Gabriel Bobo & Elizabeth Spencer
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Vol. 1 p. 124

Charles Williams 347 acs. (N. L.) Prince George County: S. Side of Blackwater Sw: 19 Dec 1701 p. 51 Adj. John Butler and the Cabin Br; to Hogpen Br. on Goodaine's line: to Ashen Br: to upper fork of Little Hell or Br. imp of 7 pers. Thomas Lewis, Robert Peale, John Brown, Jane Ely, Eliza. Eaton, Prisicilla Harvey, ELIZABETH SPENCER.

Vol. 2 p. 2

John Paine 1585 acs. Rappa. co. P. 4 26 Oct 1666 (mutilated) James White listed in the body.

Vol. 3 p. 75 Patent Book No. 9

James White and ELIZ BUBBOE, (Late ELIZ WHITE), 250 acs. King William County bet. the Herring Cr. about 1/4 of a mile below BUBBOE's house; along run of the dividing br.; 23 Oct 1703 p. 552 Trans. of 5 pers. Hugh Allen, Eliz Penny, John Snipe, James Turner, Anne Darrington.

p. 188 Thomas Cartwright and ELIZABETH BOBOES 400 acs. (N. L.) King William County; on N. side the Peedy Sw' adj. Thomas Floyd: April 1, 1717, p. 40 Shill.



P. 1 ...In 1719, ELIZABETH BOBO was given a grant of land in King and Queen County, Virginia by the Proprietors.


THE BOBO NEWSLETTER 3 September 1988 Issue

Considering the sketchy information that we have, it appears likely that GABRIEL BAUBAU came to Virginia from England circa 1700 and settled about two miles south of present day Beulahville, on Herring Creek. He married ELIZABETH SPENCER WHITE, widow of James White, before 23 Oct 1703.

ELIZABETH and James appear to have been involved in the importation of immigrants to the colony, and had received at least one land grant (23 Oct 1703) for that reason. It is unclear what their role was in this endeavor, but it was common practice among the early settlers to pay for passage of immigrants in exchange for working their plantations, and often granting land in exchange for their labor.

While there is no further record of GABRIEL, ELIZABETH'S name continues to appear in several land records until 1724. At lease one of these refers to land that can be identified as being about 10 miles west of GABRIEL'S homestead, in Caroline County, that county being divided from King William County in 1728.

7 Nov 1700             GABRIEL Robert Nash granted 350 acres in St. Stephen's Parish, New Kent Co.

                                for transporting GABRIEL BAUBAU and six others into the colony. (New Kent Co.,

                                VA Patent Book 9, pages 281-2).

19 Feb 1703            ELIZABETH ELIZABETH WHITE makes gift of 1300 pounds of tobacco a horse and

                                100 acres. ("about a quarter mile below BUBBOES's house") to each of her sons

                                Thomas and James (by late husband James White. "The land being 200 acres of land

                                given me by my father Thomas Spencer of King and Queen County." Witnessed by

                                GABRIEL BUBAU. (King William Co.,VA Patent book 5, page 17).

23 Apr 1703           GABRIEL Samuel Williams and Daniel Coleman granted 600 acres in King William

                                Co., "between Williams and BUBBOES plantations." (King William Co.,

                                VA Patent Book 9, page 549).

1703                         GABRIEL Married to ELIZABETH SPENCER White.

23 Oct 1703             ELIZABETH ELIZABETH BUBBOE, widow of James White, receives grant of 250

                                acres in King William County for transporting 5 people into the colony. (King William

                                Co., VA Patent Book 9, page 552).

1704                       ELIZABETH Rented 200 acres. (32nd volume of "The Virginia Magazine of History", 

                                page 69.)

1 Apr 1717             ELIZABETH ELIZABETH BOBOE and Thomas Cartwright purchase 400 acres in

                                King William Co. (King William Co., VA Patent Book 10, page 313).

1719                         ELIZABETH Received land grant in King and  Queen County.

8 Jul 1724                 ELIZABETH William Eubank purchased 400 acres  in St. John's Parish. King

                                William County adjoining land of  Thomas Cartwright and ELIZABETH BOBOE. 

                                (King William Co., VA  Patent Book 10, page 346.)


May 1988 Issue

VIRGINIA PATENTS: Book 9, p. 281-2 7 November 1700

to all &c Whereas &c Now know yee that I the said Frances Nichelson Esqr Governr erl doe with the advise and Consent of the Council of State accordingly Give and Grant unto Robert Nash three hundred and fifty acres of Land lying in the Parish of St. Stephens in the County of New Kent Lying behind the Land formerly Mr. Giles Moodies Beginning at his Corner White Oake by a South branch and running thence North thirty five degrees West sixty poles thence North five degrees West forty eight poles to a red Oake by Barrows old house thence by Barrows line North Seventy Seven degrees East two hundred and Eighteen poles to a branch thence with the branch thirty five poles thence North twenty degrees East one hundred poles to three oakes thence North seventy eight degrees East five hundred poles to the back line of Moodies and by the line South forty five Degrees East where it began the said Land being formerly granted to James Taylor by patent dated the twentieth day of October 1688 and by him deserted and since granted to the said Robert Nash by ordr of the General Court bearing date the 25th day of October 1700 and if further due unto the said Robert Nash by and for the importation of seven persons into this Colony whose names are to be in the records mentioned under this patent to have and to hold &c To be held &c Yielding and paying &c Provided &c Given under my hand    and the Seale of the Colony the Seventh day of November 1700.

Robert Nash his patent                         Fr. Nicholson

for 350 acres of Land in

New Kent County         John Pass

E. Jennings,         Dept Secy             Thomas Hopkins

Thomas Atkinson

Francis Walker


Charles Crawley

Wm Archell


October 1992 Issue Page 7

King William City, Va. ELIZABETH BOBO listed on 1704 Quit Rent Rolls. Note: Apparently ELIZABETH BUBBOE is again a widow with a bouncing baby boy, Spencer Bobo. Some researchers give him the name Francis Spencer Bobo but I have seen nothing to indicate that Francis was part of his name.

King William City, Va. Patent Book #12, Pge 250, August 17, 1725. A deed references ELIZABETH BOBOS land. Note: Caroline County, VA, was established in 1727 and took that part of King William County in which ELIZABETH BOBO lived. Orange County was established in 1737.