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CONSTANTINE PERKINS, was born 1682. This date follows from the assumption that CONSTANTINE PERKINS became of age in 1703 when he was deeded land by his father. See Minute Book for Henrico County, 1682, page 349. A manuscript in the DAR library in Washington D.C. with out giving reference, states that he died September 3, 1767. On the other hand, it may be possible that he is the CONSTANT PERKINS whose funeral took place December 18, 1770 (Douglas Register). CONSTANTINE PERKINS left a will in the form of a deed recorded 1761 in Goochland Deed Book I, page 148. He married ANN POLLARD. On May 1, 1754, a deed is recorded from CONSTANT PERKINS and wife to Joseph Pollard (Goochland Deed Book 6, page 383.)



CONSTANTINE PERKINS (see p.8) born about 1682, Henrico Co., Va., died December 1770, Goochland Co., Va., married (1) ANN POLLARD (supposedly), married (2) May 31, 1761, Goochland Co., Va., Mrs. Mary Allen, widow of James Allen (and prior to that of _________ Dennis), married (3) 1763 Goochland Co., Va., Mrs. Ann Walker.

CONSTANTINE PERKINS' date of birth is assumed from the fact that he was granted 100 acres by his father Nov. 1, 1703 (see p. 6), at which time he had probably just become 21 years of age. If so, then he was born about 1682.

CONSTANT PERKINS, along with Amos Ladd, served on a jury Sept. 1, 1710 (p. 22 Part 2 Henrico Records 1710-1714). His father considered CONSTANTINE well provided for and bequeathed him only 5 shillings in his will of 1711. When the will was offered for probate CONSTANTINE became one of the securities for his mother who was named executrix (p. 206 part 2 Henrico Records 1710-1714).

June 30, 1716, Benjamin Burton, CONSTANT PERKINS, John Allday, and William Perkins (see p. 4) witnessed a deed from Seth Hatcher to Joseph Reynold (p. 223 Henrico Records 1714-1718). July 18, 1719, CONSTANT PERKINS, John Ellis, Sr., and Drucilla Ballow witnessed the will of Michal Stewart ( p. 440 Part 2 Henrico Miscellaneous Records 1650-1807).

In 1720 there was a deed recorded from Amos Ladd to CONSTANT PERKINS (p 40 Henrico Minutes 1719-1724), and in November 1721 CONSTANT PERKINS again served on the jury (p. 41 ibid.). He was one of the securities for his brother Abram Perkins who was executor of their mother's estate (p. 226 ibid.).

On July 9, 1724, CONSTANTINE PERKINS patented three tracts of land (of 347 acres, 250 acres, and 250 acres) each on Beaverdam Creek in that part of Henrico County which later was to become Goochland County (pp. 3, 6, 7, Land Patents Bk. 12).

In December 1724, CONSTANT PERKINS acknowledged his deed dated Oct 8, 1723, to Benjamin Burton. This entry is of interest as in his first wife, ANNE, relinquished her dower (p. 374 Henrico Minutes 1719-1724). This land adjoined John Ellis, Col. Francis Eppes, and Richard Cox (p. 386 Part 3 Henrico Records 1725-1737).

Goochland County was formed in 1728 and CONSTANTINE PERKINS' land seems to have been at the corner where Goochland, Hanover, and Louisa Counties meet, as in the deeds which follow he is variously described as from each of these counties.

On Feb. 9, 1730, when he purchased of James Holman 400 acres on Fluvanna River in Goochland County, CONSTANTINE PERKINS was "of Hanover County, Parish of St. Martin's" (p. 85 Goochland Deed Bk. 3).

On Mar. 7, 1740, CONSTANT PERKINS, Frederick Cox, and John Sandland witnessed a deed from John Winn of Hanover County to John Horn of Hanover County (p. 400 Goochland Deed bk.3). It is thought that this John Horn married a niece of CONSTANTINE PERKINS. See p. 15.

Nov 25, 1745, CONSTANT PERKINS was security on the marriage bond in Goochland County of William Diuguid to Anne Moss. James Meredith was a witness. Consent was given by Alex Moss, witnessed by Francis A. Moss (or Amoss?) and John Barnes (Goochland Marriage Bonds).

In February 1746 CONSTANT PERKINS was mentioned in the estate proceedings of Samuel Richardson (p. 267 Henrico Records 1744-1748).

On Dec. 1, 1748, CONSTANT PERKINS patented two tracts of land, one of 50 acres and another of 100 acres, in Albemarle County, in that portion which became Buckingham County in 1761. These tracts were described as on the south side of Fluvanna River (the James), adjoining his own land (pp. 6, 7 Land patents Bk. 27).

The following deed (on p. 383 Goochland Deed Bk. 6) is quoted in some detail because it has been held that this deed shows (which it does not seem to do) a relationship between the PERKINS and POLLARD families:

This indenture made this first day of May, in the year of Our Lord Christ, One thousand seven hundred and fifty four, between CONSTANT PERKINS of the County of Louisa and ANN his wife, and Nicholas Perkins of the County of Goochland and Bethenia his wife, of the one part, and Joseph Pollard of the County of King & Queen of the other part, Witnesseth that the said CONSTANT PERKINS and ANN his wife, Nicholas Perkins & Bethenia his wife, for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and ninety seven pounds Eighteen shillings and four Pence Current money, to them in hand paid by the said Joseph Pollard before the ensealing and Delivery of the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge and thereof and of every part thereof do acquit and discharge the said Joseph Pollard his executors and Administrators, have and each of them hath granted, bargained, sold, aliened, released & confirmed and by these presents do and each of them do grant, bargain, sell, alien, release and confirm unto the said Joseph Pollard, his heirs & assigns forever, all that Tract or parcel of land of the said CONSTANT PERKINS & Nicholas Perkins, situate, lying & being on the West side of Beverdam Creek in the said County of Goochland containing by estimation four hundred and fifty eight acres, be the same more or less, two hundred and fifty acres part of the Tract of Land was granted to the said CONSTANT PERKINS by Patent bearing date the ninth day of July one thousand seven hundred and twenty four, and two hundred & eight acres other part of the said tract of land is part of two patents one of which was granted to the said CONSTANT PERKINS the said Ninth day of July one thousand seven hundred & twenty four and the other granted to the said Nicholas Perkins the twenty second day of September one thousand seven hundred and thirty nine, each for two hundred and fifty acres, which said four hundred and fifty eight acres of land is bounded as followeth: viz: Beginning at a corner Beach on the Bank of Beaverdam Creek...In witness whereof the said CONSTANT PERKINS & ANN his wife, Nicholas Perkins and Bethania his wife, have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written.

Sealed and Delivered in the presence of:

Stephen Perkins                         CONSTANT PERKINS (Seal)

Harden Perkins                         ANN (her X mark) PERKINS (Seal)

John Gammon Nicholas Perkins (Seal)

Thomas (his X mark) Jones         Bethania Perkins (Seal)

This deed which was recorded July 16, 1765, shows that CONSTANTINE PERKINS' first wife, ANNE, was still living in 1754.

On July 16, 1754, Nicholas Perkins and Bethania his wife of Goochland County deeded to CONSTANT PERKINS 100 acres on north branches of Beaver Dam Creek for L 10 and other considerations, adjoining land of CONSTANT PERKINS, Sandy Richarsons, James Underwood, James Mayo and Joseph Pollard (p. 386 Goochland Deed Bk. 6).

On the same date CONSTANT PERKINS SENR deeded a tract of land on the north branches of Beaverdam Creek to Stephen Perkins. This land adjoined land of Richard Perkins and CONSTANT PERKINS SENR. The deed was witnessed by Richd Pleasant, John Bybe, and Robert Hughes (p. 387 Goochland Deed Bk. 6).

By 1761, his first wife dead, CONSTANTINE PERKINS was considering a second marriage. Before contracting this alliance he made a series of deeds to his children some of which were not to be effective until his death.

May 18, 1761, CONSTANT PERKINS deeded " my well Beloved Son Joseph Perkins I do my decease...Land lying and being in the Countys of Hanover, Louisa and Goochland but when taken up it was in County of Henrico as by the Patent for the said Land bearing Date the Ninth day of July one thousand Seven hundred and twenty four." The land included 347 acres, 3 rods, and 20 poles. CONSTANT PERKINS also deeded to Joseph Perkins two slaves. The deed was witnessed by John Boswell, Robert Wilson, James Mayo, and Joel Perkins (the later was a nephew of CONSTANT PERKINS)(p. 147 Goochland Deed Bk. 8).

Goochland Deed Book 8, page 148.

I, CONSTANTINE PERKINS, of Louisa, Hanover, and Goochland Co., Va., for divers and good caused but more especially for the natural love and affection which I have and do bear to my loving children herein after mentioned, I give unto them and their heirs forever the following lands and negroes, viz.--

To my son Constantine Perkins, Jr., after my decease, 200 ac. G. Co. whereon my said son now lives and slave Peter.

To my son Nicholas Perkins, slave Jacob.

To my son William Perkins, slave Adam now in his possession.

To my son Stephen Perkins, slave Nathaniel

To my daughter Ann Perkins, now Ann Oglesby, 2 slaves, Judith and Tom.

To my daughter Elizabeth Perkins, now Elizabeth Ellis, 3 slaves, Moses, Ester Doll and Sarah.

To my granddaughter Ann Perkins, now Ann Clarkson, daughter of my son Constantine Perkins, slave Peter 2.

To my son Constant Perkins, Jr., slave Harry.

All the above to take place at his death.

Lastly all the remainder both real and personal at my decease, I give to be equally divided among all my children, viz. Constantine Perkins, Nicholas Perkins, William Perkins, Stephen Perkins, Joseph Perkins, Harden Perkins, Mary Atkinson, Ann Oglesby, Elizabeth Ellis.

The same date CONSTANTINE PERKINS of the County of Louisa

deeded "to my Loving daughter Mary Attkisson of Goochland one negro man, one negro boy, and one negro girl, after my decease." The witnesses were the same as for the deed to Joseph Perkins. This deed was recorded on p. 148 of the same volume.

The next day he disposed of the remainder of his estate in a deed to his children which amounts practically to a will. This deed, recorded on p. 148 Goochland Deed Bk. 8, reads as follows:

To all Christian People to Whom this Present Writing shall come I CONSTANT PERKINS of Louisa County send Greeting. Know ye that I the said CONSTANTINe PERKINS for divers Good Causes but more Especially for the natural love and Affection which I have and do bear to my Loving Children Hereafter Mentioned I give unto them and their Heirs forever the Following Lands and Negroes Viz, to my belov'd Son Constantine Perkins Junior after my decease I give him my said son two hundred Acres of Land lying in the County of Gochland but taken up in Henrico by Patent bearing date the ninth day of July one thousand seven hundred and twenty four will more fully appear which land is part of the aforesaid Patent for the land whereon my said son now lives, also I give my said son at my Decease one negro man Slave nam'd Peter which said land and Negroe I give to him and his heirs forever. Next at my decease I give to my Belov'd son Nicholas Perkins one Negroe man Slave nam'd Jacob to him and his heirs forever.

Next at my Decease I Give to my Beloved son William Perkins one Negroe slave named Adam to him and his heirs forever which said Slave is now in Possession of my said son William Perkins; next at my Decease I give to my Belov'd son Stephen Perkins one negro Slave nam'd Nathaniel to him and his heirs forever; next I give to my daughter Ann Perkins now Ann Oglesby two Negro Slaves the one nam'd Judith & the other nam'd Tom to her heirs forever. Next I give to my Daughter ELizabeth Perkins now Elizabeth Ellis three Negroe slaves namely Moses Ester and Doll, at my decease to her and her heirs forever, next I give to my Grand Daughter Ann Perkins now Ann Clarkson Daughter of my son Constantine Perkins one Negroe Slave called Peter, to her and her heirs forever, next I give to my Granddaughter Jemiah Oglesby Daughter to my Daughter Ann one slave named Isham to her and her heirs forever, next I give to my Daughter Eliz Perkins now Elizabeth Ellis after my Decease one Negroe slave named Sarah to her and her heirs forever. Next after my Decease I give Ann Perkins now Ann Oglesby one negroe slave Thamer to her and her heirs forever, next after my decease I give to my first mentioned son Constantine Perkins Junr one Negroe slave named Harry to him and his heirs forever, all the above gifts I warrant and forever defend from the claim challenge or demand of any other person or persons whatsoever, to the only proper use and behoof of the above mentioned persons they and their Heirs forever, each person to whom the above is Given. Lastly all the Remainder part of my Estate not particular mention'd Real and Personal at my Decease I give to be equally divided among all my children, viz. Constantine Perkins, Nicholas Perkins, William Perkins, Stephen Perkins, Joseph Perkins, Harden Perkins, Mary Atkinson, Ann Oglesby, Elizabeth Ellis, to them and their Heirs forever. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 19th day of May one thousand seven hundred and sixty one. Sealed Sign'd and Deliver'd in presence of

John Boswell

Robert Wilson                     CONSTANT PERKINS (Seal)

James Mayo

Joel Perkins

At a court held for Goochland County May the 19th 1761. CONSTANT PERKINS acknowledged this Deed to be his act & deed which was ordered to be recorded.

Teste. Val Wood C Clur

After settling the disposition to be made of his estate at his death in the above deeds, CONSTANTINE PERKINS felt free to enter into a second marriage late in life. If born in 1682, as is thought, he was 79 at this time. Goochland Marriage Bonds show that a license was issued him May 27, 1761, with Jesse Payne acting as bondsman. Four days later the marriage occurred and is recorded in THE DOUGLAS REGISTER (transcribed and edited by W. Mac Jones, 1928): Married, CONSTANT PERKINS & Mary Allen both in this parish 1761 May 31.

The twice widowed Mary Allen had already made a deed of gift to her children James Allen, Elizabeth Allen and Mary Allen on Mar. 7, 1753 (p. 225 Part I Henrico Records 1750-1767). the year following her marriage to CONSTANTINE PERKINS she and her husband deeded on Aug. 2, 1762, to Nathaniel Dennis, "son of the said Mary Perkins," 100 acres which "is the Same Tract or parcel of land which the said Mary Perkins in the Time she lived Widow of James Allen deceased Bought of John Shewmaker." The deed was witnessed by Wm. Ellis, James Allen, Thos. Ellis, Joseph Perkins, Stephen Attkinson, and Sol. Attikinson (p. 740 Part 2 Henrico Records 1750-1767).

Mary was not destined to survive her third husband, and by 1763 CONSTANTINE PERKINS was again a widower. That he was indeed an old man is confirmed by a deed he made Nov. 16, 1763 (p. 379 Goochland Deed Bk. 8), giving the slave Peter to his "Granddaughter Anne Clarkson wife of David Clarkson" and "after my granddaughter's decease to Frances Clarkson daughter of my granddaughter." This great-granddaughter had been born July 8, 1761.

Despite his age, CONSTANTINE PERKINS became a bridegroom for the third time in 1763 when he married Ann Walker (THE DOUGLAS REGISTER). She also was a widow and on Sept. 16, 1771, made a deed to her children for love and affection (p. 160 Goochland Deed Bk. 10).

On Aug. 1, 1767, CONSTANTINE PERKINS of Louisa County "for the natural affection I have to my loving daughter Ann Perkins now Anne Oglesby" made a deed to her which was witnessed by Solomon Attkinson, Absolom Attkinson, and Shadrack Oglesby. It was recorded in Albemarle County (p. 429 Deed Bk. 4).

Having reached the age of almost 90, CONSTANTINE PERKINS died and was buried in Goochland Co., Va., Dec. 18, 1770 (THE DOUGLAS REGISTER).

The long-held claim that the first wife of CONSTANTINE PERKINS was ANN POLLARD has not been substantiated by any documentary evidence yet found. The Joseph Pollard to whom CONSTANTINE and ANN PERKINS deeded land in 1754 died in Goochland County in 1792. This date of death would indicate that he was of a later generation than CONSTANTINE and ANN PERKINS. It has been claimed that ANN POLLARD was the daughter of Stephen Pollard and Ann Hughes and that the POLLARD family came from King and Queen County. As the records of King and Queen County have been destroyed, the evidence to support the claims will probably never be found.

CONSTANTINE PERKINS and his wife ANNE had the following


Stephen Perkins (ca 1717-1722) m. Mary Hughes (?).

Nicholas Perkins (ca 1718-ca 1762) m. Bethenia Harding.

Constantine Perkins (ca 1720-ca 1769) m. Mary Walker.

William Perkins (1722-ca 1800) m. Lucy Watikins

Elizabeth Perkins (ca 1724-ca 1798) m. Joseph Ellis.

Ann Perkins (ca 1727- ) m. William Oglesby.

Hardin Perkins (ca 1730-ca 1795) m. Sarah Price.

Mary Perkins (ca 1733- ) m. William Atkinson

Joseph Perkins (ca 1735-ca 1811) m. Alice Taylor.


CONSTANTINE PERKINS is listed in the will of his father Nicholas Perkins - Henrico County Febry Court 1712 p. 185-6. See will filed under Nicholas Perkins - 954.



Shows CONSTANTINE PERKINS as son of Nicholas Perkins and as father of Harding Perkins.

CONSTANTINE (will probated Goochland Co., Va. May 18, 1761).

landed propr., Goochland, Louisa, Henrico, and Albemarle cos., Va., m. ANN POLLARD of Louisa Co., Va. (sister of Joseph Pollard 1701-91, whose dau m. Edmund Pendleton pres. Va. Conv. which ratified the Constn. of U.S.).