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Charles Clay (1638-1686) son of Capt. John Clay, married Hannah Wilson, daughter of JOHN WILSON, Sr., of Henrico County, where they also lived, near the site of present Petersburg.


Clay Tentative Lineage by Ruth Clay Burrell, Peggy Carswell Peacock, and Shirley Langdon Wilcox September 22, 1983

Charles Clay b 1645, Charles City Co., Va.; (In a Deposition dated 2 September, 1682, Henrico Co., Va., he stated that he was "about 37 years old".); d. ca May, 1686, Henrico Co., Va.; md. ca 1667, Henrico Co., Va. to Hannah Wilson, daughter of JOHN WILSON, Sr. of Henrico Co, Va.

In the Henrico Co., Va. "Deeds and Wills, 1677-1697, Part 1" pp359-360 can be found the inventory of JOHN WILSON, Sr.ís estate, and the following is recorded:

"Upon agreement with John Wilson, the Administrator, and my wifeís brother, in paying and defraying debts & charges, I acknowledge in right of my wife to have received a full share & satisfaction, and therefore forever discharging him, his executors and administrators. Witness my hand the 18th day of February 1685

Witnesses: Peter Field CHARLES CLAY

Henry Randolph

"Proved in Court by Testimony of ye witnesses & recorded as it is endorsed on ye back of ye inventory of ye sd estate of JOHN WILSON, Senr., decíd.

Teste: Henry Randolph, Clerk of Court

1 April 1686"


Colonial Wills of Henrico Co, Va Pt 1 1654-1737 Weisiger 975.5453

Page 13 p.342 JOHN WILSON, late of this county, died intestate. John Wilson, his son, is appointed admír. 1 Feb 1685


Adventurers of Purse & Person by Jester

Page 193-4

Charles 2 Claye married Hannah Wilson, daughter of JOHN WILSON, Sr., and sister of John Wilson, Jr., to whom he gave a receipt for his wifeís full share of her fatherís estate, 18 Feb. 1685/6. 17 Shortly thereafter Charles 2 died intestate for on 1 June 1686 his widow Hannah was granted letters of administration on his estate. An inventory was returned 2 Aug. 1686. 18

Henrico Co. wills & Deeds 1677-92, pp. 360.

Ibid., pp. 368, 378.


The Clay Family. Mrs. Mary Rogers Clay 929.2C

The Genealogy of the Clays pp. 63-68

Charles Clay, born 1638, died 1686 (intestate). He married Hannah Wilson, daughter of JOHN WILSON, senior, of Henrico Co, Virginia, and states in Court, April 1686, that he has received his wifeís part of her fatherís estate. (1688-1697, page 360.)

Extracts from the inventory and appraisement of the estate of Charles Clay, deceased, presented June 15, 1686, by Hannah Clay, administratrix:

Cows &c, belonging to Mary Clay, one of ye orphans, which were given her by her God-father.

Cows &c belonging to Elizabeth Clay, one of ye orphans, which were given her by her grandfather.

Horses &c set apart by Charles Clay for ye children in lieu of two mares with increase, given them by their grandfather, JOHN WILSON Sen. Decíd


Genealogy of VA Families VII 1981

Some Notes on the Clay Family p 77-80

Contributed by the late Reverend Stephen O. Southall

Wilson Family. On June 6, 1666, JOHN WILSON patented land in Henrico County on north side Appomattox River on the second falls of Swift Creek. In 1677 John Wilson appears as 30 years old. In 1686 John Wilson, Jr. Had administration granted him on the estate of his father, JOHN WILSON, deceased. In April 1686 Charles Clay gave receipt to John Wilson, Jr. For his wife [Hannahís] part of the estate of her father JOHN WILSON, deceased. JOHN WILSON, of Henrico County, who died in 1686, was the father of: (1) John Wilson, Jr., whose will was recorded in Henrico County in 1716. (2) Hannah Wilson, who married Charles Clay.


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