from Patent Bk #7

Michael Turpen, 215 acs, Henrico Co., Va Par: N. side James Riv. 20 Apr 1687 p 570 Beg. at Thomas Tayler; to maine br of the Roundabout in the fork; to NICHOLAS PERKINS &tc. Trans of 5 pers*


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