Nathan Langston & Catherine Smith
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1790 Greenville, South Carolina Census


1 male to 16

1 male 16 up

4 females


1800 Union County, South Carolina Census


3 males under 10

1 male 10-16

1 male 26-45

2 females under 10

3 females 10-16

1 female 26-45


1830 Spartanburg, South Carolina Census


1 male 20-30         Absolam b 1804

1 male 60-70         Nathan

1 female 20-30       Gennetta b 1806

1 female 60-70       Catherine


NATHAN LANGSTON is listed in the sale bill of the estate of his father Absolam Langston 1783. He was the Executor of his mother's will - Christian Fairbairn in 1803. Caleb Langston's will 1800 also named his brother NATHAN.

In 1790 thru 1800 NATHAN LANGSTON lived in Union Co., S. C. 1810 NATHAN and his oldest son William lived side by side in Spartanburgh Co., S.C. By 1820 William was in Lincoln Co., Tenn.



by Claude Ezel Speker

p. 3 On the next meting in September, NATHAN LANGSTON was granted license to preach.

p. 12 Then following this, the Arm at New Hope was constituted as a Baptist Church on the 5th day of February 1804. Also the same day, NATHAN LANGSTON was ordained to the ministry. The examining Elders were David Golightly, Thomas Greer and George Bruton...

p. 17 On September 15. 1932, ...two young men were called forward...and examined by Elder NATHAN LANGSTON...

p. 51 Spencer Bobo was pastor of New Hope Church until his death in 1816. Serving jointly with Spencer Bobo in his pastorate of the church, was NATHAN LANGSTON who was ordained a minister the same day the church was constituted. He was a member and deacon of Padgett's Creek Church, which on September 17, 1802, gave him a license to preach the gospel...

p. 59 Ambrose Ray and his brother, Elijah Ray were called forward and ordained to NATHAN LANGSTON...

p. 60 same as on page 59

p. 73 NATHAN LANGSTON served as pastor of New Hope Baptist Church from 1804 until 1832, he died about two years later. The following inscription is found on the marker at the grave of NATHAN LANGSTON, in New Hope Cemetery. "Rev. NATHAN LANGSTON, who was born January 10, 1762, and died February 8, 1834. He was a faithful minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for forty years. Thus in serving the Lord his life was spent. He preached his word wherever he went. Like Noah he warned mankind in time, To turn to God while in their prime. Now the Lord has taken his soul to reign with Jesus Christ forever free from pain." His wife Catherine died November 20, 1839. The children sharing in the estate of NATHAN LANGSTON, as named in his will are as follows: Sarah, Martha, William, Nancy, Willis, John, Elizabeth, Jacob, Mary, Caleb, Absolum and Gennett.


Affidavit of Moses Spann & Thomas Williams Ninety-six District, Moses Spann, Sen/r personally came before me, Ralph Smith, one of the justices of the Peace of s/d District and made oath on the Holy Evanjellesm of Almighty God and doth say on this said oath that some time in the year 1780 he was personally present and saw John Langston, son and heir to Absolom Langston, deceased, sign seal and deliver a certain Deed or Conveyance of and to a certain parcel of land being on the Dutchmans Creek in the s/d District and known by the name of Absolom Langston's new Survey unto NATHAN LANGSTON, Jacob Langston and he believes one other brother that the Deponet did assign the said conveyance as a witness to the same...Moses (X) Span...Also Thomas Williams appeared and made oath that he was personally present saw the above John Langston assign seal and deliver the above conveyance unto same at his said Langston's brothers and that he the deponent did subscribe his name as witness to the same...Thomas Williams. Sworn and subscribed before me ye 10 day of May 1784...Ralph Smith Recorded and Examined No-____ the 1 day of May 1787 by D. Mazyreck.


Affidavits of Spartanburg County    Christiana Fairbain & Daniel Langston  ...Personally came  before me Christiana Fairbain and after being sworn saith that she had in her posession a certain deade (deed) of gift for four hundred and fifty acres of land lying on Dutchman's Creek known by the name of Absolom Langston's New Survey given by John Langston, decs/ed to Caleb Langston, NATHAN LANGSTON and Jacob Langston as appears by the esignment and sealing of the same which deed of gift was forcable taken from this deponent by a part of men commanged by Col. Tairlton in the year Anon 1781 and firder said not. Sworn to and subscribed this 18th day of August 1785 before me (Christiana Fairbain) John Ford J.P. Also Daniel Langston came at the same time and made oath according to law that he saw in the possession of the above said Christiana Fairbain the above said Deed of Gift for the above said tract of land and that he (saw the) heirs read the same several times and firder saith that John Langston's name and seal was to the s/d Deed and Thomas Williams John Couch and Moses Spains names was written as evidence to the said Deed of Gift and firder saith not. Daniel Langston. Sworn to and subscribed this 18th day of August 1785 before me... John Fort J. P. Recorded and Examined No.___ the 1st day of March 1787 by D. Mmazyck, Register


Ninety-six District,                South Carolina            24 January 1793

State of South Carolina           This Indenture made the 24th day of

Ninety-six District                   January in the year of Our Lord One Thousand seven hundred and ninety-three and in sixteenth year of the Sovorienty and Independence of the United State of America, between Samuel Saxon, Esquire, Sheriff of Ninety-six District in the State aforesaid of the one part and NATHAN LANGSTON of the State aforesaid and county of Union of the other part. Witness, whereas Christian Fairborn of the State aforesaid and lately in the Court of Common Please at Cambridge in the said State obtained and entered up a judgement against Caleb Langston, Lawful Heir of Absolom Langston to the amount of Twenty-seven pounds eight shillings Sterling together with interest and cost thereunto as in and by this said Judgement remaining on record in the Office of the Clerk of the aforesaid Court of Common Please, reference thereinto being had may more fully and at large appear. In purance of which Judgement there found from the court of Commmon Please a Writ of Feri-Facias under the seal of the said Court tested by John Rutledge, Esq. Chief Justice of said State at Charlestown bearing date the eighteenth day of April in the year of Our Lord One Thousand seven hundred and ninty-two. Directed to all and singular the Sheriff of the said State commanding them and each of them that the goods, chattels, lands and other heriditaments and real estate of the aforesaid Caleb Langston they should cause to be levied the above mentioned sum which the aforesaid Christian Fairborn in the Court of Common Please at Cambridge lately run against the said Caleb Langston.

In Pursuance of in obediance to which Writ of Rerip Facio: the said Sam-l Saxon, Sheriff of Ninety-six District in the State aforesaid did enter into upon and sieze and take to exaction one Tract or Parcel of land containing Four-Hundred and Fifty acres more or less situate lying and being in the District of Pickney in the County of Union on the water of Tyger on a creek called Dutchman Creek bounded West by Stephen Hudson's land and land run for North Carolina called Wiley's land SE on Charles Thompson land and all other sides vacant lands when surveyed s-d lands granted to Absolom Langston by a grant bearing date the 21st day of May 1772 and after seizing and duly advertising the Tract or Parcel of Land above described containing four-hundred and fifty acres more or less the said Samuel Saxon did on the 5th day of November 1792 for and towards satisfaction of the said Judgement and Writ of Feri Facies and taxed, cost and incidental costs or charges thereon sell and dispose at Public Auction all the aforesaid parcel or tract of land and appurtances unto the aforesaid NATHAN LANGSTON for the sum of Seventy pounds sterling, he at the price being the highest and best bidder thereof according to the usage and custom of . Now this Indenture Witnesses that the said Samuel Saxon for and inconsideration of the sum of seventy pounds sterling to him in hand well land truly paid by the said NATHAN LANGSTON the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge hath granted bargained and by these present doth grant bargain and sell unto the said NATHAN LANGSTON, his heirs, Executors, Administrators and Assigns forever and singular the described piece, parcel or tract of land containing four hundred and fifty acres and the premises and appurtances thereunto belonging. Together with the estate rights, title interest property or demand of him the aforesaid Caleb Langston of in or to the said piece parcel or tract of land or premise together with all and singular the rights and appurtances and the reversions remainder and remainders issue and profits thereof and every part and parcel thereof. To have and to hold the piece parcel plantation or tract of land containing four hundred and fifty acres and the premise and appurtences unto the said NATHAN LANGSTON, his heirs, Executors, Administrators and Assigns forever. In Witness whereof the said Sam-l Saxon hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year first above written, Signed, Sealed and Delivered in the presence of

Joshua Downs Sam-l Saxon


Spartanburg County,         South Carolina            13 May 1797

George Robuck & Wife             The State of South Carolina.                Know all

           to                                                                                        men by these presents that we George

Daniel Langston                                                                               Robuck and Levina my wife of

Deed Nov 30th 1797                                                                       Spartanburg County in the State aforesaid for and in consideration of Twenty five pounds Sterling Money to me paid by Daniel Langston of the same County in the state aforesaid, Have granted Bargained & sold & sold Released & by these presents do grant bargain sell & release unto the said Daniel Langston all Plantation Tract or parcel of Land containing of one hundred acres (more or less) Lying in the county and state aforesaid Begining at a pine corner 3X on Burrell Bobo line, thence Runing on Bobos line to the corner 3X thence Et to NATHAN LANGSTONS line to Robt Wallass line thence along said Wallass line crossing Blackstocks road to a spanish oak 3X thence a North corner on Blazed line to the aforesaid Road thence up said Road to the begining pine 3X together with all & singular the rights members Hereditaments & appertances to the said premisses Belonging or in any wise Insident or appertaining To have & to hold all & singular the premises before mentioned to the said Daniel Langston his heirs & assigns against our selves & each of our heirs and against every person claiming under them or either of them and will forever warrant & Defend the same or any part thereof witness my hand & seal this 13th day May, the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred & ninety seven & in Twenty second year of the Independance of America

Witness George Robuck SEAL

William Evatt

His Spartanburgh Personally came before me Jacob O Ortner County William Evall & Jacob Ortner mark duly made oath they saw George Robuck sign seal & acknowledge the within Deed of conveyance unto Daniel Langston for the purposes within mentioned sworn to & subscribed before me this 31st day of May AD 1797 William Evatt

Saml. Lancaster JP          his

                              Jacob O Ortner



Sartanburg District, South Carolina 1 January 1810

Spencer Bobo                                               Know all men by these presents that I Spencer

To N. 167                                                     Bobo of the State of South Carolina

NATHAN LANGSTON                              Spartanburg District for the consideration of

1st January 1810                                            the sum of Eight hundred and fifty dollars tome in hand paid by NATHAN LANGSTON of thesame state and District the receipt is hereby acknowledged to be well contented satisfied and paid and for the said sum hath granted bargained and sold unto the said NATHAN LANGSTON him his heir Executors Administrators or assigns three hundred acres of land situate lying on the cedar shoal creek the waters of Enoree River begining at a beach on the bank of said creek then runing about 62 E 8 chns 20 links to hornbun + thence N 20 E 2 chain 20 links to a chinquesser + thence North 17 chains 50 links to hickory thence N. 60 E 22 chains to a stake + thence S 22 E 38 chains 22 links stake + then S 60 W 22 chains 20 links to stake + then S 20 W 43 chains 20 links to a hickory on the bank thence up the various courses of the said creek to the begining to include all the land in said boundries for three hundred acres of land let they be more or less together with all the premises and appertenances thereunto belonging to the only proper use and behoof of him the said NATHAN LANGSTON him his heirs Executors Administrators or assigns shall and may from time to time and at all times hereafter have hole use occupy and peacably enjoy the said plantation or tract of three hundred acres of land as Interuption or Deneal of him the said Spencer Bobo him his heirs Executors administrators or assigns or any other person or persons but shall and will warrant and forever defend the land as aforesaid in witness whereof I the said Spencer Bobo have these presents set my hand and seal the 10th day of January 1808

Witness Mordecai Chandler

William Langston           Spencer Bobo           SEAL


State of South Carolina            Personally appeared before me David

Union District                           Floyn & Mordecai Chandler and made

                                                 oath that he saw Spencer Bobo sign seal and deliver the above conveyance for the use and purposes therein mentioned and that he with William Langston in the presence of each other witnessed the said Execution thereof sworn to and subscribed before me this 10th May 1808

David Floyd JC Mordicai Chandler


The State of South Carolina Spartanburgh District

JFCuemke Seneor associate Justice of the State aforesaid as hereby certify unto all whom it may concern that Jane Bobo wife of the within named Spencer Bobo did this day appear before me and upon being privately and seperately Examined by me did declare that she does freely voluntarily and without any compulsion dread or fear of any person or persons whomsoever dnounce release and forever relinquish unto the within named NATHAN LANGSTON his heirs and assigns all her interest and estate and also all the right and claim of dower of in or to all and singular the premises within mentioned and released given under

my hand and seal

JFGremkes LS Jane Bobo SEAL


Spartanburg District, South Carolina 19 October 1812

NATHAN LANGSTON               State of South Carolina

To No. 176                                    Spartanburgh District

William Langston                             Know all men by these presence that I

19th October 1812                          NATHAN LANGSTON of the state and District aforesaid for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and ten dollars to me paid by William Langston of the state and district aforesaid have granted bargained and sold and released and by these presents do grant bargain sell and release unto the said William Langston all that parcel lying in the state and District aforesaid on Coopers branch waters of Ceder shoal creek beginning in the lower part of said branch upon a sugar maple thence south thirty five east in directly with Martian Grey's line + Thence North thirty East to a thence North Sixty East seventy five chains and fifty links to a stake and thence North Thirty five West Thirty eight chains seventy five links Thomas Waters line to a stake & thence South Sixty West on William Wilbanks line to a hickory & thence south thirty East with sugar maple with all and singular the rights and hereditaments and appertances thereuntobelonging or in any wise appertaining unto the said William Langston his heirs executors or assigns and by these presents do warrant and forever defend the said premises against any self or any heirs executors administrators and assigns and any other person or persons whatsoever claiming or to claim the same or any part thereof In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the fifteenth day of January eighteen hundred

signed and sealed within presence

Hiram Goodwin                   NATHAN LANGSTON SEAL

John Langston

The State of South Carolina I Barum Bobo the justice


Spartanburg District of the Peace for said District

do hereby certify unto all whom it my concern that CATHERINE LANGSTON wife of the within named NATHAN LANGSTON did this day appear before me and upon being privately and liberally examined by me did declare the day freely voluntarily and without any co?????? dread or fear of any person or persons whomever renounce release and forever relinquish unto the within named William Langston his heirs and assigns all his and estate and also all her rights and claim of dower of in or to all and singular the premisses within and release given under my hand and seal this 15th October 1812 her




State of South Carolina               Personally came John Langston before

Spartanburgh District                   me and duly makes oath that he saw

                                                   NATHAN LANGSTON assign seal andthis above deed that he also the same with Hiram Goodwin as witness to and subscribed before me this 15th October 1812

Burrel Bobo QU SEAL           John Langston


Spartanburgh District, South Carolina                    3 February 1832

John Poole Sheff           South Carolina,                  To all to whom these

To No 31                                                                presents shall come, I John Poole

NATHAN LANGSTON                                       Sheriff of Spartanburgh District and

3rd Feby 1832                                                       State aforesaid send greeting. Whereas by virture of a writ of Funi Facial issued out of the court of common please held for the district & state aforesaid , listed the last Monday of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty one as the suit of Laban Hanah bearer, to me directed commanding me that of the goods and chattels, lands and tenniments of Chany Stone to ?way the sum of thirty three dollars and thirty three cents damages and costs I have seized and taken of the lands and tenemants of the said Chany Stone all that certain piece parcel and tract of land containing two hundred acres (more or less) situated being in the district of Spartanburg and state aforesaid Lying on ceder shoal creek where on the said Chaney Stone now lived bounded by lands of Jonathan Fryar & others being the tract of land the said Chany purchased from William Stone and wheras the said premises with their appurtenances since the seizure by me made by virtue of the said writ of Funi Facias before mentioned have been exposed to sale at public vandue & purchased by Simpson Bobo for NATHAN LANKSTON of the district aforesaid for the sum of thirty one dollars, that being the highest sum that was bidden therefor now know ye That I John Poole Sheriff aforesaid by virtue of the said Writ of Funi Facias aforesaid to me directed & delivered as aforesaid & by virtue of the statue in such can made & provided & for & in consideration of the said sum of thirty one dollars to me in hand paid or occured to be paid by the said NATHAN LANKSTON the receipt and payment whereof I do hereby acknowledge have granted bargained and sold & by these presents do grant bargain & sell unto the said NATHAN LANKSTON & his heirs and assigns forever, the said tract piece & parcel of land with its appurtenances and all the estate right title and interest which the said Chany Stone of right had in & to the same To Have & to hold the said piece parcel and tract of land with its appurtances unto the said NATHAN LANKSTON and his heirs and assigns forever as fully and absolutely as I the said John Poole might could or ought to grant bargain & sell the same by virtue of the statues aforesaid and the writ of Furi Facias or other??? In witness whereas I the said John Poole sheriff have hereunto set my hand and seal the twenty second day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty two Sealed Signed & Delivered in the presence of

H. J. Dean John Poole S. S. D. SEAL

Simpson Bobo


The State of South Carolina Before me personally appeared

Spartanburgh District H. J. Dean Esq. and made oath that he saw John Poole Sheriff sign, seal & deliver this deed for the uses and purposes therein expressed and that Simpson Bobo Esq together with himself in the presence of each other witnessed the due execution thereof Sworn & subscribed before me the 3rd day of Feby 1832

Biomar Clk & JQ H. J. Dean


Spartanburg District, South Carolina              29th June 1840

NATHAN LANGSTON         State of South Carolina

To No. 342                             Spartanburgh District

Abner Stone

29th June 1840

Know all men by these presents that I NATHAN LANGSTON of the State and District aforesaid for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and fifteen dollars to me paid by Abner Stone, of the State and District before mentioned, has granted, bargained, sold and released and by these presents do grant, bargain sell and release to the said Abner Stone, all that parcel or tract of land containing, Lying in the state and district before mentioned being part of a tract of land conveyed from Spencer Bobo to NATHAN LANGSTON beginning at a stake on the branch in LANGSTON's spring branch, where said LANGSTON and Wilbanks land corners thence running N. 60 E 25 chains to a Red Oak 3X thence N. 156, 14 chs 20 links to a Hickory 3X thence N 35 W 5 c 70 S to a Hickory 3X on Wilbanks Line, thence S 60 W on said line to a hickory olk marked + thence S 17 chs 120 links to a chinquicssis to marked, thence S 20 W 2 chs 50 links to the beginning corner together with all and singular the rights members Hereditaments & appurtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining to it, to the said Abner Stone, his heirs Exrs or Assigns and by these presents do warrant and forever defend, the said premises against myself my heirs Executors or administrators and assigns and every other person or persons whomsoever claiming or to claim the same or any part thereof In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 20th of April one Thousand Eight hundred and twenty five.


Chany Stone


State of South Carolina                   Personally came Chany Stone before

Spartanburgh District                       me and duly made oath that he saw NATHAN LANGSTON Execute the within deed of conveyance to Abner Stone, and at the same time saw Absolom Langston, Subscribe his name as a witness together with himself Sworn to & subscribed this 19th day of Feby 1840

M. Casey Q. W Chaney Stone


Spartanburg County, South Carolina Estate Papers Package No. 1256

In the Name of God, Amen. I NATHAN LANGSTON, being Advanced in life and knowing my time in this world will soon come to an end, for the purpose of doing Right with goods and Chattels that God has belssed me with, I will and bequeath them in the following manner. I will my books to be divided amongst all my children as follows, first, to Sarah Bennett, Pippons (?) Selection of Hymns and Watses Lyric poems, 2nd to Martha Yarbrough my large bible, 3rd to William Langston my pocket bible with Nancy Bearden Butterworths Concordance, 5th (there was no 4th) to Willis Langston Clements of Useful knowledge and Sons of the Night, 6th to John Langston 2nd volume of Village Sermons, and Watses hymns, 7th to Elizabeth Stone 1st volume of Village Sermons and the Crook in the Lot, 8th to Jacob Langston poareages Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul and Watses psalms, 9th to Mary Stone Fullers gospel its own witness and Self knowledge, 10th to Caleb Langston, gospel worthy of acceptance, 11th to Absalom Langston Mercers Cluster and Brown's Concordance, 12th Gennett Stone Walkers dictionary and all the remnant of my books not mentioned above. I will my negro Rose to be applyed to pay Rachel S. Compton her legacy of her fathers estate. She taking her at value appraisement provided my Executor can do it with safety to himself and my Estate, but if he cannot dispose of her with Safety in the way directed I will him to let some good man have her at value, giving such credit as he may think proper. Item, I will one bed and furniture to my wife CATHERINE LANGSTON. Item, I will the land on which I Live and the place where my son Jacob formerly lived to be Sold on one or two years credit, making such division as will be advantageous to the sale. N. B. if Chaney Stone pays the demand noted one given me for $3.8.67 and the other for 12.25 I will the tract of Land on which Chaney Stone Lives, to my grandchildren of Chaney & Elizabeth Stone & Martha J. Stone, and Chaney and Elizabeth Stone have the privilege to Live on the Land, till the Children comes to a mature age, to acr for themselves, but if the above said Notes remains unsettled I will that my Executer, use the best means he can To Secure for my Estate, the demand of the notes, out of the price of the Land, and if he can get more for the Land, than the demand of the Notes, then he give it to Chaney Stone. Item. I will all the rest of my property not mentioned above, to be sold on one years credit, and after paying expenses and legal demands, my Executer to keep the balance of the money arising form the Sale and the debts owing me, or it out at interest, as he may think best, a that he pay A yearly Compensation, for the maintenance of my wife CATHERINE LANGSTON, during her life, if the Shock holds out, she having Liberty to chose who she will Live with as Long as She keeps her reason and if there is any left at her decease I will it be equally divided betwix all my children after making them Even, refering to my memorandum of what I have given them and the different value of the Lots of books. N. B Before assigning of this I am disposed to make a small alteration and State I will to my daughter Nancy Bearden, a volume of village Sermons, and Watses hymns, I will to me son John Langston, Butterworths Concordance Item I appoint my nephew John Bearden, my Executer and acknowledge this to be my Last Will and Testament in witness whereof I hereunto Set my hand and seal this 21st day of May 1832.


Witness: Test David Newman Proven on Common form 25th July 1831

Hiram Yarbrough, by Hiram Yarbrough and B. Waters

B. Waters (?)/ Recorded in Book C page 58.


NATHAN LANGSTON Appraisement Recorded in Book D page 50

2 Saddles & Bridle 2.

1 Bed and furniture & Stid Desind for the window 20.

& Bed Sted and furniture 12.

1 Desk for Bookes 1.50

1 large Canister .25

3 tabils 3.

1 cuberd & contents 6.

1 Set of knives and forkes 1.50

1 pair of Stilandes 1.50

1 Lot of tin War and Jar .75

1 Lot or Crockery .50

1 Lot of Vessels cann tube & Stich pail .50

1 Lot of Vesel Churner and figens .75

1 Lot of hat War hookes and hat rack 4.00

1 jar of hand bellise .50

1 check neal and shining wheal 1.50

1 large chist .25

1 Book cais & flax hacked .25

1 lot of chears 1.00

1 pair of Sheepe Shurs .25

1 lot Baskets .50

1 Lot of guge & Dimagon 2.00

1 Shuger Barrel & tape .50

1 Lot of Barrels 7 in number 1.50

1 Sand Sive 1.50

2 pair of Ladel Wallets 1.25



Sixteen head of hoges at 17.00

1 filley 30.

1 Sourel Mar 40.

8 head of Sheap 6.

1 head cow and calf 10.

1 Black and white cow and calfe 6.

1 read and white cow and calf 5.

1 read and white yearland 1.

1 small grind stone .25

1 Lot of corn 5.

2 Sithes and Craides 2.

1 cutting nife and Box .25

1 lot of plows and greans and lrdles & sewingel trees

and clines 3.50

1 racke .50

1 mattock and shrowten Low 1.50

1 Spaid and how .25

3 axes and iron Wege 2.

1 Lot of carpenters terals 1.50

1 wheal Barrow 1.50

1 par of Strechers and leg chins & buchell & clivis 3.

1 Lot of Saw and Squear & axes 1.25

1 Lot auges Daving nife hammer & chizel 1.50

1 Samul box and contents nails &C .25

1 Bail of Cotton 28.

1 Bed & Sted & furniture 10.

1 box .50


carried over 187.75

eathers cray .50

1 Lot of old incns 1.00

1 Lot of Bacon 22.00

1 incn Bound keg 1.

1 open headed keg and pickting heb .50

1 troft and Sope in the Saim 1.

1 Lot of hoges land & vessels the rob the Saim 2.00

1 looking glass and water haidstond .50

1 Nigre girl naimd Rose 300.00

the A fannel of Deceased N. LANGSTON 15.00

1 Shise marter & A lesh A erk 1.25

1 Stock of foder 1.50



One not on Chaney Stone for Within in trust from 312.67

the year 27 also credet on sd not of fifty Dollars

Do on not for twelve dollars 25 12.25

One not on Archibald Stone for 98.00

One not on William Bennet for 17.70

One not on Wm. C. Shurbut for 11.80


Amount of notes $458.72

Amount of Aprais Bill 600.50



L. Miles

ADBragg Jr.



My charge for attending to running aut the Land and to assisting to shuch and measure the rop of corn is $4

1st Anl Return of N. LANGSTON Estate

Account of the debts and expenses of the Estate of NATHAN


Paid Aaron Starnes for Auction fees $ 3.00

for clerk service to Wm. Wilbanks 1.00

Paid for Brandy for the Sale .37 1/2

Paid for paper for the use of the sale .31 1/4

Paid for recording of A Deed of Land 1.00

Paid the taxes for the Estate for 1833 1.62 1/2

Paid and proven Account to Hosea Dean 3.00

Paid a vote of hand to Reuben Vieiman 7.18 3/4

Paid for Salt for the use of the Estate 1.62 1/2

Paid Davis Veniman for Auction of land .25

Paid the Postage of A letter sent NATHAN LANGSTONE .25

Paid Hiram Yarbrough for MO Coffin 3.00

Paid Joel Dean for the Surveying the land 2.50

Paid Test BRAGG for front fodder for the use of the

estate 2.12 1/2

Paid A note of land given by the Decd NATHAN

LANGSTONE to Wm. Farron 10.25

Paid a proven Account to Wm. Shurbut 11.80

Paid the taxes for the Land for 1834 .84 1/4

Paid A proven Account to Chaney Stone 4.50

Paid Archibald Stone for Maintenance of CATHERINE

LANGSTONE nine months in 1834 45.00

Paid the guardun Bond given by NATHAN LANGSTONE

Decd of Eight Hundred and sixteen Dollars

and sixty nine cent coming to Rachel S. Compton

& Thomas M. Compton the Legacy Left them of their

fathers estate paid in full 816.69


Sworn to SC 27th July 1835

John Bearden


Sale Bill of the property of N. LANGSTON decd March 27th 1834

X 1 Lot of hogs 15 in it to William Starnes X 10.38 3/4

X 1 Lot of sheep 7 head to Absolum Langston X 9.93 3/4

X 1 Read cow & calf to toms Breeghts X 14.14 1/2

X 1 white face cow & yearling to James Lambright X 5.50

X 1 small cow to James Lambright X 5.00

X 1 sorrel mare to Archibald Stone 51.25

X 2 Sythesn cradels to Ephriam Stone by Haley 2.00

X 1 cutting knife & box to James Beasly X 00.50

X 1 wheel Barrow to Aaron Starnes 1.25

X 1 pair of plow gears & swing titree

To Aaron Starnes X 1.18 0/4

X 1 Lot of old prows to Alexander Glenn X .87 1/2

X Mct & spouting hoe To do X .68 0/4

X 1 Iron tooth Rake to William Starnes X .37 1/2

X 3 Axes & Iron wedge Chaney Stone X pfe Sale 1.75

X 1 hand Ax To Janis Beasley .83 1/4

X 1 Lot of Carpenter Tools To Ephriam Campbell 1.31 1/4

X 1 saw & augers & chisel & drawing knife to J. Beasly 1.31 1/4

1 odds & square to Ephriam Campbell paid 1.31 1/4

x l log chain To Elisha Tluston paid 1.87 1/2

1 grind stone To Samuel Simpson .18 3/4

1 Bale of Cotton to Samuel Simpson at 10 1/4 corrty fee

1 bead & bedstead to Richard Campbell X 10.50

1 base & Lock Aaron Starnes X .25

2 saddles d0 X .37 1/2

1 head & stead To Emanuel Rook X 16.00



X 1 Book Desk To Absolum Langston X 1.00

X 1 Canister To Samuel Simpson X .75

X 2 Tables To Aaron Starnes Junr X .25

X 1 water stand stand spoil To do X .31 1/4

X 1 negro girl to Thompson Dodd X 376.00

X 1 Corner cupbord To James Couch by sale 4.00

X 1 bowl and pitcher To Chaney Stone paid .56 1/4

X plates & cups to Ephriam Campbell .31 3/4

X spons bowls and plates To Benj Rush Paid .50

X 1 small morter To James Lambright X 1.93 3/4

X Knives & base to Chaney Stone 2.31 1/4

X 1 pare of still card To Wm. W. Langford paid 3.00

X 1 pr gin bead water To Chany Stone .37 1/4

Jimajohn to Bearding 1.6 1/4

X 1 jug To Stephen Willson X .50

1 check Reef-----Arch Stone 1.00


to cheens to Stephen Wilson resold ------

Table chair Tra & Can to Newton Langford .38 3/4

X 1 pot rack & yo Aaron Starns 1.37 1/2

1 fry pan Ambros Yarbrough .50

1 oxing to Jerry Gentry 1.00

3 quartz skilet & Iron To Stephen Wilson resold ------

1 sive To Isaac Stroud sign Note X 2.50

1 pare Saddle bags To Ephriam Stone X by Note 2.00

d0 To Jerry Gentry 00.18 3/4

hand bellows To Aaron Starnes X .31


401.06 1/4

4 Barrels & oats To J. A. Arch Stone 2.06 1/

X 1 Barrel & basket To A. W. Glenn X .50

X 2 Jars of cards and basket To Absolum Langston .12 1/

X 1 pickling trele & carte to Aaron Starnes paid 1.06 1/4

1 Lot of Bacon 50 Lbs at 12 1/2 Newton Langston 6.25

do 50 do 6.25

X The ballance of Bacon at 12 1/2 cts to T. Rose X 5.00

X soap & Trough to Davis Newman paid X 1.00

x rains goares & corck of Fat To Lanas Burk 1.87

X 1 pare of sheep sheres to James Lainbright Paid .37 1/2

X 3 barrels To William Starnes X 1.00

X 1 Lot of laily & Tub etc. To Absolum Langston .75

X 5 chuns To. B. R. Bobo paid X .87 1/2

X 1 looking glass & book case to A. W. glen X .31 1/4

X 1 Lot of Close and hats to CATHERINE LANGSTON .12 1/2

X 1 Claw hammer to A. W. Glen X .25


28.81 1/4

1 black Bottle to Absolom Langston paid .10

1 bridle Archibald Stone .50

1 one bridle and harness Aaron Starns paid .50

1 eflase hackle to William Starnes paid .12 1/2


T First Page 140.25

second page 401.06 1/4

3 page 029.93 1/4


Total 571.25 1/4

Sale Bill

Sold the balance of the property of NATHAN LANGSTON Decd November

the 6 1834 on A credit of twelve months

three plows to Benjamin Rush .50

omm Penadey & spade .16 3/4

1 pair of plow gens .56 /4

Davis Veniman Curricome .25

1 Lot of corn 4 barrels at 62/2 cent per bushel

Ephriam Stone 12.50

4 barrels to Benjamin Rush 12.50

17 bushels of peck and half peck at 63 cents per

bushel to Benjamin Rush 10.75

the Birbbins and Mollen corn at 25 cent per bushel

to A. W. Glen 3.75

1 Sorrel mare ot William Starnes 45.00

1 lott of fodder to Absolom Langstone .90

A lott of cotton 200 Ld at 270 cent per hundred to

Philemon Waters 5.40

A lot of Wheat to Joseph Couch 1.00


John Bearden $93.30

John Bearden Exor of the Estate of NATHAN LANGSTON decd in account Dr.

Paid Absolam Langston $75.00 for the maintenance of CATHERINE

LANGSTON for the year 1836--

The Land of the Deceased NATHAN LANGSTON was sold at public

Auction Nov. 6th 1834-- on one and two years credit for four hundred and thirty Seven Dollars and fifty cents.--one half due November 6th 1835 the other Nov. 6th 1836--

John Bearden

Sevarnt Subscribed

2nd Jany 1836

J. Bamer A.S.D.





John Beardens Exer of NATHAN LANGSTON decd 2nd and return in

favour of Exor $97.24

Dr. John Bearden Executor of the Estate of NATHAN LANGSTON Decd

in an account

Amt Recd Misc and pd out


July 27th paid ordinary fees $12.90

"F. G. Bobo moving accpt 4.31 1/4

Dec. 19th "Absolom Langston for one

years maintenance of Mrs.



and up to 1st Jan 1836 $97.21 1/4

Sworn and subscribed

8th Augt 1836 John Bearden

J. Bomar



Anl return in Estate of NATHAN LANGSTON decd in favor of Estate



Anl return $92.25

December the 1838

Paid Archibald Stone and Absolom Langston for boarding

and taking care of CATHERINE LANGSTON the wife of

the Decd NATHAN LANGSTONE for the year 1838 Ninety

Dollars August the 15th 1838 $90

Also paid Absolom Langstone for Apart of the burying

Expenses of the Decd NATHAN LANGSTONE two dollars

25/100 2.25


$ 92.25

Sworn and subscribed

7th Janry 1839 John Bearden

Jno. Bamin



John Bearden EX of NATHAN LANGSTON 4th Anl return in fo of Exor


January the 15th Viz 1838

Paid Absalom Langston and Archibald Stone ninety Dollars for

one year Maintenance of CATHERINE LANGSTONE the wife of the Decd

NATHAN LANGSTON for the year 1837 $90 TBS se seven Dollars and

fifty six cent for flaning for clothing for CATHERINE LANGSTON

$7.56 1/4

John Bearden Return of the Estate of NATHAN LANGSTON Decd

John Bearden

sworn and subscribed

15th Jany 1838

Jos Biser OSD


Sale Bill of the Estate of NATHAN LANGSTON ad $

Estate Settleds


John Bearden Exer of N. LANGSTON and makes the within return on

oath 13 Janry 1840

Jno Boiriar L.S.D.

Received of John Bearden Exer of NATHAN LANGSTON Deecd the Sum of

Eighty four dollars it being forsid and as it Due Compensation for his trouble and maintaince of CATHERINE LANGSTON the office of the Decd NATHAN LANGSTON for the term of Seven Months this the 7th of January 1840

Absolom Langston


Received of John Bearden Ex of NATHAN LANGSTON Decd Four Dollars

for cloth for Clothing for the widow CATHERINE LANGSTON January

7th 1840

Absolom Langston


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