James Akin & Sarah
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Henrico County, VA Deeds 1677-1705 Weisiger 975.5453

p.11 page 162

Robert Russell for a valuable consideration to Eben Bellangey, all my interest in land on East side of Cobe Creek, next to Thomas Welles, being part of a patent to JAMES AKIN and Rich’d Womeck for 335 acres 26 May 1673. 28 Feb. 1680

Wit: Rich’d Ligon, JAMES (IE) AKEN, Sr.

Signed: Robt. (X) Russel Recorded 1 April 1681


p.19 page 235 JAMES AKEN, SR and SARAH his wife assign a parcel of land on east side of Cobbs Slash in Bristol Parish, to Eben Bellange. 1 Dec 1682

Wit: Richard Lygon, John Faile

Signed: JAMES (II) AKEN, SARAH (E) AKEN Recorded 2 April 1683


p.22 page 253 24 Aug. 1683

George Freeman, carpenter, of Henrico Co., to William Chambers, planter, of same, 200 acres on south side of James River, bounded by land of Joseph Tanner’s orphans (& also land formerly belonging to Maj. William Harris, dec’d) and JAMES EKIN, as by patent 7 Oct. 1671 and by John Baugh sold to said Freeman 10 March 1766/8.

(Witnesses illegible) Signed: George (GF) Freeman

Recorded 1 Oct. 1683


p.30 page 323

Francis, Lord Howard, Baron of Effingham, Lt. Gov.of Va., grants to Evan Bellange 83 acres in Bristol Parish on north side of Appomattox River, next to land formerly Thomas Wells;, not in possession of Richard Holmes, next to Cobbs Slash. 47 acres were purchased of Robert Russell, 5 acres purchased of JAMES EKIN, SR., the other 30 being Kings land. 20 April 1685


p.31 page 345

William Chambers of Henrico Co., planter sends greeting: Whereas Sir William Berkley, Knt., Lt. Gov. of Va., by patent 7 Oct 1671 granted to John Baugh 200 acres on south side of James River, next to orphans of Joseph Tanner, and also land belonging to Maj. William Harris, dec’d next to JAMES EAKINS; John Baugh deeded tract to George Freeman 4 March 1677, who deeded li 24 Aug. 1683 to said Chambers…


p.35 page 385

William Byrd of Henrico Co., Esq., for a consideration to JAMES EAKIN, 167 acres, being land fallen to His Majesty by escheat and granted to me; being part of 335 acres formerly granted to JAMES EAKIN and Richand Womeck 26 May 1673; also one othr piece of 112 acres next to Tanner’s land, James Forrest, and formerly Martin Elam’s, Robert Russell’s line, and John Baugh. Said land lately escheated to His Majesty. Dated 30 Sept. 1686

Wit: Pet. Field, Henry Batte

Signed: Wm Byrd Recorded 1 Oct. 1686


p.36 page 395

JAMES EAKIN, Sr. and James Eakin, Jr. for consideration, 80 or 90 acres to Bartholomew Roberts, Sr. and Bartholomew Roberts, Jr. Land bounded by Miry Hole, Tanner’s corner, Flinton’s, James Forrest, Edward Stratton and Martin Elam. 8 Oct. 1685

Wit: William Bowley, Will’m (W) Roberts

Signed; JAMES (IE) EAKIN, SR., James (I) Eakin, Jr.

Recorded 1 Dec 1686

SARAH, wife of JAMES EAKIN, Sr., relinquished her dower right.


p.43 page 450

Anne, wife of James Eakins, Jr., relinquished her dower right in land sold by her husband and JAMES EAKINS, Sr. 1 Dec. 1686, to Bartholomew Roberts. Hen Randolph, Cl. Cur.


p.88 page 540 1 Dec. 1694

Bartholomew Roberts and William Roberts of Henrico Co. to Richard Nunery of same, for 1900 lbs tobacco, land on south side of James River next to JAMES AKIN, Mr. Elam, "Baldwins" and is all that land that Bart. Roberts bought of JAMES AKINS, 70 acres.

Wit: Philip Turpin, Edw. Tanner

Sagned: Barth (BR) Roberts, Will’m (LL) roberts, Eliza. Roberts

Recorded 1 Feb 1694


p.89 page 568 1 April 1695

Martin Elam, Sr. to James Eakins, Jr., for 3000 lbs tobacco, land on south side James River on north part Flintons Slash, next to JAMES AKIN, SR. and James Forrest, 80 acres.

Wit: Stephen Cocke, Richard Cocke, Jr.

Signed: Martin Elam Recorded 1 April 1695

Frances, wife of Martin, relinquished her dower right.


p.95 page 654

JAMES EAKIN, SR. and James Eakin, Jr. to John Farley, Jr. 80 acres in Varina Parish, bonded by Robert Russell, Flintons, Butterwood bottom and Cobs slash. 15 June 1696

Wit: John Farley, Sr., Nich. Dison

Signed: JAMES (IE) AKIN, Sr., James (HI) Akin, Jr. 20 Aug. 1696


p.125 page 317

Moses Wood, for L 5, to James Hill, land near Lick Buttock Hill, being formerly granted to said Hill and lapsed, and now part of my tract granted to be by patent, bounded by John Granger, JAMES AKIN, Robert Russell, and James Baugh, 100 acres. 1 April 1703

Wit: Cha. Roberts, Hen. Cha. Feterston

Signed: Moses (M) Wood, Eliz. (E) Wood 1 April 1703

Elizabeth, wife of Moses, relinquished her dower right.


p.134 page 424

1 Oct. 1704 Robert Russell, Sr., to James Akin, Jr., for L 10, land called "Poplar Level" in Bristol Parish on south side of James River, bounded by JAMES AKIN, Sr. and Pitch & Tar Slash, 30 acres.

Wit: Abr. Womack, Jr. William Ligon, Char. Russell

Signed: Robert (#) Russell Recorded 2 Oct. 1704

Court Orders 1678-1693


p.138 page 48

We have made a division of land between George Worsham and John Willson as by survey of Col. Lygon. 15 May 1678

Signed: Thomas Batte, Tho. Lockett, Charles Fetherston, Thomas ™ Wells, Richard (W) Womack, JAMES (IE) EKINS, James Baugh, William (W) Puckett, Peter (P) Ashbrook, John (IB) Baugh, John (P) Puckett, James (G) Gates


Ages as Given By Deposition in County Records 1677-1705

1677-1692 Will & Deed Book

p.147 Dec. 1677 JAMES EKIN, 46

p.156 1 August 1678 JAMES EKIN, 45


Colonial Wills of Henrico Co, VA pt 1 1654-1737 Weisiger 975.5459

p.92 page 240 Will of JAMES AKIN, SR. of Varina Parish April 21, 1712

To wife SARAH, the Indian woman Rose, and her 2 children and also the plantation for life. At her death this goes to my son JAMES AKIN. All the rest to wife, and she to be executrix. Codicil: to 4 children James Akin, Mary Womeck, Elizabeth Farlow, and Sarah Nunnoly, each 12 pence

wit: Thomas Chamberlayne, Richard Oglesby, Chas. Roberts Recorded 1 Feb. 1713


p.94 page 283 Will of SARAH AKIN, widow

To son James Akin, slaves and items

To grandson Daniel Nunnoly, a feather bed

To daughter Elizabeth Farlow, a feather bed

To daughter Sarah Nunnoly, items

To son in law John Womack, 1 shilling

All the rest to be divided into three parts, one third each to children James, Elizabeth and Sarah

Son James to be executor

Dated 2 Feb. 1713/14

Wit: Thomas Chamberlayne, William Baugh, Chas Roberts Recorded 2 Aug. 1714


p.94 page 284 Inventory of SARAH AKIN appraised 24 Aug. 1714

Value L 21/9/2 by James Baugh, Edward Tanner, Robert Hudson, and Moses Wood. Recorded 7 Sept. 1714


Library of Virginia Archives Web Site

Patents No. 6 1666-1679 page 454-5

Richard Womack and JAMES AKIN 26 May 1673 Henrico Co granted 335 acres on the North side of Appammattock River; begg. &c. a corner tree at ye. Head of Thomas Wells’ land.


Patents No 5 1661-1666 page 517-8

JAMES AKIN 20 October 1665 Henrico Co granted 250 acres on the North side of Appamattock River. Begg. &c. at the head of Thomas Webbs’s land.


Patents No. 10 1710-1719 page 177-8

Richard Grills 16 June 1714 Henrico Co granted 3000 acres on the South side of Swift Creek beginning &c. on the West side of Spring Run belonging to the land of JAMES AKIN.


Patents No. 14 1728-1732 page 152-3

Alexander Marshall 2 June 1731 Henrico Co granted 2578 acres on the north and south side of Swift Creek, adjoining the land of JAMES AKIN, his own and Wm. Pride.


Patents No. 14 1728-1732 page 195-6

JAMES AKIN 26 June 1731 Goochland Co granted 1000 acres on the north side of Appomattock River adjoining Halcoate Pride &c.


Patents No. 15 1743-1735 page 255-6

Isaac Robinson 1 August 1734 Henrico Co granted 400 acres on the north side of Appamattox River. Adjoining the land of JAMES AKIN, Arthur Mosely and his own thence &c. standing on a small branch of Swift Creek.