Johann George Blankenstein & Dorthea Elisabeth Schultz
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Church records began in Gerbitz, Germany, in 1788. The death certificate for Martin Blankenstein in 1838 show he was born and died in Gerbitz. His father was Georg Blankenstein, who was a Hufschmied (black smith) in Gerbitz.  JOHANN GEORGE BLANKENSTEIN was married to DORTHEA ELISABETH SCHULTZ.

Reference:  Son's German death certificate from Gerbitz, Germany

Family history by Dr. Felix Blankenstein:

JOHANN GEORGE BLANKENSTEIN I "was the second child of the brewery master and later farmer Hans Blanckenstein.  In 1726 he moved to Gerbitz, Germany, with his parents.  It was there that he learned forging, probably with his future father-in-law Hans Christoph Schultze.  After accomplishing his journeyman and apprentice time he settled in his hometown as a blacksmith specializing in horses and weapons.  On 28.5.1741 hardly 23 years of age, he married the blacksmith master's daughter DORTHEA ELIZABETH SCHULTZ.  Her family came from the Bernburg, Germany area. They had 8 children:

  1. Johann George Blankenstein II - b. 31.8.1742 - was a blacksmith - moved to Berlin
  2. Maria Magdalena Blankenstein  - b. 21.7.1744
  3. Johann Christoph Blankenstein - b. 19.5.1746 m. 25.10.1768 46 years old blacksmith in Calbe, Germany, m. widow Anna Margareta Knauf, widow of his predecessor, they had only one daughter Justina Elisabeth (4.10.1770-12.6.1771) 
  4. Johann Andreas Blankenstein - b. 18.8.1748 probably took over the forging/blacksmith business in Wulfen, Germany - m. Anna Katharina
  5. Johann Martin Blankenstein - b. b. 25.7.1751 blacksmith in Gerbitz, Germany, d. 6th September 1838 of a stroke
  6. Christian Gottfried Blankenstein - b. 21.2.1754 & d. 21.2.1757
  7. Sophie Elisabeth Blankenstein - b. 18.9.1756
  8. Johann Gottfried Blankenstein - b. 11.11.1758

"JOHANN GEORGE I BLANKENSTEIN died on 17 February 1773 of fever.  His one-year younger widow lived 14 years longer.  The forgery in Gerbitz was destroyed in 1932."