Absolom Langston & Christian Bennett
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There is one record, Livingston Co., Ky. Deed Book B., p. 10, shows John Langston of Livingston Co. appointing an attorney to sell 85 acres of land in Union Co., S.C., former land owner Caleb Langston, deceased, for himself, and his brothers and sisters to wit: Absolem, Nathan, Jesse, Samuel and Cressy (Christian) Langston.

ABSOLAM LANGSTON married CHRISTIAN BENNETT before 1759 when she witnessed the will of Patr. Lashley in Granville Co., N.C. as CHRISTIAN LANGSTON. CHRISTIAN probably born 1733; moved to Granville Co., N. C. about 1741. She married second Alexander Fairborn. August 1764 Richard Bennett will proved in Bute Co., N.C. named daughter CHRISTIAN, wife of ABSALOM LANGSTON, and daughter Sarah, wife of Solomon Langston.

ABSOLAM LANGSTON was listed on the Granville Co., N.C. Tax lists for the years 1750 (with his father), 1752, 1753, 1754, 1757, 1758, 1764, 1765, 1768, & 1769.

Deeds concerning ABSOLAM LANGSTON for Ninety-six District, S. C. are found in Union County, S. C. Records.

26 Oct 1796 - Laurens Co., S.C. Deeds Bk. F. pg 461: Alexander Fearbearn to Reazin Holland 300 acres Duncan's Creek Branches bounded by Wm. Price, James Underwood. Oct. 26, 1796 / Robert Hannah, Abraham (A) his mark Holland. Signed Alexr. Fearbearn and his wife CHRISTIAN FEARBEARN (her dower dated March 1, 1799).

Nathan was the Executor of his mother's will - CHRISTIAN FAIRBARIN. Caleb Langston's will also named his brother Nathan.



John Langston Jun with his son ABSOLEM



by Clark

p. 374 October 8, 1754 Muster Roll of Granville County Militia

under the command of Col. William Eaton:


James Langston

Solomon Langston

Richard Bennett

p. 380 in Capt. Andrew Hampton's Co.

Joseph Langston



page 17908

LANGSTON, ABSALOM, Land Grant for 450 Acres in Craven County

1772/05/21 entry nbrs 0002 005 0025 00632 00

LANGSTON, ABSALOM, Memorial for 450 Acres on Tyger River, Craven

County 1772/08/10 entry nbrs 0030 002 0011 00336 02

LANGSTON, ABSOLOM, Plat for 450 Acres in Craven County

1772/10/19 entry nbrs 0009 003 0016 00276 02


KINFOLKS OF GRANVILLE CO., N.C. 1765-1826 by Gwynn

p. 17 Deed Book I p. 268 ABSALOM LANGSTON deed to Samuel Hambrick, also signed by CHRISTIAN LANGSTON Dec. 12, 1770

p. 277 Tax List 1769 LANGSTON, ABSALOM, 2 whites; Langston, Joseph, 2 whites, 3 blacks



p. 182 LANGSTON, ABSOLAM - Box 55 pack 1316

Est admr. Sept 22 1783 by CHRISTIAN LANGSTON, Thomas Wiliams,

Jno Smith, bound to Jno Thomas Ord 96 Dist sum 2,000 lbs Inv. appraised in Virginia currency by Nehemiah Howard, Wm. Smith, Peter Renfro, Byrs: CHRISTIAN, Nathan, Caleb, Daniel Langston.



Union County, SC

CHRISTIAN FAIRBORN Vol 1 Date 1777-1814 Sect A Page 174


1800 Union District, SC Census


1 male 10 - 16

1 female 45 & up



1750 ABSALOM LANGSTON named as son of John Langston onGranville County, N.C. Tax List. He was alsoshown on the Granville County Tax Lists of 1752,1754, 1765 (From unpublished records found by Mrs. Hummell)

1754, Oct. 8 ABSALOM LANGSTON, James Langston, Solomon Langston, Richrd Bennett on Muster Roll, Granville County Militia under the command of Colo. William Eaton. Joseph Langston listed in Capt. Andrew Hampton's Co.

1764, Aug Richard Bennett will proved in Bute Co., N.C. named daughter CHRISTIAN, wife of ABSALOM LANGSTON and daughter Sarah, wife of Solomon Langston.

1772, May 21 Land granted to ABSOLOM LANGSTON - 450 acres in Pickney District in Union Co. on Waters of Tyger and Dutchman Creek bounded on West by Stephen Hudson & land run for North Carolina called Wiley's land S. E. on Charles Thompson, all others vacant when surveyed.

1782, March John Langston's will signed Greenville, S.C., and no mention was made of ABSALOM. Indication -- he may have died by that time.

1783, Sept 22 Estate of ABSOLOM LANGSTON administered by CHRISTIAN LANGSTON, Thomas Williams, and John Smith. ABSOLOM LANGSTON "late of the District of Ninety-six and State of South Carolina." buyers at the sale: CHRISTIAN LANGSTON, Nathan Langston, Thomas Thornton, Caleb Langston, John Langston, Daniel Langston, and others.

1793, Jan 24 From Union County Deeds Samuel Saxon of 96 District. and Nathan Langston of Union Co.: Whereas CHRISTIAN FAIRBARN..at Cambridge in S.C., obtained and entered up a Judgement against Caleb Langston, Lawful heir of ABSALUM LANGSTON to the amt of 27lbs, 8 shillings, sterling..."

1796, Oct 26 Laurens Co., S. C. Deeds Bk F. Page 461 Alexander Fearbearn to Reazin Holland 300 a. Duncan's Creek Branches. Signed Alexr Fearbearn and his wife CHRISTIAN FEARBEARN (Her dower dated 1 March 1799)

1800, June 24 Caleb Langston's will recorded Union Dist., S. C. naming brother Nathan, wife Elizabeth, Children: John, Absalom, Jesse, Nathan, Samuel, and Christian Langston.

1800, Aug 19 CHRISTIAN FAIRBAIRN signed her Will. It was recorded in Union Dist., S. C. 21 Jan 1803. She bequeathed Martha Tornton, her daughter, her saddle, hat and cloak; to her daughter-in-law Elizabeth Langston all the loose plank about her house. She left "all my clothes to be equally divided between  my four daughters and three (?) granddaughters to have one-fifths, namely Sarah, Lettice and Mary Beardens. "I leave to my small grandson Mark Langston all the rest of my estate within doors and without doors to be sold for cash..." "Lastly I do appoint my two sons Nathan and Bennett Langston my sole executors..." Signed CHRISTIAN FAIRBAIRN. Witnessed by John Langston, Sarah S. Langston, Thomas. Thornton, Mary More. Caleb Langston According to additional data: Livingston Co., Ky. 

Deed Book B, pg. 10, shows John Langston of Livingston Co. appointing an attorney to sell 85 acres of land in Union Co., S. C., former owner Caleb Langston deceased, for himself and his brothers and sisters to wit: Absolem, Nathan, Jesse, Samuel and Cressy (Christian) Langston.


South Carolina page 632

George the Third by the Grace of God, of Great-Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, and so forth, To all to whom these presents shall come Greeting: Know Ye That We of our special Grace certain Knowledge and mere Motion, have given and granted, and by these presents, for us, our heirs and successours, Do Give and Grant unto ABSOLOM LANGSTON, his heirs and assigns, a plantation or tract of land containing four hundred fifty acres, Situate in Craven County, on a branch of Tyger River called Dutchman's Creek, bounding West by Stephen Holdson's land, & land run for North Carolina called Wylies land, South East on Charles Thomson's land & all other sides on Vacant land. And hath such shape, form and marks, as appear by a plat thereof, hereunto annexed: Together with all woods, under-woods, timber and timber trees, lakes, ponds, fishings, waters, water courses, profits, commodities, appurtenances and hereditaments whatsoever, thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining: Together with privilege of hunting, hawking and fowling in and upon the same, and all mines and minerals whatsoever; saving and reserving, nevertheless, to us, our heirs and successours, all white pine trees, if any there should be found growing thereon; and also saving and reserving, nevertheless, to us, our heirs and successours, one tenth-part of mines of gold and silver only: To Have and To Hold the said tract of Four hundred & fifty acres of land and all and singular other the premises hereby granted unto the said ABSOLOM LANGSTON his heirs and assigns for ever, in free and common soccage, the said ABSOLOM LANGSTON his heirs and assigns yielding and paying therefor unto us, our heirs and successours, or to our Receiver-General for the time being or to his Deputy or Deputies for the time being, yearly, that is to say on the twenty fifty day of March, in every year at the rate of three shillings sterling, or four shillings proclamation money, for every hundred acres, and so in proportion, according to the numbr of acres contained herein; the same to commence at the expiration of two years from the date hereof. Provided always, and this present Grant is upon condition nevertheless, that the said ABSOLOM LANGSTON his heirs or assigns, shall and do yearly and every year, after the date of these presents clear and cultivate at the rate of three acres for every hundred acres of land, and so in proportion according to the number of acres herein contained; and also shall and do enter a minute or docket of these our letters patent in the office of our Auditor-General for the time being, in our said Province, within six months from the date hereof; and upon condition, that if the said rent, hereby, reserved, shall happen to be in arrear and unpaid for the space of three years from the time it shall become due, and no distress can be found on the said lands, tenements and hereditaments hereby granted; or if the said ABSOLOM LANGSTON his heirs or assigns shall neglect to clear and cultivate yearly and every year, at the rate of three acres for every hundred acres of land and so in proportion, according the number of acres herein contained, or if a minute or docket of these our letters patent, shall not be entered in the office of our Auditor-General for the time being, in our said Province, within six months from the date hereof, that then and in any of these cases, this present Grant shall cease and determine and be utterly void; and the said lands, tenements and hereditaments hereby granted, and every part and parcel thereof shall revert to us, our heirs and successours, as fully and absolutely, as if the same had never been granted.

Given under the Great Seal of our Said Province

Witness His Excelly the Rt Honble Lord Charles Greville & Montagu Capt. General Governor and Commander in chief in and over our said Province of South Carolina, this Twenty first Day of May Anno Dom. 1772 in the Twelfth Year of our Reign

C. G. (L.M.S.) Montagu

Signed by his Excelly the Governor in Council

And hath thereunto a plat there of annexed, representing the same, certified by

John Bremar J. Woodin pro

Depy Surveyor-General C.C.

7th April 1772


Plat (Pre-Revolutionary) 450 acres, Vol. 16, page 276 October 19, 1771

South Carolina

Pursuant to a precept to me directed under the hand and seal of John Bremar, Esq D. SGenerl dated the 3d day of Sept 1771 I have admeasured & laid out unto ABSOLOM LANGSTON a plantation in or tract of land in Craven County four hundred & fifty acres situated lying & being on a branch of Tyger river called Dutchmans Creek bound West Caclede Wylies land and South Eastwardly by Charles Thompson land and on all other sides by vacant land and hath such shape form and marks as the above plat represents. Certified under my hand this 19 October 1771

James Wofford Dr. Ord. 7 April 1772


S. Carolina

Pursuant to a precept to me divided under the hand and seal of John Bremar, Esqr. D & ge dated the 1st day of Octr 1771 I have administered & laid out unto Thomas Thomson a plantation or tract of land containing one hundred and fifty acres situate lying & being on the N. Side of Tyger River & bounded S erly by said river 7 bounded N E verly by Charles Thomasons Land and S E verly by ABSOLOM LANGSTON land and on all other sides by vacant land & hath such I keepe for in & marks as the above plat represent certified under my hand this 21 day of October 1771 Rgd C: 7 July

1772 James Wofford Dr


ABSOLOM                                   A memorial exhibited here ABSOLOM LANGSTON to be

LANGSTON                                 regd in the Anderson Office of a plantation or

450 Acres                                       tract of land containing 450 acres Situate in

2 property                                      Craven County on a branch of Tyger River called

or pre                                                Dutchman's creek bounding NW by Stephen Holesons

certified                                            Land and Land run for N. Carolina Called Wyles

by SLC                                             land SE on Charles Thomson and all other sides byvacant land survey certified the 7th April 1772 and Granted the 21st of May 1772 to the 2/th 3/ls or 4/ pro per 100 acres to commence two years from the date in belonging to of the hereunto set his hand 10th August 1772

James Wofford S D deld Feby 2d 1773


ABSOLOM LANGSTON Estate 1783 Abbeville Co., S.C.

Box 55 Pack 316 Estate of AB LANGSTON Dec'd 1783

96th District

Personally appeard Nathan Howard, William Smith & Peter Rentfro being three of the appraisors appointed to appraise the goods and Chattels ABSOLOM LANGSTON late of said District Deceased before met and being duly sworn made oath that they would make a just and ? appraisement of all and ? the goods chattels rights & credits of the said Deceased as shall be the ? provided by CHRISTIAN LANGSTON administrator of the Estate of the said Deceased and that they were ? the same certified under their hand unto the said CHRISTIAN LANGSTON within the time prescribed by law.

Ralph Smith J P


South Carolina

Know all men by these presents, we CHRISTIAN LANGSTON,

Thomas Williams and John Smith are jointly held and severally holden and firmly bound and obliged to John Thomas, Jun., Esquire, Ordinary of Ninety Six District, in the State aforesaid in the sum of two thousand pounds Sterling, to be paid to the said John Thomas, Jun. or assigns for the time being in the said office or his attorney of assigns to which payment wil and truly be made by ourselves and each of us jointly and severally firmly by these presents. Sealed withour Seals and dated this twenty second day of September 1783, and in the Eighth year of our American Independence.

Whereas, Administration of all and singular goods and chattels, rights and credits of ABSOLOM LANGSTON, late of the said District, deceased, as lately committed by the said John Thomas, Jun. unto CHRISTIAN LANGSTON.

The condition of the foregoing obligation is such that if the said CHRISTIAN LANGSTON do and shall well and truly administer of and singular, the goods, chattels, rights and credits which were of the Deceased, and which shall come into the hands, possessions or knowledge of her, the said CHRISTIAN LANGSTON to be administered and make distribution of what remains after payment of the debts and funeral expense of the said Deceased in accord of law: Then this obligation is to be void and of no effect, otherwise to remain in full force and effect.


Delivered In presence of Thomas Williams SEAL

John Smith SEAL


South Carolina                 By John Thomas Junr the Ordinary of said

Ninety Six District            district To Jeremiah Howard & William Smith and John Rentfro

SEAL                              These are to authorise and impower you or any three of you to repair to all such plans within this stated you shall be directed unto by CHRISTIAN LANGSTON Administrator of all and Singular the goods chattels rights & credits of ABSOLOM LANGSTON late of said District Deceased. Whereas over and of the goods and Chattels of the sd Deceased are within the said ?and which shall or thereon unto you by the said CHRISTIAN LANGSTON and there view and appraise the same being first sworn to make a true and perfect inventory and appraisement thereof; and cause the same to be recorded under the hands of any three of ? the said CHRISTIAN LANGSTON in sixty days from the date hereof Given under my hand and seal this 22nd day of September 1783 and in Eight year of American Independence

Recorded in book H? page 50 Thomas Junr


183 An Inventory of the goods and effect of ABSOLOM LANGSTON Late of the District of Ninety Six and State of South Carolina ? appraised by us

? in Virginia Curreancy L S D

One Negroe man named Ben 100 00 0

One gray mare 20

One other Bay mare 10

One mare colt 1 10

one mare 9

one mare 8

one Black Cow and Calf and one Red ? 6

Two cows one Yarling 6

Two cows and Calves 5

Eight Sheep & two spinning wheels 20 5

two pair cords 15 one chest 8 two ? 1 9 6

pair Sheers tow grimblets 3/3/ millirons L3 3 3 3

Two chiflets? , ? 14

coopers ? two sockets 2/6 13 6

Four benches/ Four weavers ? 1 1 6

Two ? Boles & a quantity of Puter 3 3

Knives Forks & smooth iron heators? 13

? Loom ? Sadle L 1 2 16

Iron pot and hooks L 1.5 Four hoes 6/6 11 6

One Plough ? two bells 14

One Feather Bed L 3 Clevis and old Iron 3 4

Three pair of Bed sheets 1 1

One Table 2/6 one pair mill stones 5 2 6

The above appraised by the ? sworn appraisors Rentfro being sick

Capt William Smith was sworn appraiser for the following:

Ralph Smith JP

One Bed and Furniture L 5 Two plates 4f 5 4

One Pot 1st ? one Chest 16f one hatchet 2 1 6

One rug of two blankets and two pillows L 1:3 1 11

One ? ? and pot hooks 19 6

Mill Picks 6f6 bed stead 5f pale ? 15 3

One Ball L 2:10 sheep shears 2/6 2 12 6


Appraised by us L219 4 6L

Jeremiah Howard 1096:2:6 former

William Smith 156:11:93/4 steal

Peter Renfro ?

Wm Smith


Sale Bill of the Goods and Effects of ABSOLOM LANGSTON Deceased

Sold ? CHRISTIAN LANGSTON Administrator


CHRISTIAN LANGSTON to one Negore man Ben 52

dito 15 head of cattel L22 10 to one ? 27 10

do 1 Bey colt 2L & gray mare 2:12 3 13

Nathan Langston to one Bey mare 8 10


Thomas Thornton to one bed and furniture 7 6

CHRISTIAN LANGSTON to one bed and furniture 4 16

Do 5 pairs of Bed steds 12f &

Two pair of careds 8f 1 10

Do one cotton wheel 5f one ? wheel 6f 11

do one chest 6/6 ? 12 6

do one pot and hooks 4L & one pot 26/ &

one pot 10/ 2

do one loom 21/ puter and tables 31/ &

knives and forks 3/ 2 15

do one hackle 7/6 Shears 2/6 &

one flatiron 3/ 13

Nathan Langston to two razors 3

CHRISTIAN LANGSTON to one ? 4/ one sadle 10 14

Caleb Langston to coopers tools 8 6

CHRISTIAN LANGSTON to one Broad ax 12/ &

2 sckels 1/ 13

John Langston to one Currey comb 3

CHRISTIAN LANGSTON to Books 2/ axes 22/ &

Bells 3/ Chest 7/ 1 14

John Langston 1 shoe ? 1/ two ? Boles ? 10

Jeremiah Howard to millstones and irons 7 1

Daniel Langston to ? 12

CHRISTIAN LANGSTON to one bey mare L5 &

18 pails and ? 2/ 6

do 5 hoes 5/ ? weavers Reeds 4? 19


140 9


South Carolina Know all men by these presents that I

96 District CHRISTIAN LANGSTON, Widow of ABSOLOM LANGSTON late of the District aforesaid Deceased, do hereby give unto my son Daniel Langston my negro man named Ben that is to say immediately after my decease the said negro man Ben, shall be and become solly the property of my aforesaid son Daniel Langston and his Heirs for ever. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 16th day of April 1784. CHRISTIAN LANGSTON SEAL Witness Thomas Tod

South Carolina               Personally came Thomas Tod and appeared

96 District                      before me John Ford Esq who being duly sworn sayeth that he did see the within names CHRISTIAN LANGSTON, Execute the within deed and he the said Thomas Tod did also sign his name as witness thereunto. Thomas Tod. Sworn before me this 1st day of December 1784.

John Ford J.P. Recorded December 18, 1784


Affidavit of Moses Spann

& Thomas Williams Ninty-six District, Moses Spann,

Sen/r personally came before me, Ralph Smith, one of the Justices of the Peace of s/d District and made oath on the Holy Evangelles of Almighty God and doth say on this said oath that some time in the year 1780 he was personally present and saw John Langston, son and heir to ABSOLOM LANGSTON, deceased sign, seal and deliver a certain Deed or Conveyance of and to a certain parcel of land being on the Dutchmans Creek in the s/d District and known by the name of ABSOLOM LANGSTON's new survey unto unto Nathan Langston, Jacob Langston and he believes one other brother that the Deponent did assign the said conveyance as a witness to the same...Moses (X) Spann...Also Thomas Williams appeared and made oath that he was personally present saw the above John Langston assign seal and deliver the above conveyance unto same at his said Langston's brothers and that he the deponent did subscribe his name as witness to the same...Thomas Williams. Sworn and subscribed before me ye 10 day of May 1784...Ralph Smith Recorded and Examined No - ____ the 1 day of May 1787 by D. Mazyreck.


Affidavits of Spartanburg County...            Personally came

CHRISTIANA FAIRBAIN &                  before me CHRISTIANA FAIRBAIN and after

Daniel Langston                                        being sworn saith that she had in herpossession a certain deade (deed) of gift for four hundred and fifty acres of land lying on Dutchman's Creek known by the name of ABSOLOM LANGSTON's New Survey given by John Langston, decs/ed to Caleb Langston, Nathan Langston and Jacob Langston as appears by the esignment and sealing of the same which deed of gift was forcable taken from this depenet by a party of men commanded by Col Tairlton in the year Anno 1781 and firder said not. Sworn to and subscribed this 18th day of August 1785 before me (CHRISTIANA FAIRBAIN) John Ford J.P. Also Daniel Langston came at the same time and made oath according to law that he saw in the possession of the above said CHRISTIANA FAIRBAIN the above said Deed of Gift for the above said tract of land and that he (saw the) heirs read the same several times and firder said that John Langston's name and seal was to the s/d Deed and Thomas Williams, John couch and Moses Spains names was written as evidence to the said Deed of Gift and firder said not. Daniel Langston. Sworn to and subscribed this 18th day of August 1785 before me...John Fort J. P. Recorded and Examined No.______ the 1st day of March 1787 by D. Mazyck, Register


Ninty-six District, South Carolina                   24 January 1793

State of South Carolina                            This Indenture made the 24th day of

Ninty-six District                                      January in the year of Our Lord One Thousand seven hundred and ninty-three and in sixteenth year of the Sovorienty and Independence of the United State of America, between Samuel Saxon, Esquire, Sheriff of Ninty-six District in the State aforesaid of the one part and Nathan Langston of the State aforesaid and county of Union of the other part. Witness, whereas CHRISTIAN FAIRBORN of the State aforesaid and lately in the Court of Common Please at Cambridge in the said State obtained and entered up a judgement against Caleb Langston, Lawful Heir of ABSOLOM LANGSTON to the amount of Twenty-seven pounds eight shillings Sterling together with interest and cost thereunto as in and by this said Judgement remaining on record in the Office of the Clerk of the aforesaid Court of Common Please, reference thereinto being had may more fully and at large appear. In purance of which Judgement there found from the court of Commmon Please a Writ of Feri-Facias under the seal of the said Court tested by John Rutledge, Esq. Chief Justice of said State at Charlestown bearing date the eighteenth day of April in the year of Our Lord One Thousand seven hundred and ninty-two. Directed to all and singular the Sheriff of the said State commanding them and each of them that the goods, chattels, lands and other heriditaments and real estate of the aforesaid Caleb Langston they should cause to be levied the above mentioned sum which the aforesaid CHRISTIAN FAIRBORN in the Court of Common Please at Cambridge lately run against the said Caleb Langston. In Pursuance of in obediance to which Writ of Rerip Facio: the said Sam-l Saxon, Sheriff of Ninty-six District in the State aforesaid did enter into upon and sieze and take to exaction one Tract or Parcel of land containing Four-Hundred and Fifty acres more or less situate lying and being in the District of Pickney in the County of Union on the water of Tyger on a creek called Dutchman Creek bounded West by Stephen Hudson's land and land run for North Carolina called Wiley's land SE on Charles Thompson land and all other sides vacant lands when surveyed s-d lands granted to ABSOLOM LANGSTON by a grant bearing date the 21st day of May 1772 and after seizing and duly advertising the Tract or Parcel of Land above described containing four-hundred and fifty acres more or less the said Samuel Saxon did on the 5th day of November 1792 for and towards satisfaction of the said Judgement and Writ of Feri Facies and taxed, cost and incidental costs or charges thereon sell and dispose at Public Auction all the aforesaid parcel or tract of land and appurtances unto the aforesaid Nathan Langston for the sum of Seventy pounds sterling, he at the price being the highest and best bidder thereof according to the usage and custom of . Now this Indenture Witnesses that the said Samuel Saxon for and inconsideration of the sum of seventy pounds sterling to him in hand well land truly paid by the said Nathan Langston the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge hath granted bargained and by these present doth grant bargain and sell unto the said Nathan Langston, his heirs, Executors, Administrators and Assigns forever and singular the described piece, parcel or tract of land containing four hundred and fifty acres and the premises and appurtances thereunto belonging. Together with the estate rights, title interest property or demand of him the aforesaid Caleb Langston of in or to the said piece parcel or tract of land or premise together with all and singular the rights and appurtances and the reversions remainder and remainders issue and profits thereof and every part and parcel thereof. To have and to hold the piece parcel plantation or tract of land containing four hundred and fifty acres and the premise and appurtences unto the said Nathan Langston, his heirs, Executors, Administrators and Assigns forever. In Witness whereof the said Sam-l Saxon hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year first above written, Signed, Sealed and Delivered in the presence of

Joshua Downs Sam-l Saxon


Will of Caleb Langston Recorded in Will Book A Page 115 June

24th 1800 Brandon Ordinary Box 3 Package 23

In the Name of God amen

I Caleb Langston of the State of South Carolina and Union District being in a Loe State of Helth and Condision but of Sound Memory and thought that all men have onest to Die and as to the worldly Goods and Chattles which its been pleased God to bless me with I will and bequith the Same as follows Viz--Item I will and bequith unto my beloved wife Elizabeth Langston all my House hold furniture and the Land on which I not live on to her and her lawful asigns forever and as to my stock and all the rest of my property it is my wish and Desire that it be truely devided among my Children - to wit John Asolam Jesse Nathan Samuel and Christian Langston to be Kept together tell as they respcetively come of age and then to Draw their Eiquell Avidant or Portion - and I hereby Renounce all other will and never Disanuling aney Such made hereto fore and acknowledge this my last will and Testament in witness whereof I have heareth Set my hand and Seal Leeving my Beloved wife Elezith Langston Extrix and my beloved brother Nathan Langston my lawful Executioner this 27th Day of March in the year of our Lord 1800.

interlined before asigned

witness Caleb

Tho. B. Hunt Langst SEAL


Sarah X George


G. Hunt




Union District, South Carolina January 21, 1803

Recorded in Book A 2nd part pages 48 to 50

In the name of God, Amen, I CHRISTIAN FAIRBAIRN do make this my last will and testament knowing that it is appointed for all people to die being in a low state of health but in perfect memory do call to mind my worldly goods. I do first give and bequeath to my daughter Martha Thornton my saddle, hat and cloak. Item: I give to my daughter-in-law Elizabeth Langston all the loose plank about my house. Item: I do leave all my wareing clothes to be equally divided between my four daughters and three grand-daughters-the grand-daughters to have one fifty - namely Sarah, Lettice, and Mary Beardens. Item: I do leave to my small grand-son Mark Langston all the rest of my Estate within doors and without doors to be sold for cash, excepting one bead and furniture that to be kept till he is of age to receive his portion if said Mark Langston die under the age of twenty-one years all his Legacy to be equally divided among my children.

Lastly I do appoint my two sons Nathan and Bennett Langston my sole Executor to have the tution of the lad Mark; in Witness hereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 19 day of August in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred.


John Langston

Sarah S. Langston

Thos Thornton

Mary More


South Carolina

Union District By Benjamin Haile, Esq-e, Ordinary of said District

Personally appeared before me John Langston who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelish of the Almighty God doth make Oath and say that he saw CHRISTIAN FAIRBAIRN sign seal publish pronounce and declare the within writing to be and contain her last will and testament and that she the said CHRISTIAN was then of sound and disposing mind and memory and represtanding to the best of deponents knowledge and belief and that Sary Langston and Mary Thornton together with the deponent did sign their name as witness thereunto at the request of the testator in her presence. At the same time qualified Nathan Langston, Executor. Given

under my hand the 21st day of January 1803

Ben Haile, Ordinary UD



A just and true acct, of the appraisement of the Goods and Chattels of CHRISTIAN FARIBAIRN, dec'd by us the subscribers this 24th day of Jan'y 1803

1 Bed and furniture and bed cord $23.00

1 Bed and furniture and bedstead 30.00

1 Lot of puter and tins 8.00

1 Pine chist .75

1 Man's saddle 5.00

1 Bag of cotton in seeds 2.31

1 parsel of wool and spun cotton .75

1 parsel of sault 1.00

1 Lot of Books .75

2 Wheals and 2 pair of cards 5.50

1 Hackel (or Hatchel) 1.00

1 lot of chairs .75

1 Plough, 2 clevises, hames, traces and collar 3.00

1 Ax, 1 hoe, a,d 1 reeps hook 1.50

1 Reel, 3 ____, a bred tray and a gridstone 1.00

2 Barrels, 1 sifter and a (crain?) 1.70

1 Lot of ______ _______ 1.62

1 Table and dresser .0

2 Potts, 1 Dutch oven, 2 pairs pott hooks, 1

frying pan and a pott rack 3.75

2 Hides 1.25

1 Iron mortar and other ____ _____ 1.00

1 Loom and gears 6.00

1 Lot of fodder 2.00

1 Crib or corn 10.00

5 Head of cattle 23.00

2 Hogs 14.00

1 Horse and bridle 80.00

2 Hed of sheep 1.75

1 Lot of crocks, jugs and bottles 2.62

1 Skillet, 1 smoothing iron and 3 paris of ___ __ 2.00


Photocopy was so dim that some words couldn't be read. Others so indistinct that some errors may have occurred.


Account of Money due Nathan Langston, Executor of CHRISTIAN


3 Daus worth $1.09 and 1 quart rum at .65 cts $1.74

Service done by family in time of sickness 2.00

Under leather, thread and making shoes .87 1/2

January ye 26 1803 Paid John Langston for riding three

times to Union Court house to prove her will 2.00

Paid Tilman Bobo for crying sale 1.00

To feeding stock from Oct 12th 1802 to Jan 16 1803 5.00

One half day for bringing project together .50

Riding three times to Union 3.00

Advertising & selling property 1.50

Going to (______) Creek to read letters to

James Fairbairn .75

Apr 18th 1803, One day making trip to the Ordinary 1.00

Dec 14, Going to settle with the Ordinary 1.00

Paid the Ordinary fee 9.64

Feb'y 7th 1804 - Paid John Pittman store account 2.00

Feb 18th 1804 - 1/2 days for _______settle account 1.50

March 26th 1804 - Paid Joel Smith prior account 5.50

July 13th _____ - Paid Wm. Smith prior account .75

So Carolina

Union District Nathan Langston being sworn saith on oath that the above is a Just & True Account of his spending costs as Executor of CHRISTIAN FAIRBAI(R)N, Dec'd. Sworn to before me this 15th day of October 1805.

/s/D. Johnson, Ordinary

On Back of same document

"Receipt of collections and money due to the Estate of CHRISTIAN

FARIBAI(R)N Deceased, by Nathan Langston december 20 1802.

Received of Thomas Right for hire of horse $5.75

January ye 1st 1803, Received of Ephriam Smith 1.00

Ephriam Smith Do 1.00

January ye 2d 1803, Received of Tilman Bobo .25

Tilman Bobo Do .18 3/4

James Fairbai(r)n Do 4.00



Evidently a record of Sales of property of CHRISTIAN FAIRBAIRN, but pages were not headed to so indicate. Due to the dimness of the photocopy received, some words simply couldn't be read and there may be some errors where other words were almost as bad.

Basel Compton One pan $ .62 1/2

Ephriam Smith Pot and hooks .62 1/2

______ (Edwards?) Dutch oven 1.62.1/2

Nathan Langston 2 Bells 1.75

Joel Smith Candle stick .25

Wm. Foots? A lot of (Trumpery?) .87 1/2

Reuben Saunders A lot of old (Trumpery?) .75

Thomas Hunt 1 processing tub .75

Nathan Langston 1 churn .50

Tilman Bobo 1 Table .75

Joel Smith 2 hides 1.50

Nathan Langston One iron Mortar and (Pestle?) .75

John Bearden One loom and geas 1.50

Nathan Langston 1 Pot, stock .50

Reuben Saunders Quantity of foder (fodder) 2.00

Basel Copton a quantity of corn 10.25

James Wofford 1 Cow and calf 10.62 1/2

Nathan Langston 1 Heifer 5.25

John Bearden Cow and yearling 12.00

James Bennett One hog 8.00

Joel Smith One hog 6.62 1/2

Ephriam Smith 2 Shoats 1.62 1/2

Thomas Hunt One horse 25.00

Nathan Langston One bed 10.00

Nathan Langston Lot of puter 1.50

Daniel Grant Lot of puter 3.00

Nathan Langston A lot of puter 1.50

William Pots 1 Lot or iron ware 1.25

Thomas Williams 1 Lot of Earthen and glass ware 2.87 1/2

Thomas Hunt One ___________? .75

Abner Pots 1 Jug and cards 1.75

Nathan Langston 1 Hackel (Hatchel) 1.50

Joel Smith One Chest .75

Nathan Langston 1 Skillet and 2 legs 1.75

William Bennett 1 Smothering oven .50

Thomas Hunt A quantity of shells .87 1/2

John Bearden One bag and cotton 1.62 1/2

Nathan Langston One bag of ________ 1.37 1/2

Thomas Hunt One saddle 4.25

Nathan Langston One spinning wheel 2.00

Nathan Langston One crock and ______cask .75

Nathan Langston A quantity of salt 1.12 1/2

Reuben Saunders 1 Wheel 1.50

Joel Smith 1 Chears 1.00

John Smith One plow and clevises 3.87 1/2

Nathan Langston One Sickel .37 1/2

Abner Pots One axe and hoes 1.87 1/2

Nathan Langston One real and other wood .75

Nathan Langston One pot with rack 2.12 1/2

Nathan Langston 1 Pot and (shovel?) 1.12 1/2


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