Henry Turner & Maria Smith
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HENRY TURNER was a General Merchant of Mobile. His first wife was Mary Calloway. They had 4 children. After her death on July 22, 1844, he married MARIA SMITH from Ireland who was the widow McCaskill. MARIA had a daughter Catherine "Kate" McCaskill. Nobody liked Kate. The kids all sang "Kate McCaskill, long-tailed rascal". Kate came out and spent her last days at 854 Conti Street, Mobile, with Adeline B. Turner Hooks and Mary Jane Turner. She was an unwelcome guest.

The family story goes that Ed Smith, MARIA's brother, discovered a silver mine in California, and wanted HENRY TURNER to move out there also, but HENRY wouldn't go. Ed sent back a shell shaped berry spoon made from the silver from his mine. It is true that Ed did send MARIA a shell shaped berry spoon, but the 1870 & 1880 California Census show him to be a Dairyman.

HENRY and MARIA had 6 children. Most of their grandchildren by their daughter Margaret Maria "Maggie" Turner and Arthur Merriweather Lewis, II, were born in Mobile. HENRY sent Maggie a $500 rosewood Piano in 1876. It burned when the Lewis family home near Jefferson, Alabama, burned sometime after 1916.

Family tradition spells her name MARIAH, but the death certificate and letters she wrote show MARIA. The family pronounced the name MarIa - with a long "i". MARIA would ride the train back to New York to buy her clothes.

George Elmore Turner died July 28, 1862, from wounds received at 7 Pines in the Battle of Malvern Hill before Richmond, Virginia. He was a member of the Gulf City Guards, 3rd Regiment Alabama Volunteers. His brother Jacob Henry Turner served in the same regiment.

In 1874 Lewis Washington Turner took a job as a bookkeeper for the firm of Turner and Oates.

The 1869 Mobile City telephone directory shows the Turner home to be on Springhill Avenue and HENRY TURNER's business firm on Commerce Street. Also listed is the jeweler where Maggie Turner Lewis' ring was purchased and the furniture store where MARIA SMITH TURNER's dresser was bought.

Around 1800 MARIA died and HENRY TURNER married a widow with

2 daughters. She was not his type of woman. It was at this time his 2 daughters Adeline B. Turner Hooks and Mary Jane Turner moved into the house on Conti Street.



Marie Alberta Kastner

Aileen Dozier Blankenstein


The State of Alabama)

Mobile County ) ss

To any one of the State Judges, or to any

Ordained Minister of the Gospel, or to any Justice of the Peace of said County, Know Be that you are hereby authorized and Licensed to join together in the bonds of Matrimony Allen McCaskill with MARIA SMITH.

Given under my hand and seal the 30 day of Sept 1840

Wm. Taylor Clk L. S.


p.386 1841 Mobile, Alabama, Marriage License

Know all men by these presents that we Allen McCaskill and Elijah O. McGann are held and firmly bound with A. P. Bayr Governor of the State of Alabama for his services. We offer in the penal sum of $200 for the payment which we jointly and severally bind ourselves our heirs executors and administrators by these presents sealed with our heirs executors and administrators by these presents sealed with our heirs executors and administrators by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 30 Sep 1841. The condition of this obligation is such that where as the above bounded Allen McCaskill has this day obtained license to

intermarry and be joined together in the bonds of matrimony with MARIA SMITH now if there be no lawful claims to obstruct said marriage then his obligation to be void or else to be and remain in full force and effect.

Allen McCaskill

E. O. McGann


The State of Alabama)

Mobile County ) ss

To any one of the State Judges, or to any Ordained Minister of the Gospel, or to any Justice of the Peace of said County, Know Be that you are hereby authorized and Licensed to join together in the bonds of Matrimony HENRY TURNER with Mary Calloway.

Given under my hand and seal the 4 day of August 1835 H. Lewis Clk L.S.


The State of Alabama)

Mobile County ) ss

To any one of the State Judges, or to any Ordained Minister of the Gospel, or to any Justice of the Peace of said County, Know Be that you are hereby authorized and Licensed to join together in the bonds of Matrimony HENRY TURNER with Maria McCaskill.

Given under my hand and seal the 22 day of April 1846 D. Thompson Clk L.S.

Married by the undersigned april 23, 1846, Jas. McGarahan

1846 Mobile, Alabama, Marriage License

Know all men by these presents that we HENRY TURNER and John Wiest are held and firmly bound with Josua L. Mankin Governor of the State of Alabama for his services we offer in the penal sum of Two Hundred dollars for the payment which we bond ourselves our heirs executors and administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seal and dated this 22nd day of April AD 1946. The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bounded HENRY TURNER has obtained license to intermarry and be joined together in the bonds of

matrimony with MARIA McCaskill, now if there be no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage then this obligation to be void else to remain in full force and effect. HENRY TURNER

J. W. Weist

The State of Alabama)

Mobile County )Know all men by these presents that we HENRY

TURNER and P. F. Alba are held and firmly bound unto the State of

Alabama, in the penal sum of TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS for the payment

whereof, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals and dated this 21 day of June AD 1881.

THE CONDITION OF THE ABOVE OBLIGATION IS SUCH That whereas the above bounder HENRY TURNER has obtained License to intermarry and be joined together in the bonds of Matrimony with Mrs. Mary A. Hines, widow. NOW if there be no lawful cause why such

marriage should not be celebrated, then this obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and effect.


P. F. Alba SEAL


The State of Alabama) To any of the State Judges, or to any

Mobile County ) Ordained Minister of the Gospel or to any Justice of the Peace of said County - Greeting. Know Ye That you are hereby authorized and Licensed to join together in the Bonds of Matrimony HENRY TURNER with Mrs. Mary A. Hines, Widow. Given under my hand and seal this 21 day of June 1881

P. Williams Jr. Judge SEAL

The State of Alabama) To the Judge of Probate of said County I

Mobile County ) hereby certify That I this day solemnized the rites of Matrimony between HENRY TURNER and Mary A. Hines who are within named, at Pastoral Re??? in said county. Witness my hand this, the 22 day of June 1881

C. T. OCullugham Pastor


1840 Mobile City, Alabama, Census

p. 109 - 1 person insane, idiot, and public charge


1 m 5 - 10

1 m 10 - 15

1 m 20 - 30

2 f under 5

1 f 15 - 20

1 f 20 - 30

1 f 70 - 80


1850 Mobile City, Alabama, Census p 302


MARIA 30 New York

Adeline 14 Alabama

George 10 Alabama

Jacob 8 Alabama

Catherine 7 Alabama

Margaret 2 Alabama

Sarah 84 North Carolina

Adam Brighton 13 Alabama


1860 Mobile City, Alabama, Census p 463

HENRY TURNER 46 Mississippi

MARIA 38 Ireland

George 18 Alabama

Jacob H. 16 Alabama

Adeline Hooks 22 Alabama

Charles W. Hooks 25 Alabama

Catherine Turner 14 Alabama

Margaret M. 12 Alabama

Mary J. 10 Alabama

Charles E. 8 Alabama

Lewis W. 5 Alabama

James Silliman 22 New York

Ira Donald 40 Virginia


1870 Mobile City, Alabama, Census 8th Ward p. 321

TURNER, HENRY 56 Mississippi

MARIA 51 Ireland

Kate 26 Alabama

Maggie 21 Alabama

Mary 19 Alabama

Charles 17 Alabama

Lewis 15 Alabama

Rubin, Martha 32 Georgia Servant

Davis 5 Alabama


1880 Mobile City, Alabama, Census p. 344

TURNER, HENRY 60 Miss England North Carolina

Hooks, Adeline 42 Dau Ala Miss Georgia

Turner, Mary 29 Dau Ala Miss Georgia

McCaskill, Kate 33 Step-dau Ala SC Ireland

Turner, Charles E. 27 Son Alabama Miss Georgia

Turner, Louis W. 25 son Alabama Miss Georgia

Hooks, Charles W. 39 son-in-law Ala NC Ala

4 black servants


No 282

Health Department of the Part of Mobile

Return of a Death


Date of Death May 21st 1880

Place of death

Street and No Conception 1st S. Augusta

Place of Birth Ireland

Sex Female Color White

Married Married

Name of Physician E. P. Gaines M. D.

To be interred in M. C. Lot 26 Sq 9

Wm V. Beroujon

Burle Whitmann, Undertaker

Physician's Certificate of Death

Mobile, May 24, 1880

This Certifies that MARIA TURNER

died on the 21 day of May 1880

Disease or cause of death Chronic Brights Disease/Kidneys

Place of death Conception & Augusta

Duration of Illness Several Years

Place where contracted ?

Date of last visit May 20

Pauper? No

E. P. Givens, M. D.

Attending Physician


MARIA SMITH TURNER's recipe for Corn Fritters - written down in 1862

Corn Fritters. Take one dozen ears of young corn, cut all the grains down the center and scrape all the corn off the cob. Stir gradually two tablespoonfuls of flour, three eggs beaten light, salt and pepper to taste. Mix all well together. Allow one tablespoonful for each fritter, fry in boiling lard and send to the table hot. These are very nice for breakfast.


Newspaper article on HENRY TURNER

On Friday morning Mr. HENRY TURNER, for many years a resident of Mobile, died at his late residence on Conception between Augusta and Savannah streets after a lingering illness. Mr. TURNER was born in Green County, Mississippi, in 1813 and came to Mobile when a boy, first accepting service as a clerk. Later he engaged in the grocery business on his own account and for many years was a leading Spring Hill road merchant at a time when the wagon trade made that thoroughfare an important business center. He afterwards engaged in the feed and grain business at the corner of Exchange and Commerce and at the corner of Conti and Water streets. He was elected for a term as State and County Tax Assessor and performed the duties satisfactorily. For 2 or 3 years he was a clerk for Tax Collector E. B. Lott and surrendered the position because of enfeebled health.

Mr. TURNER was the last of a large family, all of whom attained to a ripe old age, himself reaching to seventy-five years. He was married three times and leaves by his first wife 2 daughters, one of them Mrs. Charles B. Hooks. By his second wife he has several children: George, who was killed at Seven Pines; Jacob, who died several years ago, Charles and Lewis W.; Mrs. M. Lewis, who lives near Demopolis, and Miss Mary Turner. The

funeral took place this forenoon at nine o'clock at the late residence.


A Pleasant Reunion

Second Annual Soiree of the Trepsichorran Club

The T. D. C. gave its second annual soiree last night at the residence of Mr. HENRY TURNER, on Conception, between Augusta and Savannah streets. The spacious double parlors were well filled with happy young folks, who engaged dancing until supper was announced. The T. D. C. never does anything by halves, and the Supper Committee even surprised the members of the club last night by the tempting table they had prepared. During the evening every lady guest was presented with a pretty souvenir of the occasion. The souvenirs were pretty little wire baskets with hand-painted china saucers for bottoms. The subscription on the saucers was "Second Anniversary T. D. C., January 9, 1885."


Mrs. A. B. Hooks Celebrates 86th Birthday -

A very pleasant afternoon and evening, on Tuesday December 12, was spent at the home of Mrs. A. B. Hooks when her sister Miss Mary J. Turner assisted by her friend Mrs. S. M. Coffin entertained in honor of Mrs. A. B. Hooks 86th Birthday. Fifty guests called to offer congratulations with tokens of remembrance of the day. Her great niece little Marie Alberta Kastner formerly of Pensacola, Fla., was one of her serving girls.

Resident Next of Kin:

Louis Turner, )

Earl Turner, ) Selma and Scott Streets, Mobile

Mrs. Kate Kastner, 854 Conti Street, Mobile, Alabama.

Non-Resident next of kin:

Lee C. Lewis )

Edward L. Lewis) Demopolis, Marengo County, Alabama

Mrs. Agnes Mulmar )

Mrs. Ethel Dozier ) Lonoke, Arkansas

Miss Eloise Lewis )

Mrs. J. W. Nolen, 120 So 69th Street, Birmingham, Alabama

Calvin Turner, Address Unknown

A. T. Lewis, 1161 Breadlove Street, Memphis, Tenn.


In the matter of the IN THE PROBATE COURT OF

Estate of Adeline B. Hooks MOBILE COUNTY, ALABAMA




Your petitioner, Mary J. Turner, who is a resident of the City and County of Mobile, and State of Alabama, and who is over the age of twenty-one years, respectfully represents and shows unto the Court as follows:

1. That on the 17th day of January, 1924, Adeline B. Hooks, departed this life in the City and County of Mobile and State of Alabama, leaving a last will and testament, wherein and whereby your petitioner was devised and bequeathed certain real estate as mentioned and described in said will and all the personal effects of the decedent, which constituted and was entire estate of the decedent, all of which said property was at the time of the decedent's death and still is in the City and County of Mobile, and State of Alabama, and that the decedent at the time of her death resided in the City and County of Mobile, and State of Alabama. That said will was attested by W. B. Delchampe who resides in the City and County of Mobile, Alabama, and whose address is care Delchamps-Heiter Printing Company, Mobile, Alabama, and also by V. P. Gaines, now deceased. Your petitioner herewith produces to the court and propounds for probate and record the said last will and testament of said decedent.

2. The said decedent was unmarried at the time of her death, but her next of kin, as far as known by your petitioner are as follows: Your petitioner, a sister; Louis Turner and Earl Turner, both nephews, who resides in the City and County of Mobile, Alabama, and whose addresses are Selma and Scott streets, Mobile, Alabama. Lee C. Lewis, and Edward L. Lewis, both nephews, who reside in the Town of Demopolis, County of Marengo, Alabama; Mrs. Agnes Malmar, Mrs. Ethel Dozier and Miss Eloise Lewis, all three of whom are nieces and reside in the town of Lonoke, State of Arkansas; Mrs. J. W. Bolen, a niece who resides in the City of Birmingham, County of Jefferson, Alabama, and who address is 120 South 49th Street, Birmingham, Alabama; and Calvin Turner, a nephew, who, to the best of your petitioner's information and belief, is a non-resident of the State of Alabama, but whose place of residence your petitioner has been unable to ascertain and after diligent inquiry is unknown to your petitioner, the said Calvin Turner having at one time lived in Mobile, Alabama, but has not been heard from for several years; all of whom are over the age of twenty-one years. A. T. Lewis, a nephew residence Memphis Tenn, and Mrs. Katie Kastner 1161 Breedlove St. residence 854 Conti St. Mobile, Ala.

The premises considered your petitioner prays that a day be set for hearing of this petition and that due notices as required by law be given to the next of kin of said decedent and that such other proceedings, orders and decrees may be had and made in the premises as may be requisite and proper to effect the due probate and recording of said will, according to law.

Mary J. Turner


Subscribed and sworn to before me,

this 13th day of February, 1924.

Henry M. Sossaman

Notary Public, Mobile County, Alabama. (NOTARY SEAL)

Stevens, McCorvey McLeod & Goode

Attorneys for Petitioner.

Filed Feby 14, 1924.

Set for March 19th, 1924.



Mary Jane Turner

Miss Mary Jane Turner 79, native and lifelong resident of this city, died at the family residence 854 Conti street, Tuesday morning at 1 o'clock. She is survived by her nieces, Mrs. Albert Kastner of this city, Mrs. Robert E. Martin, Mrs. Louis Dozier, and Mrs. Gibson Jones, all of Lonoke, Ark; her nephews, Lee C. and E. S. Lewis, both of Demopolis, Ala., and A. T. Lewis, of Memphis, Tenn., and other relatives. She was a member of St. Joseph's Ladies Benevolent Association. Her funeral will be held from the Tom McKay funeral home, Wednesday morning at 8:30 o'clock and from St. Joseph's Catholic church at 9 o'clock with mass. Interment will be in Magnolia cemetery.


Funeral Notice

Turner - entered into rest. Tuesday morning, November 11,

1930, at 1 o'clock Miss Mary Jane Turner.

The friends of the family are requested to attend her funeral from the Tom McKay funeral home St. Louis and Jackson Streets This Wednesday morning at 8:30 o'clock and from St. Joseph's Catholic church at 9 o'clock with mass. Interment at Magnolia cemetery.

Miss Mary Turner

The funeral of Miss Mary Jane Turner, native and lifelong resident of this city, who died Tuesday morning was held from the Tom McKay funeral home Wednesday morning 8:30 o'clock and from St. Joseph's Catholic Church at 9 o'clock with mass. Rev. Father Clement Seidi conducted the services and celebrated the mass. The pallbearers were: Malcomb Byrnes, Tyler Turner, William B. Beuchamps, S. Marion Coffin, Frank L. Diard and William A. Yeend. Interment was in Magnolia cemetery.


Will of Mary Jane Turner:

I Mary J. Turner, of the City of Mobile, State of Alabama, do make, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament.

FIRST: I give and devise to my niece, Katie Lewis Kastner, the house and lot known as 854 Conti Street, being on the north side of Conti street, second east of Broad Street, Mobile, Alabama.

SECOND: I give and bequeath to my niece, Katie Lewis Kastner, all personal property of whatever kind of which I die possessed.

THIRD: I nominate and appoint Albert Kastner, as the Executor of this will and testament and direct that he shall not be required to give bond, nor any report to any court of his action hereunder.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, Mary J. Turner, have hereunto set my hand this 17 day of March 1824.

Mary J. Turner

Signed, sealed and declared by the said Mary J. Turner, as her last will and testament, in the presence of us, who at her request in her sight and presence and in the presence of each other, have subscribed our names as attesting witnesses thereto, in the City of Mobile County of Mobile, State of Ala this the 17 day of March 1924

Corinne J. Anturres

Marshall Turner


HENRY TURNER's papers where he purchased a slave:

Received Mobile April 2nd 1850 of HENRY TURNER the sum of Seven Hundred Dollars in full satisfaction for a negro girl named Jane aged about Eighteen years. And I, Mary Ann Frowner, my husband James Frowner hereby consenting and joining in this Bill of Sale do hereby forever warrant and defend the said slave for life, but as to health and to soundness of diseth.

Witness our hands and seals this day and date above written

Mary A. Frowner

Jas. Frowner

In presence of

Lucy A. Bube

Robt. W. Harris


A letter from HENRY TURNER to his daughters Margaret and Mary:

Mobile July 26, 1873

Margaret & Mary

This leaves us all well as when you left house but have herd nothing from you. Suppose you are both all right.

Arthur has bin a little sick since he came down but is all right a gain.

I think black Billy is dead.



To Maggie Turner Lewis from her mother MARIA SMITH TURNER:

Mobile March 7th 1876

Deare Maggey we received your over welcome letter, very glad you enjoyed your trip on the Boate it was very pleasant to meete friends, particularly leaving home. I was very much pleased that your Husband Mother and sisters received you so kindly. I hope you will always deserve the Same from them. Mary received a latter from Louis. He is very much pleased with Deere Park. Kate has not come home yet so I think that she must like it to so you know I have very little time to go visiting. I went to your Auntey O'Connell on Sunday and had dinner with them. She was much pleased that you mentioned her name first she hope you will come down the 9th of April we would like to see you and Arthur and any of the family. We will have a nice time the Spring oping very fast we will have pease and all kinds of vegetables. You ought to com down we all want to see you well Maggie the young cow had a calf on friday after you left a nice heifer I named Maggie so I think you must learn to milk before she is grown it is very nice and playful calf. We will soone have another we are keeping her up for the last to days So you see I will have some stock to move to our farm if I have good luck. I want Arthur and you to come down to see us and I will give you fish and oysters and a few crabs, and when my oranges ripe I will shipe you a barrel for I know you like fruit, Maggie their was some of your friends called to See me and wanted to know how I could spare you to go to New York, so I told her I was much batter pleased that you wase up the river write after there is nothing I like batter than to receive letters from you all you friends are well and send much love to you all well Mary will write to you tomorrow as it is Sunday. Maggie Kiss Arthur for me and kind regards to all good by


P. S. Your Mother has wrness to you

(Many of the letters from Edward Smith Maria's brother mention the O'Connels and Maria refers to her as Maggey's Auntey - so apparently she is Maria's sister. This is the first mention of HENRY TURNER having a farm.)


To Maggie Turner Lewis from her mother MARIA SMITH TURNER:

Mobile April 23, 1874

Deare Maggey Ifeere you an Arther must be sick we have not had a letter from you yet it makes us very anxious to know how you got home you aught write from Demopolis and we would get it next day well, Maggey Cousin Mary had a fine Boy on the 1st of this month and getting well we had a letter Lewis yester he is learning very fast. Mr. Otts if here now on his way to New Orleans for menshiner for the mill we expect cousin Nancy down this morning Kady and Aunt Siman she had a chill.

All well at home and youre friends are well Mrs. Bacon baby is much batter we have plenty of rain it rained very hard this morning Our Swampe field is to wet. I would send you a box of my own vegetables if you would send to the boate for them. Mary called on the Miss Crains and ware her lit Calico dress her new one looks very nice she is for saling it of this. Maggey Mary Panson got married yest and went to New Orleans. All Girles are getting married spring hill road is coming out dont you think so

love to all and kiss Arthur for me.

From your Mother



To Maggie Turner Lewis from her mother MARIA SMITH TURNER

Mobile May 15th 1874

Deare Maggery I received your ever welcome latter and very sorry to heere of the accent to you and Arther it was of awrote ishope. I hope you are not ingoureged by the fall fright. You had a hard time in getting home. I regretted it very much that you did not stary for the Faire it was quite acucess I went with mr. Otts and Mary we had fine time all Mobile turned out and meny from the Countrey. I wish often stred you and Arther could see the fine Horses that runne many caring of the Bleu orndand the stock was very fine. Cousin Mary and her boy is doing well. I looke for Kate next weekend and she will write to you all knews lively will write to you Sunday. I will seand you a box of vagiabls by tomoro laate if it gows out all well.

write ofton

I remain as eve your



To Maggie Turner Lewis from her Mother MARIA SMITH TURNER:

Mobile June 17th 1874

Dere Daughter received your latter this morning. I was very sorry to that you ware sick. I hope you will come down soane your mother thought that you and Arther would come down soan. I was very much pleased with your Mother and she spoke very kinkly of you it makes it very plesent for bouth familey I hope it will continue so. I had allatter from Kate yester she is quite wall fnd lik teching very well was looking for aleter from you. write to her soon. I hope you will not have any fevor if you have you must come home and tall Arther com to we will be glad to see him love to all remember me to your Auntey.

Maria Turner

P. S. Mary and Julia Carver down the way. Mr. W. Watt sent them mistran it is the rifels preknice at the farre grand. it is ranney now but there is ver large hale on the grund. Mary had written to you last week. I hope you got it. She will and tall you all the knews. I will seand you paper thes eving. Magey write to Louise he would be glad to heere farm you and arther He is getting alonge well donot regreat to write hame aver weeke I am anxious to from you it wa Mrs. N. Neele tha dead Anun Poley is about the same she felt very bad at death of her daughter. All well


From Mary Turner to her sister Maggie Turner Lewis

(Mary Jane Turner was quite a social butterfly. She mentions Lee in other letters. Apparently once she went for a ride with him in his carriage and her mother didn't approve because he was married. At the time she wrote this letter Mary was 24 years old. She never did marry.)

Little Henry made the hole in the paper after this was written. Sister Mag. Mobile June 28th 1874 So my country sister wants to know what to wear and how to wear it, does she? Well as to the had wear it by all menas; they are worn a great deal, and when not the hair is arranged in long puffs about nine will cover the head very becoming to your lovely sister. Sashes are very fashionable but they are tied on the left hem. wear your grey silk skirt aned over skirt with a blue belt and sash, the sash is brought out from under the belt, yours is cut into anyway so just put two ends under the belt and about the length of this paper down tie a knot, not a beau knot, thin let the other to ends hand wear your silver buckle. You say I go out a great deal, you may well say it for I am out every day unless it rains and sometimes then. I went to the Rifle's Picnick with Willie Wats he belongs to the company, the Gulf City Guards are going to have one soon, and I know I shall go to it for my emile belongs to that. I have a ticket for Miss Mary M--repbition but, I am not going it is tomorrow night, I'm going to a ball with John Yeind; bit I will go to Lomle's the next night. Friday evening I was at the theatre to the Military repilition the place was crowded, let out at half past twelve. I would send you Miss Mary's and Mr. Lomlis tickets but I am going to give Minnie S. the one to Miss Mary's and use the other one my self. I will not attempt to tell you about the time I had at the R. Picnic only say it was splended. If you would like to see Miss Mary Morton before she sails for China you had better make a visit home before the fall. She is going there as a missionary, leave home may be forever, this is her last term at school. I will se my german darling tomorrow for he told me Friday if I went he would be ther to won't I have a nice time dancing with my Emile darling, he is so handsome about Eugene S's (Sweeny) size with yellow curling hair graceful that aint the word and such teeth why they would put pearls to shame, there is but one condition. I will give him up on that is if Lee Fordney's wife will die, thin wouldn't Lee and I have a splendid time. Saw James McAdony just now promised the first Dances tomorrow night, but Emile for the remd ones. James McA is going to get up a moonlight excursion and take Ester, then I know Ma will let me go. When are you going to house keeping for I want to get out of town this summer some time. Joe (Jane?) sent her love to you this morning when I saw her. Willie W. has been on a bender he was anyway from home two day and nights, sands asked me if I had heard anything of him. I bet I know where he was but didn't tell him so. Mary and Willie Davis were here Friday night. I was so sorry that I was away. I would rather seen her than twenty egibitions. Is Sissie C. at your home? We are expecting Cousin Mary. Willie and baby sonn may be next week. Stella says does youre teeth ache any yet? (Mag. must be pg) The folks are all well and send love. Mary


Letter to Maggie Turner Lewis from her mother MARIA SMITH TURNER

Mobile Sept 15, 1874

Dear Maggey we had alatt from you last weeke. I was very glad to heer that Miss lewis is getting well. I hope you will not have faver this sumer you had it last sumer it is very heat they this mounth. no yellow fever yet so we are all preparing for a good fall trade. I hope we will have it thers is such fines crops made in the Country. I was very glad to heere thet Arther will make such a fine crope this fal is faverabel for picking cotton it is very dry we canot get turnips to come up for want of raine it will rain tonight I hope and it will feele much plesenter it is quite warm in the day and getin coole in the night it has been avery warm sumer.

Well Maggey Mary went out with Lansen Noel the wase in at the Batys Convincion the last yestday and I think she will go to Cousen Marthe before she comes back it will not be so lonley at Cousins Marthes she can go fishing and get my oysters I think she will have anice time of it. I had a latter from Louis this morning he is quite well he said all wer well. Kate is quite well she will right to you all well and your frand wish to be remembered to you and Arther, give my love to your Mother and tall to come down soone and spend awhile with us it is very healthey this fall I hope it will continue so we heere of some trubel with the Negros in Green County I hope it is all over we may have some truble with them at the elicon you Father is running for taxaser (tax assessor) I hope he will get it. We had anampel of Califione plums sent through the postofice from your Uncle Edward the was very large. I had paper this morning. I will sent you papers we sent you paper with good news from New Orleans. I hope we will not have that trubel heere. Alexander March is very low he is expected die. Mrs. Carver is getting well she was over to see us yesterday. Henry is in Boston with his kin folks and very much plesed with his trip. Well Maggey we had our Store Broken open Sunday Night. thee brok open the midle dore the to go through the brick wall and suceded in raisen the of the midel dore the took two sacks meale and flower and my two quilts and swete pottas. I would know my quilts I think it was some of the negros. we youst to have Bob he was working in the garden and get before that well I am very bisey making quilts. Linea and Kate will be quiten next week. All seand love to you and Arther. Good by from your Mothe MARIA TURNER




p. 22 Allen McCaskill - MARIA SMITH

Sept 30, 1840

HENRY TURNER m. Mary Callowey

Aug 4, 1835



Mrs. Turner July 23, 1844 (Mary Calloway Turner d. the 22nd)


Record of Turner's taken from the Family Bible left by Mrs. A. B. Hooks


Noel Turner May 11, 1764

Sarah Turner Feb 2, 1767

Enoch Turner Oct 29, 1788

Charles Turner Oct 8, 1790

Mary Turner Oct 14, 1792

Cloey Turner Feb 14, 1795

Sarah Turner Aug 19, 1797

Nicey Turner Feb 5, 1800

William Turner July 30, 1802

John Turner Feb 9, 1805

Noel Turner Aug 8, 1807

James Turner Nov 17, 1810

HERNY TURNER Dec 4, 1813

Adeline B. Turner Dec 13, 1837

Sarah Eugina Turner Aug 13, 1838

George E. Turner Oct 30, 1840

Jacob H. Turner Feb 14, 1843

John Milton Turner Jan 21, 1847

Margarete Maria Turner Oct 30, 1848

Mary Jane Turner Dec 10, 1850

Charles Edward Turner Nov 8, 1852

Lewis Washington Turner Feb 16, 1855

William Samuel Turner April 19, 1858

Deaths from the Bible of Mrs. A. B. Hooks

Peter McCaskill 11th Nov 1842

Allen McKaskill 30 Sept 1843

MARIA TURNER 21 May 1880 aged 65 years


Noel Turner Sen died Jan 21, 1837

Sarah Turner June 13, 1858

Oliver N. Turner Jan 2, 1865


Noel Turner, Sr. May 11, 1764

Sarah Turner Feb 2, 1767

Noel Turner, Jr. Aug 8, 1807

his wife Mary Turner B. May 14, 1805

John D. Turner Nov 1, 1833

Charles Turner Apr 24, 1835

Elizabeth Turner May 7, 1837

Mary Turner Dec 22, 1838

Oliver Turner Feb 11, 1804

From Large Bible with Mary Turner's name on front


Sarah Eugenia Turner - died Sept 19, 1846

John Milton Turner - died June 29, 1848

George Elmore Turner - died July 28, 1862

Jacob Henry Turner died May 23re, 1869, age 26

Maria Smith Turner died May 21st 1880, age 65

William Samuel Turner died April 30, 1859

Mary Turner died July 22, 1844

HENRY TURNER died June 22, 1888


Adeline Bertha born Dec 13, 1837

Sarah Eugenia born Dec 13, 1838

Geo E. Turner Oct 30, 1840

John Milton Jan 21, 1847

Jacob H. Turner Feb 14, 1843

William Turner, born 1815, died 1984, 79 years old


Henry & Mary Turner

Married Aug 6th 1835


Married April 23, 1846

On the 28th June, 1859, by the Rev. D. B. Bester of Mobile,

Charles W. Hooks to Addie B. Turner


Adeline Bertha Hooks died Jan 17, 1924

at 10:30 a.m. - Magnolia cemetery


News paper clippings pasted in the Bible:

Mrs. Margaret Turner Lewis, widow of Arthur Merriwether Lewis, died in Memphis, Tenn. at home of her son, A. Turner Lewis. Buried June 11 at 3 p.m. in the family burial ground in Jefferson, Marengo County, Ala.

Maggie M. Lewis dau of A. M. Lewis died at the home of her Aunt Mary J. Turner. She lived with her aunt Mary J. Turner the past 2 or 3 years. 10 yrs. old. disabled by disease last Oct.

Adeline B. Hooks d. 10:30 am. Jan 17, 1924 at Conti St.

In Richmond, July 28, 1862, from wounds received in the battles lately fought near that city, George Turner of the Gulf City Guards, 3d Regiment Ala, Vols. eldest son of HENRY TURNER, aged 21 years.

TURNER - died Friday, June 22, 1888, at 10:20 a.m., Henry TURNER, in the 75th year of his age.

Died in Memphis, Tenn. at Home of her Son A. M. Lewis. Mrs. Maggie Turner Lewis widow of late A. M. Lewis. She was buried June 11, at 3 p.m. in the family burial ground in Jefferson, Marengo, Co., Ala.


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