Auracher Lineage
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 Generation No. 1

MICHEL1 AURACHER was born 1654, and died March 24, 1731/32 in Neckarrems, Germany.  He married SARA.  She died in Neckarrems, Germany.  Child of MICHEL AURACHER and SARA is:

  1.  MARIE AGNES2 AURACHER, b. January 22, 1696/97, Neckarrems, Germany; d. December 10, 1762, Neckarrems, Germany.


 Generation No. 2

MARIE AGNES2 AURACHER (MICHEL1) was born January 22, 1696/97 in Neckarrems, Germany, and died December 10, 1762 in Neckarrems, Germany.  She had a child with JOHANNES RIETHMUELLER in NOT MARRIED, son of HANS RIETHMUELLER and ANNA DREHER.  He was born December 11, 1699 in Neckarrems, Germany, and died in ?Beinstein, Germany.  She married JOHANN JAKOB STRAEHLIN June 19, 1732 in Neckarrems, Germany, son of MATHEUS STRAEHLIN and MARGARETHA.  He was born August 13, 1697 in Neckarrems, Germany, and died October 29, 1766 in Neckarrems, Germany.  Child of MARIE AURACHER and JOHANNES RIETHMUELLER is:

  1. JOHANNES JACOB3 REITHMULLER, b. October 30, 1725, Neckarrems, Germany; d. January 17, 1795, Neckarrems, Germany; m. MARIA ELISABETH MAYER, January 17, 1750/51, Neckarrems, Germany; b. July 06, 1722, Neckarrems, Germany; d. July 23, 1791, Neckarrems, Germany.