Fredrick Traugust Hessel & Catherine Kade
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1900 West, McLennan Co, Texas Census

FRED HESSEL Head W M Nov 1834 60 Germany
HENRIETTA     wife    W F Nov 1842 57 Germany
Max                    son     W M Sep 1875 24 Germany
Moritz                 son     W M Feb 1879 21 Germany
Emma                 dau     W F Mar 1886 14 Texas
E. (Emil) Hessel             W M Jul  1873 27 Germany
Hadwick             wife    W F Nov 1876 23 Germany
Otto                     son    W M Feb 1898 3 Texas
Adolph                 son    W M Apr 1899 1 Texas


1910 West, McLennan County, Texas Census

239 HESSEL FRED T. Head M W 71 m47yrs     Ger Ger Ger immigrated 1882 spoke German Farmer Owned Farm #190 Free
HENRIEITTA              wife     F W 65  m47yrs  Ger Ger Ger             "
Max                               son    M W 37 single     Ger Ger Ger spoke English

238 Hessel Emil             Head M W ?                 Ger Ger Ger Spoke English
Hedwig                            wife F W 24                 Owned Farm #189 Free
Otto                                 son M W ?
Adolph                             son M W 11                 bad film
Max                                  son M W ?
Enwing?                            son M W ?


1920 West, McLennan County, Census

99/100 Hessel Max E Head Rented Farm M W 43 married immigrated 1881 naturalized 1886 Farmer Ger Ger Ger

Emma                         wife F W 36 Ala Ger Ger
Bennie                         son M W 5 Tx Ger Ger

100/101 HESSEL FRED T Head Owned Farm M W 80 married immigrated 1881 naturalized 1886 no occupation Ger Ger Ger

HENRIETTA wife F W 75 "


GERMANS TO AMERICA Glazier & Filby 929.308931   V41

Ship: Haas
From: Rotterdam
To: New York
Arrived: 6 February 1882
Hessel, Franz     42 M Laborer Germany to USA
Christiane          37 F
Franz                15 M
Emil                    8 M
Max                    6 M
Minna                  4 F
Moritz                 2 M
Hulda                 00 F Infant


FREDRICK TRAGUST HESSEL brought his wife, HENRIETTA KADE, four sons, and one daughter to America from Saxony, Germany, about 1881. They had another daughter born after their arrival in America. Son Max says that FRED was born in Waldheim. St. Peters Church records say FRED was born in Seiswhch Sachsen. In 1920 census records Daughter says they were all born in Bohemia which is about 30 miles from Waldheim & is in Czechoslovakia. FRED had an only sister who lived in Mugeln Besmarkstr & HENRIETTA had a brother John who lived in Dresden.

According to the census records they were married in 1853, immigrated 1881/2 & were naturalized in 1886. They owned a farm in West, Texas & lived by their children.

HENRIETTA KADE had a brother, Robert Kade, also born in Saxony, Germany, who was killed in a mine accident.

1900, 1910, & 1920 Census McLennan Co, Texas
Emma Hessel Popp
Aderhold Funeral Home - West, Texas
Moritz Hessel - age 92 - written by his daughter Millie Hessel Halve
Mrs. Mildred Grossman