Johannes Reithmuller & Marie Agnes Auracher
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JOHANNES REITHMULLER and MARIA AGNES AURACHER were never married. Their son Johannes Reithmuller was born illegitimate. In such a case the parson had to convoke a fact finding committee called "Kirchenkonvent". The minutes of this board report, that MARIA AGNES AURACHER was cited on 5-17-1725. At that time she was a maidservant in the communal mill of Neckarrems, which had leased Georg Reithmueller. MARIA AGNES AURACHER affirmed, that she was violated by the miller's son JOHANNES several times. Indeed JOHANNES had not promised to marry her, but he had said, that he would pay if she would be delivered of a child.

Then JOHANNES REITHMUELLER was interrogated. He denied this declaration of MARIA AGNES and said, that MARIA AGNES had a love affair with a certain Michael Naegelin, a farm hand. Naegelin, however, also contradicted. After all two witnesses were questioned, whom JOHANNES REITHMULLER had brought with him. Both pretended they had caught Michael Naeglin and MARIA AGNES AURACHER in the very act. So the depositions were contradictory. But JOHANNES REITHMULLER must have conceded the fatherhood later on, because he gave his name to his illegitimate son. There was in inventory which was written when Johannes Riethmueller, Jr. got married. Here are listed all the things he and his wife brought into the marriage, in the first place a vineyard ("Weingart"). Namely JOHANNES REITHMULLER had paid to MARIA AGNES AURACHER 25 florins yearly for deflowering and for alimony ("pro defloratione et alimentatione prolis"). This money MARIA AGNES AURACHER saved, and then she bought the vineyard for her son.

JOHANNES RIETHMULLER married on 6-10-1727 at Beinstein (today a suburb of Waiblingen near Stuttgart) Maria Magdalena, daughter of Johann Krauss, who was miller in Beinstein. JOHANNES RIETHMUELLER didn't die at Neckarrems; perhaps he got miller in Beinstein.

MARIA AGNES AURACHER married on 6-19-1732 at Neckarrems to Johann Jakob Straehlin (b. Neckarrems 8-13-1697, d. Neckarrems 10-29-1766), vinedresser and at times nightwatchman of the village, son of Matheus (Matthew) and Margaretha Straehlin.

Archivist in Neckarrems, Germany