Joshua Yarbrough
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        JOSHUA YARBROUGH is believed to be the father of James Yarbrough. 1771 Bute Co., N.C. tax list shows Matthew Thomas's District JOSHUA YARBROUGH and James Yarbrough. In 1758 Granville tax list JOSHUA was listed with 2 older sons Joshua, Jr. and Micajah. James had a son born in North Carolina in 1776 and James named a son Joshua.



Abstracts of Deed Book 1

p. 69 DB-1, page 231, 19 November 1766. JOSHUA YARBROUGH toEley (Eli) Eley, both of Bute Co. 20 Pds:17Sh:6d. Va. money for 280 A. in Bute Co. on the Millstone Run, part of a grant from Ld.Granville 5 Dec. 1767 (as written, but certainly not the year of the grant). Wit: Green Hill, Melasoh Yarbrough, James Yarbrough. Ack: by JOSHUA YARBROUGH, Bute January Court 1767, Ben McCullouch, C.C. Reg: 11 March 1767, by William Johnson, P.R.

Abstracts of Deed Book 2

p. 107 DB-2, page 235. 3 August 1767 JOSHUA YARBROUGH, SR. to Green Hill, both of Bute Co 15 Pds: 10 Sh: Va. money for 120 A. where I now live, adj. Elem Eley, Wit: Eley Elay, Micajah Yarbrough. Proved by Eley Eley, Bute May Court 1769, Ben McCulloch, C. C. Reg: 12 September 1769, by William Johnson, P. R. Marginal notation: Deld. to Green Hill 10th. May 1770

p. 103 DB-2, page 316. 20 May 1768. Joshua Nelms, of Halifax Co., to William Gant, of Bute Co. 20 Pds. Va. money for 254 A. on BS Milstone Runne, adj. Far, part of grant to JOSHUA YARBROUGH 5 Dec. 1761. Wit: Elly Elly, Mary Wood. Proved by Ely Ely, Bute November Court 1769, Ben McCullouch, C.C. Reg: 2 February 1770, by William Johnson, P.R.

Abstracts of Deed Book 3

p. 120 DB-3, page 44. 29 November 1769. William Gant to Andrew Gant, both of Bute Co. 20 Pds. Va. money for 255 A. in Bute Co. on BS Millstone Run adj. Far, part of a grant to JOSHUA YARBROUGH, 5 Dec. 1761. Wit: Isham Gant, William Wood. Proved by Isham Gant, Bute May Court 1770, Ben McCulloch, C. C. Reg: 8 Aug 1770, by William Johnson, P. R. Marginal notation: 12th. Feby. 1772 Deld. to Andrew Gant.

p. 131 DB-3, page 168. 12 September 1770. William Woolbanks to David Burnet(t), both of Bute Co. 4 Pds. Procl. money for 15 A. in Bute Co. at mouth of a Branch Run on Mill Stone Swamp, adj. sd Burnett. Wit: Isham Gant, William Wood, Sr., JOSHUA YARBROUGH. Ack: by William Woolbanks, Bute February Court 1771, Ben McCulloch, C.C. Reg: 30 April 1771, by William Johnson, P.R.

p. 145 DB-3, page 322. 18 December 1770. Green Hill to Eley Eley, both of Bute Co. 20 Pds. Va. money for 120 A. on the Sliding Rock Branch, adj. Micajah Yarbrough & sd. Eley where JOSHUA YARBROUGH now lives. Wit: William Gant, Saml. Eley. Ack: by Green Hill, Bute November Court 1771, Ben McCulloch, C. C. Reg: 20 Jan 1772, by James Johnson, P.R.

p. 236 DB-6, page 374. 2 March 1776. Andrew Gant to William Boon, both of Bute Co., Pro. N.C. 35 Pds. Va. money for 250 A. in Bute Co. on BS the Millstone, adj Fair (Fiar, Fer), part of a grant to JOSHUA YARBROUGH 5 December 1761. Wit: Robert Carr(?), Jesse Boon, Benjamin Putman. Proved by Jesse Boon, Bute Feb. Ct. 1778, Thomas Machen, C.C. Reg: 12 Sept. 1779, by James Johnson, Reg.



p. 79 Bute County Land Entries

18. W issued 16 June 78 Bute Co. For William Green 640 A on north side of Wm Denson's Entry on waters of Red Bud, adj. JOSHUA YARBROUGH, Ely & others. 16th March 1778

p. 88

93. W Issued 24 June 78 Micajah Yarbrough enters 100 A by improvement on branches of mill S one adj. Stuarts line & his own line & his fathers JOSHUA YARBROUGHS line. 16 March 1778 Micajah Yarbrough

p. 93

139. W issued 13 July 78 Marcus Gilliam enters by improvement 640 A in Bute County on waters of Red Bud adj. Coock old line, YARBROUGHS entry. 21 March 1778 Marcus Gilliam

p. 95

160. Disputed (Stricken) Benjamin Wester enters 640 A. Beg. at a W Issued 27 Sepr 78 corner of Nelms & my own thence to YARBROUGHS & Axr. Westers, Wm. Densons & Thos Davis's entry, including one Improvement 25 Apl 1778 Ben Wester

p. 99

201 W Issued 22 Sepr 78 JOSHUA YARBROUGH enters 640 A on  waters Mr. JOSHUA YARBROUGH of Red Bud adj. his own, Wm Hills line hath sold this & including three Improvements as P entry to Eli Eley former survey. & requested the 25 May 1778 JOSHUA YARBROUGH return of his wart to issue in Eli Eley's name 3d Apl 1780

p. 106

274. W Issued 30 Jany 79 Robt Morgan enters 720 A on both sides This warrant was of Buffelo adj. Simon Jeffreys, Wm Mays, assign'd by Morgan Thos Person, Whites, YARBROUGHS, Hudson to Osborn Jefferys & Mowdins (?) lines. 11 March 79 28 Sepr 1778 Robert Morgan


1771 Bute County, North Carolina

A List of Taxables taken by Matthew Thomas

Males                                         Blacks        Females

James Yarbrough                         1                   1

JOSHUA YARBROUGH            1                   1




Oath of Allegiance

In the Bute County Court minutes (February 1778) it was ordered that the several justices in the different Districts in the county administer the State oath to the persons in his said District to qualify them to vote for the members in the Election. The following lists were found in the Pittman Papers in a folder marked "Miscellaneous County Records (Bute and Warren), 1778-1804, N.D."

Before Captain Matthew Thomas


Micajah Yarbrough



Deed Book 6

p. 133 #934 p. 243 William Boon of Franklin Co. to Eliam Bowden of same, June 6, 1789, for 120 pds. specie a tract of 254 acres lying on both sides of the Millstone adjoining Fair, it being part of a survey granted of JOSHUA YARBROUGH bearing date Dec. 1, 1761. Wit: Joseph Jones, Benja. Boon


From Yarbrough Family Magazine Vol. 6 No. 5 April 1990 page 178

A sketch taken from "Land Patents in Amelia County, Virginia, Notoway Parish" courtesy of Amelia County Historical Society shows land for JOSHUA YARBROUGH 1747 400 acres near Little Nottoway River near land of Thomas Yarbrough 1745, Henry & Thomas Yarbrough 1740, William Yarbrough 1740 And Samuel & William Yarbrough 1746. 1745 12 Jan. JOSHUA YARBROUGH, 400 acres on the head of Wetstone Creek on the fork of Nottaway, Robinson's Corner; Thomas Yarbrough Sr.'s corner, Thomas Yarbrough Jr's corner; Robinson's line. PB 28, p. 319-20.



Orange County Tithe Lists

Series I Vol 27 p. 24 - 27

Undated - probably 1730's

A list of the Tithables in the precinct of James Pickett, Constable.


Richard Yarbrough 2

John Mickell This List of Tithables in his Precinct.



Warren County, NC Deed Book 1 p. 231-232

YARBROUGH to Eley Deed

This Indenture made this Nineteenth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & sixty six between JOSHUA YARBROUGH of the Province of North Carolina & County of Bute of the one part and Eley Eley of the same place of the other part witneseth that the said JOSHUA YARBROUGH for & in consideration of the sum of Twenty Pounds Seventeen Shillings & six Pence Current money of Virginia to him in hand paid by the sd Eley Eley hath given granted bargained Sold Aliend Conveyed & confirmed and by these presents doth fully & freely give grant Bargain Sell Alien Convey & confirm unto the said Eley Eley his heirs and assigns forever a certain tract or parcel of land lying in the County afds on the Millstone Run containing By Estimation Two hundred & eighty acres more or less. Bounded as follows Beg. at a Dea. Tree then Et. 12 poles to a white oak then N 81 poles to the center of Two highways & red oak then E 119 poles to the center of a Spanish oak & pine the So 51 Et 132 poles the center of a pine of B ash then South Poles to a gum then West Poles to a post oak then N 20 poles to the firs Station it being part of a tract of Land granted to the sd YARBROUGH from L. Granville the fifty Day of December 1767 To have & to hold the apt Two hundred ye Eighty acres of Land ye Premises with the appurtenances thereto belonging to the only proper use benefit 7 behoof of th sd Eley Eley his heirs and assigns forever and the sd JOSHUA YARBROUGH for him self his heirs Exrs Adm is doth covenant & agree to and with the sd Eley Eley his heirs & assigns for ever that he the said JOSHUA YARBROUGH his heirs Exrs & Admrs, Doth by these Presents Warrant & forever Defend the afsd tract of Land to the said Eley Eley his heirs & assigns against all persons Whatsoever In witness whereof the said JOSHUA YARBROUGH hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day & year first above written ) Signd Seald and ) Delivered in presents of ) Green Hill


James Yarbrough )

Com Bute Etc. January Court 1787

JOSHUA YARBROUGH Acknowledged this Deed to be his act & deed and on motion it was ordered to be registered.

Test Ben McCulloch C.C.

The aforegoing deed from JOSHUA YARBROUGH to Eli Eley having been acknowledged in Bute Inferior Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions & ordered to be registered the same is truly registered this 11th day of March 1767.


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