John Richbourg Jr & Sarah Wise
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There are at least 3 Origins of the Wise Family Name - Bavaria, Germany, and England

Components of the Barvarian Wise Coat of Arms - The Shield is: A blue shield with a diagonal stripe and two six-point stars The Crest is: A six-point star.

Components of the German Wise Coat of Arms - The Shield is: A green shield displaying a lion The Crest is: A gold star.

Components of the English Wise Coat of Arms - The Shield is: Black with three ermine chevrons. The Crest is: A half lion holding a mace. The motto is: Sapere Aude".


        The 1820 Sumter Co., Census indicated that JOHN RICHBOURG could neither read or write. The story goes that JOHN's second wife Agnes was the "housekeeper" and they had a son Isiah before they were married. They left Clarendon Co., S. C. in 1835 and relocated south of Troy, Alabama (Pike and Coffee).

JOHN, age 76, formerly of S. C., died Oct. 1849 from cancer. He was buried by the side of his son Dr. John S. Richbourg.

JOHN RICHBOURG was a slave owner and a horse fancier.

From Jean Grunewald - JOHN sold 3-10-1815 to Ezra Kolb 1 negro wench. 1812 War Pension application for Agnes Kolb Richbourg, widow of JOHN RICHBOURG, Jr., she stated that her children included one Margaret Richbourg.

Most Richbourg researchers place William Richbourg as a son of JOHN RICHBOURG JR. by his first wife SARAH  WISE.  I don't believe there is any concrete evidence this was the case, but it should be noted that William was placed under the care of John Gideon.  Apparently William migrated from South Carolina to Monroe County, Mississippi, prior to 1818 with John Gideon, his brother Abraham Gideon, their sister Elizabeth Gideon and her husband William WISE, and his brother Henry WISEThey came in a wagon train led by Rev. Frederick Weaver.  The expedition came from Russell Valley (Russellville) down Gaines Trace.  They settled at the ferry.  The Wise and Gideon families were pioneer settlers in Bedford County, Tennessee.  William Wise was born about 1776 in South Carolina.  He married Catherine Elizabeth Gideon, daughter of Richard Gideon.  She was born about 1775 in Laurens District, South Carolina.  Quite probably William and Henry Wise were brothers to SARAH  WISE, the first wife of JOHN RICHBOURG.  This would make the connection of William Richbourg as JOHN RICHBOURG, JR's son more plausible.  The explanation of her family raising her son after her death would make sense.  The information of the WISE and Gideon family was complied for USGenweb Project by Marie Evans Davis - Biography:  William and Catharine Elizabeth Gideon Wise of Itawamba and Monroe Counties, Mississippi.


JOHN RICHBOURG, JR. Military Papers

No. 41160 Dec 20/50 / 161.939 June 7/55

/ 41.160 Act Mar

161939 /-----------------------------

/ Agnes Richbourg Wid.

Agnes Richbourg / JOHN RICHBOURG priv.

(widow of) /-----------------------------


JOHN RICHBOURG, dec. / Capt. C. Cantey

(Private) / S. Caro Mila


Capt. C. Cantey / 40.5739

5th Reg. S.C.Mil / 9 Augst 21/56

War 1812 Dis. Within /

/ Ext. July '12

_________________________ / Dep. Nov 12


80 Acres Tayler / War'td


_________________________ / Read Wartd 12.941 80


Warrant No. 12941'sd / 12.941


Augt 9/51 - 80 acres to / Pd 90 acres August 3/56


__________________________ /

/ H. M. Bradley

J. M. Caleb Wiley /

/ Regd. Troy Pike Co.

Troy Ala. / Wm_______ Ala.


vol 44 page 194 /


__________________________ /


The State of Alabama) Pike County ) Personally appeared before me H. M. Bradley an acting Justice of the Peace   Personally came before me George White an existing Justice of the Peace in and for said County and State. Agnes Richbourg age a sixty three years who being duly sworn according to law declares that she is the widow of JOHN RICHBOURG deceased, who was a private in the Company commanded by Captain C. Cantey in the detachment of South Carolina State Troop commanded by L. Major John Keith in the war with Great Britain declared by the United State on the 18th of June A.D. 1812. That her said husband was drafted on about the 4th of July A.D. 1812 for the term of six months and continued in usual service in said war for the term of four months and twenty eight days and was honorably discharged at "Camp near Geo Town" in South Carolina on the 2nd day of December A.D. 1812 as will appear by his original certificate of discharge herewith presented--

She further states that she was married to the said JOHN RICHBOURG in Sumter District in the state of South Carolina on the 12th Day of May A.D. 1809 by one Thomas Anderson a methodist preacher and that her name before said marriage was Agnes Kolb and that her said husband died in Coffee County, Alabama of the 27th day of October A.D. 1849 and that she is still a widow. She makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the bounty land to which she may be entitled by the act passed the 28th Sept. A.D. 1850

Agnes X (her mark) Richbourg SEAL

Sworn to and subscribed before me the day and year aforesaid and I hereby certify that I believe the said Agnes Richbourg to be the widow of the said JOHN RICHBOURG deceased and that she is of the age above stated, and I further certify that I believe the said JOHN RICHBOURG, decd to be the Identical JOHN RICHBOURG who performed the service aforesaid George White, J. P. L.S.

I Agnes Richbourg hereby constitutes J. M. Cobb Wily of my Pike County Alabama. My agent and attorney in fact for me in my name to apply for and obtain from the General government any warrant for land to which I may be entitled for the services of my decd husband JOHN RICHBOURG and him under my hand and seal this day of November A.D. 1850

Agnes X (her mark) Richbourg SEAL

Attest: George White J. P. L.S.

The State of Alabama ) Pike County ) Before me George White an acting Justice of the Peace in and for said County and State, personally came Thomas Baker and Dennis B. Cook who being duly sworn, say that they were well acquainted with the late JOHN RICHBOURG of Coffee county in his life time and that he died on or about the 27th Day of October A. D. 1849 in said County of Coffee, State of Alabama and that they were present at the time of his death.

(Thomas Walker

Sworn to and subscribed before me (Dennis B. Cook

this 21st day of November A.D. 1850

George White J.P. L.S.


We Osborn W. Teate and William L. Richbourg residents of Pike County, Ala. upon our oath declare that the foregoing declaration was signed and acknowledged by Agnes Richbourg in our presents and that we believe that the applicant and statements of the applicant that she is the same person she represents herself to be.

Osborn W. Teate

William L. Richbourg

The foregoing declaration and nd affidavit were sworn to and subscribed before me on the day and year above written and I certify that I know the affiants to be credible persons they and the claimant is the person she represents her self to be and that I have no interest in this claim.

Henry M. Bradly, J. P.

The State of Alabama ) Pike County ) I Bird Fitzpatrick, Judge of the Court of Probate in and for the State and  

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