William Goggans & Elizabeth Beal
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OUR FOLKS by Maron Summer Eve

P. 3 WILLIAM GOGGANS1 of Lunenburg Parish, Richmond County,

Commonwealth of Virginia was recorded in an Indenture made October 18, 1750 (300 acres) Culpeper County Deed Book A 1749-1753; also another Indenture was made February 21, 1766 together with his wife, ELIZABETH, in Parish of Bromfield County of Culpeper (the same 300 acres were sold).

A seeming advantage took place in which WILLIAM GOGGANS moved his family out on wheels when the dissension commenced in the Lunenburg Parish, Richmond County, Virginia. On the other hand, new frontiers were opened in Culpeper County in 1749 where the grass was greener for the cattle, perhaps.

James Goggans was first found in the Transcripts of State Papers relating to Ireland and last found Alexandria, Virginia, opposite the District of Columbia; however, no record of family indicated. According to the T.S.P.I. Jas. & WM. GOGGINS came to Virginia together in 1718. WM. married 1729 in Va., a family man with a family and Jas.' affairs in order, however, no family was ever found for him.3


Wills of Richmond County, Virginia. 1699-1800 page 82. By Robert Headley, Jr., 1983   

Page 372

Charles Spoe, Will: 29 Sept. 1740, (6) Oct. 1740. I give the service due to me from William Hays to WILLIAM GOGGANS till he arrive at the age of 21, the sd. GOGGANS clearing my est. of everything due to me; all land and personal est. to son Charles, if he has no heirs, then to George the son of WILLIAM GOGGANS; desires son to serve Thomas Turner until he is 21; Ex: fr. Thomas Turner, WILLIAM GOGGANS, and Richard Jones: Wits: Joseph Ambrose, William Boyd, Sarah Boyd.

Page 373

Charles Spoe, Inv. 3 Nov. 1740. p 4 WILLIAM GOGGANS,4 b. ca. 1700 in County Cork, Ireland, came to Virginia in 1718, d. ca. 1766 in Bromfield Parish, Culpeper County, Virginia. m. ELIZABETH BEAL,5 b. 1715, m. 1729 in Lunenburg Parish, Va., d. ca. 1766 Bromfield Parish, 6 Culpeper County, Virginia. Chn: (4) sons as found in research.

1-1. Daniel Goggans,7 b. 1730 Va., d. Nov. 1781 on Goggans Branch, Little River, S.C. m. Nancy Williams,8 b. ca. 1732 Va., m. 1747 Va., d. Jan. 19, 1782 on GOGGANS Branch, Little River, SC, daughter of Paul Williams, Va. and/or S.C.9

1-2 George Goggans,10 b. ca. 1732 Va., da. 1815 SC m. Sarah Butler,11 b. ca. 1732 Va., m. 1757 Va., Bromfield Parish, Culpeper Co., daughter of John and loving wife (name not recorded) Butler. Further research reveals and possibly resolves Elizabeth Bailey, daughter of James & Elizabeth (Alexander) Bailey.

1-3 William Goggans,12 b. 1740 Lunenburg Parish, Va., d. 1834, Newberry Co., SC at home on Sandy Run. m. Elizabeth Butler, b. ca. 1744 Va., m. 1760 Va., d. before 1830, Newberry Co., SC, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Bailey) Butler.13

1-4 James Goggans,14 b. Sept. 16, 1751 Va., d. Oct. 25, 1826 SC, (Family Bible Record) m. Mary Johnston,15 b. 1752, m. 1769 SC, d. 1816 Newberry Co., SC, daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Jane (Dalrymple) Johnston, pioneers from Onslow, Col, NC to SC.


p 5  1WILLIAM GOGGANS...Indenture, Culpeper County, Va...Book A

1749-1753. October 8, 1750 Coleman, Robert and Sarah his wife of Parish of St. Mark and Culpeper County to WILLIAM GOGGANS of the Parish of Lunenburg and County of Richmond, 25 pounds, land containing 300 acres, Parish of St. Thomas and Culpeper and County Part of Patent (Sept. 28, 1732) to Coleman and sold to Daniel Brown bounded by lines of Joseph Shell and lines formerly held by Daniel B. Brown), by Rowland Cornelius and the Rev. John Thompson.

p 6   3New World Immigrants Vol. 11 Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc. 1970. Page 296, T.S.P.I. transcripts of State Papers relating to Ireland, Page 305. American Passenger Lists 1804-06 GOGGINS, (Sp?), JAS. and WM. T.S.P.I. 1718. WILLIAM was first found in Parish of Lunenburg, Richmond County, Virginia. His wife was ELIZABETH and current research reveals children: Daniel, George, William and James Goggans, all born in Virginia. We do not believe there were other sons, however, there may be other daughters that married and have not been found in research. James and WILLIAM GOGGANS both came to Virginia in 1718.

4This Indenture, made February 21, 1766, between WILLIAM GOGGANS of Parish of Bromfield and Culpepper County and ELIZABETH his wife of the one part and Benjamin Gaines of Parish and County aforesaid. Forty Pounds current money 300 acres...and at a court held for said county on Thursday, Aug. 21, 1766. The said indenture with the memorandum of Livery of Seisen and Receipt Endorsed were fully proved by the oath of Peter Stein berger, Richard Gaines and John Campbell witness thereto and ordered to be recorded. (See later: typed copy of Indenture dated Feb. 21. 1766.)

p 7   5Presently it is resolved that WILLIAM GOGGANS' wife was ELIZABETH BEAL. The Beals were in the "Upper Church" congregation in Lunenburg Parish, Richmond County. WILLIAM was first found in this body politic.

6No further records or information found in Virginia or South Carolina on WILLIAM GOGGANS and his wife ELIZABETH. Land sold in 1766 possesses some degree of probability that they intended to make the move with the family via Wagon Train to South Carolina. From the foreseeing care and guardianship of God over his people, faithful unto death gave them a crown of life in Virginia.

p. xxviii t. - Transcript: T.S.P.I. - Transcripts of State Papers Relating to Ireland.

GOOGIN, James and WILLIAM. T.S.P.I. 1718.10


In a letter from Melba Neighbors Hagan dated January 14, 1994

Daniel was the oldest of four sons of WILLIAM, born ca 1700 in County Cork, Ireland, died ca 1766 in Culpeper County, Virginia, and ELIZABETH BEAL, born 1715, died ca 1766 in Culpeper County. They were married 1729 in Lunenburg Parish, Virginia. The sons were Daniel, George, William and James, all born in Virginia. No record of other children was found.