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TYLER'S QUARTERLY MAGAZINE - Perkins Families of Goochland County

p. 220 HARDIN PERKINS was born Tuckahoe Creek, Henrico County, and settled in Buckingham County. He married SARAH PRICE (Douglas Register), daughter of Daniel and Sallie (Coleman) Price. The will of Sarah (Price) Perkins is said to have been recorded in Fluvanna Co., Virginia, February 26, 1821.



HARDIN PERKINS was born probably about 1730 and died leaving a will recorded January 12, 1795, in Buckingham Co., Va. He married SARAH PRICE, born about 1734, died January 25, 1821, Fluvanna Co., Va.

The origin of his name has long been a puzzle. He was born and named long before his brother's marriage to Bethenia Harding. This has led to much speculation that there was an earlier Perkins-Harding marriage. It has been variously suggested that his mother was Ann Harding rather than Ann Pollard as commonly thought, or that his great grandmother Perkins was a Harding. Miss Lucie Perkins Stone thought that there had been a connection with the Harding family in England. However without evidence to substantiate any of these suppositions, the problem of why HARDIN PERKINS received his name remains unsolved. The name Hardin occurs in many different branches of the family besides those descended from Bethenia (Harding) Perkins. For instance: Hardin Perkins #3314-9, William Harding Perkins #3341-5, Bethenia (Harding) Perkins #3342-b, Hardin Zanon Perkins #3312-36, Daniel Harding Perkins #3314-x7, James Hardin Bennington #3624-82.

HARDIN PERKINS was probably born in Goochland County or possibly in Hanover County as his father's land lay on the border. Although his marriage is not recorded in Goochland County, the birth of his daughter Sarah on August 15, 1756 is recorded in THE DOUGLAS REGISTER.

He probably accompanied his brother William Perkins westward as mentioned of HARDIN PERKINS is found in the Albemarle County records and later in those of Buckingham County. The latter county was formed from Albemarle in 1761.

HARDIN PERKINS made his home on the James River in Buckingham County somewhere between Norwood and Scottsville "at Perkins Falls." Mrs. Thomas Moore of Franklin, Tenn. (the wife of his grandson), in a letter written July 9, 1880, to Miss Mildred M. Perkins of Virginia (of which a copy is the W. R. Perkins papers in the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond, Va.), stated: "Mr. Moore's mother's father was named HARDIN PERKINS and married SARAH PRICE and lived on James River opposite where Dr. Gant's widow lives now. We visited the old place in 1853, walked through the house, saw where they were buried in front of the house under a chestnut tree. They had ten children, Daniel, William, Price, Hardin, Elisha, Sally, Nancy, I have always heard her called, Mildred, Maacah, and Polly Price. Daniel married my mother's sister Bethenia Perkins. William married my mother's sister Margaret, or Peggy as she was called. Price married Mis Blaky. Hardin married Miss Moore, Elisha Miss Watson. Sally married Lewis, Nancy or Ann married Edwards. Mildred married Key. Maascah married Jesse Franklin. Polly Price married Benjamin Moore. Daniel and William settled in Tennessee. They and all their children are dead. Elisha remained in Va. until not long before he died, then he came to this neighborhood where his brothers lived. Some of his children may be living. Don't know of any. Aunt Key has a grand d. living in this town, named Mrs. Harriet Cleland, a widow. Your father has a sister in Miss., cousin Eliza Shackleford."

Mrs. Moore continued to write letters ("This is the third communication to you since I received your letter.") and on Aug. 25, 1880, she wrote: "I want you to write to me very soon and let us know how things are progressing. I have just thought to tell you, Mr. Moore's grandfather. HARDIN PERKINS, is the oldest PERKINS I have heard of settling on James River. If he were living I should suppose he would be at least one hundred and fifty (150) years old. His youngest child has been dead fifty (50) years. Please excuse my half sheet of paper, as it is all I have, and did not want to delay writing. Mr. Moore joins me in sending much love to you, and both of us would be glad to see you."

Some of Miss Mildred Perkins' letters have been preserved and in one of them she wrote: "HARDIN PERKINS said to have been a brother of William of Buckingham and Richard of Cumberland County and who married SARA PRICE resided about four miles from Howardsville, Albemarle County, Virginia, on opposite side of James River, four miles from Warren. Several of his descendants were merchants and made considerable fortunes. In Scottsville four miles lower down was the residence of Price Perkins and his wife. I have often passed the home of our ancestors on the R. R. on the opposite side. The house stood under two immense chestnut trees. I have been on the spot and the old colored people would tell me of my grandfather and grandmother. Their son Price Perkins fell heir to the place and to another home about ten miles from Howardsville. This place is now owned by my cousins, the Glovers, two of the granddaughters of Price Perkins have an interest in the place. Now remember that the Misses Glover own the house of Price Perkins. Their brother, Price Glover, has a handsome place adjoining. On the walls of the parlor of the Glover's are portraits of HARDIN and SARAH PERKINS."

On May 11, 1758, William Oglesby, HARDEN PERKINS, and John Peter witnessed a deed from Richard Perkins to William Branshaw (p. 45 Albemarle Deed Bk.2). On Feb 12, 1761, Jacob Oglesby, HARDIN PERKINS, and Richard Oglesby witnessed a deed from John Perkins to Joel Perkins (p. 3 Albemarle Deed Bk. 3). HARDIN PERKINS is mentioned in the deed of gift from his father, May 19, 1761. The will of Thomas Mitchell of Amherst County, Oct. 5, 1767, mentions HARDIN PERKINS of Buckingham County.

HARDIN PERKINS provided a gun, bacon, beef, cattle and three bushels of meal for the militia during the Revolutionary War. His descendants are therefore eligible for membership in the D.A.R. and S.A.R. The records supporting this, now on file in the Virginia State Library in Richmond, are: p. 208 Commissioner's Bk. I; pg 4, 7, 26 Buckingham County Court Booklet; and Buckingham County certificate #114. The latter reads: #114. Recd November 22 - 178(0) of Capt HARDEN PERKINS Beef Cattel Agreeable to an Act of Assembly Entitled an Act for Giving further powers to the Governor & Council & for other purposes Appraised to L798 - 9. Appraised by Thomas Ballow & Steven Perkins who were Sworn to Appraise the Same - L 798 - 9 John Bates, Commissioner

This record is of interest in that HARDEN PERKINS is listed as captain. It is not known how he acquired this title. There was a Lt. HARDEN PERKINS on active duty with the Army until he resigned in 1778, but he lived in Pittsylvania County. The only HARDEN PERKINS living in Buckingham County of sufficient age to provide supplies for the Army was the HARDIN PERKINS here under discussion--who died about 1775. That he resided in Buckingham County and was well able to provide a beef to the Army is shown by the fact that in 1782 he paid taxes on 1000 acres in District #1. From 1787-1791 he paid taxes on the same amount of land. In 1793 he deeded 100 acres each to HARDEN PERKINS and to Price Perkins. From 1795-1800 the remaining 800 acres are listed as "Estate of HARDIN PERKINS."


HARDIN PERKINS also paid personal taxes in Buckingham County from 1790-1795.

On Nov. 5, 1788, he was appointed one of the commissioners to examine navigability of Slate River in Buckingham. Joseph and Mayo Carrigton, William Cannon, Henry and David Bell, and James Couch were the other commissioners (p. 657 vol. 12 THE STATUES AT LARGE by William W. Henning).

HARDIN PERKINS acted as executor of John Watkins, as shown by a suit in Henrico County, Mar 5, 1798, by HARDEN PERKINS and Tandy Key, executors of HARDIN PERKINS, deceased, who was the surviving executor of John Watkins, deceased, against Thomas Prosser for debt (p. 583 Henrico Order Bk. 7).

Although the Buckingham County records have been destroyed, the will of HARDIN PERKINS was recorded with the papers of a suit, Gibson vs. Key, in the Chancery File, April 1856 term, Fluvanna Co., Va. The will reads:


In the name of God Amen I HARDIN PERKINS of the County of Buckingham being of sound mind and memory do make this my last Will and Testament. I hereby desire all the land & Negroes that I have heretofore given or lent to any or either of my Children to such child or children to them & their heirs forever. All that Tract of land whereon I now live (except that before given to my son Price Perkins) I hereby bequeath to my wife for her natural life & after her death to my son Price Perkins to him and his heirs forever. I likewise give & bequeath to my wife two negroes Jesse & Peggy to her & her heirs forever. I give & bequeath to my daughter Polley Price Moore the four following Negroes, to wit, Billey, Eve, Fanny, and John. I likewise give and bequeath to my said Daughter Polley Price Moore my Bay riding Horse, one bed & furniture, a chest of drawers and one Table to her and her heirs forever.

I give and bequeath to my son Price Perkins, the following Negroes, Abram, Isaac, & Peter. I likewise give and bequeath to my said son Price Perkins, one bed & furniture six chairs & ten hear of Cattle to him and his heirs forever.

I give and bequeath to my Grand Daughter Salley Price Lewis a Negroe Girl Frank to her and her Heirs forever.

I give and bequeath to my Grand Daughter Salley Price Key a Negroe Boy Major to her and her heirs forever.

All the rest of my Estate I give and bequeath to my wife during her natural life and after her death all the said property with the increase of Negroes (except my Negroe man Abraham) to be equally divided among all my Children. My Negroe man Abraham after the death of my wife, I give to my son Daniel Perkins to him & his heirs forever.

I give and bequeath to my son Hardin Perkins three hundred and fifty pounds to be paid at the rate of fifty pounds p. annum out of the property given to my wife for her life if the full sum of three hundred & fifty pounds should not be paid to my s'd son Hardin Perkins before the death of my wife I direct the payment to be made out of the Estate so given to my wife before a division of said Estate among all my Children. It is my desire that my Estate should not be appraised. I do hereby publish and declare this to be my last will and testament & constitute & appoint my beloved wife SARAH PERKINS my Executrix my son Hardin Perkins & set my hand this 9th day of September one thousand seven Hundred & ninety four.

Signed & acknowledged in presence of

Wilson Cary Nicholas

William Desharer HARDIN PERKINS

Thomas C. Fletcher

At a Court held for Buckingham County the 12th day of January 1795. This will proved by the oaths of Wilson Cary Nicholas and Thomas C. Fletcher two of the witnesses thereto sworn by Hardin Perkins, Price Perkins and Tandy Key the Executors herein mentioned and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of the said Executors who entered into and acknowledged bond with security according to Law certificate was granted them for obtaining a Probate hereof in due form.

A Copy Teste Rolfe Eldridge C B C

The wife of HARDIN PERKINS was SARAH PRICE, as shown by the entry in THE DOUGLAS REGISTER. Her parentage is not known for certain. It has been said that she was the daughter of Daniel Price and Sallie Coleman but this has not been proved. According to a family tradition she was a descendant of John White, governor of the second colony of Sir Walter Raliegh at Roanoke Island and the grandfather of Virginia Dare (born 1587). She was also said to be allied "by some kindred tie" to Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658). It seems likely she was a member of the Price family who lived at "Chantilly" near Richmond Va. The names Elisha and Barrett occur in both the White and Price families. There was a John White Price who left a will in Henrico County in 1791. Mrs. Robert J. Main wrote (1954), "There was and still is, a White family living at 'Ancorage,' near Red Hill in Albemarle County, Va., who wrote letters to my great aunt Mildred Moore Perkins addressing her as 'cousin.' These letters are in safekeeping in the rare manuscript collection at the Alderman Library in Charlottesville as are some of my Grandmother's and other relatives.' You do not know how pleased I am to hear that some of Aunt Mildred's letters are being preserved, as she wrote many people, and knew so much, not only about her own line but of practically every one in the State!"

After her husband's death, SARAH PRICE PERKINS moved to Fluvanna County to live with her daughter, Mrs. Tandy Key. It was there that she died, January 25, 1821. Her obituary appeared in the Feb 2, 1821 (p. 3, No. 54, Vol. II). issue of the CENTRAL GAZETTE of Charlottesville, Virginia, as follows:

DIED--In Fluvanna, on the 25th July MRS. SARAH PERKINS, aged 87 years, grandmother to Mrs. Brown whose death was announced in the last week's CENTRAL GAZETTE.--To eulogize the dead is common--but the above aged lady was too well known to make this necessary--her benevolent and charitable disposition was duly appreciated by her numerous acquaintances. By her death society has been robbed of one of its most valuable members. She has left a numerous and respectable offspring to bemoan her loss.

Her will, recorded in Fluvanna County, p. 331 Will Book 2 (old style) reads:


I SARAH PERKINS now of Fluvanna County late of Buckingham do make this my last Will and Testament in manner following viz - I give Nandy B. Key now Nancy Jerman a negro girl named Sally now in her possession to her and her heirs forever--my will and desire is that all my other estate both real and personal shall be equally divided between Sally P. Lewis, Milly Key, Polly P. Moore & Sarah P. Perkins daughter of Elishal Perkins to them & their heirs forever & do hereby appoint Zacheriah Lewis & Walter Key my Executors of this my last Will and Testament revoking any Will or Wills heretofore made by me--In Testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and affix my seal this thirty-first day of January one thousand eight hundred and twenty.



John Bledsoe

At a court of monthly session held for Fluvanna County on Monday the 26th day of February 1821. This will was the day presented in Court and proved by the Oaths of Joshua Key and John Bledsoe Witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded--and on the motion of Walter Key an Executor therein named who made oath thereto as the law directs and entered into and acknowledged bond in the penalty of Two thousand dollars Joshua Key his Security conditioned as the law directs certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form. And time is allowed the other Executor therein named to qualify thereto.

Teste. John Timberlake C.F.C


Sarah Perkins (1756- ) M. Owen Lewis

Ann E. Perkins (1757-1820) m. Gideon Edwards

Mildred Perkins (ca 1759- ) m. Tandy Key

Elisha Perkins (1760-1811) m. Elizabeth Watson

Maacah Perkins (ca 1766-1834) m. Jesse Franklin

Daniel Perkins (1768- ca 1834) m. Bethenia Perkins

William Perkins (1771-1822) m. 1. Jane Neeley, M. 2. Margaret Perkins, M. 3. Susanna Perkins

Hardin Perkins (ca 1773-1821) m. Mildred Moore

Price Perkins (ca 1775-1843) m. Sarah Blakey

Mary Price Perkins (1778-1844) m. Benjamin Moore



6 Virginia Regiment

(Revolutionary War.)

2nd Lieutenant

July 19, 1915 Mrs. John E. Edgerton, Lebanon, Tennessee.


It is shown by the records of this office that one HARDIN PERKINS served as an officer of Captain Peter Dun's Company, 6th Virginia Regiment, commanded successively by Colonel James Hendricks, Colonel Thomas Elliott, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Sims, and Colonel John Gibson, Revolutionary War. He was commissioned ensign March 21, 1776, and 2nd lieutenant October 28, 1776 and on the roll for April 1778, he is reported as 1st lieutenant, resigned April 25, 1778.

Nothing further relative to this man has been found of record, nor has anything been found of record to show that a person bearing the name Thomas Signers or Figuers served in a military organization in the war mentioned.

The collection of Revolutionary War records in this office is far from complete, and it is suggested as a possibility that additional information can be obtained from the Librarian, Virginia State Library, Richmond or from the commissioner of Pensions, Washington, D. C.

H. P. McCall The Adjuant General

There are 28 pay slips & muster rolls for HARDIN PERKINS for the time 1 November 1776 to May 77. Some show his service at Valley Forge.



HARDING PERKINS (d ante 1821) planter of Perkins Falls, Buckingham Co., m SARAH PRICE. Shown to be son of Constantine & Ann Pollard. Grandson of Nicholas Perkins & Sarah Childress & Greatgrandson of Nicholas Perkins & Mary .


Information from Rebecca Bryant - 

Hardin and Price owned land next to my ancestor John Bryant, Sr.on Rock Island Creek.  See:

https://sites.google.com/site/bryantsofrockislandcreek/ and https://sites.google.com/site/bryantsofrockislandcreek/4-map-of-buckingham-county 



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