John Patrick & Olive Stewart
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Dianne Blankenstein believes that Olive Stewart was the first wife of John C. Patrick and the mother of his children.   Peggy Nicholson who married a John Patrick in Oglethorpe County, Georgia in 1801 was still alive when John C. Patrick married Olive Stewart in 1810 & still alive after John C. Patrick died in 1815.  She was called out by the name of Peggy Patrick in her father's will in 1817 & a John Patrick was on the Georgia census 1820.  Dianne Blankenstein believes John Patrick & John C. Patrick were 2 different people.  According to the book "Gone to Georgia" referenced below - the daughters of John C. Patrick were still considered his orphans - i.e. under age - in 1827 when they drew in the land lottery.  If they were children of a previous marriage (in 1801), they would have been of age before 1827.  They were referred to as orphans by 1817 & were raised by the Atkinson family.


Information received from Lillie Ruby:

JOHN died by 1815 in Jasper Co., GA. His possible #1 wife was Peggy Nicholson m. 2 Nov 1801 Oglethorpe Co., GA. He married Olive Stewart 6 Nov 1810 Oglethorpe Co., GA. There are various records on him in Oglethorpe, Jasper and Randolph Co.

The years his girls Susan and Martha got married make it probable that Olive wasn’t his first wife. Susan m. William McCune 9 July 1826, which if she were Olly’s daughter would have made her only 15-----unlikely. William McCune is shown as a resident of Iron Springs in Butts Co., along with Matthew Barber and Richard Shepherd-----my line. Matthew was the son of Martha Patrick.

Martha m. in 1828 and again would have been very young if Olly’s daughter.

Olive Stewart was probably the daughter of John Stewart and his wife Olive from Pendleton Dist. SC into Jasper Co., GA. She married #2 Cornelius Atkinson and had many children and died in MS where many of the children and relatives moved.

Various records show Cornelius as the guardian of JOHN PATRICK’s orphans and names them only as Susan and Martha, so I assume there were no others--I did however, find a reference to a Paul Patrick, but nothing else.

The Patrick may be descended from James Patrick d 1787-88 Greene Co., GA. JOHN C. is shown is various records concerning pensions with Robert and Andrew Patrick, who seem to have preceded him in death.

A James Patrick was paid 65 pounds for stolen horses by the Treaty of Indian Springs by Act of the GA Congress 1834. John was paid 16 pounds 10 for 11 hogs, Andrew received 150 pounds and David recevied 90 pounds for losses during the Indian wars. That is the only reference I’ve run across for a David.


Reference on chart from Jere Love Fletcher:

Cornelius Atkinson was appointed guardian for orphans of JOHN C. PATRICK - Susan & Martha.


Gone to Georgia 9975.85 page 304

#303. PATRICK: JOHN C. PATRICK was on an 1808 jury in Randolph (now Jasper County, Ga. Along with Elijah Cornwell and several others who had moved in from Jackson and Oglethorpe Counties. On Nov. 6, 1810, a marriage license was issued in Jasper county to PATRICK and Lovie Stewart (who may have been related to James and his wife Olive Stewart of Jackson County). JOHN C. PATRICK bought of John Montgomery Jan 24, 18ll (Jasper Deed Book 1, p. 516) lot 143, 19th district, witnesses being Jesse Drummon, Jonathan Patrick and Justice of Peace David Neel. In the following year both JOHN C. and John M. Patrick appear as witnesses to deeds, one of them a sale from Abel Pennington t Samuel Wyatt. JOHN C. was dead in 1815, his inventory Oct. 27 showing slaves: Vicy worth $350, Ede $400, Roy $200, etc., for a total of $2,000. Ephriam Heard, Larkin Clark, Henry Johnson and Burwell Brown were appraisers. Notes of David Pennerston (Pennington?), Peter Hagler, James Wyatt, Valentine Mooney, Richard Leonard and Ephriam Heard were mentioned in the estate. Joseph Heard’s report as administrator, (Will Book 2, p. 194) mentioned the widow Olive. James Heard, as administrator, sold slaves Vicey and Peter and by consent of Cornelius Atkinson – enumerated in Jackson County in 1820 -- $975 was allotted JOHN C. PATRICK’s orphans, Susan and Martha (Will Book 2, 214). Eady and other slave were hired out in 1817 for the orphans’ support. Mrs. Stuart P. Atkinson was paid $120 and payments were made into the estate from the estate of Andrew Patrick and also from Stephen Heard and Carter Harrison in 1818, when Georgia pension of $30 payable either to Andrew of JOHN D. was listed. Jonathan Patrick was dead by 1816, with Robert Patrick as administrator, and Jonathan’s slave Sukey was sold for $250. In 1820, John M. Patrick was enumerated 300101-12210 and I. And J. Patrick, each aged 18-25, the latter perhaps being Joshua, who was living in Jasper county in 1827. A Robert and a William Patrick were enumerated 1820 in Morgan County. William Patrick, the Revolutionary soldier who in Newton County 1827 drew Lee county land granted 1831 was perhaps of the Jasper branch, or he may have been the William who was living in Emanuel County in 1820 – a veteran William there drew Cherokee land in 1832. Peggy Patrick married in Jasper, June 13, 1816 Jesse Baker. The appraisers of Jonathan Patrick (her father?) met at Baker’s house Oct 11, 1816 to appraise Jonathan’s estate. Susan and Martha, the orphans of JOHN C. PATRICK, were living in Kites’ district, Henry County, Ga., in 1827, and drew Lee County land. (See Atkinson, No. 578; also No. 303 in Part 3).


Records of Jasper County, Georgia Davis 975.8583

Deeds from Jasper County Superior Court Georgian page 430

Montgomery, John JOHN C. PATRICK 2/23/1813


Georgia Newspaper Clippings Jasper Co. Extracts Vol 1 1812-1835 Evans 975.8583

p11 Wednesday, February 1, 1815

On the first Tuesday in March next, will be sold, at the Court-house I Monticello, Jasper County…One cream colored horse about eleven years old, five feet high, and one bay mare about nine years old…levied on as the property of JOHN PATRICK, to satisfy a judgment in favor of James I. Darnell…

p15 Jasper County Extracts (1812-1835) Wednesday, June 21, 1815

Georgia, Jasper County. Whereas Olive Patrick and Joseph Herd have applied to me for letters of administration on the estate of JOHN . PATRICK, late of the county aforesaid, deceased., Given under my hand this 15th day of June, 1815. (Signed) Robert Robey, C. C. O. - (Source: GJ)


From Alan Patrick

He received from Mr. Margaret Wells, Griffin, GA:

Susan Patrick married William A. McCune July 13 1826 in Butts County

Martha Patrick married Josiah W. Barber July 10, 1826 in Butts County

Jackson County court records show:

Jul 6, 1819 Cornelius Atkinson appointed guardian for Susanna Patrick and Patsey Patrick, orphans of JOHN C. PATRICK