James Bailey & Lucy
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According to Mary E. Howe, Bailey researcher & author of Richard Bailey Volume I & II, Lucy's last name was not Simms as often reported.  Lucy Simms died in England and never came to America.


Chesterfield Co, Va Wills 1749-1774 Weisiger 975.5594W

page 36

p.331 Will of JAMES BAILEY 16 March 1762 To sons Benjamin, James, and Richard and to daughters Elizabeth Melton and Mary Daniel, each 1 shilling All the rest to wife LUCY       Wit: Stephen Russell, Richard Moore, Jacob Ashurst

page 137 4 February 1764

p.473 Will of JAMES BAILEY presented by LUCY BAILEY and proved by Stephen Russell, Richard Moor, & Jacob Ashurst


Mercer Co, History 1984 975.474M

Page 135 Richard Bailey

Richard Bailey, son of JAMES BAILEY of Henrico County Virginia, married Elizabeth Anne Belcher.


Richard Bailey of Chesterfield and Tazewell Counties, Virginia and his Descendants

by Mary Ellen Howe Vol 1

Chapter One - The Early History and the Line of Benjamin

page 1-11

The Appomattox River steadily winds through Chesterfield County, Virginia, on its eventual way to Petersburg and the James River. The part of the river between Chesterfield and Amelia County, and at the mouth of Goode’s Creek, remains largely unchanged and untouched, much the same as it was in the days when JAMES BAILEY first came with him family to live there…

The earliest known record of JAMES BAILEY appears in Henrico County, Virginia in John Nash’s Sheriff’s Bond along with John and Richard Belcher:

JAMES BAILEY Dr. 1736. 1 Levy. Store debt. Mr Cary’s debt. A bond due. Paid 75 lbs. Tobo. By Jno Pride, Jr. 74 lbs. Tobo. Pd by John Worsham.

John Pride, Jr. 1737. 2 levys, Clks. Fee…to John Farmer Jr., JAMES BAILEY and John Akin each 75 lbs. Tobo. For 3 days attendance….

JAMES BAILEY’s three sons were Benjamin, James, Jr., and Richard. The youngest son, Richard, married Elizabeth Anne Belcher. Thus the many descendants of Richard Bailey also carry the Belcher line….

JAMES BAILEY’s occupation remains unknown to us. There is no record of his ever owning land. There were, however, many mills in this area; some of the mills were owned by the Gates family. Richard Bailey seemed to have knowledge of milling when he settled in Tazewell County, Virginia. James Jr.’s sons were lumbermen and sawyers, and Benjamin raised cattle and hogs….

Richard and James, Jr. Sold their land after JAMES, SR. died and moved to other areas….

And so we begin the story of JAMES BAILEY and his extraordinary family – the births and deaths, joys and sorrows, the triumphs and failures – their greatness and their humanness.


He came to Virginia prior to 1736, and his will, recorded in the Chesterfield County, Virginia, Courthouse records (Will Book 1 page 331), states:

In the name of God amen. This 16th day of March 1762, I JAMES BAILEY, being of

perfect mind do make this last will and testament.

Item: I give to my son, Benjamin, one shilling sterling.

Item: I give to my son, James Bailey, one shilling sterling.

Item: I give to my son, Richard Bailey, one shilling sterling.

Item: I give to my dau., Elizabeth Melton, one shilling sterling.

Item: I give to my dau., Mary Daniel, one shilling sterling.

I give the remainder of my estate after expenses are paid to my well beloved wife LUCY

BALEY. I also desire that there be no appraisement or inventory of my estate.

Witnesses: Stephen Russell


Richard Moore his mark

During the last part of his life, JAMES probably lived with one of his sons in the Skinquarter area. This area was part of the Dale Parish whose first church was called the Swift Creek or "Great Swamp" Church built in 1736. It was located on the upper branches of Swift Creek. JAMES and LUCY BAILEY may have attended this church. There are no records left, and the church itself is completely gone, probably now beneath the Swift Creek reservoir.

LUCY BAILEY presented JAMES’ will on February 4, 1764. They were probably buried on James, Jr.’s seventy-seven acre tract of land on Skinquarter Road. There is a cemetery located on this property back some distance behind the house of Mr. William Simms. Many of the graves are unmarked.

i. Benjamin

ii. James

iii. Richard

iv. Elizabeth m. ______ Melton (Thomas?)

v. Mary


JAMES BAILEY AND LUCY SIMMS 1714+ of Chesterfield Co, Va & Tazewell Co, Va/Wva

compiled by Donna Beers  [note from Dianne:  see note above about Lucy's last name]

Generation 1

BAILEY JAMES 1, born on 1714; died on 1762+ at Chesterfield Co VA at 48 years of age. He married on 1725+ at Chesterfield Co VA to SIMMS, LUCY. (Will - 16 Mar 1762 BK-1331)(Archived of the Pioneers of Tazewell Co VA) (Dora Baldwin/3900 N Hill Dr/Apt 209 Hollywood, FL/ 33021)(Rob Bailey/ wn8s@pobox.com)

i. Bailey, Benjamin

ii. Bailey, James

iii. Bailey, Richard (Sr.) born 1735

iv. Bailey, Elizabeth, born at Chesterfield Co., Va. She married to Melton, ? (Archives of the Pioneers of Tazewell Co. VA)(2nd gen/James/)

v. Bailey, Mary



Archives of the Pioneers of Tazewell Co, Virginia Yantis 975.5763Y

Page 257. Some Descendants of the Pioneers


                                      _JAMES BAILEY 7__

                                       | d 1762 Chesterfield Co, VA

_Richard Bailey 6_ ____|

|b. ca 1740                     |_LUCY __________




|_Elizabeth Belsher _ _


7. Will of JAMES is recorded in Chesterfield County (Will Bk 1-331). Legatees: wife LUCY; children, Benjamin, James, Richard, Elizabeth Melton, Mary Daniel.


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