John Dozier & Sibellah Wilson
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1755 Granville County, North Carolina Tax Records

JOHN DOZIER and his son Leonard 2-0-2


        Elizabeth Vaughn & Bill Edrington & other Dozier researchers believe JOHN & SIBILLAH WILSON DOZIER to be the parents of James Dozier of Georgia rather than Leonard Dozier III as many researchers have concluded. JOHN DOZIER was the brother of Leonard Dozier III.

        When Elizabeth Ingo Dozier (mother of both JOHN & Leonard Dozier III) died in 1748 she named sons Leonard & James as executors, although JOHN was the oldest son. It appears that John was already out of the State of Virginia & in Granville Co., N. C. where he received a land grant (DB-B p 273) in 1753. He continues to show in Granville and Bute Counties until 1779. In 1779 Bute was discontinued and Warren County, North Carolina, formed. In Granville JOHN & SIBILLAH Dozier deed land to Leonard Dozier. In Warren County they deed land to James & wife Mary and William Webb & wife Sarah.

        All of these deeds were witnessed and proved by either Leonard or James Dozier. It is believed that JOHN and SIBELLAH were the parents of Leonard, James , and Sarah & as they married each was given land. James & Mary were married by 1764 because a deed where they sell lands shows that. In Warren "Old Bute" Will Book A p. 272 is the will of John Malone dated 6 Feb 1774 in which he names his son-in-law as James Dozier. John had a son Wood Malone - a name carried down through the James Dozier line. It appears that James's wife was Mary Malone & it is believed that this is the same James Dozier & wife Mary Malone Dozier who received a land headright grant in 1786 in Wilkes County, Georgia for himself and 14 others.

        This James Dozier had a son Richard who administered the estate of Sarah Webb in 1818. They had also gone to Georgia with James. Leonard Webb died in 1801 and in his will he left everything to Sarah. His will is in Lincoln County, Georgia Will Book A and dated 24 June 1801 and proved 22 Jan 1802. Sarah appears on tax records in Lincoln Co., Ga. in 1805, but in 1818 Columbia County, Georgia, Richard Dozier tendered his account for the settlement of Sarah Webb's estate. Evidently Leonard and Sarah Webb had no children, but Thomas Henry Dozier, another son of James & Mary Dozier named a daughter, Sarah Webb Dozier - apparently Sarah Dozier Webb was a favorite Aunt.


Known deeds for this family:

Granville County, North Carolina

DB-B p. 273 1753 JOHN DOZIER receives a land grant.

DB-F p. 469 1763 JOHN DOZIER deeds to James Dozier land & Mary signs dower rights - so they were married at this time.

DB-F p. 459 1764 JOHN DOZIER deeds to Leonard Dozier land.


Warren County, North Carolina "Old Bute"

DB-A p. 93 1765 JOHN DOZIER & wife SIBELLAH deed to Leonard Webb & wife Sarah land



p. 41 2 - Julius Nichols vs JOHN DOSIER who confesses judgment & court orders recover from defendant (1754)

p. 48 Court of Sept 2, 1755 25 - John McLaine vs JOHN DOZER trespass.



Vol 1

p. 4 1764 400 acres of land pur from JOHN DOZER in a deed from Wm. Banks to Charles Johnson WB1 p28.

p. 20 [WBA p90] Acct of Sale of estate of Wm. Pattershall 1769 mentions James Dozier.

p. 39 [WBA p272] Will of John Melone. Names sons Fredrick & Wood Malone and son-in-law James Dozier.

p. 73 marriage indicated by records in abstracts James Dozier & _____Malone WBA p272.

Vol 2

p. 5 [DBA p35] JOHN DOZIER, planter & wife (SIBILLA) Isabella to James Doser 200 acres 1764. wit: Leonard Dozier.

p. 5 [DBA p38] JOHN DOZIER bought land 1764. wit: James Doser & Leonard Dozer.

p. 10 [DBA p92] James Dozier Bought 170 acres 1765.

p. 10 [DBA p93] JOHN DOZIER & wife SIBBILLER bequeather land - proven by James Dozier Bute Jan Court 1765.

p. 11 [DBA p104] Leonard Dozier sold land.

p. 13 [DBA p29] James Dozier & JOHN DOZIER 1764 had land adjoining John Stroud.

p. 15 [DBA p160] Banks sold 400 acres bought from JOHN DOZIER on ES Mill Branch.

p. 18 [dba p16] JOHN DOZIER sold part of a grant

p. 22 [DBA p246] James Dozier 1765 bought land. witt: JOHN DOZIER.

p. 27 [DBA p303] Leonard Dozier due debt.

p. 29 [DBA p319] 1765 mentions land bought from JOHN DOZIER.

p. 31 [DBA p342] James Dozier 1765 bought land. witt: Wood Malone.

Vol 3

p. 4 [WB-3 p51] May 1780 Acct Sale Estate of George Tucker (son-in-law of John Malone - brother-in-law of James Dozier) - many listed:

James Dozier

Fredrick Malone

p. 7 [WB-3 p116] Nov Court 1781 List of Insolvents, mistakes & duplications in assessments etc., District of Capt Bennett Wood:

James Dozier.