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Buckingham County, Virginia Sueveyon’s Platt Book 1762-1858 Grudsett 975.5623 G

p.13 page 42

JAMES COUCH; November 13, 1782; 421 ac.; branches Fluvanna and rock Island Creek; joining John Thomas, Daniel Puckett, Beverly Low and COUCH’s own lands.

p.14 page 48

George Tapscott; April 16, 1784; 510 ac.; each side Howard’s Road; joining Peter Bondurant, Thomas Moss (mulatto) JAMES COUCH and Charles Colthee.

p.20 page 71

JAMES COUCH; date?: 150 ac.; on some of waters of Rock Island Creek joining Daniel Pucket, Harden Perkins, and William Howard.

p.26 page 94

Thomas Cobbs (J.R,) 717 ac. On each side Rock Island Creek joining Briant, JAMES COUCH, Pucketts, Thomas Carter and Capt. Thomas Anderson December 9, 1795; Mr. Howard and Vacant land adjoining; Warrant sent with works. Exchange: Warrant granted to Joshua Gibson for number 481 and dated October 20, 1792. Warrant granted to Jno Davidson for 300 ac. Number 482 and date October 27, 1792.

John Falwell; 100 ac; joining JAMES COUCH, Darbe Bondurant and Joseph Cunningham and Mrs. Tapscott. December 11, 1795. Warrant sent with works; warrant granted to Charles Cottrell the 11th June 1783 for 1309 ½ ac. Number 16,763.

Nathaniel Maxey; January 2, 1796; 300 ac.; joining COUCH, Walker and widow Gilliam; Warrant granted to Mary Maxey the 10th of September 1782 for 1075 ac. Number 14,167; on a branch of Holladay River.

p.37 page 127

David Bondurant; January 27, 1801; 21 ac; joining lines of JAMES BARTLET COUCH, Ann Moss (mulatto) and Tapscott; by virtue of Robert Craigs – Office Treasury War:.

p.38 page 130

Thomas Anderson decd; 200 acres on east side of Rock Island Creek surveyed for Robert Revis, Nathl Anderson, and John Harris exors of Thomas Anderson decd for benefit of the devisees of Thomas Anderson decd. Adjoining John Briant, Thomas Cobbs, Price Perkins and JAS COUCH.

p.51 page 174

Legatees of Thos. Cobbs dec’d ; February 13, 1810, 630 ac.; each side of two forks Rock Island Creek belonging to legatees of Thomas Cobbs decd; joining Samuel Birks line; Briant, Colo. Wilson , Cary Harrison, JAMES COUCH, and Thomas Carter; legatees not named.

p.52 page 178

William Slanton; 150 ac.; 19 June 1810; joining line of John Staples, James Slaton, Jr., Charles Slaton, Capt John Couch, JAMES COUCH, William Slaton’s own lines; on Howard'’ Road and Warren Road; a branch shown.


Buckingham Land Tax Summaries & Implied Deeds 1782-1814 Vol 1 975.5623.W

p.80 Couch, James.

1782 to 1814. Bought: 1795 - 100 AC from John Thomas 1797 - 50 AC from Reuben Amos. 1809 - 148 AC from William Staton. 1809 - 100 AC from JAMES B. COUCH 1813/14 Location: residence on James River (20N)


1802 to 1807. Deceased/Estate: 1809 to 1814. Bought 1804 - 100 AC from ?JAMES ?COUCH, 508 AC from A. Lew’d (or ?H. ?Du’d), 15 AC from John L. (?S.) Anderson (in 1807, says his exor. Sold it). 1807 - 430 AC from Maria G. Anderson. Sold 1809 - 100 AC to James Couch. 1813/1814 Location: estate on James River, residence of his widow in 1813; in 1814, the residence stated to be on Rock Island Creek (16N), with 3 other parcels on James River (20N).


Genealogical Records of Buckingham County, Virginia 975.5623W

p.32-3 1800 Tax List

The first number after each name indicates the white male tithables. The second number shows the number of horses owned. The third and forth numbers indicate the number of negro tithables, and the number of negroes between the ages of 12 and 16.


Couch, John, Jr 1-2-4-1

Couch, Daniel 1-7-7-1

Couch, James (Jesse C.) 2-1-11-0

Couch, John, Capt. 1-6-11-1


Magazine of VA Genealogy & History on the Reconstruction of the Anderson Family of Buckingham Co., VA, by Elizabeth Shown Mills.


Al. JAMES BARTLETT COUCH, d. 1809 m. ANN ANDERSON, daughter of Thomas Anderson and Sarah Howard Anderson. He received 508a @14sh 9p. from the estate of her father, Thomas Anderson, an approximately equal share [by monetary value] with each of the heirs.

After the death of JAMES, his wife ANN m. #2 Jesse E. Couch, also a brother of JAMES' and had issue, 3 young sons under the age of 10 in the 1817 Tax records, Edward and William D. and another who evidently died young. Ann died by 1820.


    B1. Edward Couch m. Sarah Smith Anderson Winfrey as her #2 husband. He d. c1816. Sarah had m. c1794, #1 Samuel Winfrey and they had Sarah, who m. Eli Ballowe; Samuel Winfrey, Jr.; Thomas Winfrey; probably Mariah who m. Marshall J. Crouch: Eliza Winfrey: and John Winfrey. Husband #3 was Thomas Patteson. (Box 1, Folder: 1813, 1814, 1815, 1818, Personal Papers File #12195: Patteson Family Papers, Virginia Archives. Also, check folder 1824 for Thomas Patteson & Sarah S. Couch, for George Booker vs. Marshall J. Couch Debt.)

    B2. Marshall J. Couch m. a daughter of Samuel & Sarah Anderson Winfrey, probably Mariah A., sister to Sarah Winfrey.

    B3. Daniel Couch d. ca 1816 {in 1816 John S. Anderson, William Anderson and Marshall J. Couch, were appointed commissioners to divide the estate of Marshall's brother, Daniel Couch in Bedford Co. [Bedford Co., Circuit Court Will Book 4, p229.]

    B4. Mary "Polly" Couch b. 1790 m William Anderson 22 Feb 1807

    B5. John Couch [called Jr., until his Uncle, Joh, Sr. died about 1815] m Mary "Polly" Anderson, dau Thomas Anderson.

    B6 William D. [abney?] Couch m. Jane? They lived next door to the Samuel Burks family. By 1850 Wm D. and Jane had removed to Botetourt Co. where they shared their home with apparently, twin sisters, Elizabeth and Mary Burks, b. 1818. Twins were also born to this couple, one of them was named "Dolly".

    B7. Rachel Couch b. c. 1772 m. c1790 [Daniel] Arthur Nunnally, b. c1765 d1812 in Buckingham Co. [Arthur head of own household that year]. Rachel and both sons moved to Madison Co., AL by 1822 and she m #2 Samuel Allen in 1823.

        C1. John C. Nunnally [named for Arthur's adopted father]

        C2. James Bartlett Nunnally [obviously for Rachel's dad]

        C3. Nancy Jane Nunnally. [Nanny or Nancy were in those days nicknames or "pet" names for Ann. Each of Rachel's parents were given a namesake.

    B8. [possible] Dolly - - -[Couch?] who was the second wife of Thomas Anderson m before 1805. She m. #2 Samuel Burks

A2.John Courch Sr. (The 1810 Census and all prior tax rolls back to 17822, indicate the existance of only two adult Couch males in the county of adequate age to be the father of Edward and Marshall J. Couch: Captain James Bartlett Couch and Captain John Couch [Sr.] Of these two, in 1810 John had no young and single males or females in his household, while James had two males 16-25. One was Marshall J. Couch, a proven son of James, therefore the other must have been Edward.)

One of John's daughter married John Patteson, and one m. Thomas Tindall, according to John's will. John, the most dominant figure of the family and possibly the eldest m. an unnamed daughter of Thomas Anderson. She died very soon and her sister, Mary became John's #2 wife. John d. c1815 [indicated by absence on 1815 Tax Rolls]. He served as administrator of the estate of his brother, Daniel and in the same capacity for brothers James Bartlett, and Marshall J. He also took over the administration of his father's navigation business. John moved to Hopkins Co., KY about 1834 and appointed Curtis C. Nunnally of Buckingham To manage his affairs. John died in 1839.

The will of John Couch, Jr. identified his children: Edward Smith; John I; Mary Ann [wife of James D. Couch]; Sarah Elizabeth [wife of Joseph Roots]; James Daniel; Nicholas Meriwether; Thomas Gaffena [Jefferson], Curtice Nunally [sic]; Geo. Calvin; and Susan Rebecca. Executors brother-in-law John S. Anderson and nephew James D. Couch.

A3.Jesse E. Couch m by 1813, ANN ANDERSON COUCH the widow of his dec'd. brother, JAMES BARTLETT COUCH. They had three young boys under the age of 10, by the 1820 census and ANN appears to have died by 1817.


Library of Virginia Archives Web Site

Grants No. 48 1801-1802 page 377-8

David Bondurant 12 February 1802 Buckingham Co granted 21 acres adjoining Ann Moses, JAMES B. COUCH, and Tapscotts land.