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Origins of the Carlton Family Name - Wales

Components of the Coat of Arms - The Shield is: Gold with a red lion rampant. The Crest is: Emerging from a ducal coronet a Unicorn's head. The motto is: "Stabit Conscious Aequi"


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Dianne's Father's line

Descendants of John Carleton

Generation No. 1

JOHN1 CARLETON was born in England. Child of JOHN CARLETON is:

  1. EDWARD2 CARLTON, b. 1701; d. 1758.

 Generation No. 2

EDWARD2 CARLTON (JOHN1 CARLETON) born 1701, and died 1758.  Child of EDWARD CARLTON is:

  1. EDWARD3 CARLTON, b. 1724; d. 1764.

Generation No. 3

EDWARD3 CARLTON (EDWARD2, JOHN1 CARLETON) born 1724, and died 1764.  Child of EDWARD CARLTON is:

  1. JOHN4 CARLTON, b. December 11, 1748, Virginia; d. April 02, 1787, Duplin, North Carolina.

Generation No. 4

JOHN4 CARLTON (EDWARD3, EDWARD2, JOHN1 CARLETON) born December 11, 1748 in Virginia, and died April 02, 1787 in Duplin, North Carolina. He married MARY HUNT October 07, 1768 in King & Queen, Virginia. She was born May 19, 1750 in Virginia, and died July 03, 1789 in North Carolina.  Children of JOHN CARLTON and MARY HUNT are:

  1. PHILEMON5 CARLTON, b. January 03, 1769, King & Queen County, Virginia; d. 1813, Halifax County, Virginia.
  2. EDWARD CARLTON, b. 1775; d. 1828, Halifax, Virginia.

Generation No. 5

PHILEMON5 CARLTON (JOHN4, EDWARD3, EDWARD2, JOHN1 CARLETON) born January 03, 1769 in King & Queen County, Virginia, and died 1813 in Halifax County, Virginia. He married CATHERINE EASLEY January 18, 1790 in Halifax County, Virginia. She was born June 25, 1771 in Halifax County, Virginia, and died September 02, 1835 in Bradfors landing, Tennessee.  Child of PHILEMON CARLTON and CATHERINE EASLEY is:

  1. THOMAS ANTHONY CARLTON, b. June 1, 1804; d. October 15, 1877.


EDWARD5 CARLTON (JOHN4, EDWARD3, EDWARD2, JOHN1 CARLETON) born 1775, and died 1828 in Halifax, Virginia. He married NANCY. She died Bef. 1820.  Children of EDWARD CARLTON and NANCY are:

  1. CARLTON6, b. 1795.
  2. MARY ANN CARLTON Robinson, Mary Ann Carlton b. September 23, 1801, Halifax, Virginia; d.   February 28, 1866, Coosa, Alabama.
  3. CARLTON, b. 1811.

Generation No. 6

MARY ANN6 CARLTON Robinson, Mary Ann Carlton (EDWARD5, JOHN4, EDWARD3, EDWARD2, JOHN1 CARLETON) born September 23, 1801 in Halifax, Virginia, and died February 28, 1866 in Coosa, Alabama. She married PETER ROGER ROBINSON Robinson, Peter Roger November 18, 1819 in Halifax, Virginia. He was born October 31, 1790 in Lancaster County, Virginia, and died March 18, 1868 in Coosa, Alabama.   

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