John Sibert
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Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Va - Augusta Co, Va    975.5916 A   Vol 3

Page 483 page 345 21st March 1769 JOHN SIBERT (Sciber), late of North Carolina, but now of North Carolina (?), son of Andrew Sibert, deceased, binds himself apprentice to Jacob ( ) Archenbright, to be taught the trade, occupation or science of a blacksmith, which Jacob now useth, until he is 21, JOHN being now 16 years and 6 months. Delivered: JOHN SIBER, May, 1774.

Page 155 March 23, 1769 (104) JOHN SIBERT binds himself to Jacob Argenbright.


A Seed-Bed of The Republic - Early Botetourt by Robert Douthat Stoner 975.583

p 217 Votes of Election held at Court House 1792

JOHN SIEBERT - he voted 

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