Jeremiah Swayne & Mary Smith
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P. 115 SWAIN, JEREMIAH, Major and doctor, son of Jeremiah and Mary, born 1643; married 1664, MARY SMITH and succeeded to his father's homestead; was physician, selectman, justice of the peace, representative, assistant to the Governor, captain, major, etc.; had the command of a regiment that was sent against the Eastern Indians; was a brave and talented officer and an able man. He died 1710, aged 67. Chil: Jeremiah, born 1665, and died 1696; John, born 1667, and died soon: John, born 1668, and died soon; Benjamin born 1669; John, born 1671, and died 1696; Mary, born 1674; Hepsibeth, born 1677; Sarah, born 1682: Elizabeth, born 1684.

P. 274 The following is a list of the succession Commanders of this ancient Corps (formed in Reading in 1644), called "Reading Infantry Company:" it may not be complete list, or in exact chronological order: -

JEREMIAH SWAIN (and Major) 4th

P. 281-90 Selectmen of Reading -

JEREMIAH SWAINE 1673, 77-80, 83, 84, 97 and 1701

Reading Representatives -

JEREMIAH SWAIN 1686, 87, 94, 1702, 04-06




Aug 29, 1698 -

MAJOR JEREMIAH SWAYNE of Reading was appointed & commissioned by the court as commander-in-chief of all forces now raised & detached out of the several Regiments within the colony against the Kennebec & Eastern Indians & their confederates, with power to fight, take kill & destroy the said enemy by all the ways & means possible. He was furnished by the court with 10 pounds for fitting himself for the expedition.

Major Swayne had his headquarters at Salmon Falls in Berwick, Me. & was engaged in several battles with the enemy & had the reputation of being an able & brave officer.


P. 235 JEREMY SWAIN , Reading, s. prob. of the preced. rep. 1689, and the same yr. chos. Assist. but had a very small vote at the pop. elect. 1692, and was not nam. in new Chart. may have been f. of JEREMY, freem. 1691, was certain. much engag. in the Ind. war, as head of a regim. Aug. 1691. See Magn. VII 67, and Niles.

** Isaac Morrill, w. Sarah had...Catherin m. 1 Aug 1647, John Smith...names grandchildren John, Isaac, Francis, MARY, and Abraham SMITH, and Sarah Davis.

**See below.



Capt James Pearson m. 15 Feb 1698 Hepsibah Swayne dau of MAJ. JEREMIAH SWAYNE, a man of distinguished services to the Colony, in state as well as military affairs. He was severely wounded in the Narragansett Campaign. Afterward he was made

Commander-in-Chief of all the forces of the Colony in a Campaign "To the Eastward" against the "Indian Enemy". ** The mother of Hepsibah Swayne was MARY SMITH, a granddau. of Isaac Morrill of Roxbury, a progenitor of Gen. Joseph Warren. Isaac Morrill, in his will, gave his estate in Reading to his granddau. MARY SMITH. Hepsibah. d. 23 Jan 1723-4.

** This may not be correct - see above.


1709 Reading, Mass. An Inventory & Value of the estate of

JEREMIAH SWAYNE - not readable

In the name of God Amen I JEREMIAH SWAYNE of Reading In ye

county of Middx and in the province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England being In good healthe and of a sound mind and understanding and not knowing the day or time of my days and out of John Talbernickle of day of goodness and grows hath combined me in my will this day: I do make now my last will and testament of what part of worldly goods that Almighty God his grace and free many hath came unto me and that with it I shall honor and do good with it to myself and others while I live or be him I shall be Judged; my soul I command unto the hands of Almighty God that you it me in hopes of a Joyful Reserection of my soule and body at the great day of Judgement tho faith for Jesus Christ my only savior and Lord Amen and...charges payed and will...Imprism.

2. I give to my son Benjamin Swayne and his heirs forever my farme what he now lives upon (Except what I...his of...shall...) as butted and bounded by the River that part...Joshih Browns and Samuel Brown lands and Thomas Burnaps lands with all the meadow of...and swamp or swamps of view and combined in the above sd bounds where...him and his heirs forever (Except what I have or shall now...of paying and showing what I shall order him or his heirs to pay rent or legacies) 3ly I give unto my son Benjamin Swayne my son...In...barne orchard with all my...upon...and meadow adjoining both house and barne etc as it is butted and bounded Westerly by the great Road and Capt John Greens land and northerly by Mjr Jonathan Pooles meadow. Easterly by Sargnt Joseph Browns meadow and Jontn Parkers land an Southerly by John Parker's land. I give to him his heirs forever as above butted and bounded his or his heirs paying such rent to his mother and legets. To him forever testors as I do appoint Except 4ly I give unto my son Benjm Swayne my farme that...on the northside of Ipswich River...(In Reading Township)...with all the meadow in it that is mine & ye farme containing about one hundred and seventy acres with about sixteen acres of...IpswichIn my River bounded on the northside of the River Westerly bylifetime meadow called Captn...Southerly by upland...Richland... by Thomas...Meadow the upland as in Reading...Is J.S. bounded all I give to my son Benjamin Swayne & to his heirs forever as above bounded to have and to hold forever (his or his heirs paying such rents to his owne mother and legates as I do appoint to his four testors...5ly I give to my deare and loving wife MARY SWAYNE all my household goods...and all things as...and for her disposing among her daughters as she may...(6ly) I give to my loving wife MARY for housing as she doth remain widowed to be paid as set forth by my son Benjamin Swayne of that place him...shall pay four pounds out of this land where I do now live and to be paid quarterly as above...and three pounds a year...and of my grandsons John Swayne place when...doth come into his hands and...when out or my son Benjamin as my payd quarterly to my...wife MARY SWAYNE... I give to my wife MARY the new home that I built where I now live with all the commodities if she may need or require for her comfort more I give and also my wife six bushels of Indian meal and three bushels of English meal two of rye one of wheat to be brought to my deare and loving wife by my Extr with my grandson comes to...In his hands and then he shall pay ye three bushels of English meal to his grandmother by...and on my Exors to pay two barrels and my will is that my Execur shall allow my wife three bushels of ground malt every year so long as she shall remain my widow and brought to her when she shall call for it and by then my will is that my Exors shall find and provide my wife with sufficient fire wood fit for my wife to being in that she may not long as she is my widow: again my will is that my Exors shall furnish my wife with a horse wife to and from...when and as often as she...and...wife when she has a mind...while she remains my widow and my will that my Exors shall...and provide...good cow for my wife so long as she remains a widow both winter and at his own charge as well as for ye grooming of sd cow so shall at my Exors charge also: further my will is that my wife should see cause for marry again that my Executor shall pay but three pounds and fifteen shillings a year to his mother so long as she shall live: further my will is my grandson Jeremiah shall pay yearly to his grandmother MARY SWAYNE to pounds a year during her natural life and all of her things promised and payments shall...all the manner as my will is and I give to my grandson Jeremiah Swayne that my...which Samuel...lives on what to say they house and barns with all the land and meadow adjoining to ye same house be bounded southerly by John...and Richard Camples Westerly by ye highways and again by Camples swamp and goodman John Boutels swamp...southerly by Jonathan Parkers Samuel...& ye highway again & he him & his lawful heirs...about (50) acres of upland swamp and meadow more or less to him in hand and...and his heirs for Exer: More I give to my grandson Jeremiah Swayne six acres of meadow lining in Boreham meadow on Sargt Briants meadow with about ten acres of swamp lying in the swamp by John Sargents house bounded the highway and Roads ye hundred acres etc Wolffen swamp westerly by goodman Sargent swamp southerly by John...on to him wherever and...and for his heirs for ever: furthermore I give to my grandson Jeremiah Swayne thirteen acres of land which had of my father in-law-Clark (His mother married Thomas Clark after his Dad died) butted and bounded him and his heirs forever ( my lifetime) more I give to my grandson Swayne about so about five acres of swamp...ground that I had of my father Smith (wife's father) with three acres of swamp that...towns me adjoining...five acres about...bounded on the westerly...meadow upland only by the swamp that way layed out to honory...only by Sargent John Goodman to him to have and to hold and...his heirs forever be paying his grandmother MARY SWAYNE as I have ordered him to do. In this my will: further my will is that my grandson Jeremiah Swayne shall pay as my...daughter Mirriam Ashfield In...after my decds if I do not pay it will I...7ly I give to my daughter Mary Eatton fifty pounds...with what has already given to her and what I do now give unto my daughter Mary Eatton and her heirs forever five acres of meadow with it...from uplands ye swamp as if now is swamp and so...with ye...of ye sd two acres in swamp and I ye son Eattons meadow that which he had of me by change at...pounds on the...of said meadow if ye Exors will what I have given my daughter will appear in my day Book at page (54) Daughter Mary Eaton. 8ly I give unto my daughter Hepzibah Pearson Sixty pounds with what I have given her already which appears in my Day Book at page (56) to be payed In or as money to her and all she kept of any daughters. 9ly I will and give unto my daughter Sarah Sexton sixty pounds with what I have already given to her as well appears in my Day book at page (76) to be payed In or as money (10ly) my will is and I do give unto my daughter Elizabeth Briant sixty pounds with what I have all ready given her as will appear in my Day book at page (72) (11ly)my will is that my Exors shall pay my daughters as above named his milk? In four years after my decds (12ly) my will is that if any of my daughters should be dead at the time...they should receive the remainder of their portion when it shall be paid ...then...child living them (13ly) my will is that my Exor shall pay to my deare and loving wife MARY SWAYNE may...seventy pounds of good pork at ye season of killing of pork and sixty pounds of good beef at ye season of killing of cow and find her salt be salt in at his one charge and for yearly so long as she shall remain my widow and not longer. (14ly) my will is that what provisions may be In the house at my decds of what...shall be at my wife disposing how and as... (15ly) my will is that what stock of cattle that I may have shall be my Exors: but what sheep may be shall be divided amongst my daughters children equally so far as the will goe (16ly) my will is that my Exors shall pay to my daughter Marriam Ashfield twenty pounds within three years after my deceds: if I doe Declare this Instrument to be my last will and testament revoking Disclaiming all other writings or wills what so ever whereof I do make appoint Empower and constitute my...loveing son Benjamin Swayne to be my hole and sole executor of this my last will and testament: commanding all my children and also requesting and praying of them to live in law and...that the God of love and peace may be with ye and bless you and yours with ye blessing of Time and...amen to all which is above with in witness my hand and seale the sixteenth of Jan Seventeen hundred and nine and in the eight of year of the reign of our Sovereign Lady Anne Queen of Great Britain.

Signed & Sealed




John Poole Court         11th September 1710             This last will and

Thomas Burnap                                                         Testament of MAJ. JEREMY SWAYNE last of

John Brown Junr.                                                       Reading...was...for probate by his son and

sole Executor Benjm Swayne and witness John Poole, Thomas Burnap and John Brown Junr...and made oath that they saw the sd Testator sign seal and...and...him publish this Instrument as his last will and testament and that he was of sound mind. This will if allowed and admr...accordingly to Benjm Swayne...Know ye all men by these presents that we Benjamin Swayne, Thomas Burnap and John Brown Junr all of Reading in the county of Mddx yeomen stand firmly bound to...Hochraft Esq Judge of Probate of Wills for the sd county in the sume of five hundred of New England to be paid unto the sd Judge or to his successor in the sd office to...or their assigns. To...payment We and ourselves to...or their assigns. To...payment we and ourselves...of us...Exors and adms for the whole and...of us...Exors and adms for the whole and in the whole jointly and severally firmly and those...without...dated this the 11th day of September 1710. The conditions of the above written obligation is such that if the above bounded Benjamin Swayne sole executor to his father MAJ JEREMIAH SWAYNE late of Reading in this county of middx dedcd whose last will and Testament was this day probated and allowed and the admr thereof commissioned unto the sd Benjamin Swayne...therein nominated...and faithfully to administer the same who accordingly...undertakes if the sd Benjamin Swayne shall and do faithfully admr the sd will in paying all the debts and legacy according to the...thereof without fraud or delay. Then this obligation shall be void else not. 

Signed Sealed and delivered Benjamin Swayne

in presence of     Thomas Burnap

Eliz Foxcroft     John Brown Junr.

John Poole

Know all men by these presents that we Benjamin Swayne & Jonathan Poole...of Reading in ye county of Middlesex...within Her Majsty Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England are...and...firmly bound and oblige made Hochraft Esq Judge of the probate of Wills & for granting of administration within the county of Middlesex in the sume of two hundred pounds of lawful current money of New England to be paid to the sd Judge his successor in the sd office to his or heirs assigns to...payment we bind ourselves and each of our and...of our Examd and admr for the whole and in the whole jointly and these presents sealed with our seals the sixth day of February Anno Domini 1710. The condition of this obligation is such that whereas the above...Benjamin Swayne was this Day chosen & appointed Exor to & by JEREMIAH SWAYNE...of the...MAJ JEREMIAH SWAYNE of Reading...of my age now if sd guardian shall faithfully perform...his sd affairs & ...all things according to law and shall render a...& true account thereof upon oath of all and singular such estate as shall come to his hands and possession by virtue thereof together with the profits and improvements the law will charge him...where he shall go thereunto...shall pay and deliver as much as shall go…upon his...the same going first &...of by the sd Judge or judges above sd &...unto ye be full age the sd Judge or Judges by his or this degree shall limit & appoint pursuant to...then his obligation shall be void else not.             BENJAMIN SWAYNE

Signed sealed & delivered in presence of us Jonathan Poole

Kendal Parke Dan Foxcroft


Information from Paul R. Swan

JEREMIAH's wife MARY SMITH often reported incorrectly as the daughter, rather than the granddaughter, of Francis Smith. JEREMIAH succeeded to his father's homestead, was physician, selectman, justice of the peace, representative in the General Court, assistant to the Governor in 1690 and 1696, captain and major. He was freeman in Reading 18 Apr 1691 along with the Eatons and Hartshorns. JEREMIAH had command Aug 1691 of a regiment that was sent against the Eastern Indians in King Philip's War, and became active and famous throughout the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He was wounded 6 Jan 1675 in the Narragansett campaign of King Philip's war. On 12 Aug 1676 the Council ordered Captain Swain "forthwith upon receit hereof you sumon & as soon as may be draw up and Garrison Soldiers under your command… and do march up, to Dearfield, Squakeheag, & the places near & about there to searching for & destroy the comon enemy and the corn that may be found". This was an early example in this country of the scorched earth policy of war adopted so many times and places. In 1677, a remonstrance from Reading against JEREMIAH's appointment as Captain was sent to the General Court. Apparently the older inhabitants preferred the services of Captain Poole, ten years his senior, but their petition had little effect. SWAYNE passed up his rival, and was soon appointed Major. In 1685, in reward for services "in the war with the Indians & the long march in the Nipmug Country & the fight", the General Court responded to a petition by JEREMIAH SWAYNE, among some 40 inhabitants of Lynn, Reading, Beverly, and other towns. It granted a tract of land, "in the Nipmug country, of eight miles square, provided it be laid out and thirty families settled within four years. In 1687 Jeremiah represented Reading in the confirmation deed of the purchase many years before of Lynn, Reading, and Nahant from the Indians for £10, a price which they had not collected. The representatives on the Indian side were Lake Quannapowitt, also known as James Qunoopohit, and his wife Mary, of Natick, and David Kunkshamooshaw, grandson of Sagamore George–No–Nose, also known as Wenepoweekin. It does not seem to be recorded whether the Indians ever received their money, although the citizens of the various towns were assessed for their share several times over the years. On 29 Aug 1689 the Convention of the Governor and Council and Representatives of the Colony ordered: "Whereas the Kennebeck, andEast^n.^ Indians, with their Confederates have Openly made Warr, upon their Majes^ties^ Subjects in the Province of Main, New Hampshire and of this Colony, barbarously Murdering, and Captivating of many, Burning their Houses, and Spoyling them of their Estates and whereas You JEREMIAH SWAYNE are Appointed "Commander in Chief" of all the forces now raised…, (you are to) ffight take Kill, and destroy the Said Ene^ys^ by all the waies and Means you can as you shall have Opportunity…". This command included seven Massachusetts companies and a party from Plymouth Colony, and ranged as far east as Falmouth (Portland), Maine. On 27 May 1691, "at the request of the Selectmen of Reding", it was ordered that Major JEREMIAH SWAN be empowered to "Joyne psons in marriage in the town of Reding". On 14 May 1694, JEREH SWAIN was on a committee "to renew Hiway", and 14 Apr 1701 JEREMIAH SWEYNE was selected by the Lynn town meeting "to pambulate between Lynn & Reding" [Anon, 1905-06]. Apparently the two towns of Lynn and of Reading, separated some 50 years back, were still able to command the services ofthe settlers of either town. Also, the name got spelled however the clerk of the moment decided. The General Court confirmed 18 Apr 1735 grants of land in Township 2, Westminster, Wooster county in central Massachusetts, to the participants in the expedition which marched from Dedham 9 Dec 1675 on the Narragansett campaign. "Major Swain's heirs" were among those receiving such grants [NEH&GR v16, p216, July 1862]. JEREMIAH bequeathed to his eldest surviving son Benjamin his "dwelling house, barn, orchard, with all the Homeland, upland and medow adjoining", providing that he paid rent to his mother and legacies to four sisters, and "my farm that he now lives on" and also "my farm that lieth on the north of the Ipswich river containing 170 acres". To his grandson Jeremiah he bequeathed "my house, with all the land where Sam'l Lilley liveth", about 50 acres.