Arthur Meriwether Lewis II & Margaret Maria Turner
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ARTHUR MERIWETHER LEWIS, II, was distantly related to Meriwether Lewis of the Lewis and Clark expedition. He often made trips to Mobile, Alabama, with his family on business pertaining to race horses. His family made it a practice of staying at the Battlehouse Hotel in Mobile. The Lewis family was Episcopal. They were also rumored to be kin to Robert E. Lee of Virginia.

Their father was very wealthy and owned land along the Tombigbee River near Demopolis, Alabama. the family burial ground is located next to the family home in Jefferson, Marengo County, Alabama. ARTHUR's father died when he was a small boy and by Alabama law an executor had to be appointed to handle the estate until the children all became of age. Meanwhile, the executor collected a fat fee each year.

On a trip with his family to Mobile, ARTHUR met MARGARET "MAGGIE" MARIA TURNER. ARTHUR married MAGGIE when she was 25. He was 5 years younger. She had been engaged to a Mr. Sweeney, but they broke up. MAGGIE was strongly Catholic and ARTHUR soon converted. They were married in the Turner family house in Mobile about 1873. The house is now the Cerebral Paulsey House. ARTHUR and MAGGIE lived very near the river and they went down to the landing to catch the steamboat to Mobile. Their place was also near land owned by Dr. Whitfield, their family doctor.

In 1875 MAGGIE came down to Mobile for Turner to be born in the upstairs bedroom in the Turner family house on Springhill Ave. Most of the children were born in Mobile. When the girls were old enough they were sent to Mobile to go to school. In 1916 MAGGIE still had 160 acres valued at $840 by a tax statement. After ARTHUR died they moved away to a place called "Chapel Hill". The boys had all left home so there was no one to farm the land. Part of the furniture was left behind in the family home. The house burned and destroyed the rosewood piano Henry Turner had bought in Mobile in 1876 for $500 and sent to his daughter MAGGIE.

One of ARTHUR and MAGGIE's sons Lee Chaney Lewis married his first cousin Agnes Alston Ferguson and they managed to get the Lewis family land. Agnes was the daughter of Agnes Lewis Alston, Arthur's sister. Lee and Agnes had been in love many years, but the family had forbidden the marriage. Agnes married a Mr. Ferguson and raised a family. Then after his death, while they were both still young Lee and Agnes married.

Arthur Turner Lewis's first wife Grace was Spanish and Mike Malnar and Joseph Chopp were Austrian lumberjacks.


1860 Alabama Census - Marengo County - Western Division

554/593 P 76 - Linden post office

A. M Lewis     41 m w planter 50,000 20,000 Va

Sarah              35 f w                                     Ala

Owen             18 m w                                     Ala

Ofelie             16 f w                                      Ala

Olivia             14 f w                                      Ala

Greenberry       8 m w                                    Ala

ARTHUR         7 m w                                    Ala

Alabama           5 f w                                      Ala            

Caroline           3 f w                                      Ala


1870 Alabama Census - Sumter County - Gaston post office p. 128

McCormick, Sarah 45 f w keeping house Ala

Lewis, Owen          27 m w Ala

Ophelia                   25 f w Ala

Olivia                      23 f w Ala

ARTHUR               17 m w Ala

Alabama                 14 f w Ala

Cara                        12 f w Ala

Wm                         10 m w Ala


1880 Jefferson, Marengo Co, Ala Census Beat #9 p 615

vol 15 ed 99 sheet 33 line 11 Living with Nathan Wright 230/308

LEWIS ARTHUR M. W M 26 Farmer Ala Va Ala

MAGGIE                   W F 28 wife keeping house Ala Miss Ireland

Turner                        W M 5 son Ala Ala Ala

Lee C.                       W M 3 son Ala Ala Ala

Maggie                       W F 4/12 dau born Jan Ala Ala Ala


1900 Jefferson, Marengo County, Ala Census p 85B 105/107

vol 40 ed 61 sh 9 ln 56

LEWIS, ARTHUR M. W M Apr 1853 42 m26yrs land lord Ala Va Ala

MARGARET              W F Oct 1848 51 m26yrs wife 9 ch Ala Miss Ireland

Charles W.            son W M Jan 1885 15 Ala Ala Ala

Sarah A.               dau W F May 1887 13 "

Ethel A.                dau W F Aug 1884 10 "

Eloise                   dau W F Apr 1891 9 "

Edward S.            son W M Mar 1893 7 "


1910 Bryce State Mental Hospital, Tuscaloosa, Alabama



1910 Jefferson, Marengo, Alabama


Almous Lewis                          21

Eddie Lewis                             17


1920 Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee Census 1161 Breedlove St.

vol 77 ed 231 sh 12 ln 85 320/326

Lewis, Arthur head M W 44 owned home free Ala Ala Ala

Agent for Banker association worked for wages

Liza                 wife F W 36 Ala Ala Ala

Alma                 dau F W 12 Ala Ala Ala

MAGGIE     mother F W 71 Wid Ala Ala Ala


Poem to Maggie -- ?from Arthur - not in Eugene Sweeney's handwriting

To her I love

By She knows who:

Maggie, I love you:--Simple words--

Yet, oh, how Strong and true:

I will not rave, nor swear, nor sigh --

Such ways are not for you.

Nor am I versed in artful speech;

Soft vows suit not my name;

My heart my lips their language teach

The shortest words to choose.

I love thee Maggie: Yet perchance,

Our skies may sometimes frown;

Dark looks, my veil the tender glance

As we lifes stream float down.

But we must learn to check the frown--

To reason more than chance

The wisest have their faults to own,

And, Maggie, we've the same.

I will not promise that our life

Shall be as blest as now,

For human change and human strife

Would mock the empty vow:

But I will promise faithfully

(Such pledge, at least is mine)

To share my sorrows with thee,

As I may share with thine.

You will not love me less, dear girl,

For words of honest wit:

I love thee dearly, but I hate

To act the hypocrite.

I do not call the "Angel---Saint",

I woo as man should woo;

And, though I use no honeyed fruit,

You'll ever find me true.

Just try me


There were 5 promissory notes dated Feb 3, 1897. They all said

"I promise to pay Mrs. Maggie M. Lewis one Bale cotton weighing

Five hundred lbs for rent of what land I may work about the 15th

of November next." They were all witnessed by A. M. Lewis & were

signed by :

       his                           his                           his

Lue X Aldrige     Richard X Wright      Osham X White

      mark                        mark                      mark

      his                         her

Bill X White         Polly X Masaly

    mark                     mark

On the back of each note it said "I transfer this note to Mrs. Alstom. Maggie Lewis. Transferred to Mayo Brothers as collateral security with full power to collect Mrs. Agnes Alstrom"


On Dec 29th 1879 Mrs. M. M. Lewis purchased from Andr. Poetz & Co., Importers & dealers in Watches, Clocks, & Jewelry No. 91 Dauphin Street Mobile, Ala. 1/2 doz silver teas spoons for $14.00


On Feb 24th, 1880 Mrs. Maggie M. Lewis purchased from Hugh Hanna,Carriage Making & Repairing, Northwest Corner Royal & St. AnthonyStreets, Mobile Alabama one Second hand Barouche for $150.00


To Arthur from Maggie's sister Bertha

Mobile Ala. Jan 29 '13 (1913)

Dear Arthur,

I rec your letter sometime ago glad Alma is well. I'm not feeling just as well as I would like but it all just in a lift time.

I'm in hopes I see Alma soon I'm thinking of getting married don't know for sure men are not exactly what they make out they are it will soon be Alma's birthday we will have something for her. Hope she will keep well. Say if I get my will you let Alma come and stay a while with me I will take good care of her.

Hoping to here from you soon

As ever



205 Rapier Ave.


Letter to Maggie Turner Lewis from the son of her half-sister Adaline Turner Hooks who married Charles W. Hooks in 1859. Charlie was therefore 14 or younger. On the back of the page was a drawing by Charlie. Arthur had a beard and smoked a pipe. Maggie was darning. They had pets, a big clock and a gun hanging on the wall. They spent time sitting by the fire.

Dear Auntie, Mobile March 23,1874

I received your kind and welcome letter. I was very glad to get a letter from you, I would like to be up there to play and go a hunting with Willie. I had a very nice time on my birthday; the St. Patrick's were better this year than ever before. There was a band of little boys turned out with them, they could play four or five tunes; they have got twelve new instruments. Five bands turned out on St. Patricks' day. We are a going to turn out on the ninth. The times are very hard down here now, a great many of the stores have shut up. Grandpa (Henry Turner) swapped his dray for a wagon. We have two cows giving milk, we churned to day for the first time. Uncle Lew (Lewis Turner) likes telegraphing very much. We had a very hard rain here to day. I have got another turtle for Ma to make some more soup out of you ought to be down here to get some of it. Cousin Seth is here tonight Aunt Kate come home and went back again. Mrs. Corcoran baby was very sick but is better now. Little Henry is as fat and hardy as ever; all of us are able to eat our meals. Give my love to Uncle Arthur and little Willie (William C. Lewis b. 1861 Arthur's brother) and all of my new relatives and except a bushel for yourself.

Write soon to your affectionate nephew

Charlie H. Hooks

Apparently from the "new" relatives, Maggie and Arthur had just recently married. On the back of the page was a drawing by Charlie and the end of a letter by Maggie's sister Mary.

going on with as much nonsense as ever. They had Jimmie and Ruth to spend the day with them yesterday; I should like to see Jimmie packing the baby. Don't I wish there were some more left over in the world like Seth; he is just the best fellow living. If I could find one like him; I would get married tomorrow. I am sure you and brother will be pleased with this home send; Bud (?Charlie) says his Aunt Maggie's a darning; there stand on the corner of the mantle is brother's t'bacco. You ought to see cousin Mary's little wardrobe I have it in the middle draw it is lovely; good-night



1875 Marengo County, Alabama Bk W p358-9 A. M. LEWIS II

George G. Lyon                     Trustee re                 The State of Alabama

To     )(     Deed                                                     Marengo County

ARTHUR M. LEWIS             Know all men by these presents that

whereas on the 22d day of December 1873 Timothy G. Cornish and Archibald Y. Sharpe copartners trading & doing business under the name & style of Cornish & Sharpe executed a Deed in Trust to the undersigned George G. Lyon, conveying that trust of land lying & being in said county & known as the Dustan place and described as the SW quarter of section 21, SW quarter of section 20, NW quarter of section 29, w half of NE quarter of section 29, the NE quarter of the NE quarter of section 29, the NW quarter of the SE quarter of    section 29, all in township 16 range 2 east & containing six hundred & forty acres more or less, upon the condition that if the said Cornish & Sharpe should make default in the payment of their acceptance of a certain Bill of Exchange in the said Deed particularly described where the same should become payable then the said George G. Lyon was authorized to take possession of the above described tract of land, and after giving at least thirty days notice of the time & place & terms of sale in some newspaper    published in said county or in Selma, sell the same at public auction for cash, etc. And whereas L. Jane Cornish the wife of said Timothy G. Cornish and Catherine A. wife of the said Archibald Y. Sharpe also executed to said Lyon a release of all their respective interest or claim to Dower in the said lands, all of which will fully appear by reference to the said deed in trust and release, which was duly recorded as directed by law in the office of the Judge of Probate of the said County in Book of Deeds W on pages 128 & 129, and whereas the default was made in the payment of the acceptance of the said Bill of Exchange at the maturity thereof and the undersigned as Trustee as aforesaid did take the possession of the said land above described and after giving at least thirty days notice of the time place & terms of sale by the publication thereof in the "Marengo News Journal" a    newspaper published in said county offered the same for sale at public auction for cash, in front of the store of John W. Smith Esqr in the town of Jefferson in said county on Thursday the 4th day of February AD 1875 at 12 o'clock m and at said sale ARTHUR M. LEWIS became the highest best and last bidder for the said tract of land at the sum and price of three dollars & thirty five cents per acre amounting in the aggregate to the sum of Twenty    one hundred and Forty Four Dollars which the said ARTHUR M. LEWIS    has made full payment of to me and the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged; now, therefore, in consideration of the premises and also the said sum of Twenty one Hundred & Forty Four Dollars. I George G. Lyon, as Trustee under and by virtue of the said Deed in trust and release of Dower have bargained sold and by these presents do hereby grant bargain, sell and convey to the said ARTHUR M. LEWIS all the right title, interest and Estate of the said Timothy G. Cornish and Archibald Y. Sharpe as copartners under the name & style of Cornish & Sharpe & the said L. Jane    Cornish as the wife of said Timothy G. Cornish & the said Catherine A. Sharpe as the wife of said Archibald Y. Sharpe in and to the said tract of land above described as fully & completely in all respects as I might could or right to convey the same under and by virtue of the power and authority vested in me in the premises under the said deed in trust and release of    dower & sale made as aforesaid. In testimony whereof I as trustee under the said deed in trust have hereunto set my hand and seal this the fourth day of February A.D. 1875 George G. Lyon SEAL Trustee &etc signed sealed & delivered in presence of Geo. E. Pegram, A. Brugniens

Filed for record December 22d 1875

Jas W. Taylor Judge &etc.


1887 Marengo County, Alabama Bk DD p235-7 A. M. LEWIS II

S. C. McCormick                     The State of Alabama Marengo County Whereas

et al                                           under and by virtue of a decree made on the

To 19th day of August 1879      by the Honorable

Ophelia Lewis                            Chancery court of said county in the case of

Ophelia Lewis, et al, against Sarah C. McCormick et al it was ordered adjudged and decreed that the said Sarah C. McCormick who is the widow of A. M. Lewis, deceased, shall have during her natural life and ascending to the 6th section of the will of the said A. M. Lewis, dec'd the possession & use of that tract or part of the real estate owned by the said A. M. Lewis at the time of his death known as the Home Place and land connected therewith as hereinafter more particularly described and whereas at the death of the said Sarah C. McCormick the said Home Place and lands connected therewith as hereinafter described reverts to and becomes the property of the undersigned, the children of the said A. M. Lewis, deceased, as remainder and whereas the said Sarah C. McCormick has agreed and contracted to sell & convey her interest and estate as life tenant to Ophelia Lewis, and whereas the undersigned the only surviving children of the said A. M. Lewis deceased have also agreed and contracted to sell and convey al and each of our interest and estate as in and to the said property hereafter described to the said Ophelia Lewis. , the we the said Sarah C. McCormick in consideration of the sum of one Hundred Dollars to me paid by the said Ophelia Lewis, and we ARTHUR M. LEWIS, and his wife MAGGIE M. LEWIS - and Agnes Alston and her husband Baldy Alston - and Alabama Dobson and her husband Daniel B. Dobson and Daniel B. Dobson as the Executor of the will of Caroline M. Dobson, dec'd and William C. Lewis for and in consideration of five hundred Dollars to each of us for remainder paid by the said Ophelia Lewis, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged have granted bargained, & sold and by these presents do grant bargain, sell & convey unto the said Ophelia Lewis all and each of our right title interest and estate as a life tenant and as remainder in and to that part of the real estate owned by the said A. M. Lewis, dec'd at the time of his death lying & being in said Marengo County and known and described as the "home Place" including these Lands: SW 1/4 of SW section 3, NW 1/4 of section 10, and that part of the E 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of section 9 lying NE of the Jefferson & Linden road on the W 1/2 of the SE 1/4 of section 9, all in township 16 range 2 East. To have and to hold the above described and hereby conveyed premises with the privileges and appurtenances thereto belonging unto the said Ophelia Lewis, her heirs and assigns forever, In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals on this the 12th day of April A. D. 1887

A. M. LEWIS SEAL                     MAGGIE M. LEWIS SEAL

Mrs. Agnes Alston SEAL              Daniel B. Dobson SEAL

Allie L. Dobson SEAL                   W. C. Lewis SEAL

[This was written in the margin - Range corrected with Deed

before me Nov. 18. 1921 A. L. ?Lasty]

The State of Alabama         I Jas. L. ?Nond, an acting Justice of

Marengo County                 the Peace for said County hereby certify that A. M. LEWIS and his wife Agnes Alston, Daniel B. Dobson for himself and children and his wife Allie L. Dobson and W. C. Lewis whose names are signed to the foregoing conveyance and who are known to me acknowledged before me on this day that being informed of the contents of the conveyance they executed the same voluntarily on the day the same bears date. Given under my hand this 13 day of April 1887

Jas. L. ?Nond JP


1893 Marengo County, Alabama Bk BB p149-50 A. M. LEWIS II

A. M. LEWIS     State of Alabama Marengo County        Know all

To                                                                                    men by these presents that I ARTHUR M. LEWIS

MARGARET LEWIS                                                      of said county & state for & in consideration

of the sum of fifteen hundred (1,500.00) dollars actual cash paid me & received by me from the statutory separate estate of my wife MARGARET LEWIS which came to be as the property of my said wife from the estate of Mrs. Maria Turner deceased of Mobile County and the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged have this day bargained and sold to my said wife & do hereby bargain sell and convey to her the following described...and in which I now reside and I bind myself my heirs and representatives forever to warrant & defend the titles herein & hereby conveyed witnesseth my hand and seal this 9 day of February 1893


Signed in Presence of Eugene McCaa, D. B. Dobson

State of Alabama         I S. G. Woolf Judge of Probate in & for Marengo County said county hereby certify that Eugene Mc Caa a subscribing witness to the foregoing conveyance known to me appeared before me this day & being sworn stated that A. M. LEWIS the grantor in conveyance voluntarily executed the same in his presence and in the presence of the other subscribing witness in the day the same bears date that the the same in these presence of the grantor and of the other witnesses & that such other witness subscribed his name as a witness in his presence Given under my hand this 9th day of February A.D. 1893

S. G. Woolf Judge of Probate

Filed for Record Feby 9th 1893 S. G. Woolf Judge of Probate


1894 Marengo County, Alabama Bk BB p341-2 A. M. LEWIS II   

A. M. LEWIS & wife       State of Alabama Marengo County         Know

To     )(     Deed                                                                             all men by these presents that for & in

J. Marx, & Company                                                                     consideration of the sum of Eight

                                                                                                    Hundred Sixty Dollars to un in hand paid by J. Marx & Co. of Demopolis Alabama, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged; we ARTHUR M. LEWIS, and MARGARET M. LEWIS his wife, have this day bargained, granted and sold and do by these presents grant, bargain, sell & convey to the said J. Marx & Co the following described real estate lying & being in the county of Sumter State of Alabama and more particularly described as follows. The W. half of the SW quarter & the SW quarter of the SE quarter of section 27 township 16 range 1 East. Also Fraction "c" section 27 and the S half of the SW quarter, & the W half of the SE quarter of section 28, and the W half of the NE quarter section 34, all being in township 16 Range 1 E, containing 394 acres more or less. To have and to hold to the said J. Marx & Co their heirs & assigns forever. witness our hands & seals this the day of Feby 1894



State of Alabama             I Jas L. ?Nored a Justice of the Peace in &

Marengo County             for said State & County hereby certify that ARTHUR M. LEWIS & MARGARET M. LEWIS his wife whose names are signed to the foregoing conveyance and who are known to me acknowledged before me on this day that being informed of the contents of the conveyance they executed the same voluntarily on the day the same bears date. Given under my hand this the 27 day of February 1894 Jas. L. ?Nored JPFiled M'ch 14th 1894 & Recorded Mch 15th 1894

W. R. D. Leach Judge


The State of Alabama Circuit Court

Marengo County Spring Term 1909

To any sheriff of the state of Alabama

You are hereby commanded to summon Richard Wright, Arthur M. Lewis, Maggie M. Lewis, and W. R. Gregory to appear at the next term of the Circuit Court to be held for said County, at the place of holding same then and there to answer the complaint of Isadore Bley. Witness Charles B. Cleveland. Clerk of said Court this day of in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and issued the 2 day of April 1909

Attest: C. B. Cleveland, Clerk

Circuit Court -- Marengo County

Isidore Bley

VS summons and complaint

Richard Wright et als

Filed this 2 day of April 1909

C B Cleveland

Received the day of 190 and

executed on day of 190 by

leaving copy of the within summons

and complaint with dept. sheriff

Benjamin L. Elmore

Plaintiff's Attorney

Isadore Bley plaintiff


Richard Wright, Arthur M. Lewis

Maggie M. Lewis, and W. R. Greggory Defendants

The plaintiff was to receive possession of the following tract of land to wit:

southwest 1/4 of section twenty (20); southwest 1/4 of section twenty-one: Northwest 1/4 of section twenty-nine (29); west 1/8 of Northeast 1/4 of section twenty-nine (29); northeast 1/4 of northeast 1/4 of section twenty-nine; northwest 1/4 of southeast 3/4 of section twenty-nine--all in township sixteen (16). range two (2) East, lying and being in the county of Marengo in the state of Alabama. of which he was in possession and upon which, pending such possession and before the commencement of the suit, the defendants entered and unlawfully withheld together with five hundred dollars ($500.00) for the detention thereof...

Benj F. Elmore

Attorney for the plaintiff


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