John Belcher & ?Elizabeth Frogley
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The lineage from here back is speculation.  If you have proof it is correct, please contact me.  John Belcher's wife is reported to be Elizabeth Frogley, but no proof has been found for his wife or parents.

Richard Bailey of Chesterfield and Tazewell Counties, Virginia and his Descendants

by Mary Ellen Howe Vol 1

Chapter One - The Early History and the Line of Benjamin

page 1-11

The earliest known record of James Bailey appears in Henrico County, Virginia in John Nash’s Sheriff’s Bond along with John and Richard Belcher:

James Bailey Dr. 1736. 1 Levy. Store debt. Mr Cary’s debt. A bond due. Paid 75 lbs. Tobo. By Jno Pride, Jr. 74 lbs. Tobo. Pd by John worsham.

John Belshar, Jr. 1 Levy. Clks fee. Store debt. "To Rig’r yr. Son Thos. An item cancelled ‘To yr order to Richard Belshar – note paid by JOHN BELCHER SR.’"


Henrico Co, Southside 1736

Page 7 Richd. Belshar. Dr. 1736. 1 Levy. For your last year’s levy. Pd by JOHN BELSHAR SENR.

Page 10 JOHN BELSHAR. Dr. 1736. 1 Levy. Clerk’s fees. To I Registerar "to your promise for Rd Belshar". "Cr given you in my Store 110". "To yr or to R Belshar for his Levy 51". In the Credits "The Clk fee is to Belshar junr". The balance of 338 lb tobo pd by Inspector’s note."

Page 19 Aaron Haskins, Dr. 1736. 1 Levy. 100 acres. Clks fees. To lev’d you by the public for taking up yr Runaway. To del yr pet’o vs Ben Lee. To arrest Rd Belshar. Pd by Co Levy and cash.

Page 26 Wil Norris. Hund’d Norris. Dr. 1736. 1 Levy. Clks fee. Store debt, Mr Cary’s debt. To summon vs. R Belshar. Paid by an Inspector’s mote and "By Jno Belshar junr for Richard Belshar".


Colonial Wills of Henrico Co, Va Pt 1 1654-1737 975.5453 Wiesiger

Page 140 p.447 Will of Gilbert Gee of Henrico Parish …

Wit: John Perdue, JOHN BELSHER, John Ferguson

Recorded Aug. 1734


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