Gottfried Fredrich August Blankenstein & Marie Dorothy Elisabeth Friedrichs
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Gottfried Friedrich August Blankenstein was born in Barby, Germany, on June 18, 1856, at 5:00 am. At the age of 15 he came to America with his parents, one brother and three sisters. The family first settled in Defiance, Ohio, and after 10 years moved to Cleburne and Marlin, Texas, in a covered wagon.

Fred's mother died while the family was living in Marlin. She rode a stage coach from Cleburne to Marlin in January to be at the death bed of her daughter Louise Fink. From her trip, Dorthea caught pneumonia and died. Her death was before Fred's marriage.

As a young man Fred sent money to a friend in Germany to send him a bride. Fred sent Marie Dorothy Fredrichs a picture of himself and after correspondence and a proposal Marie left her family in Magdeburg, Germany, and came to America. She first arrived in Key West, Florida, and then Galveston, Texas. From there she rode the train to Temple, Texas. She had heard stories about rich Americans, but found Fred to be a poor musician. Fred was very talented with the violin. It is told that Marie ruled the house. Before long she convinced Fred he should become a farmer to support his family. At one time Marie owned a picture of Fred's father Gottfried in his military uniform back in Germany in more affluent days. For some reason Marie never liked the picture and used it to fill a broken window pane. She later sold the picture to Fred's sister Lena.

Fredrich and Marie had 10 children, 7 of which lived to maturity. Marie never saw her family after she left Germany. They remained in Germany where her father, a shepherd, died at the early age of 45 from a bee sting. Marie had twin brothers. One of the boys died when he was run over by a wagon. The other twin kept contact with the family in Texas.


1900 McLennan Co, Texas Census vol 75 ed 66 sh 10 Lin 5 p10A

13 June 1900 Waco City next to John Baade & sister Mary

188/192 BLANKENSTEIN FREDRICK head W M June 1854 45 m18yrs immigrated 1880 20 yrs in US naturalized farmer rented farm #59 Ger Ger Ger

 MARY wife W F May 1862 48 m18yrs 6 ch living Ger Ger Ger immigrated 1880 here 20 years

 Richard son W M Apr 1886 14 farm hand 2 mos attended school 4 mos Tx Ger Ger

 Mary dau W F Mar 1884 16 Tx Ger Ger

 Paul son W M Mar 1889 11 farm hand 4 mos attended school 4 mos Tx Ger Ger

 Elspeth dau W F Sep 1894 5 Tx Ger Ger

 Alma dau W F Oct 1896 4 Tx Ger Ger

 Frida dau W F Oct 1898 1 Tx Ger Ger


1910 McLennan Co, TX Census ed 110 fam 182 vol 99 p5151B

FRED BLANKENSTEIN Head M W 54 m28yrs farmer owned farm #168 free

Ger Ger Ger

MARY                             wife F W 47 m28 yrs 9 ch 6 alive Ger Ger Ger

Paul                                 son M W 20                                 Tx Ger Ger

Elsbeth                             dau F W 18                                 Tx Ger Ger

Alma                                dau F W 15                                 TX Ger Ger

Frieda                              dau F W 13                                 TX Ger Ger

Sigfried                            son M W 5                                 TX Ger Ger


1920 McLennan Co, Texas Census vol 120 ed 148 sh 1 ln 89

17/18 BLANKENSTEIN, FRED head owned home free M W 65 m immigrated 1870 naturalized 1870 general farmer of farm #18 Saxony,Ger Saxony,Ger Saxony,Ger

MARY wife F W 58 m immigrated 1882 naturalized 1882 Saxony,Ger Saxony,Ger Saxony,Ger

Elfrieda dau F W 23 single Texas Saxony,Ger Saxony,Ger

Siegrfied son M W 15 single Texas Saxony,Ger Saxony,Ger


Mrs. M. Bankenstein Dies at Home Here (Marie died 24 Oct 1924)

Mrs. Marie Bankenstein 64, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Carl Forkel, 1522 North Seventh Street, last night at 8:15 o-clock after a long illness. Funeral services will be conducted Wednesday morning from the home of Mrs. Henry Bade, also a daughter, at Elm Mott. Rev. John Link, pastor of the German Evangelic Church at Gerald, will officiate. Interment will be at the Gerald cemetery.

Mrs. Bankenstein is survived by three sons, Richard of Fort Worth, Siegfert of Galveston, Paul of Gerald; four daughters, Mrs. P. Loman of West, Mrs. Carl Forkel of Waco, Mrs. Albert Banick of Ross, Mrs. Henry Bade of Elm Mott. She also has one brother and three sisters now living in Germany.

Mrs. Bankenstein Buried

Wednesday morning at Elm Mott, funeral services of Mrs. Marie Bankenstein wee conducted. Services were held at the residence of a daughter, Mrs. Henry Baade, and were conducted by Rev. John Link, pastor of the German Evangelical Church at Gerald. Mrs. Bankenstein died Monday night in Waco.


Richard John Blankenstein

Blankenstein Family Bible

Roze Marie Edrington

Genevive Schmidt

His German birth certificate

Their marriage license

Her death certificate

1900, 1910, 1029 Census McLennan Co., Texas