Johann Christoph Friedrichs & Marie Dorthea Elisabeth Luddemann
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Johannes Christoph Fredrichs was born in Germany. He and his family were Evangelist Lutherans. He was a shepherd and farmer in the town of Ummendorf where he died at the age of 45 from a bee sting. He and his wife had twin sons. One died as a young child when he was run over by a wagon.

Johannes' son Hermann was a machinist. Elsbeth's husband was a locomotive driver. Emilie's husband was a piano builder. Almine's husband was a shepherd.

Johannes moved his family from Ummendorf to Helmstedt to Magdeburg, Germany. While in Helmstedt his daughter Marie began to correspond with her husband-to-be Gottfried Fredrich August Blankenstein in America. After he sent a picture and proposed, Marie left her family and came to America to marry Fred. She never saw her family again, but she stayed in contact with them through letters.

Marie arrived in America in Key West, Florida. From there she went to Galveston and rode a train to Temple, Texas. It is told that Marie ruled the house. She had heard stories about rich Americans, but found Friedrick to be a poor musician. Soon she had him farming for a living.

Marie's brother Hermann was a twin. His son is Hans Friedrichs who supplied much of this information.

Hans Friedrichs - 1977
Gerturde Danker  - 1982
Genevive Schmidt
Aileen Dozier Blankenstein
Anna Caroline Kreder Blankenstein