Johann Carl August Blankenstein & Catherine Marie Wusthof
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Records from Gerbitz, Germany, show that Johann Carl August Blankenstein was christened March 5, 1792. The Godparents were (1) Carl August Meyer - citizen & carriage owner at Gerbitz; (2) Mrs. Maria Sophia Lohmaennin spouse of Johann Georg Lohmanns, wife of carriage owner at Gerbitz; & (3) Mrs. Anna Katharina Blankenstein, spouse of Johann Andr. Blankenstein, smith at Wulfen.

Johann Carl August Blankenstein married the widow Hochgraft - Catherine Marie Wusthof Hochgrafe on July 1, 1821. He was a citizen and townsman of Barby, Germany, and was a saddle maker by trade. When they married he was 29 and she was 24.

Roze Marie Edrington 1977
Their German marriage license
Gerbitz Church Records