John Yarbrough & Mildred Elizabeth Hargrove
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Origins of the Hargrove Family Name - England

Components of the Coat of Arms - The Shield is: A blue background with a gold middle stripe and three gold stags in full course. The Crest is: A deer head. The motto is: "Vincit amor patria". 


         JOHN YARBROUGH, son of Groves Yarbrough and Martha Langston, was one of 17 children born and reared in Franklin Co., Georgia.   While  a  young man, he and another brother  went  to  Rome, Floyd Co., Georgia to stay with their older brother, Nathan,  who was quite an important man in the community.  He was responsible for having the town of Rome incorporated and was its first Mayor, and  3rd  postmaster.   (** See below.)  He was  elected  to  the legislature  from Floyd Co., in 1845 and held various offices  of that county, including sheriff and Justice of the Inferior Court.  This latter office gave him the title of Judge Nathan  Yarbrough.  When  he moved to Texas at the age of 60, he was made  Postmaster in Comanche.  This position he held until his death in 1899.

           JOHN  met and married MILDRED ELIZABETH HARGROVE in Rome,  Georgia.  He  purchased 2 town lots and a farm of 320 acres about  2  miles south of the city lots, in the 1840's.  In 1848, he sold the lots to  Nathan Yarbrough, for $150.00, and in 1850, the farm  to  Eli Denson for $625.00.  After this time, the name of JOHN  YARBROUGH disappears from public records in Floyd Co., Georgia, except  for the census of that year.

         In  1870  we  find JOHN in Hays  County,  Texas,  with  more children  and  a  different wife.  It is said that  he  lived  in Nacogdoches.   On  trips to San Antonio, he  sometimes  took  his daughter,  Elizabeth  (Mollie).  He would always  buy  her  peach cider.

         JOHN's  second marriage was to a young school teacher  named Mary Trammel Maddox.    Of their children, Charles probably died young, for  his name does not appear on more than one census record.

         JOHN  was  quite well off and had several slaves,  but  lost everything  when he sold his farm and all he had for  confederate money.     Mollie,  his  daughter by his first marriage, told  how  her stepmother would have 4 negro women bring her hot water every day for  her bath.  One day, Mollie caught the negro  women  stealing syrup  from  the big syrup barrel, obviously something  they  had been  doing regularly.  They threatened Mollie with a beating  if she  told on them.  She was so frightened, she never said a  word about it to anyone.

     (** According to "A History of Rome and Floyd County" p. 297 Nathan Yarbrough was Rome's 3rd Mayor 1852-3.  Perhaps he was the first Postmaster.  The 1880 Comanche County, Texas, Census  shows Nathan as Postmaster there. --Per Dianne Blankenstein.)

1850 Floyd County, Georgia Census         1880 Hays County, Texas Census
Page 091                                                 Page 9
MILDRED E.             28 F W GA         Mary T.                    48 W F ALA
Mary E.                      2 F W GA         Georgia M                  18 W F TX
Wm. A.                        2/12 M W GA     George                       13 W M TX
                                                             Levi M.                       8 W M TX
1860 Guadalupe, TX Census                   Walter T.                    5 W M TX
Page 324 657/591                                                          son W.F. living in
JNO YARBROUGH 45 M Farmer 800 26, 300 GA  Hamilton Co. son John 
Mary                        13 F                               GA  living in Comanche Co.
Wm.                           8 M                              TX   with brother Nathan
F. Gillespie              25 M Farmer               50 TX


Georgia     )          To any  Judge,  Justice  of  the  Inferior  
Floyd County)      Court,  Justice  of the Peace or Minister of the Gospel  -  you are hereby authorized to Join together in  the Holy  State  of  Matrimony JOHN YARBROUGH  and  Miss  MILDRED  E. HARGROVE and to make  your return and this License to this office of their actual intermarriage & of the day of which the Same  was solemnized. Given under my hand & Seal this 5th day of March 1845
                    Jesse Lumberth CCD  LSA
I  do  certify that JOHN YARBROUGH and MILDRED E.  HARGROVE were this day Joined together in the bonds of matrimony before me this 7th day of March 1845.
                    James M. Lister J.I.C.
     Received 21st March 1845         Jesse Lumberth Clk       


The State of Texas.  County of Guadalupe. page 43 No. 365
To  any  Person  Authorized  by Law to  Celebrate  the  Rites  of matrimony. Be  it  known that I the undersigned  Clerk  of  the County  Court of said County by virtue of the power in me  vested by  law, do hereby License any person legally authorized to  join in the Bonds of Matrimony, JOHN YARBROUGH and Miss Mary T. Maddox both  of  said County and State.  And of this License,  and  your proceedings  had  thereon, make due return to Clerk's  office  of said County, according to Law, within the next sixty days. (  )           Witness my hand and the Seal  of the  County Court (LS) of said County, at Office in Seguin, this 30th day(  ) of June A. D. 1860
                              A. M. Erskin Clerk
                              County Court Guadalupe Co.

The State of Texas, County of Guadalupe.
 Henry Maney Chief Justice of the County Court, of sd County,  do hereby certify that I have this first day of July A.D.  1860  by virtue of Marriage License herewith attached, joined in the bonds of Matrimony JOHN YARBROUGH & Mary T. Maddox In Presence of
Seri Maddox, Junior &         Henry Maney                    
Mr. Gillespie                        Chief Justice County
                                 Court, Guadalupe County.



Vol 4 #4 Dec 1970
P. 12 1855 School Census
Guadalupe County, Texas         
District No. 4

Names of Parents           Names of            Number of
or Guardians                  Children   Male & Female Parents

JOHN YARBROUGH    Mary E. Yarbrough   1        1

Vol 6 #1 P. 26
1870 U. S. Census, Hays County, Texas
Page  11 Precinct No. 5 Hays County, Texas, 30 August 1870 Post Office-Mountain City.  Enumerated by J. R. Brown

68/72 YARBROUGH, JOHN    53 M W Farmer 1800-500 GA
            Mary T.      34 F W Keeping House   Ala
            Mary E.      22 F W    "                         GA
            William F.  19 M W Farmer                GA
            John W.      17 M W  "                           Texas
            Georgia M.   9 F W At Home                  "
            George A.     3 M W       "  "                      "
            Charles F.   7/12 M W  "  "                     "
      Fulder, William 19 M W Farmer    100   Miss

Vol 6 #4 December 1972 Page 8
Kyle Cemetery
YARBROUGH, JOHN     born 9-15-1816  died 1-9-1892

Vol 9 #3 September 1975
1880 Census - Hays County
P. 9 # 57.
YARBROUGH, JOHN     63   Farmer GA   SC   SC
         Mary T.       48   wife       Ala  GA   GA
         Georgia M. 18   Dau.      Tex. GA   ALA
         George A.    13   Son             "    "    "
         Levi M.          8    "                  "    "    "
         Walter T.      5    "                  "    "    "
McCarty, Silas     18   Boarder  Miss Tenn Ala

No. 105 Hays County
November 22, 1845 - December 165, 1939

P. 49                            Filed          Case Number
YARBROUGH, JOHN, deceased     Dec. 24, 1892       358
Yarbrough, Mary T., deceased         July 19, 1894       395
Yarbrough, Mary T., deceased         Oct. 10, 1894       411
Book ? Pages 552-3  Rome, Floyd County, Georgia  1848


No 739 Justices of the Infr Court) Georgia Floyd County
                 to              ) This  Indenture made & entered
          JOHN YARBROUGH         ) into  this  the  sixth  day 
Lots Nos 40 & 45 E. Div Rome     ) of March in the year of our  Lord Eighteen hundred & forty eight between George W. Thomas, Benjamin Garrett, Willis Silman,  James M.  Lester & Nathan Yarbrough Justices of the Inferior  Court  of said County of the one part & JOHN YARBROUGH of the same place of the other part Witnesseth that the said Justices of the  Inferior Court acting in this official capacity for & in consideration  of the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars to the county  Treasurer of said county paid by said JOHN YARBROUGH the receipt whereof is hereby  acknowledged hath granted bargained sold & conveyed  unto the  said  JOHN YARBROUGH his heirs & assigns all  of  Town  lots Numbers forty & forty five (40 & 45) situate lying & being in the City of Rome in said State & County named above and in the Etowah Division of said City formerly the Town of Rome to have & to hold the said lots or parcel of land unto the said JOHN YARBROUGH  his heirs  and  assigns  together with all and  singular  the  rights numbering  and  appurtenances thereof to the same in  any  manner belonging  to  his own proper use benefit & behoof  form  in  fee simple  and the said George W. Thomas, Benjamin Garrett,  William Silman,  James  M. Lester & Nathan Yarbrough  Justices  aforesaid acting  in  the capacity aforesaid for themselves their  Heirs  & Assigns  and  their successors in offices &  the  said  bargained premises unto the said JOHN YARBROUGH his heirs and assigns  will warrant & forever defend the right & title to said Lots in  their official  capacity against themselves their heirs and  assigns  & against  any  person  or persons claiming  under  them  or  their Succeeding  or predecessors in office & against all other  claims whatsoever.In  Testimony  whereof the said Justices  as  aforesaid  Justices hereunto set their hands & seals officially the  day  and  year above writtenSigned Sealed & delivered in the presence of
Jesse Lambirth        )
Joseph Watters J P )     James M. Lester  JIC SEAL
                         Benjamin Garrett JIC SEAL
                         Willis Silman    JIC SEAL
                         Nathan Yarbrough JIC SEAL
     Recorded March 14th 1848   Dennis Hills Clk

No 740 JOHN YARBROUGH     )   Georgia Floyd County
        to              )   This Indenture made &  entered into
       N. Yarbrough     )   this the Tenth day of  March in
Lots 40 & 45 E Div of Rome )    the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred & forty Eight between  JOHN YARBROUGH of  the  State and county above named of the one  part  &  Nathan Yarbrough  of the same place of the other part,  witnesseth  that the said JOHN YARBROUGH for & in consideration of the sum of  one hundred  & fifty dollars by the said Nathan Yarbrough to  him  in hand  paid at & before the sealing & delivery of  these  presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained sold  &  conveyed  unto the said Nathan  Yarbrough  his  heirs  & assigns  all  of the two town lots lying & being in the  City  of Rome in said State & County known & distinguished in the plan  of said city by numbers forty (40) and forty five (45) in the Etowah Division  of  said Term or City to have & to hold  said  lots  or parcel  of  land  unto the said Nathan Yarbrough  his  heirs  and assigns   together  with  all  Singular  the  rights  members   & appurtenances thereof to the said lots in any manner belonging or in any wise appertaining thereunto to his own proper use  benefit &  behoof  forever in fee simple & the said  JOHN  YARBROUGH  for himself  his heirs & executors administrators & assigns the  said bargained  premises  unto the said Nathan Yarbrough his  heirs  & assigns  will warrant & forever defend the right & title of  said lots  against the claims of themselves and against the  claim  of all  other  persons claiming under the said  JOHN  YARBROUGH  his heirs or assigns & no other person In testimony whereof the  said JOHN  YARBROUGH hath hereunto set his hand & seal the day &  year above written. 
Signed Sealed & delivered)
in the presence of       )    JOHN YARBROUGH SEAL
Jesse Lumbirth           )
Alfred B. Couter Notary Pub.  SEAL       Recorded March 16th 1848
                                                  Dennis Hill Clk


No 741 Moses M. Siddell  ) State  of  Georgia   Floyd   County
            to                 )    This Indenture  made  & entered the
       Nathan Yarbrough )    twentieth day of  March one
No 2 Etowah Division of Rome )    thousand eight hundred & forty  six  between  Moses M. Siddelle  of  the State & county aforesaid of the one part and Nathan Yarbrough  of the  same  state & county of Floyd of the other  part  witnesseth that  whereas I the said Moses M. Siddell for & in  consideration of Three hundred dollars to me paid by the said Nathan  Yarbrough  do  grant sell & convey unto
                    (Next Page Missing)


Book ? Pages 489-90  Rome, Floyd County, Georgia   1857

No 573  James Burch  )       Georgia Floyd County
           to        )                        This Indenture  made  the
     Nathan Yarbrough )        eighth day of September in 
No 109 & 110 in 22-3 )         the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and  forty  eight between  James  Burch of the  County  of Floyd  of the one part & Nathan Yarbrough of the county of  Floyd of  the other part Witnesseth that the said James Burch for &  in consideration  of the sum of four hundred & fifty dollars to  him in hand paid at & before the sealing & delivery of these presents The receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained sold  and conveyed unto the said Nathan Yarbrough his  heirs  and assigns all that tract or parcel of land situate lying & being in the  twenty  second  district and  third  section  of  originally Cherokee now Floyd County known and distinguished in the plan  of said  district & section by number one hundred and ten (110)  and all  that  part of one hundred and (109) lying south  of  a  line dividing  said  lot between me and Thos H. Burch to have  and  to hold  the  said  tract or parcel of land  unto  the  said  Nathan Yarbrough his heirs & assigns together with all and Singular  the rights  members  and  appurtenances thereof to the  same  in  any manner  belonging to his own proper use benefit & behoof  forever in  fee  simple  & the said James Burch  for  himself  his  heirs executors and administrators the said bargained premises unto the said Nathan Yarbrough his heirs & assigns will warrant &  forever defend  the right & title thereof against himself &  against  the claim  of all other persons whatever.  In Testimony  whereof  the said James Burch hath hereunto set his hand & seal the day & year first above written.  Signed Sealed & delivered in presence of us
Samuel Woodruff     )                James Burch SEAL
James M. Sumter JJ)          Recorded January 10th 1857
                                           Dennis Hill Clk

No 674 Nathan Yarbrough)
          to           )                     Georgia Floyd County
      JOHN YARBROUGH  ) This  Indenture  made  the
Nos 109 & 110 in 22-3  )      first day of December in the year  of  our  Lord  one thousand  eight hundred and forty  eight between Nathan Yarbrough of the County of Floyd of the one part & JOHN  YARBROUGH  of  the  County of  Floyd  of  the  other  part, witnesseth that the said Nathan Yarbrough for & in  consideration of the sum of four hundred and fifty dollars to him in hand  paid at & before the sealing & delivery of these presents the  receipt whereof  is  hereby acknowledged hath granted  bargained  sold  & conveyed  unto  the said JOHN YARBROUGH his heirs &  assigns  all that tract or parcel of land situate lying & being on the  twenty second  district & third section of originally Cherokee  but  now the  state and County named above known & distinguished  in  said district and Section by number one hundred and ten (110) and  all that  part  of one hundred and nine (109) lying South west  of  a line  running through said lot cutting off a part of said lot  to Thomas H. Burch which part his north east of said line to have  & to  hold  the  said tract or parcel of land unto  the  said  JOHN YARBROUGH his heirs & assigns together with all and singular  the rights members & appurtenances thereof to the same in any  manner belonging  to  own  proper use benefit & behoof  forever  in  fee simple  &  the  said  Nathan  Yarbrough  for  himself  his  heirs executors  & administrators the said bargained premises unto  the said JOHN YARBROUGH his heirs and assigns will warrant &  forever defend the right & title thereof against himself and against  the claim  of  all other persons whatever In Testimony  whereof  this said Nathan Yarbrough hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day & year first above written.
Signed Sealed & delivered )
In presence of us        )      Nathan Yarbrough SEAL
Dennis Hills             )
Wm T. Trummel Not Pub    SEAL) Recorded January 10th 1850
                            DenniS Hill C M

No 675  JOHN YARBROUGH   )    State of  Georgia 
           to           )                                Floyd County 
       Eli Denson        )                      This Indenture made
Nos  109  & 110 in 22-3 )    the Seventh day of January  in the year of our Lord one  thousand   eight  hundred  and fifty between JOHN YARBROUGH of the County  of  Floyd of the one part & Eli Denson of the  county  of Floyd  of the other part witnesseth that the said JOHN  YARBROUGH  for  and  in consideration of the Sum of Six hundred  and  twenty five dollars in hand paid at & before sealing & delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath  granted bargained sold alined conveyed & confirmed and by these  presents doth grant bargain sell alien convey & confirm unto the said  Eli Denison  his  heirs & assigns all that tract or  parcel  of  land situate  lying  and being in the twenty second district  &  third Section of originally Cherokee now Floyd County distinguished  in the plan of said district by number one hundred and ten (110) and all  that part of one hundred and nine in said district which  is South of a line marked between the said YARBROUGH & Thos H. Burch to  the big Spring & through Said Spring & along the run  of  the branch  to  the  line of said lot.  To have & to  Hold  the  said parcel  of  land  with all and singular the  rights  members  and appurtenances thereof whatsoever to the said parcel of land being belonging  or  in  anywise appertaining  with  the  remainder  or remainders  reversion  or  reversions rents  issues  and  profits thereof  to the only proper use benefit & behoof of him the  said Eli  Denison his heirs executors administrators & assigns in  fee simple   &   the  said  JOHN  YARBROUGH   his   heirs   executors administrators  &  assigns agains  the said  JOHN  YARBROUGH  his heirs executors & administrators and all & every other person  or persons  shall  & will warrant and forever defend  by  virtue  of these  presents In witness whereof the said JOHN  YARBROUGH  hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year first above written Signed sealed and delivered
in presence of                JOHN YARBROUGH  SSEAL
N. Yarbrough
Will S. Moore  (JP) Recorded January 10th 1850
                                Dennis Hills   CM

Book F Page 323   Guadalupe County, Texas   1869

State of Texas
County of Travis    Know all men by these presents that I  George   Golden and my wife F. L. Golden of the County and  State  aforesaid  for  an in consideration  of  the  sum  of eighteen  hundred  dollars ($1,800) cash in hand to us  paid  the receipt  of which is herein acknowledged have this day  bargained sold  and  conveyed  and by these presents do  bargain  sell  and convey  to JOHN YARBROUGH  of the county of Guadaloupe and  State aforesaid  a  certain  tract of land lying and  situated  in  the county  of Hays on the said waters of Plum Creek and known  as  a part of the H. Lollar headright and which it surveyed as  follows viz:  
Beginning  for         NW corner at a stone  mound  on  S. Dapoochs line eleven hundred and eighty seven and one half  varas from  the East boundary line of H. Loller survey; thence N  45  W nineteen  hundred var to a stone mound for a corner; thence S  17 1/2 W nine hundred and seventy (1428 vars) to a stone mound for a corner;  Thence S 45 E (1296) var; thence N 45E to the  beginning nine  hundred and fifty varas containing three hundred and  forty (340)  more or less To have and hold all and singular all of  the rights,  improvements and hereditaments, thereto belonging or  in any wise pertaining to the same and         aforesaid pasture  do bind  ourselves heirs assigned and administration to warrant  and defend forever said tract of land
against the claim of any person or any part thereof unto the said JOHN YARBROUGH.
     Witness  our  hands and seals - using      for seale  -  the 12th day of
August 1869               Geo Golden    SEAL
F.  L. Golden  SEAL

State of Texas        Before  the undersigned Notary Public
Travis County       in and for the County and State aforesaid personally appeared Geo  Golden and F.  L.  Golden  his wife, to me well known to be the individuals described in and who executed  the above foregoing conveyances from Geo Golden and  in favor  of JOHN YARBROUGH; and they acknowledged to me  that  they executed the  same for the uses,  purposes,  and  considerations therein stated and that this same is their act and deed, and  the said  F.  L.  Golden  wife of the said  Geo  Golden  having  been examined  by  me privately and apart from her  said  husband  and having the said Deed fully explained to her, she, the said F.  L. Golden acknowledged the same to be her act and deed, and declared that she had willingly delivered the same and that she wished not to retract it.
     In  testimony  whereof  I  have hereunto  set  my  hand  and LS   delivered  the  seal  of my office at the  City  of  Austin,
     This the 13th day of August AD 1869      J. W. Suton
                                      Notary Public Travis County
Filed for record in my office at 12 o'clock m, on the 29th day of January  AD 1870.  And I hereby certify that the above is a  true copy of the original Deed of Conveyance from Geo Golden & wife to JOHN YARBROUGH and certificate of acknowledgement.
     Certified under my hand and official signature this the 31st day of
January AD 1870        John W. Herndon
                                   Clerk Co. Court Hays C. Tex
                                   By Taylor Waken    Deputy


Book J Page 296-7  Hays County, Texas  1876

The state of Texas)      Know all men  by these  presents, 
County of Hays    )      that I James J. Stovall of the  County of  Hays  and   state   of  Texas,  for   and   in consideration  of the sum of two hundred and sixty dollars to  me in  hand  paid  by J. YARBROUGH of the  same  residence  and  the further consideration of one note bearing even date herewith, for the sum of one hundred dollars and due on the 1st day of  January next.   I have this day, and do by these presents grant  bargain, sell  and  release  unto the said  J.  YARBROUGH,  the  following described  tract of land lying and being in the County and  state aforesaid and known as a part of the M. B. tatum survey and  more particularly  described  by notes and bounds as follows  to  wit:  Beginning at the NE corner of the A. R. Young survey from which a P.O. 18 in in dia brs. S25 degrees W 16 vrs. Thence N. 2675 to  a stone mound the N.E. corner of the M. B. Tatum Survey from  which a L.O. 6 in in dia brs S 87 degrees W 25 vars.  Thence W. 210 vrs to  the center of Onion Creek a small bunch of Blk Walnut on  the E. bank marked.  Thence up Onion Creek with its menaders to where the W. line of the M. B. Tatum Survey crosses.  Thence S with the W. line of the M. B. Tatum Survey 1929 vrs to a stone mound  from which  a L.O. 10 in in diam brs S 16 degrees W 20 vrs.  Thence  E 200 vrs. to the place of beginning.  Containing Seven Hundred and seventy six acres of land more or less.  To have and to hold unto him  the  said J. YARBROUGH his heirs and assigns in  fee  simple forever  together with all the rights members  and  hereditaments into  the same belonging or in anywise incident or appertaining.  And I do hereby bind myself my heirs and legal representatives to forever warrant and defend the title to the above described tract or  parcel of land unto him the said J. YARBROUGH his  heirs  and assigns  forever  against the claims of  all  persons  whomsoever legally  claiming  the same or any part  thereof.   In  testimony whereof  I hereunto sign my name on this day of Third of  May  AD 1876
               Jas. T. Stovall
State of Texas   )     Before me, J. M Breedlove, Notra
County of Hays)     Public duly qualified and commissioned in terms  of  law in  and  for the state and  county  aforesaid appeared  Jas T. Stovall to me well known and acknowledge  to  me that  he  signed  the above and four  going  deed  of  conveyance bearing of act 3 day of May AD 1876 for all the uses and  purpose & consideration therein set forth
          In  testimony whereof I have hereunto set my  name  and L. S.    affixed my official seal of office this 3rd day of  May AD 1876 
                                    J. M. Breedlove
                                   Not Publi Hay Co. Precint 2
Filed  for Record July 4th 1876 at 5 o'clock p.m.  and  correctly recorded July 8th 1876 at 10 o'clock A.M. Ed J. L. Green
                                    Clerk D & Co. ct H. Co.
Book K Pages 187-8 Hays County, Texas  1876

J. YARBROUGH to W. Vaughn  Deed  Dec 30, 1876

State of Texas
County of Hays      Know  all  men by these present that  I  JOHN   YARBROUGH of the County & State aforesaid  in consideration  of  one  hundred & twenty dollars to  me  paid  by William Vaughn of said County & State have granted bargained sold &  released & by these present do grant bargain  sell  &  release unto  him  the  said  Wm. Vaughn all  that  tract  of  land  more particular  described as follow situated on Onion Creek  in  Hays County  & state of Texas it being part of the M. B. Tatum Sur  of one  third  League Beginning at the NE cor of  asurbey  of  three hundred  acre  tract sold unto A. R. Young by  James  T.  Stovall Thence West 428 var to a stone mound from which a live oak 12  in diam brs N 85 degrees E & 30 varras dist a live oak 18 in in diam brs  N 39 degrees 6 degrees 15 varra both marked X  thence  North 2525  varras to Onion Creek at a short creek hollow & a Elm  tree in  it marked X Thence down Onion Creek 213 Varras to  where  the North  line  of the M. B. Tatum Survey crosses the  creek  Thence East with said line 210 varras to Tatums N E corner Thence  South 2675 varras and the beginning and to contain two Hundred acres of land  Together  with  all  &  singular  the  rights  members  and appurtenance to the same belonging or in any ways appertaining to have  & to hold all & singular the premises afore mentioned  unto him the said Wm Vaughn his heirs & assigns forever & I do  hereby bind myself my heirs & legal representatives to forever warrant & defend the title unto him the said Wm Vaughn his heirs &  assigns against  all person whomsoever lawfully claiming the same or  any part thereof.


Mountain City Texas, Dece 20th 1876     JOHN YARBROUGH

The State of Texas
County of Hays           Before me I. M Breedlove a Notra  Public in  and for said county and  state  duly qualified  and  commissioned  in  terms  of  the  law  personally appeared  JOHN  YARBROUGH was signation appears ta  the  forgoing attach  Deed of conveyance boring of Date December 20th day  A.D. 1876  whom  are well known ta me wha acknawledg to  that  he  had signed Sealed and delivered the sam for all the uses purposes and consideration theirin stated
          In  testimony whereof I have hereunto set my  hand  and L.S. affixed  the  impress of the Seal of My office  don  at  Mountain  City  in  Hays County this the  25th  day  of  December A.D. 1816
                         J.   M.  Breedlove  Notra  Public   Hays
               County, Texas pre No. 2

Filed for Record Decr. 28th 1876, at 1 o'clock P.M. and correctly
recorded Jany 9th 1877 at 2 o'clock P.M.
                    Ed J. L. Green
                    Clk C. C. H. Co


Book K pages 482-4 Hays County, Texas  1877

J. YARBROUGH to C. P. Day   Deed  July 7 - 1877

State of Texas      Know all men  by these  presents that
County of Hays      I JOHN YARBROUGH  of the State and County aforesaid for  and in consideration of the sum  of  Two Hundred  and thirty dollars and forty cents.  Thirty dollars  and forty  cents  in hand paid by C. P. Day of the State  and  County aforesaid  and  one  note  for the sum  of  Two  Hundred  dollars ($200.00)  due  January 1st A.D. 1878, the receipt  of  which  is hereby acknowledged.  I have this day sold and by these  presents do  bargain sell release and convey unto him the said C.  P.  Day all  of the following tract or parcel of land it being a part  of the  M.  B. Tautm Survey lying on the waters of Onion  Creek  and conveyed to me by James T. Stovell but more particular  described as follows Beginning at the East Corner of a tract of two hundred acres of land sold by me to Wm. Vaughan - Thence North 250 varras to  Onion Creek at the mouth of a short hollow from which an  Elm in  the hollow marked X for corner.  Thence up Onion  Creek  with its meanders to the upper or west line of the M. B. Tatum  Survey where it crosses Onion Creek.  Thence South with the said line of the  M. B. Tatum 1929 varras to a stone mound from which  a  live oak  10 inches in diameter bears S. 16 W 20 vas.  Thence E.  1500 vas  to  the beginning. Containing five hundred and  seventy  six acres more or less.  To have and to hold unto him the said C.  P. Day  his heirs and assigns forever together with all  the  rights members and hereditaments unto the same belonging or appertaining thereto.  Except all the timber on the same and the right of  way to and from the timber through gaits to be made by the said C. P. Day And I do hereby bind myselfe my heirs and assigns forever  to warrant and defend the title to the above described tract of land unto  him the said C. P. Day and to his assigns  forever  against all  persons  whomsoever legally claiming the same  as  any  part thereof.   In testimony whereof I hereunto sitt and sign
my  name this the 7th day of July A.D. 1877.
Witness:                           JOHN YARBROUGH

State of Texas       Before  me I. M. Breedlove  Notra Public
County of Hays     in  and  for the said State  and  County duly qualified and commissioned in terms of  law personally appeared JOHN YARBROUGH whas signatur aper  ta the forgoing and attached Deed of Conveyance boring of date the 7 day of July AD 1877 who is will known ta me who acknowledge ta me that he signed sealed and delivered the sam for all the uses  and consideration in the set fourth
          In  testimony whereof I have hereinto set my hand  and L.S. affixed my official Seal of Office don at Mountain City
          this th 7 day of July AD 1877
                    I. M. Breedlove
               Notra Public Hay Co Tex Pr 2
Filed  for  Record Sept 14 1877 at 8 o'clock A.M.  and  correctly
recorded Sept 18, 1877 at 10 o'clock A.M.
                    Ed. J. L. Green
                    Clk C. C. H. Cs.


Book D  Pages 572-3  Hays County, Texas  1892
Also in Loose Probate papers Docket 358

in  Hays  County one of which was at the court house one  in  the City of San Marcos one at Kyle and one at Buda 
                         W. T. Jackman  Sheriff
Filed 28 day of Day of Decr 1892 )  by J. T. Langhein Deputy Sheriff
Jax. C. Storey Clerk
Knowing  the meer fainty of life and realizing the  certainty  of death  which  in  consequence  of my  advanced  age  and  present physical Condition may occur momentarily and being of sound  mind and  in  the  full possession and exercise  of  my  right  mental facilities  I deem it advisable and proper to make this  my  last will and testament as follows.  I hereby will and bequeath to  my beloved  wife  Mary  T. Yarbrough my  entire  property  of  every description real estate and personal to have and to hold same for her use and benefit assuming the period of her natural life  with the  right to sell dispose of and convey all or any part  of  the punishable property she may see fit. It  is  my  wish and desire that at the demise  of  my  aforesaid beloved  wife  Mary  T.  Yarbrough  all  the  property  of  every description then on hand in her possession shall after paying  all just indebtedness of the estate be equally divided between my two heirs  by  a  former  wife viz Mary E.  Richbourg  &  William  F. Yarbrough  and our Children to with Georgia M. Mosberger,  George A. Yarbrough, Levi M. Yarbrough and Walter T. Yarbrough share and share  alike.  As I am Guardian of the orphan minors Mary  Horton and  DeWitt  Horton It is my wish and desire that  should  I  die before they attain legal ages they remain in my family under  the care  and  protection of my wife and should she also  die  before they attain legal ages.  Should my estate be in any way  indebted to them, then in that event I desire that such indebtedness shall constitute  a preferred claim and shall be paid before any  other claim or claims.  And also before any division is made between my and our heirs.
     I  hereby appoint Joseph Meader my executor to carry out  my wishes  and directions as set forth the foregoing will.  Done  in Hays  County  state of Texas on this the 27th day of  January  AD 1891
                     JOHN YARBROUGH
Witnesses     )
B. T. Berry                  Filed Decr 24 1892
Anderson Berry         Jas G. Shrey Clk Co H Co

                    Proof of Will
Testimony of B. T. Berry
My name is B. T. Berry.  I was 21 years 10 months and 7 days  old on January 27 1891.  I reside in Williamson Co., Texas.  I  know Anderson Berry.  He was about 69 years on Jany 27, 1891.  He  now resides  in Williamson Co., Texas.  JOHN YARBROUGH is  dead.   he was  over  21 years old when he made his will.  He died  in  Hays County,  Texas.   He resided in Hays County Texas.  I  Signed  my name  to his will as a witness in the presence of JOHN  YARBROUGH and  at his request he Anderson Berry Subscribed his name at  the same time I did and in the presence of JOHN YARBROUGH and at  the request  of  said  JOHN YARBROUGH.  Anderson Berry  and  my  self subscribed  our  names  in  the  said  will.   At  the  time   of Subscribing  said  will JOHN YARBROUGH appeared to me  to  be  of Sound mind.  It was twelve or fourteen months after he signed the will  before  he died or it may have been even longer.   I  never knew  of his revoking said will or of his making any  writing  to revoke said will.  In Re Probate of the                 In County Court
Will of JOHN YARBROUGH Decd     Hays County Texas
                              Amos Yarbrough being duly sworn  in says that he was with JOHN YARBROUGH almost every day after  Jan 27 1891 and that he never knew or heard of  said  JOHN YARBROUGH  executing  any other will after the one shown  to  the court and filed in this house.  Nor of his executing any  codicil or declaration in writing affecting


Minutes of Masonic Lodge in Kyle, Texas  p. 1251  1892

               Jan 10th 1892
At a called meeting of Live oak lodge #304 held in Lodge room  in Kyle  on Jan 10th AD 1892 H L 5892 The  following  officers  and members were present:
(A list of people)
The lodge was opened in Third degree--it was stated by the W.  M. that  the object of this called meeting was to attend the  burial of our deceased Bro JNO YARBROUGH.  The lodge was then called off and proceeded to the residence and accompanied the remains of our dec bro to the grave where the usual masonic burial services were gone through with when we repaired to the lodge room...


The State of Texas)  In County Court  of said County
County of Hays    )  The January Term 18__
     To the Honorable B. G. Neighbors, Judge of said county.
     Your  petition G. A. Yarbrough, who resides at Kyle, in  the county of Hays and the State of Texas respectfully states to your honor
1st That JOHN YARBROUGH, late of Hays County, Texas is dead: that he died on or about the 1st day of February 1891 at his place  of residence.
2nd  That  at the date of his death he resided in the  said  Hays County,  near  Kyle and that he left an  estate,  principal  real estate,  situated  in said Hays County of the probable  value  of Three Thousand Dollars.
3rd.   That  at  the date of his said death he  left  a  will  in writing,  duly signed by him on or about the 27th day of  January 1891, bearing date on that day, duly attested by two  subscribing on  bible witnesses B. T. Berry and Anderson Berry, each of  whom was at said date above the age of fourteen years and signed  said will  as such witnesses in the presence of said  JOHN  YARBROUGH; that  the  said YARBROUGH was at said date above the  age  of  21 years and of sound mind; that said will was never revoked and  is now still in force and is now herewith filed as shown...


Probate, Hays Co., Texas  Loose Papers #358  Vol E p. 233

The State of Texas)  Before me O. D. Riley a Notary
County of Burnet  )  Public in and for Burnet  Co., Texas,  on this  day personally  appeared B. T. Berry, who  after being  duly  sworn  states  on  his  "oath"  in  answer  to   the Interrogations  issued by the Clerk of the County Court  of  Hays County  State  of  Texas to be used on the trial of  a  suit  now pending in the County Court of said Hays County in said State  of Texas wherein G. A. Yarbrough is the applicant for the Probate of the will of JOHN YARBROUGH deceased - In answer to ...

p.  359   Amen Probate Hays Co., TX Loose Papers #359  of  B.  T. Berry, witness of will of JOHN YARBROUGH

1st  he  says My name is B. T. Berry.  I  am  nearly  twenty-four years old.  I was 21 years, 10 months and 7 days old on Jany  27, 1891.  I reside in Williamson Co., Texas. 
To the 2nd he answers  - I know Anderson Berry.  He was about  67 years  old  on Jany 27, 1891, he now resides in  Williamson  Co., Texas...
he  says from San Marcos in Hays Co., Texas, and I had known  him and that he had resided there about two years.  I have heard that he had resided there about 20 years.
In  answer to the 5th he says (1) I have (2) I did.  It was  some time in  January 1891 (3) I did - I signed my name in the presence of JOHN YARBROUGH and at his request. (4) He did - He  subscribed his name  at the  same time I did & in  the  presence  of  JOHN YARBROUGH,  &  at the request of JOHN  YARBROUGH.   (5) Anderson Berry & myself subscribed our names in the presence of each other (6) JOHN YARBROUGH appeared...


Notice posted by W. T. Jackman Sheriff of Hays County, Texas,  on August 6, 1896

I W. T. Jackman, Sheriff of Hays County, Texas, do hereby certify that  I  posted  three  copies  of  the  within  notice  for  the administrator one at Kyle one at Buda and one at the Court  House Door.  Three public places in said Hays County on the 6th day  of August 1896.
                        W. T. Jackman Sheriff
                        Hays County, Texas

No.  358  Estate of JOHN YARBROUGH deceased Advertisement  Notice of Sale of Land    Filed Sept 1-1896   Jas G. Storey Clk C C H Co

               Administrator's Sale of Land.

D.  A.  Barbee,  Administrator of the Estate  of  JOHN YARBROUGH deceased, will  sell,  on  the First Tuesday  in  the  month  of September, 1896, at the Courthouse door in the town of San Marcos in Hays County, Texas, between the hours of ten o'clock A.M.  and four  o'clock  P.M.,  all the right title and  interest  of  said decedent  in  the following described tract of land  situated  in said  Hays  County,  Viz. that certain tract or  parcel  of  land containing  by estimate, three hundred and forty acres,  more  or less,  part  of the H. Lollar Headright, on the  waters  of  Plum Creek, and bounded thus: beginning for the Northeast corner at  a stone  mound on S. Glasscock's line, 1187 1/2 vrs. from the  East boundary  line of the H. Lollar survey, thence N. 45  degrees  W. 1900  Vrs.  to stone mound for corner; thence S. 17  1/2  degrees W.970  vrs. to a stone mound for corner; thence S. 45 degrees  E. 1296  vrs. thence N 45 degrees E. to the beginning, 950  vrs,  it being  the same sold and conveyed to said JOHN YARBROUGH by  Geo. Golden  and wife by their deed of date Aug. 12th69, and  recorded in book F or records for deeds in the office of the County  Clerk of said County of page 323, to which, reference is here made  for more particular description.
                The interest of  said estate in said land is an undivided one half interest.; said sale will be made at public outcry to the highest bidder, the purchase money to be paid one third cash, and the balance in twelve months thereafter, the deferred payment to bear interest at the rate  of ten  per cent per annum from date of sale until payment,  and  be secured by the vendor's lien on the land.  The sale is made under an order of court made in the matter of said estate.
                    D. A. Barbee
               Administrator of said Estate.
          by his Attys. Brown & Pritchett


Book 36 Pages 60-2 Hays County, Texas  1897

State of Texas           Know all men by these presents
County of Hamilton   that we,  W. F. Yarbrough  of  Stephens  County  a care  of JOHN YARBROUGH, dec'd. late  of
Hays  County Texas, and Mary E. Richbourg daughter of  said  JOHN YARBROUGH, joined by her husband F. M. Richbourg of Erath County, Texas,  the  said  W.  F. Yarbrough and the  said  Mrs.  Mary  E. Richbourg  being  deviser under the will of said  JOHN  YARBROUGH which was duly probated in the County Court of said Hays  County, on  the  9th  day of February 1898:  Have  made  constituted  and appointed,  and  do  hereby  make,  constitute  and  appoint  Lee Yarbrough  of  Hays County, Texas, our and each of our  true  and lawful  agent and attorney in fact to borrow or  negotiate  loans for us upon our interest in the estate of said JOHN YARBROUGH for the  purpose of paying off all claims, notes or accounts  due  or owing  by  said estate including administrator's costs  or  fees, Court  costs,  attorneys  fees, and any  other  amounts  properly chargeable  against  the  said  estate,  together  with  all  the necessary  and reasonable costs incident to negotiating  as  such loan, including cost of Abstract.  And to this end we and each of us do expressly authorize and empower said Lee Yarbrough to  sign our  respective names to such note, or notes as to him  may  seem best for such purpose; and to secure the payment of such loan  or loans, note or notes, we do each expressly authorize him to  sign our  respective  names to such deed of trust, mortgage  or  other instrument  of writing as may be required to secure  the  payment thereof  upon  any  interest which we have in  said  estate,  and particularly  upon our interest and the interest of each  of  us, upon that certain tract or parcel of land containing about  three hundred  and forty acres out of the Henry Lollar survey  in  Hays Co.  Texas, which was conveyed by George Golden and F. L.  Golden to JOHN YARBROUGH by deed bearing date August 12th 1869 and filed for record in the County Clerk's office of Hays County, Texas  on January  29th  1870  and duly recorded in book "F"  of  the  Deed records of said County on page 323, to which deed and the  record thereof  reference  is here made for fuller description  of  said land,  and to acknowledge and file for record such instrument  or instruments  and the persons or persons, or company, making  such loan, or taking such note or notes, shall not be required to  see to  the  application of the money by said Lee  Yarbrough  to  the purposes  herein  designated,  and all loans made  to  and  notes signed by our said agent shall be absolutely binding upon us.Hereby  satisfying  and confirming any and all things  which  our said  agent  and attorney - in fact may do under  or   by  virtue hereof  Witness our signatures at Carlton T. on this the 1st  day of January 1897
                           W. F. Yarbrough
                              M. E. Richbourg
                              F. M. Richbourg

State of Texas              Before me the under  signed
County of Hamilton   authority on this day  personally  appeared  W.  F.  Yarbrough,  known to me  to be the person whose  name  is subscribed  to  the foregoing instrument and acknowledged  to  me that  he  executed the same for the purposes  and  considerations therein stated.  Given under my hand, and seal of office this the 1st day of January, 1897          
      Jas. W. McKenzie  N.P.
L.S.                               Hamilton Co., Texas

State of Texas          Before me, the undersigned
County of Hamilton  authority on this  day personally  appeared  F. M. Richbourg and Mrs. Mary E. Richbourg wife of the said F. M. Richbourg,  each  known to me to be the persons whose  names  are subscribed to the foregoing instrument and they each acknowledged to  me  that  they  executed  the  same  for  the  purposes   and considerations  therein  expressed  and the  said  Mrs.  Mary  E. Richbourg having been examined by me separate and apart from  her husband,  and having the same by me full explained to  her,  she, the  said Mrs. Mary E. Richbourg acknowledged such instrument  to be  her act and deed, and declared that she had willingly  signed the  same for the purposes and considerations therein  expressed, and that she did not wish to retract it.  Given under my hand and seal of office on this the 1st day of January, 1897
L.S.                             Jas. W. McKenzie N.P.
                                   Hamilton County, Texas
Filed for record at 8:30 o'clock A. M. Feb 10, 1897
Recorded Feb. 15, 1897 at 11:45 o'clock A.M.
                              James G. Storey
                              Clk C C H Co Tex


Book 36 pages 252-4 Hays County, Texas  1897

The State of Texas     Whereas   in   the    matter   of   the
County of Hays           administration of the estate of Mary  T.  Yarbrough  late deceased of said  County pending in the County Court of Hays County in matters of  probate D.  W.  Benner, administrator of said estate,  the  said  Benner applied to said court for an order for the sale of the  undivided one  half interest in three hundred and forty acres of land  more or  less the property of said estate and which tract of  land  is situated in said Hays County State of Texas and a part of the  H. Loller  headright and which tract of land is described by  filled notes as follows:
Beginning  at  the N.E. corner at a stone mound on  S.  Glasscock line  1137 1/2 varas from the E. boundary line of the  H.  Loller survey.  Thence N. 45 W. 1900 varas to a stone mound for  corner.  Thence  S.  17  1/2 W. 970 varas to a  stone  mound  for  corner.  Thence  S. 46 E 1296 varas. Thence N. 45 E. to the beginning  950 varas.  It  being the same tract conveyed to  JOHN  YARBROUGH  by George  Golden  and wife by deed recorded in book F of  the  deed records of Hays County page 323, to which reference is here made. And  at  the  February  Term  A.D.  1896,  of  said  Court,  said application  for  sale came on to be heard and the  sale  of  the interest of said estate in said land was ordered by said Court to be sold which said order is recorded in the minutes of said court Vol. E page 516, and it here referred to and made a part of  this deed   and  in  pursuance  of  said  order  of  sale,  the   said administrator in accordance with law and said order, did  proceed to  sell said land at the Court House door of said County on  the first Tuesday, the 6th day of April A.D. 1897 at which said  sale W.  O.  Hutchinson and W. D. Wood became the  purchasers  of  the undivided  one half interest in said 340 acre tract of  land  for the sum of eight hundred and fifty dollars each and of which sale the  said administrator made due and legal report to  said  Court and  which  report  was filed on the 3rd day  of  May  1897,  and whereas said report of sale came on to be heard in open court  in said  court on the 10th day of May on 1897, it being the May term of said Court, said report of sale was in all things approved and confirmed  by said court and the said administrators  ordered  to make  title  to the said purchaser on their  complying  with  the terms  of  said  sale  and the order and  decree  of  said  Court confirming  said  sale it recorded in the minutes of  said  Court book F pages 133-134, and to same reference is here made, and the same is made a part of this deed, together with all other  papers and  records in said Court relating to the sale of said tract  of land, the property of said estate therefore know all men by these presents that I D. W. Benner, administrator of the estate of  the said  Mary T. Yarbrough, in presence of the order of said  court, and  the authority of law in me vested, the said  Hutchinson  and the said Wood having paid to me in each, the amount of their  bid for  said land, the receipt of which I do hereby acknowledge,  do bargain, sell, transfer and convey to W. O. Hutchinson and W.  D. Wood,  to  have and to hold to them and their heirs  and  assigns forever,  all the rights, title and interest, that the estate  of the  said Mary T. Yarbrough had in and to an undivided one  half interest  in the tract of three hundred and forty acres  of  land more  or less herein before described.  Witness my hand this  the 24th day of May A.D. 1897  D. W. Benner Administrator JC

State of Texas      Before  me,  Jas. G. Storey,  Clerk,  
County of Hays     County,  Texas, on this day, personally appeared D. W. Benner administrator of the Estate of Mary T. Yarbrough  deceased  known to me to be the person whose  name  is subscribed  to  the foregoing instrument and acknowledged  to  me that  he  executed  the same for the  purpose  and  consideration therein  expressed  and in the capacity  therein  stated.   Given under hand and seal of office, this 24 day of May A.D. 1897.
L.S.                          Jas. G. Storey Clerk, County
                                Court, Hays County, Texas
Filed  for record at 4:20 o"clock P. M. May 24,  1897.   Recorded May 25, 1897 at 6:15 o'clock P.M.       Jas. G. Storey
                                        Clk C C Hays Co. Tex


Book 36 pages 433-5 Hays County, Texas 1897

The State of Texas   Know all  men by  these presents that we
County of Hays          that we Lee Yarbrough joined by his wife  Minnie Yarbrough,  and Walter T. Yarbrough  and his  wife Alice L. Yarbrough of the County of Hays and  State  of Texas,  Georgia. M.  Maltsberger  joined by  her  husband  A.  P. Maltsberger,  of  Lipscomb County, Texas and  Mary  E.  Richbourg joined by her husband F. M. Richbourg of Erath County, Texas, for and  in  consideration  of  the  sum  of  eight  hundred  dollars ($800.00) in cash to us paid as follows, viz: The sum of  $200.00 to Lee Yarbrough, the receipt of which he acknowledges the sum of $200.00   to   Walter  Yarbrough,  the  receipt   of   which   he acknowledges:  the sum of $200.00 to Georgia M. Maltsberger,  the receipt of which she acknowledges: and the sum of $200.00 to Mary E.  Richbourg,  the receipt of which she acknowledges:  the  said payments  being  so made by D. A. Porter and J. R.  Porter,  have granted  sold and conveyed, and by these presents do grant,  sell and  convey, unto the said D. A. Porter and J. R. Porter  of  the County of Hays and State of Texas all that certain tract of  land described as follows: an undivided four-sixths (4/6) interest  in a certain undivided one half (1/2) interest in and to (340) Three hundred  and forty acres, more or less, situated in Hays  County, Texas,  out  of  the Henry Lollar survey: said  340  acres  being described  by field Notes as follows, viz: Beginning at the N.E. corner,  a stone mound, on S. Glasscock line 1137 1/2 varas  from the east boundary line of the said Loller survey: thence North 45 degrees  West  1900 varas to a stone mound for corner:  -  thence south 17 1/2 West 970 varas to a stone mound for corner: - thence south  45 degrees East 1296 varas: thence north 45  degrees  east 950  varas  to the beginning.  It being the same  tract  of  land conveyed  to  JOHN YARBROUGH by George Golden and wife,  by  deed recorded in book "F" of the records of deeds of said Hays  County at  page  323 to which reference is here made and the  same  made part  hereof.   The  grantors Lee  Yarbrough,  Walter  Yarbrough, Georgia M. Maltsberger and Mary E. Richbourg, are four of the six heirs  of said JOHN YARBROUGH, and four of the six devices  under the will of JOHN YARBROUGH.  The said 340 acres was the community property   of JOHN YARBROUGH and his wife Mary T.  Yarbrough  and before  the death of JOHN YARBROUGH he left six heirs,  the  four herein before named and W. F. Yarbrough and Amos  Yarbrough,  and he  also  left  a written will, which has  been  heretofore  duly probated  in said Hays County by which he devised  his  undivided one  half  interest in said land to the said six heirs:  and  the grantors  herein owning four out of the six shares in such  half, do  now hereby convey same to said D. A. Poter and J. R.  Porter: expressly reserving, however, to themselves all their portion and part  of  the rents and profits accruing from said land  for  the year  1897.   To have and to hold the above  described  premises, together  with  all  and singular the  rights  and  appurtenances thereto  in anywise belonging unto the said D. A. Porter and  the said J. R. Porter and their heirs and assigns forever.  And we do hereby bind ourselves our heirs, executors and administrators  to warrant  and forever defend all and singular, the  said  premises unto  the  said D.A. Porter and the said J. R. Porter  and  their heirs  and  assigns,  against every  person  whomsoever  lawfully claiming  or to claim the same or any part thereof.  Witness  our hands at Kyle this 4th day of September A.D. 1897.
                                                Lee M. Yarbrough
A. P. Maltsberger                  W. T. Yarbrough
Georgia M. Maltsberger       Alice L. Yarbrough
Minnie Yarbrough                M. E. Richbourg
                                                F. M. Richbourg


From the family bible of Pauline Placey Darnall Harbour, granddaughter of
(Mary) May Maltsberger who married Ernest Guy Placey, ggrandaughter of
Georgia May Yarbrough who married Alec P. Maltsberger. Currently owned by 
Donna Kellogg (

Those listed in the Bible are (each group in brackets as indicated by
Groves     May 9, 1776
Martha     May 31, 1786

Jno                                 September 15, 1816
Mildred Elizabeth      September 27, 1827
Mary Trammel           December 8, 1834

James Knox             December 25, 1845
Mary Elizabeth       April 6, 1848
William Fort            August 1, 1850
Jno. Wesley             March 14, 1853

Georgia May             May 22, 1861
Lewis Groves            August 31, 1862
Josaphene Lea         May 4, 1864
George Amos             December 16,1866
Charlie Frank          December 28, 1869
Levi Maddox            February 4, 1872
Walter Trammel     August 22, 1874

Edna Maltsberger  April 30,1890
Mary "                       April 17, 1891
Owen "                       March 6, 1893
Allan Dee "                August 25, 1895
Lee "                          October 11, 1898
Floy "                        December 21, 1901
Lois "                         no date given

Groves                         November 14, 1857
Martha                       August 2, 1859
James Knox               May 26, 1847
Josephene Lea         October 8, 1869
Lewis Groves            June 18, 1868
Jno. Wesley              February 2, 1875
Charlie Frank         April 1, 1871
Jno.                           Jan 8, 1892
George Amos          May 8, 1894
Mary Trammel       July 17, 1894
Edna Maltsberger Landers     1952
Owen P. Maltsberger             October 23, 1946
Lee Maltsberger                     December 9, 1960
Allen Maltsberger                 April 5, 1965
May Maltsberger Placey             April 18, 1968
Mary Pauline Placey Harbour         January 29, 1998

Jno Yarbrough & Mildred Elizabeth Hargrove     March 6, 1845
Jno Yarbrough & Mary Trammel Maddox             July 1, 1860
Alec Maltsberger & Georgia May Yarbrough         April 8, 1888 

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