Hans Blanckenstein & Christine Elizabeth Rose
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Family history by Dr. Felix Blankenstein:

HANS BLANCKENSTEIN "was the eldest son of Martin Blanckenstein.  In 1714 he became a brewery master in the principality of Wulfen, 7km east of his birth place of Gerbitz.  His poor predecessor fell into a hot water container and died from the consequences of heavy scalding.  On 27 June 1715, aged 33, HANS BLANCKENSTEIN married CHRISTINE ELISABETH ROSE, the17 year old daughter of Hans Rose.  Interesting thing about it is the detailed, 2 and a half paes marriage contract at the registry office in Nienburg.  After that his father-in-law game HANS a few acres of land and his father came up with a house (which he was entitled to live in until his death), the estate and about 17 acres of farm land.  However, HANS had to agree to give both his single sisters a precisely determined of his dowry. The contract was signed on 23 April 1715, and the wedding followed five weeks later.  CHRISTINE m. HANS BLANCKENSTEIN in Pobzig on 27.6.1715.  Her two brothers Andreas and Valentin Rose were witnesses at her wedding.  In the church register the bridegroom had already been entered as 'the brewery master of Wulfen.'

"HANS' father Martin Blanckenstein (or someone else on his behalf, he was already alost 65) took care of the Gerbitz estate while HANS lived and worked at a nearby Wulfen.  HANS stayed there after his father's death.  The couple had four children during their stay in Wulfen: Eleonora Magdelena b. 25.5.1716, Johann George b. 7.6.1718, Dorthea Sophie b 6.9.1720, and Janna margarita b. 13.7.1723.

"While he was still in Wulfen Hans bought more land from his brother-in-law Valentin Rose for 150 thalers and thus doubled the amount he got when he married.  After that he moved back to Gerbitz and started managing the estate himself.  The fifth child Martin was born in Gerbitz in 1725. In addition to those 5 children, after 1730 there were approximately 26 great grand children, descendants of Andreas Blanckenstein, born in Gerbitz, Pobzig, Gramsdorf and the surrounding villages. 

" 'On 24th of May 1733 HANS BLACKENSTEIN's middle son got shot and on being caught in the wood with the stolen May greenery and buried in the night of 26th' ".

"Obviously even back then the birch branches were used to decorate the houses for Whitsun and the thieves were ruthlessly persecuted in the not so abundant forest region.  Common choice of the first name Hans in widespread famiy Blankenstein is a nightmare for every genealogist - in the case of this by night i.e. secretly buried one it has to do with the descendant of the line that took over the family estate: the second of HANS BLANCKENSTEIN three sons, who was again the son of HANS BLANKENSTEIN(Jun.) three sons who was again the son of HANS BLANKENSTEIN (senior).   The later was the brother of our ancestor Martin."