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(Note by Dianne - since the DNA projects have started an new era of Genealogy research, it has been proven that "Planter" John Lewis did not descend from Major John Lewis of Monmouthshire or Brecknockshire Wales as stated below.  Major John Lewis was the ancestor of the Warner Lewis line & the DNA tests for descendants of that line did not match with the descendants of the "Planter" John Lewis line.  See Lewis DNA Test Results .)

See the DNA results from one of "Planter" JOHN's descendants also on this web site.

PIONEER LEWIS FAMILIES   by Michael L. Cook   Some of the below information from this book is known to be incorrect.

Indicates that Planter JOHN LEWIS was born 1718-20 probably in St. Peters Parish New Kent County, Virginia and died 1799 in Albemarle Co, Virginia. His will was dated June 16, 1786 & codicil June 3, 1794 and was probated January 6, 1800. He married Sarah Shelton daughter of Samuel and Judith Clough. Samuel’s will was probated February 1793.

John owned an Ordinary (pub or inn) in Albemarle Co. His children were Clough, Lucy Jane called Jincy, and Owen b 1752 who married Sarah Perkins daughter of Joseph Perkins whose will was probated Louisa Co, VA Nov 11, 1811 and Alice Taylor.

JOHN’s father was John Lewis born about 1691. He & his brothers Owen & James were orphaned by 1691.

Information furnished by Bunny Shumate Freeman says this was in Volume 4 as group #9L.

[Note from Dianne - only a part of the above is correct. Samuel Shelton names his grandchildren in his will in 1793 as the children of John Lewis, Jr. In 1793 John Lewis Jr would have been the son of Planter JOHN who would have been Sr. at that time. The wife was not named, but the granddaughter was named Sarah. The children listed above as children of Planter John are children of his son John Jr. John Jr had a son named Owen, but the Owen b 1752 was the son of Planter JOHN. His wife Sarah Perkins was the daughter of Hardin Perkins & Sarah Price. Their children are called out in wills of both grandparents and she is not in the will of Joseph Perkins.]


Information sent from Sara Sinchcomb to Chuck Patout says the following is in Volume 5. 

9L2800 JOHN LEWIS JR. b ca 1718-20 probably in St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent Co, Va and died 1799 in Albemarle Co, Va. Married ELIZABETH surname unknown but she was deceased by 1777, as the wife after that time was designated as Susanna. He was the son of:

9L036 John Lewis b ca 1691 probably in Glouchester Co Va wife unknown. He was the son of:

9L013 Nicholas Lewis b ca 1671 resided in Glouchester Co, Va wife unknown but by 1699 both were deceased. He was the son of:

9L005 Major John Lewis b ca 1639-40 probably in Monmouthshire or Brecknockshire, Wales. Died ca 1689. Married probably to Isabella Miller who probably later married Robert Yard a vestryman of the Upper Precinct of Petsworth parish in 1690.  DNA testing has proved this line to be incorrect.

JOHN LEWIS was a planter who lived near Scottsville, Albemarle Co., Va. Although there was no proof, JOHN claimed to be the son of Owen Lewis who was suppose to be a nephew or perhaps younger son of Zachary Lewis, the Welsh immigrant. Owen Lewis appears on the church register of the Theological Seminar, Fairfax County, Virginia, contemporaneously with the second Zachary, and as the name comes down in the same line with that of Zachary, he was no doubt an older brother, the birth of his oldest child being given March 19, 1714, and PLANTER JOHN LEWIS has a son Owen, and Zachary is perpetuated in his family. John Lewis, son of "PLANTER JOHN", had his will probated 1804. Owen Lewis and Zachary Lewis, brother and nephew, and John Staples are named executors.

The will of PLANTER JOHN LEWIS names 2 sons and 6 daughters, all married.


Information from Robert J. C. K. Lewis:

Michael Cook's article on John Sr in Vol 5 of Pioneer Lewis Families, p 79, and he found a list of the names and dates of birth of all John Sr's children in a book on Judge W A Hocker, that the Judge found in an old hymnal.  The book is " William Adam Hocker, 1844-1918, Justice of the Supreme Court of Florida" by Elizabeth Marshall Venable, 1941.  The hymnal had belonged to William Lewis, grandson of John Sr.

He copied the list down as follows:

1. Elizabeth Lewis, b 7 Apr 1736
2. Ann Lewis, b. 15 May 1738
3. Sarah Lewis, b. 25 Jan 1740
4. Mary Lewis, b. 26 Jul 1747
5. John Lewis Jr b 6 Jun 1749
6. Owen Lewis, b. 12 Sep 1750
7. Susanna Lewis, b. 29 Oct 175- (prob 1752)
8. Zachariah Lewis, b. 11 Apr 1754 (prob died young)
9. Lucy Jane (Jenny / Jincy)  Lewis), b 22 Mar 1759



by Sarah Travers Lewis (Scott) Anderson 292.2A

p. 4 "PLANTER" JOHN LEWIS of Albemarle near Scottsville sees a separate line, supposed to be descended from or related to Zachary Lewis. The will of this JOHN LEWIS is in Albemarle records, written July 1786, codicil 1792-1794 probated June 6, 1800. This family intermarried with Gilmers, Gnautts and Pattersons.

242 Sarah Thomson, married John Lewis, son of "PLANTER" JOHN LEWIS and SARAH SHELTON, of Scottsville, Va.

p. 250 Daughter of Waddy Thomson, Sr., and Elizabeth Anderson, m John Lewis b 1749 d 1804 son of "PLANTER" JOHN LEWIS of Albemarle,and his wife SARAH SHELTON. JOHN LEWIS will dated 16 July 1780--I bequeath to Sally Ming all property which came by first wife-her mother - To John Waddy Lewis all property except 1/2 to beloved wife SARAH LEWIS for her lifetime -- To John Waddy and Elizabeth Anderson Lewis all property that came by present wife which she has 1/3. Brother Owen Lewis & Zachary Lewis Executors. Probated Feb 6, 1804

p. 356 The family of JOHN LEWIS, the "Planter", near Scottsville, Albemarle County, Va., claim a descent from Owen Lewis, who is supposed to be a nephew or perhaps a younger son of Zachary Lewis, the immigrant, but we have no record of this.

p. 448 Neither does the name Iverson appear in the family of John Lewis, the Planter, of Scottsville, Albemarle County, who however retained the Zachary, and through their ancestor, Owen Lewis, claim relationship to the Welsh family of Zachary Lewis.


Information Bobbie Howell received from Nettie Brown Sparks.

The information shows the Warner Lewises, President Thomas Jefferson, & Meriweather Lewis lines. She states that these are all relations of John Lewis of Goochland County, Virginia.

John Lewis of Goochland county is the grandfather of John Lewis of Albemarle county, Virginia. John Lewis of Albemarle County is the father of JOHN LEWIS, whose son Owen Lewis is the father of Nicholas Lewis of Talacah, Alabama.

John Lewis of Albemarle County married the daughter of Samuel Shelton. John Lewis was one of the earliest settlers in Albemarle County and entered land on Totier Creek in 1741. When the location of the courthouse was fixed, he obtained a license to conduct an Ordinary at his place.

[Note by Dianne: It was the son of JOHN LEWIS of Albemarle that married Samuel Shelton’s daughter. Samuel refers to him as John Jr in his will in 1793. John Jr. wasn’t born until 1749. This came from Rev. Edgar Woods’ book which is incorrect.]

This John and his wife had three children:

Jane Lewis, married Richard Davenport and moved to Georgia.

John Lewis died in 1804 and left three heirs, Sarah, Elizabeth, and John Waddy Lewis, who died in 1824

[Note by Dianne: these are children of John Jr. - son of JOHN LEWIS of Albemarle. Elizabeth & John Waddy are children of his second wife Sarah Thompson. The children by his first wife - daughter of Samuel Shelton are listed in their grandfather’s will. Sarah is from that first marriage.]



p. 81 Sarah Perkins married about 1775 Owen Lewis (son of JOHN LEWIS).


THE HISTORY OF ALBEMARLE by Rev. Edgar Woods 975.584 p.256-7

The head of the third family of the name was JOHN LEWIS, who was one of the earliest settlers in the county. He entered land on Totier Creek in 1741. When the location of the old courthouse was fixed, he obtained a license to conduct an ordinary at the place. He seems to have married a daughter of Samuel Shelton, and had two sons, and a daughter, Jane, who became the wife of Richard Davenport, and removed to Georgia. John, the elder son, died in 1804, and left three children, Sarah, John Waddy, who died in 1824, and Elizabeth. Owen, the other son, died in 1805, and his children were William, John, Hardin P, Howell, Robert, Nicholas, Daniel P. Zachariah, and Sarah, who was the wife of Jacob Tilman, and removed to Tennessee. Most of the sons were considerable land owners in the southern part of the country, particularly on the lower Hardware. Some of them also transacted a lucrative business in transporting freight on James River, and the canal. Hardin P. emigrated to Alabama. In 1821 Robert in a quarrel fatally stabbed Thompson Noel, a tavern keeper in Scottsville, and fled the country. It is said he went to Memphis, Tenn., and in course of time acquired a large fortune. A great granddaughter of the first JOHN LEWIS was the first wife of the late Christopher Gilmer, and a great grandson, Zachariah, recently died in Nelson county, immediately above the mouth of Rockfish River. A similarity of names suggests a relationship between this family and that first mentioned.

[Note by Dianne: The first JOHN above did not marry a daughter of Samuel Shelton - his son John (b 1749) did & was called out in Samuel’s will 1793 as John Lewis, Jr. It is believed Sam’s daughter was already dead at the time of the will - she is not mentioned by name. It is only speculation that her name was Sarah Shelton. John Jr. married 2)Sarah Thompson & had Sarah, John Waddy, & Elizabeth. He is the John that died 1804. Owen, father of the above listed children died before 1811.]


ALBEMARLE COUNTY ROAD ORDERS 1744-1748 Pawlett 975.5482P

page 13 27 march 1746 O.S., p. 103

Road & c

Ordered the Road from the Court House to Shepards foard be Carried round the Ridge. JOHN LEWIS be Overseer of the same in the room of Lazarus Dameron & that he have the same Hands./.

page 20 10 march 1747 O.S., p. 347


JOHN LEWIS is Appointed Surveyor of the Road from Court Houst to Ballingers Creek in the room of William harris. Except Mr. Nichols, Mr. Harris’. Ordered Mr. Nichols’s hands be Added to Mr. Shelton’s Gang. & c./.


ALBEMARLE COUNTY ROAD ORDERS 1783-1816 Pawlet 975.5482

page 5 15 August 1783 N.S., Ord. Bk. 1783-85, p. 61

Owen Lewis is by the Court appointed Overseer of the Road from Balangers Creek to Lower ford on Rockfish, and it is Ordered that he have for his Gang, John Lewis, Thomas Goolsby, Samuel Shelton, John Martin, Elizabeth Davis, Thomas Stevens, William Hughes, James, Martin, John, William, and Benjamin Jordans, Charles Irving & John Childress, with their and his Own male Labouring Titheables.

page 12-3 13 May 1785 N.S., Ord. Bk 1783-85, p. 455

Ordered that Thomas Goolsby be appointed overseer of the Road in the room of Owen Lewis with the usual gang.

page 13 10 June 1785 N.S., Ord. Bk 1783-85, p. 495

Ordered that William Goolsby Senr be appointed Overseer of the road from hardware to Scotts ferry and that he have for his gang his own, Giles Tomkins, Orlando Jones, John Lewis, William Hopkins, John Scotts River hands, and Joshua Frys Gent, with their male labouring titheables.

page 39 9 October 1794 N.S., Ord. Bk 1793-95, p. 246

William Moon is appointed Surveyor of the road from Frys Road to Scruggs old field, in the room of John Scott with the following male labouring Tythables to keep the same in repair to wit. John Lewis, John Harris, and Joseph Colemans.

[Note by Dianne: I think the John Lewis listed here is John Jr. brother of Owen.]


Deed JOHN LEWIS, SR. to Owen Lewis 1773 Albemarle Co., Va.

This Indenture made this 9th day of September in the year of our Lord One Thousand seven hundred and seventy three between JOHN LEWIS and Owen Lewis both of the parish of St. Anns in the County of Albemarle withnesseth the said JOHN LEWIS, SR. for and in consideration of the sum of Love and respect as well as the sum of five shillings sterling to him in hand paid by the said Owen Lewis therewith whereof he the said JOHN LEWIS, SR., doth hereby acknowledge and of every part thereof doth acquit Exonerate and discharge the said Owen Lewis hath given granted and sold aliened and confirmed and by these presents doth give grant and sell alien and confirm unto the said Owen Lewis his heirs forever one certain Tract or parcel of land containing four hundred and twenty five acres lying and being in the county of Albemarle and Bounded as followeth to wit. Beginning at Thomas Stones corner pointers in Samuel Sheltons line and running thence on the same line south Eighty degrees west two hundred and thirty nine poles to pointers thence north Eighty two degrees west two hundred and four poles to a white oak near a branch thence north twenty six degrees East one hundred and twenty two poles to pointers thence north seventy three degrees east two hundred and twenty one poles to pointers and thence west thirty three degrees last two hundred and seventy eight poles to the first station & now in possession of the said Owen Lewis with all ways however Eminent & advantages whatsoever to the same belonging or appertaining & all the Estate right Title Interest Claim and demand whatsoever of him the said JOHN LEWIS SENR of in & to the same To have and to hold the said land and premises with the appertains unto the said Owen Lewis his heirs and assigns forever & the said JOHN LEWIS SENR & his heirs the said land and premises above mentioned with the appurtenances unto the said Owen Lewis his heirs and assigns against himself the said JOHN LEWIS SENR and his heirs and all other persons will warrant and forever defend by these presents in witness whereof the sd JOHN LEWIS SENR hath hereunto set his Hand & Seal JOHN LEWIS SEALAt Albemarle September Court 1773

This Indenture was acknowledged by JOHN LEWIS party

Thereto and ordered to be received Test

John Nichols Clk


Will of JOHN LEWIS Albemarle Co., Va Will Book 4 p. 42

LEWIS             In the Name of God Amen - I JOHN LEWIS Planter of the

                        )County of Albemarle & State of Virginia being at present

                        will indisposed in body. But of Sound mind Memory and

                        ) understanding Do make this my last will and Testament

JOHN              in Manner and form following. ?Impronis I commit my

soul to Almighty God the father of mercies trusting thru the merits of Christ Jesus my Redeemer by faith to attain pardon of my Sins and my Body to the Earth to be Decently Buryd at the place appointed with a Funeral Sermon by such priest Gospel Minister as my Children & Exters may choose or approve of - My Worldly Estate I dispose of as Follows. Item. I give & Bequeath to my Sons John & Owen Lewis & to their Heirs and Assigns forever all the Tract of Land whereon I now live with all other Lands I do posses of to be equally Divided both in quantity and Quality between them--I also Empower my said sons John and Owen Lewis to make a Deed for the Land I bought of William Moon on Handware Agreeable to Henry Trent and myself to Remit where as a Sum of Money or to Dispose of or Act in any lawful manner concerning the Same as they shall think fit consent with Justice & Equity)--Item I Devise that all my negroes old and young and their Increase should be equally Divided as near as may be among all my children or their Lawful Representatives--& that my Stock of all Kinds and Household Furniture Should be sold at Discretion of my executors and after Discharging all my Just Debts that the money Shall in like manner Shall be equally Divided between all the money be divided arising from crops on hand or Debts due me which my Executors may recover and in the same manner they shall Divide the money they shall Receive on acct. of the Land Purchased of Goldsmith. Item I do constitute & appoint my sons John & Owen Lewis and my friend John Harris and James Hopkins Executor of this my last will and Testament and hereby Revoking all former wills by me made by word of writing. Do ordain this only my last will and Testament--In Witness where of I have here unto set my hand and Seal this 16th day of July 1786

Signed Sealed and Published in Presence of

memd the Word Negroes underlined before signed JOHN LEWIS

Theo Goldly

Jesse Hughes

William Tompkins

I JOHN LEWIS upon further and more mature consideration resspreciate my worldly affairs and for preventing any disputes which might arise after my Decease concerning the Same Do Hereby add this Codicil to my Will as with in Written (every part of which I do hereby confirm and Desire that this Codicil now added may likewise be held Deemed and taken to all Intents and purposes as part of my Said Will - (Viz) Item whereas I have hereto fore at Divers times and seasons according to my pleasure Given and Delivered unto every and each of my Children to the Sons and Daughters some parts or portions of my Estate where at the time they went from me or at other times) Consisting Negroes Stocks other Articles--Now therefore to cut off all occasions of Dispute Respecting the Same. I do hereby confirm until all and each of my children and their Heirs and Lawful Representatives all the Slaves, Stocks or Other property of all the Increases thereof or what nature or kinds to ever which I have hereto fore from time to time or at anytime before this Day or before my decease given and Delivered to other or each of my Said Children Respectively and that the Sum properly shall Stand Confirmed to them and way of them to whom it was so given in as full and ample manner as if each of my said children were here particularly named & the property so given them severally specified. In Witness where of I have here unto set my Hand & Seal this 21st day of November 1792

This Codicil was Read and Published )         JOHN LEWIS

as part of the within will and signed )

with the Testators our hand the words )

(or before my Decease being underlined )

before such publishing and signing) )

William Cowell

Mildred Cowell


I JOHN LEWIS (being yet spared by the Divine Goodness and still anxious for the peace and welfare of all my Children, Do hereby or further consideration add to my Will & Testament & the former Codicil (both hereto and next) Every part of both which I do hereby confirm except such parts of either as I Shall & do hereby alter by this Second Codicil which also I desire may be held Derived & Taken as part of my Said last Will and Testament (Viz.) Item Whereas in the former part of this Will hereto annexed and Recited. I have ordered and directed that all my Lands Should be equally Divided between my two sons John & Owen Lewis which if so done may be both unequal and inconvenient. Therefore my will and Desire is that whereas the Tract I now live on containing 800 & is Divided already in two surveys of 400 acres each and as I have besides a small tract of forty two acres lying on the big Totear Creek and adjoining the lower 400 acres each as it now stands and that the said forty two acres last mentioned shall be equally to the lower 400 acres whereto it is contiguous and with it Shall be considered as one entire lot and the upper 400 as one other Lott--and whichever of my sons the said lower Lott shall fall to Shall have to said 42 acres also without further consideration of the said Quantity.

Item. Whereas in the former part of this my will I have ordered and Directed that all the Slaves I Shall Dispossess of should be equally Divided amongst all my children which respecting my Daughters none of my sons would be unequal--Therefore my Will and Desire is that before any such Division shall take place--each of my Daughters or their legal representatives shall have one of the said Negroes I shall so leave at my decease (Viz.) To my Daughter Elizabeth Davis her heirs or assigns I give my Negro man Pomfrey. To my Daughter Anne Tindal & her heirs I give my negro man Jupiter. To my Daughter Sarah Cobbs I give my Negro man Harry and also a little Negro Stefnney which I have already given to my said Daughter Sarah but not delivered. To my Daughter Mary Nevil I give my Negro man Joe. To my Daughter Susanna Wingfield I give my Negro man Tom. To my Daughter Lucy Davenport I give my Negro man Lott. To them or their legal Representatives Besides I desire that the produce of my stock and House hold furniture when sold shall likewise be equally Divided amongst my Six Daughters or their heirs or assigns--& that my sons shall have no part thereof--In addition to the Executors already named in the former part of this my will I do hereby constitute and appoint Samuel Dyer to be also one of my executors and to act as such conjointly with the other before mentioned--In witness whereof I have and here unto set my hand and Seal this 3rd of June 1794.

Signed Sealed and Published )

as an additional Codicil         )        JOHN LEWIS

in presence of --                   )

William Hopkins

Ann S. Hopkins

At a Court held for Albemarle County the 6th day of January 1800.

This last will and Testament of JOHN LEWIS Deceased was produced into court and proved by the Oath of William Cowell and Mary Cowell and ordered to be recorded and the codicils thereto annexed were proved the first by the oath of Jesse Hughes and William Hopkins two of the witnesses thereto and the last by the oath of William Hopkins one of the witnesses thereto and also ordered to be recorded and on the motion of John & Owen Lewis two of the executors therein incurred certificate in granting them for attaining a probate in due form of Law on their giving bond and security where upon they qualified and gave bond and security accordingly.


John Carr D.C.


Will of John Lewis (son of Planter John) 1804 Albemarle Co., Va. p 142

In the Name of God, amen, I John Lewis of Albemarle County being sound mind but imperfect health and having in view the uncertainty of life do make and ordain the following to be my last will & testament. I give and bequeath to my Daughter Salley Ming all the property which came to me by my first wife her mother. I give and bequeath to my son John Woody Lewis to him and his Heirs forever all the lands which I may die possessed of resolving to my beloved wife Sarah Lewis one third part of the same during her life. I give and bequeath to my son John Woody Lewis and my Daughter Elizabeth Anaisson Lewis all the property which came to me by my present wife (reserving to my said wife, one third part of the same during her life) to be equally divided between them, and I do hereby appoint my brother Owen Lewis my nephew Zacheriah Lewis and John Staples to be my Executors

Witt: his

R. Morrison John X Lewis

Robert Logan mark

Oszborn Henley

At a Court held for Albemarle County the 6th day of February 1804. This Instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of John Lewis decd was produced into court and proved by the oaths of Robert Morrison and Ozborne Henley two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. And in the motion of Owen Lewis, Zachariah Lewis and John Staples Executors therein named a certificate is granted them for obtaining and probate in due form in their giving Bond and security according to Law. Whereupon they together with Saml Pyor, James Lewis, and William Moon, Jr. their securities entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of Eight Thousand Dollars Conditioned as the Law directs and qualified accordingly.

John Nicholas C.A.L. Teste




Page             Date                 Grantor                                 Grantee

400             Aug 1748     Jno. Thompson to                 JOHN LEWIS; release

78               Sep 1745     Jas. Tooley, Jr. & wife Ann to JNO. LEWIS

Page 14

Page 139     23 Oct 1749 Thos. Meriwether of Hanover to Jno. Sorrel for L40

                    both sides br. Mychunk or Beaverdam fork adj. Benj. Wheeler. Pat. To Thos Meriwether 

                   10 June 1740 - 200 acres. Wit: Thos. Walker, JNO. LEWIS, Wm. Hill

Page 16

Page 176     4 May 1750     David Lewis to         JNO. LEWIS - love - creek as above,

200 acres, part of patent. Wit: Wm. Terrell Lewis, Joel and David Lewis.

Page 42

Page 233     8 May 1760     Wm. Moon & wife Eliz. To JNO LEWIS for L35,

                 100 acres both sides hardware. Part of 1000 acres bought from Hardin Burnley, adj. Grantor.

Page 45

Page 317     10 Nov 1760 Chas Lewis, Goochland,         to JNO. LEWIS,

Goochland for L600, 1850 acres both sides Tye, adj. Lewis

                    Creek, Taylor Creek. Wit: Val. Wood, Andrew Harrison, Wm Harrison, Thos. Gordon.

Page 51

Page 100     10 Apr 1761     Ro. Lewis, Louisa, Gent. To Nicholas Lewis, love &

    5 sh., 11 named slaves. Wit: JNO. LEWIS Jr., Nichl. Meriwether, 

Page 56

Page 199     30 Jun 1762 David Lewis Jr. & wife Rebecca to     Alex Baine

                    Henrico merchant, for L150, 200 acres where we live adj. Wm. Woods, Jno. Kincaid, Jno

             Coffey, David Lockhard (now Kincaid). Wit: Jno Coffey, inner (sic); JNO. LEWIS, Wm. Garland.

Page 208     13 Aug 1762     David Thompson & wife Caty     to David Mills for

                    L55, 524 acres - 250 acres of it pat. 16 Aug 1756; 274 acres pat 10 Aug 1759, Lynch River

                     branches. Wit: Nichl. Meriwether, JNO LEIS JR. (LEWIS)

Page 58

Page 266     12 Oct 1762     Joel Lewis to         JNO. LEWIS for L100, 200 acres

                        Moore’s creek adj. Wm, David and Wm Lewis, Piney Mt. Spring, part of pat.

Page 62

Page 384     25 July 1763     Wm. Sandidge & wife Betty, to     JNO LEWIS for

                L130, 200 acres adj. Grantee, Thos. Walker. Wit: Jas. Maury, Jno. Moore, Nichl. Meriwether.

Page 394     9 May 1763     Jas. Maury to                 Thos. Walker & JNO. LEWIS

                    Matthew Maury, late of King William, Gent., by will to son, Abraham Maury, to take sum and

                     buy young slaves - mostly female - for two granddaughters, Anne & Mary Maury, daughters of

                     James, but if either died or was married before 21, then to their brother, Matt. Maury. Abraham

                     did not execute trust and Louisa court appointed James as guardian of his daughters to receive

                     from Abraham L150. Walker & LEWIS are trustees and sum paid - 5 sh, 4 slaves. Wit:

                     Nichl. Lewis, Thomas Maddison, Thos, Walker.

Page 76

Page 109     23 Apr 1763. William Cambell & wife, Margaret, AC, to     William

                                Cabell, the Younger…for love and affection…and reserving to himself terms of leases granted by him to John Jude & JOHN LEWIS...the plantation whereon "his people now works.: X of Margaret.  Wit;  William Fanning, Thomas Wright, Joseph Cabel, Willilam Walton

 Page 94

Page 91     12 July 1765.             Henry Rose AC, to John Rose, Ac. This is an

                    exchange of land. Lines: Chas. Rose, JOHN LEWIS, John Rose

                            S branch of Castle Creek - 10 sh - belongs to John Rose. Exchange: Land of John rose

                             next to Chas. Rose, JOHN LEWIS, John Rose, part of 23,700 acres pat. To Robt. Rose,

                             Clerk, 10 Aug MDCCXLIV (or so it appears, but it has been erased and it is difficult to

                             read) - 174 acres. Lines: John Rose, Chas. Rose, LEWIS…

Page 123

Page 188         5 Oct 1770     Wm. Mills, North Carolina, to         JNO LEWIS, AC, for

                                L25, 330 acres branch of Buck Creek of Pedlar. Lines: Thos. Mills, Jno. Davis, Isham

                                 Davis. Wit: David Crawford, Alex. Reid Jr., Rich. Powell

Page 145

Page 499     9 Jul 1772.         Jno Bell, AC                 to Henderson McCaul & Co, Deed of

                                    Trust - 5 sh. 200 acres on S side of Pedlar. Lines: Nathl. Davis, JNO. LEWIS, Buck

                                     branch. Wit: Wm. Powell, Geo. Lambert, Jno. Stratton.


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