Marcus L. Dozier & Martha L. Baker
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        MARCUS  DOZIER is believed to have died in Jackson, Tennessee. His wife brought their 4 sons and 1 daughter to Lonoke County, Arkansas where she died in 1887. Her son Marcus Hogg married Adaline Bailey and lived in Arkansas until May of 1901 when he left for California. The other sons, Jim and George, departed about this same time for Georgia.

        MARCUS apparently moved his family around a lot. According to census records they lived in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Arkansas.  According to the 1880 Lonoke County, Arkansas Census records, both of MARTHA's parents were born in South Carolina. On the 1850 Cass County, Georgia, Census, living next to MARTHA and MARCUS was Isaac Baker and his wife Patsy who were both born in South Carolina. Since MARTHA and MARCUS named their first son Isaac, it is believed he was her Father.

        MARCUS is undoubtedly descended from the immigrant Leonard Dozier.  It should be noted that Marcus L. Dozier is not the same person as Marcus Tullus Ciczro Dozier son of John Dozier and Lucretia Dorsett. Both Marcus' were listed separately on the 1850 Georgia Census.


Aileen Dozier Blankenstein - Gr. Granddaughter        

Mrs. F. V. Wadley; Wasco, California 

Records of Bill Edrington                                                           

1850 Cass County, Georgia Census                                           

1860 Cherokee County, Alabama Census                               

1870 Marshall Co, Mississippi Census - per James McKibben 

1880 Lonoke County, Arkansas Census  

1900 Lonoke County, Arkansas Census


The following deeds are listed in Lonoke County, Arkansas Courthouse:

J. D. Dozier Grantor land Feb 14, 1881, Deed Bk 7 p. 402

I. Joseph Dozier Grantor land Nov 18, 1898 Deed Bk 45 p 36


1850 Cass County, Georgia Census

p. 109 MARCUS Dozier 20 Ga 

MARTHA                         22 Ga                                                    

 Eveline                               1 Ga


1860 Cherokee County, Alabama Census   3rd District p. 150

427/427 MARCUS L. Dozier 30 SC                            

MARTHA L.                             34 Ga                               

Margaret E.                              11 Ga                                                 

Isaac J.                                         9 Ga                                                 

James D.                                      7 Ga                  

George L.                                6/12 Al


1870 Marshall Co., Mississippi town of Red Bank (near Holly Springs)

MARCUS L.DOZIER 47 farmer Ga

 MARTHA L.             44                 Ga

Isaac                           19                  Ga

James                         17                   Ga

George                        10                   Ga       

Marcus                        8                     Ga

Martha                        5                      Ga

 Sallie                           4                      Ga


1880 Lonoke County, Arkansas Census

119/122 DOZIER, MARTHA L. 52 Ga SC SC  

George L.                                        20 Ala Ga Ga  

Marcus H.                                       17 Ala Ga Ga  

Martha A.                                       15 Ala Ga Ga    

Dozier, James D.                            27 Ga Ga Ga (son)

Martha A.                                       36 Miss SCSC  

John                                                   3 Ark Ga Miss 

Birdie                                                 1 Ark Ga Miss  

Effie E.                                         2/12 Ark Ga Miss   

109/111 Dozier, Isaac J. 29 Ga (son)     

Amanda                             32 Tenn NC Ga    

Arthur                                  3 Ark Ala Tenn     

 Florence                          1/12 Ark Ala Tenn