Henry Hannon & Sarah Robertson
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        HENRY HANNON's funeral sermon was preached April 12, 1835, by the Revd. Daniel Duffey in Knoxville, Crawford Co., Georgia.

        The 1790 & 1800 Maryland Census records show HENRY and his brother named Walter W. Hannon.


Index of Church Register, King George Parish, Prince George County, Maryland 1689-1802

Hannan, Ammela* Ann b. March 18, 1791 dau of Henry & Sarah page 369

Hannan, Henry b. November 17, 1796 son of Henry & Sarah page 401

Hannan, William Henderson b. May 20, 1794 son of Henry & Sarah page 377

*Note by Dianne - family bible calls her Milly, marriage license calls her Mildred Ann, family members show her as Mildred Ann, she names daughter Mildred Ann.


1790 Charles County Maryland Census


Hannon, Walter p. 51


1800 Charles County Maryland Census

p. 93 HANNON, HENRY       p. 93 Hannon, Walter

1 male under 10 years           4 males under 10 years

2 males 10 - 16 years             1 male 26 - 45 years

1 male 26 - 45 years               1 female 26 - 45 years

2 females under 10 years       4 slaves

1 female 10 - 16 years

1 female 26 - 45 years


1830 Warren County Georgia Census


1 male 70 - 80 years


HENRY HANNON sold Hannon's Hard Bargain to Benjamin Adams in 1796.  This was land he had inherited from his father. 

CHARLES COUNTY (Land Records) IB #2 [MdHR 40,333-3, 1/7/7/33]; pp. 76-77 Benjamin Adams from HENRY HANNON, 26 October 1796. 05/05/93. Tracking No.: 15399. Circ. No.: 5733.



p266  Warren County Tax Digest 1818   Source:  GA State Archives  Captain Parham's District No. 155

HENRY HANNON   2 slaves, 160 acres land, Warren County, Grantee was Carson, water course was Carson's Creek, land adjoined Haynes.



May 1964 Lee County Ga - 1827 Land Lottery

p. 19 HENRY HANNON - Warren County Draws - Revolutionary Soldier

November 1971 p. 185 1805 Tax List ?Columbia Co.

HENRY HANNON 108 1/2 acres


CEMETERIES & GENEALOGY Warren County, Georgia And Immediate Vicinity by Daniel Nathan Crumpton

p. 155 HENRY HANNON had letter in Warrenton Post Office 1 October 1828.

Military Papers show:


1 Maryland Regiment (Revolutionary War) Corporal

There were 6 returns for him:

Company Muster Roll dated White Plains Sept 2, 1778 Shows he was a Corpl in Capt Henry Gaither's Company, 1st Maryland Reg't commanded by Col. John H. Stone. He enlisted June 18 (no year given) for 3 years.

Company Muster Roll dated Fishkill Oct 3, 1778 shows he enlisted

June 18, 1777 for 3 years.

Company Muster Roll dated Valley Forge June 1, 1778.

One Roll was Undated shows he was present for duty.

Company Muster Roll dated Middle Brook Mar 3, 1779.

Company Muster Roll dated Kimbles Farme April 3, 1780.


Family Bible shows the following:

Marriages -

HENRY HANNON & SARAH his wife was married November 23, 1780

Samuel Hannon & Ann Rice was married September 10th, 1809

John Hannon and Eliza Wright was married Jan 7th, 1807

Births -

HENRY HANNON was born Oct 11th 1758

SARAH HANNON was born July 22, 1759

The ages of HENRY & SARAH HANNON Children is as follows:

Milley Hannon was born August 27, 1781

John Hannon Sept 5th 1783

Samuel Hannon Feb 11, 1786

Mary Hannon July 22nd 1788

Milly Ann Hannon March 28, 1791

Henry Hannon Nov 27, 1796

Sally Ann Hannon June 1st 1799

Wm. Henderson Hannon May 10, 1794

Samuel Hannon's children are also listed


Milly Hannon departed this life Feb 7, 1787

William Henderson Hannon depart Sept 10th 1794

Mary Lazenby decd Aug 2, 1816

Henry Hannon, Jr. decd 1821

SARAH HANNON departed this life June 22nd, 1829 in the 70th year of age.

HENRY HANNON departed this life Feb 23rd 1835 aged 76 and 4 months and 12 days. Funeral sermon preached Apr. 12th 1835 by the Revd Daniel Duffey in Knoxville Crawford County, Geo Crawford Co., Ga. 1835


This indenture made and entered into this 9th day of Janry 1835 by and between Hartwell H. Tarver of Twiggs County of the one part HENRY HANNON of the County of Crawford of the second part (witnesseth) that the said Tarver for and inconsideration of the sum of three hundred and fifty dollars to him in hand paid by the said HENRY HANNON the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge hath granted and bargained and sold by these presents grant bargain and sell unto the said HANNON all that tract or lot of land lying and being in the County of Houston at the time of survey and not Crawford County & known by Lot (No. 112) one hundred and twelve in the second district formerly Houston & now Crawford containing two hundred two and half acres be the same more or less. To have and to hold the said lot or parcel of land unto the said HENRY HANNON his heirs and assigns and the said H. H. Tarver for himself his heirs and assigns will warrant and forever defend the right and title of the aforesaid lot of land unto the said HANNON free from claim or claims of all and every person whatsoever. In witness where of I here unto set my hand and seal this day and year first above written.

his H. H. Tarver SEAL

Danl X Adams

mark Recorded Janr 15th 1835

Isaiah Davis E. M. Amos Clk


Georgia ) Crawford Co. ) In the name of God amen. Know all men by these presents that I HENRY HANNON being of sound mind and memory but week of body strength do make this my last will and testament of my own free will clear of my undue influence to wit. Item first at my death it is my will that my body should be decently buried. Item second. it is my will that all my just debts be paid. Item third. I will to Henderson Lazenberry & Catharine Watley my grandchildren one hundred dollars each to be paid to them by my Executor in two years after my death. Item 4th to my son Samuel Hannon I will $5 which with what I have already given him makes his distribution share of my Estate. Item 5th. I give to my daughter Ann Bishop $5 which with what I have heretofore given her constitutes distribution share of my Estate. Item Sixth. I give to my daughter Sarah Walker $5 which with what I have heretofore given her constitutes her distribution share of my Estate. Item 7th. I give to my grandchildren, the children of my son John Hannon to wit, Mary, Martha, Minerva, Matilda, William Wright, Patience, & Joseph Hannon a negro man Jack & a negro woman Lucy together with my horse, 2 feather beds, & furniture with all my notes & money & all my other effects of every kind. It is further my will that the property which I give to my son John Hannon's children be kept together for their support and education. Item 8th. I hereby appoint my son John Hannon my Executor to this my last will and testament and it is my wish that he take the management of all the property which I have given to his children and appropriate it in such manner as he in his best judgement may think best and most to their interest and it is further my will that my son John Hannon my Executor as aforesaid make such distribution of the property which I have willed to his children at such time and in such manner as he may think for their best interest of each. Item 9th. I hereby constitute this my last will and testament making all others which at any time may have made in testimony whereof I have here to set my hand and seal this 28th day of December in the year of our Lord 1834.

Test. Jeremiah C. Harvy

John L. Hannon       HENRY HANNON SEAL

Georgia ) Crawford Co. ) We do solemnly swear that we saw H. H. sign  seal and acknowledge this to be his last will and testament and that at the time of the Execution thereof the said HANNON was of sound and disposing mind and memory and that he did it fully without compulsion to the best of our knowledge and belief so help us God.

Sworn to and sube before us in open court May 4th 1835.

W. H. Brooks CCO

Entered May 16, 1835

W. H. Brooks CCO 

Crawford Co, Ga. Will Book A 1835-1852  

J. C. Harvey p. 1-2

J. L. Hannon


Deed 1836 Crawford County, Georgia

Georgia ) Crawford County ) This indenture made this the fifth day of November eighteen hundred and thirty six between John Hannon appointed by the last will and testament of HENRY HANNON deceased, Guardian and trustee for Mary Hannon, Martha P. Hannon, Minerva Hannon, Caroline M. Hannon, William H. Hannon, Moses W. Hannon, Julia P. Hannon, & Joseph Hannon Legacy to the Estate of the said HENRY HANNON deceased of the one part and James Hood of the other part both of the state and county aforesaid witnesseth that John Hannon for and in consideration of the sum of five hundred dollars to him in hand paid the receipt where of is hereby acknowledged hath this day granted bargained and sold and doth by these presents grant bargain and sell as guardian and Trustee as aforesaid unto the said James Hood all that tract or parcel of land situate lying and being in the second district of originally Houston now Crawford County and known and distinguished in the plan of said district as lot number one hundred and twelve containing two hundred two and a half acres more or less to have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land together with the rights members and appurtenances thereunto belonging unto him the said James Hood his heirs Executors and administrators to his and their own proper use benefit and behoof in fee simple and the said John Hannon Guardian and Trustee as aforesaid for himself and the above named Legatees will forever warrant and defend unto the said James Hood the right and title unto the said bargained premises against the claim of himself as Guardian and trustee as aforesaid and against the claim of the above named legatees or any of them and against the claim of all and ever other person or persons whatsoever in witness whereof the said John Hannon hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and date above written signed sealed and delivered in presents of

Mary A. Hannon Jno. Hannon SEAL

J. S. Hannon

Georgia ) Crawford Co.) personally appeared before me J. S. Hannon who being duly sworn sayth that he saw John Hannon sign seal and deliver the within deed of the purposes therein mentioned and that he saw Mary A. Hannon sign the same as a witness and that signed it himself as witness sworn before me this 7th Febr 1837

James B. Hamilton JIC J. S. Hannon

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