Hans George Reithmuller & Anna Maria Dreher
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GEORG RIETHMUELLER first married 1-6-1680 Judith Kraemer (b. Neckarrems 5-13-1655, d. Neckarrems 12-20-1694), daughter of Michael Kraemer (member of the village council and fisher in Neckarrems) and his wife Anna. GEORG married second 5-28-1695 ANNA MARIA DREHER (b Neckarrems 1-23-1676, d. Neckarrems 7-25-1733) daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Dreher who was a butcher and saloonkeeper in Neckarrems.

GEORG was probably born in Ebersbach. When he died in Neckarrems in 1725 he was 71 years old. He was a Miller and he had leased the communal mill of Neckarrems.

After his death ANNA married 6-10-1727 in Neckarrems, Michael Stark, accountant of the village.

Archivist at Neckarrems, Germany.