Benjamin Howard
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Buckingham County, Virginia Surveyor’s Platt Book 1762-1858 by Grudset 975.5623 G

p.5 page 15

David Low; April 15, 1765; 174 ac.; on both sides Rock Island Creek; BEN. HOWARD. Col. James Jordan, Rob. S. Bailey neighbors.

p.6 page 21

Theodorick Webb: July 20, 1775; 200 ac.; lower fork Thomas’s Creek and joining lines of John Couch, BENJAMIN HOWARD dec’d, George Damson, and John Bowcock; transferred to John Couch.

p.20 page 70

James Staton; October 23, 1790; 2150 ac.; on some of south branches of James Riber being bounded on east by BENJM HOWARD’s road (shown) and on west by Nicholas Cabell’s ferry road (Shown); joining David Patteson, Joseph Cabell, William Staton, and Charles Irving.

p.52 page 178

William Slaton 150 ac; 19 June 1810; joining lines of John Staples, James Slaton, Jr., Charles Slaton, Capt John Couch, James Couch, William Slaton’s own lines on HOWARD’s Road and Warren Road; a branch shown.


Genealogical Records of Buckingham County, Virginia 975.5623W

p.66 (A notice in the Virginia Gazette of 1772 and published in the William and Mary Quarterly, 1st ser., vol. 9, p. 239, stated that Mr. BENJAMIN HOWARD, clerk of Bedford, and one of the Burgesses of Buckingham Co., died. - ERW).

p.122 British Mercantile Claims

BENJAMIN HOWARD’s estate shows L 328.7.7 ¾ by account, Albemarle Store, George Kappen & Co. HOWARD died in 1772 and left a daughter, who married Thomas Anderson, and HOWARD left a very valuable estate. Anderson died in Buckingham County, in 1800 (British Mercantile Claims in Virginia, in the Virginia State Archives).


William and Mary College Quarterly 1st Series Vol 9

p.239 Personal Notices from the Virginia Gazette The Year 1772

Died, Mr. BENJAMIN HOWARD, clerk of Bedford, and one of the Burgesses for Buckingham.


Buckingham County Virginia Church and Marriage Records 975.5623 Warren

A Tillotson Parish Chronology - V means Vestryman

p.11 HOWARD, BENJAMIN 4/1771 V; deceased by 3/1772


Library of Virginia Archives Web Site

Grants No. 11 1787 page 697-8

Thomas Anderson 22 August 1787 Buckingham Co. granted 800 acres on the east side of BENJAMIN HOWARDS road.