Matthew Erwin & Elizabeth
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Origins of the Erwin Family Name - Scottish English Border Ridings

Components of the Coat of Arms - The Shield is: Three clumps of green holly leaves on a silver background. The Crest is: A spray of holly leaves. 


Book titled "Samuel Ferguson who married Mary Jameson"

"Elizabeth Davidson Harbaugh, who wrote Davidson Genealogy, …on page 292, also wrote that William Jameson’s eldest son, John, born circa 1723, came with his parents to Augusta County and married Jean Erwin, daughter of MATTHEW and ELIZABETH ERWIN. Further information on the Erwin family included the Will of MATTHEW ERWIN, dated 19 April 1755, which named Jean Erwin, alias Jameson, as a daughter (Augusta County Will Book 3, page 178)."


Records of Augusta County, Va 1745-1800 Chalkey 1965


Page 39 August 24, 1749. (161) Ann, wife of George Breckinridge, relinquished dower in deed, Breckenridge to MATHEW ERWIN.

Page 99 August 18, 1762 (289) Edward Warner, witness to will of MATHEW ERWIN. …


Page 91 page 178-19th April 1755, MATHEW ERWIN’s will: to wife, ELIZABETH; to daughter, Gennet Erwin, alias Johnson; to daughter Jean Erwin, alias Jamison; to daughter Agnes; to daughter Mary Erwin, alias Francis; to daughter Ellinor Erwin, alias Patterson; t daughter, Elizabeth Erwin; to daughter Ann Erwin, alias Anderson. Executrix, wife ELIZABETH. John Francis to be overseer. Teste: James Bell, Alex. Blair, Edward Warner. Proved, 18th August, 1762, by Bell and Warner. ELIZABETH refuses to execute. Administration granted John Francis, who qualifies, with James Bell, William Frame.

Page 272 page 135-15th September, 1748. George Brackenridge to MATHEW ERWIN. Corner Samuel Lusk. Teste: John Francis, James Patterson, Robt. Alexander.

Page 463 page 145-24th February, 1769. ELIZABETH ERWIN ( ) to Edward Braden, L45, 200 acres formerly conveyed from George Breckenridge to MATHEW ERWIN, 15th February, 1748, and devised to ELIZABETH by MATHEW; corner Samuel Lusk. Teste: James Bell, John Francis. Delivered: ELIZABETH ERWIN, 27th July, 1772.

Page 533 page 374-17th August, 1773. Edward ( ) Braden and Elilzabeth ( ) to Beorge Breakinridge of Fincastle County, tract formerly conveyed by George to MATHEW ERWIN.


The Davidson Genealogy by Elizabeth Davidson Harbaugh

Page 29 John Jameson, b abt. 1723, came with his parents, to Augusta Co., m ca 1745 to Jean, dau of MATTHEW and ELIZABETH ERWIN.

Will of MATTEHW ERWIN 19 Apr., 1755, in which he names the following children:

Genet Erwin, alias Johnston, dau Jean Erwin, Alias Jameson, dau Agnes, dau Mary Erwin, alias Francis, dau Ann Erwin, alias Andwrson, Eleinor Erwin, alias Petterson, dau Elizabeth, Wife Elizabeth, exex. Admrs. John Francis, James Bell, William Frame.


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