Richard Willis & Drusilla Pearson Barnett
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        RICHARD WILLIS, SR., served in the Revolutionary War  as  a soldier in Roebuck's Regiment.  Stub entries to indents issued in payment  of  claims against South Carolina, growing  out  of  the Revolution  show:  "X, Part 2; No. 2779; Lib. X Issued  22  Sept. '86;  to  RICHARD WILLIS for L16..5..8 1/2 D  Sterling;  duty  in Roebuck's Regiment."

         RICHARD  WILLIS,  SR.,  and his wife  DRUSILLA  PEARSON BARNETT (daughter of Joseph Barnett and Lucy Wade) and family withdrew their membership in Cedar Spring Baptist Church, Spartanburg County, South Carolina, in September of 1798.  In the early 1800's  the  family belonged  to  the  Friendship  Baptist Church, Pauline, South Carolina.  RICHARD WILLIS, SR., and  wife, are on the record as constitutional members of the Unity  Baptist Church  of  Roebuck,  South Carolina.  Slaves  belonging  to  the Willises, Edy, Philip, and Prescilla, were also listed as members of the Unity Baptist Church, Roebuck, South Carolina.

        Although the DAR lists his marriage in 1774 in  Spartanburg, S.C., the Virginia Tithe Tables show he paid taxes 1774 & 1775 in Kingston Parish, Glouchester County, Va.


Minutes  of Cedar Spring Baptist Church, Spartanburg, S.  C.   in September,1798:  "Agreed that Bro. RICHARD WILLIS, and wife have a  letter  of dismission."  RICHARD WILLIS, SR.,   and  children:  Elizabeth  Willis, John Willis, Martha Willis,  Richard  Willis, Jr.,  William  Willis  and Mary Willis Roebuck  belonged  to  the Friendship  Baptist Church, Pauline S. C. in the  early  1800's.  RICHARD  WILLIS,  SR.,  and wife DRUSILLA PEARSON  WILLIS, were constitutional  members of the Unity Baptist
Church, Roebuck,  S. C.


SOUTH CAROLINA BAPTISTS      by Townsend  p. 136

Lists  the  church members ..." Elizabeth  Willis,  John  Willis, Martha Willis, Richard Willis, Jr., RICHARD WILLIS, SR.,  William Willis..."


SPARTANBURG COUNTY DISTRICT SOUTH CAROLINA    Pruitt Deed Abstracts Books A - T  (1785 - 1827)

p. 225  (p.99-100) Oct 19, 1797 RICHARD WILLIS and wife  DRUSILLA (Spartanburg)  to  William  Shands  Golightly  (same);  for   50# sterling  sold 164  ac  on  Thompson's  Br  of  Kelsoe's  Cr  of Fairforrest Cr; border: N - William S. Golightly, S - unknown,  E - widow Golightly, and W - Michajah and Joroyal Barnett.  Witness Joroyal  Barnett  and  William  Lancaster.  Signed  RICHARD  and DRUSILLA  WILLIS.  Wit oath Mar. 1, 1802 William Lancaster  to  A Lancaster.  Rec Mar. 5, 1802.  South Carolina Archives Microcopy Number 88605 Willis, Richard


3779 No. 114                            Rev 22nd Sept 1785
X         22 Sept 86                    full satisfaction per
                                               the within in an indent
RICHARD WILLIS                          3779 H
for militia duty in Robucks             p d per     Jas Lewis Jr.
Regmt since fall of Charlestown
          Returns amount to
Currency           # 114.0
                   ?  16.5.8

Sixteen pounds, five shillings and
eight pence, half penny sterling
  EAd   J. Mc


State of S. Carolina                         To RICHARD WILLIS
for militia duty in Roebucks reg since the fall of Charlestown
          return amt of the currency         L114.0


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RICHARD WILLIS  Deed 1800  Spartanburg District, SC  Bk K p. 248

RICHARD WILLIS      The State of South Carolina
 to N 213                  Know all men by these presents that I
Joseph  Wade        RICHARD WILLIS  of  Spartanburg   
3d  February 1800   District State of South Carolina for and  in  Consideration  of two hundred dollars to me paid by Joseph Wade of the  County  of  Spartanburg  and  State  of  South  Carolina aforesaid  have granted bargained sold and Released and by  these presents  do grant bargain sell and release unto the said  Joseph Wade that Plantation or tract of land formerly belonging to  said Joseph  Wade  containing four hundred acres be the same  more  or less  lying  upon fair forest and adjoining to Joseph  Has  Henry Foster  Arthur Hutchings and hath south form and marks as a  plat there  of  shall  represent together with all  and  singular  the rights  hereditaments  and  appurtenances to  the  said  premises belong or in any wise               or appertaining to have  and to  hold all and singular the premises before mentioned unto  the said  Joseph Wade his heirs and assigns forever and I  do  hereby send  my heirs and assigns to Warrant and forever defend all  and singular  the said premises unto the said Joseph Wade  his  heirs and  assigns  against  my  self my  heirs  and  assigns  lawfully claiming  or to claim the same or any part thereof.   Witness  by hand and seal this thirty first day of  October one thousand Eight hundred  and  five  and in the twentieth  year  of  the  American Independence
John Willis                   RICHARD WILLIS
Gary  X  Whitlock

So.  Carolina            Personally came John Willis before me and Spartanburg District     made oath  agreeable to Law that the said RICHARD  WILLIS  Execute   the   within conveyance   to  Joseph  Wade  and  that  Gary  Whitlock  was   a subscribing Witness together with himself Sworn and Subscribed to the twenty fifth day of January 1800.  Given unto my hand
John Burton  JP

State of South Carolina       I William Smith one of the 
Spartanburg District             Justices of the quorum for said District is hereby certified  unto all whom it may  concern that DRUSILLA WILLIS the wife of the within named RICHARD  WILLIS did  this  day  appear before me and upon  being  previously  and separately  Examined  by  me  did declare  that  she  does  fully voluntarily  and  without  any dread or fear  of  any  person  or persons  whomsoever renounce release and forever relinquish  unto the  within  named  Joseph Wade his heirs  and  assigns  all  his interest and Estate and also all her right and claim of Dower  of  in  or  to  all and Singular the premises  within  mentioned  and released given under my hand and Seal the first day of  February 1800.                                                   
Wm. Smith      SEAL    DRUCILLA  X  (her mark)WILLIS


RICHARD WILLIS  Deed 1800  Spartanburg District, SC  Bk F p. 413

Richard Bullock           The State of  South Carolina  Know
     to                              all men bythese presents  that I
RICH WILLIS Deed    Richard Bullock Heir of Leonard Hendley Bullock deceased of Granville March 17th 1800     County and state of North Carolina for and in consideration  of  Three Hundred  and  twenty  dollars   to  me  paid  by  RICHARD  WILLIS of  the  County   of  Spartanburg   and state of South Carolina aforesaid have  granted bargained   sold & Released & by these presents do  grant  bargain sell and release unto  the said RICHARD WILLIS that plantation and tract  of  land  whereon  the  said RICHARD  WILLIS  now  liveth containing  four hundred acres be the same more or less lying  in the County of Spartanburg  aforesaid on both sides of the L     fork of Tygers River Beginning at a Spanish oak and Running south Twenty  said degrees west two hundred and fifty four poles  to  a red oak thence north Fourteen degrees west two hundred and  fifty four poles to a Red oak thence North Twenty six degrees East  two hundred and fifty four poles to a stake and thence south fourteen degrees  East two hundred and fifty four poles to  the  beginning Bounded on the North by lands of George Floyd and Jeremiah Gentry on  the  south by Lands of James Crow and Robert Rodgers  on  the East by Lands of Jonathan Crow and Nicholas Gentry and then  west by Lands of James Southerland and hath such forms and marks as  a plat  to  the  original grant Represents Together  with  all  and singular the rights members hereditaments and appertain access to the   said   premises  belonging  or  in anyway              or appertaining  to have and to hold all and singular the  premises before  mentioned  unto  the said RICHARD WILLIS his  heirs  and assigns  forever and I do hereby bond myself my  heirs Executors and administrators to execute and forever defend all and singular the  said  premises unto the said RICHARD WILLIS  his heirs  and assigns  aforesaid myself my heirs and assigns and against  every person  whomsoever lawfully claiming or to claim the same or  any part  thereof Witnesseth my hand and seal this seventeenth day of August  one  thousand seven hundred and ninety nine  and  in  the Twenty first year of the American Independence
Richard Barnett   Richard Bullock   Adam Chisholm   Thomas Littlejohn 

 South Carolina Spartanburg  District  Personally  came   Richard   Barnett  by Adam Potter, before me Absolam Lancaster a Justice of the peace for    Attorney for said District and duly make oath that he saw   Richard Bullock Adam Potter Attorney for Richard Bullock acknowledge the  seal and deliver the within deed to RICHARD WILLIS  for  the use  and purpose  within mentioned and that  he  also  saw  Adam Chisholm  and Thomas Littlejohn subscribe their names as  witness to  the same with himself sworn and subscribed to before me  this 14th day of January 1800
     A Lancaster   JP               Richard Barnett


RICHARD WILLIS  Deed 1802  Spartanburg District, SC  Bk H p. 99

DRUSILA his wife                                                                           To No 65                          
Wm. S. Golightly            
5th March 1802         State of South Carolina Know all men by these presents that I RICHARD WILLIS and DRUSILLA my wife ot the County of Spartanburg and State aforesaid and for consideration  of  the  sum  of fifty  pounds sterling  money  to us hand paid  by  William Shands  Golightly of the County and State aforesaid have  granted bargain and  sold and by these presents doth grant bargain  sell and release unto the said William Shands Golightly his heirs  and assigns  all that tract of land lying and being in the State  and County  aforesaid  on a branch called Thomsins Branch a  fork  of Kelsey  Creek waters of Fairforrest bounded on the North by  said Golightly's  land  on the south by land unknown on  the  East  by lands  of the Widow Golightly on the west by lands of Micjah  and Jorogal Barnett beginning at a Black oak and running N 40 E 53.25 to a Red Oak thence N 30 W 4.50 to a white oak thence W 66.50  to a stake thence So 35 & 56 Chains to the beginning containing  one hundred  and Sixty four acres more or less Together with all  and singular  the rights members hereditamentts and apprutaining  to the   said  premises  belonging  or  in  any wise or appertaining  to  have  and to   all and  singular  the  premises before mentioned unto the said William Shands Golightly his heirs and assigns  forever  and  I do  hereby  bind  myself  my  heirs executors admrs and assigns to warrant and forever defend all and Singular the said premises unto the said William Shands Golightly his heirs and assigns against ourselves our heirs and assigns and against any other person or persons whatsoever, lawfully claiming unto them the same or any part thereof In Witness whereof we have hereunto  set our hands and affixed our seals this 19th  day  of October  one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven and  in  the twenty second year of the American Independence signed sealed and delivered in presence of
Ioroyal Barnett                         RICHARD WILLIS    SEAL
W. Lancaster                            DRUSILLA WILLIS   SEAL

South Carolina             personally came William Lancaster 
Spartanburg District   before me Absolom  Lancaster  a Justice of the peace  for said District and  duly  made oath  as the law directs that he saw RICHARD WILLIS and  DRUSILLA his wife sign seal and deliver the within Deed of Conveyance unto Wm. Golightly for the use and purposes within mentioned and  that he also saw Ironegal Barnett Witness the same with himself  sworn and subscribed to before me the1st of March 1802                                                      A. Lancaster JP          W. Lancaster


RICHARD WILLIS  Deed 1802  Spartanburg District, SC  Bk H p. 213

Lucy Barnett &      So Carolina  Spartanburg  District  l
others to No.               Know all men by these presents 
150                             that we Lucy Barnet,George Barnett,
Richard Barnett       Micjah Branch, RICHARD WILLIS, 
20th Sepr 1802      Nathaniel Burton, John Barnett, James Barnett and Elijah Barnett of the  District and State aforesaid  for  an in consideration  of  four hundred  Dollars to them in hand paid by Richard Barnett  of  the District  and State aforesaid Have granted bargained sold and  by these  presents doth grant bargain sell release and confirm  unto the said Richard Barnett the remainder of the meeting house tract of Land lying on the waters of Kelseys creek and Fair forrest  in the District aforesaid containing 2 acres more or less Bounded as follows  To Wit Beginning at a Black Oak old corner  near  Ligans path running thence East 68 chs to a red oak old corner Thence to Wit  18  chains to a post oak in Jameses line Thence L  13  W  23 chains  to  a  stake near the meeting house  branch  thence  with Smith's line S 40 W 31 chains crossing the branch and big Wade to a pine Smiths corner in the old line thence With the old line due west  18 chains to Elijah Barnetts post oak corner thence  No  15 chains  to a pine       another of Elijah's corner thence N 64  W 24  chains  to a post oak on the old line West to  Ligans  thence with  the  old line due north forth one chains to  the  beginning containing  three hundred  and sixty nine  acres  more  or  less together  with all and singular the eight  members  hereditaments and  appurtenances to the said premises beginning or in any  wise indents  or appertaining to have and to hold all and singular the premises before mentioned unto the said Richard Barnett his heirs and  assigns forever and we do hereby bind ourselves and each  of our heirs Executors and administrators to Warrant and Defend  all and singular the said premises unto the said Richard Barnett  his heirs  and assigns against ourselves our heirs and against  every person  or  persons  claiming or to claim the same  or  any  part thereof  under  us or any of us Provided also by the  above  Lucy Barnett for herself that the mentioned house on the premises  and the five acres of land etc mentioned in an instrument of the same date  to  her given by  the heirs etc. is not contained  with  or meant during her life but after her death the said five acres and appurtances  shall revert to the said Richard Barnett  his  heirs etc as part of the above mentioned premises Witness our hands and seals this 12th day of August
1802                                        her mark
Text                                    Lucy  X  Barnett     SEAL
Jas Smith                               Jorge C. Barnett     SEAL
W. Lancaster                  RICHARD WILLIS       SEAL
                                        Michijah Barnett     SEAL
Spartanburg District                    Nathl Burton         SEAL
Personally came William Lancaster  John Barnett     SEAL
before me Absolam Lancaster Justice  James Barnett   SEAL
for said District and made oath that    Elijah Barnett   SEAL
he  saw  Lucy Barnett and the others swear subscribe  the  within deed  for the use and purposes within mentioned and that he  also saw  James  Smith subscribe his name as a  witness  with  himself "Sworn" and subscribed before me this 14th day of Septr 1802
Lancaster JP         W. Lancaster


RICHARD WILLIS  Deed 1803  Spartanburg , S. C.   Bk A p. 246

Joseph Wade                 State of South Carolina Know
to No 17                            all men by these presents that I 
RICHARD WILLIS      Joseph Wade of the District of
27th January 1803       Spartanburg in the state aforesaid for and  in  consideration  of  the sum  of Eight hundred and fifty Dollars in hand paid to  me by RICHARD WILLIS  in the state aforesaid have granted  Bargained and Sold and Released and by these presents do grant Bargain sell and  Release unto the said RICHARD WILLIS all that plantation  or tract  of land Containing four hundred and twenty five  acres  be the same more or less situate in the District of Spartanburg   on both  sides of Fairforest Creek, Bounded on the North side  at  a black oak Station on      Joseph Hayes line N 65 W 60 to a     Oak  thence to a Stake 4 chains South 30 West 90 3X Stone in  the Corners  Center 3 Red Oaks            W 33 to a Large  Black  Oak South SEE 34 to a Hickory 3X on                  South 10 W 37 to Black  Oak 3X thence N 75 EW chains to a black oak X 30m N  67  E and to a black oak 3 x B M thence N 25 W to a Stake a m 3 X N  45 E  32 to a black oak O M X 3 corner thence 45 E to a  new  marked line  thence along the line to the beginning having  such  shapes and  forms  and marks as Represented by           to  said  Grant Together  with all and singular the Rights members  hereditaments and  appurtenances to  the said premises belonging or in any wise                     or appertaining To have and to hold  all  and singular the said premises before mentioned unto the said RICHARD WILLIS  his heirs or assigns forever and I do hereby bind  myself my  Heirs Executors Admrs to Warrant and forever defend  all  and singular the said premises unto the said RICHARD WILLIS his Heirs and Assigns against myself and my heirs and against every  person whom  soever lawfully claiming or to claim the same or  any  part thereof  Witness my hand and seal this twentieth day of March  in the  year of our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred and two  and  in the twenty seventh year of the Independence the Untied States  of America
Signed Sealed and Delivered)       Joseph Wade    SEAL
in presents of us          )
Ignatus Turley             )
Thomas Shearly             )

South Carolina                Ignatus Turley came before me
Spartan District             and  made oath as L        D
                                         that  the said Joseph  Wade  signed acknowledged the within deed to RICHARD WILLIS for the sum within mentioned and that the said Thomas Shearly subscribe as a witness with himself to the same sworn and subscribed before methe 14th December 1802
  G. Brewton  JP      Ignatus Turley


Richard Willis, Jr.

Judgment signed 20th February 1813  W. F. Smith CC 69A-2

January Term 1813
Afterwards  it  is  commanded  that  the  Sheriff  of  Charleston District  do  cause to come before the justices of the  court  of common  pleas to be holden at Charleston on the third  Monday  in January  in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight  hundred  and thirteen  for the rights and goods     five men drawn  by  ballot pursuant to the Directions of the act of General assembly of  the State aforesaid in such case made and provides by whom the     of the       may by the better known to make a jury  between the  parties aforesaid of the plea aforesaid because as ever  the said  Capt Surgett administrator as aforesaid as the said  J.  C. Cornwell             between  whom  the contention  is  have  put themselves  on  the               same         is given  to  the parties  aforesaid and do forth at which day before the  justices aforesaid  at  the  Court  of Common  Pleas  held  at  Charleston aforesaid  came  as well the aforesaid Surgett  by  his  attorney aforesaid  as the said J. C. Cornwell by his  attorney aforesaid and  the jurors of the          of which mentioned has
been  made above form of them to wit John Black, John Gardner, John  Boyner, Stephen  Borneau, John Lewis, William Habutt, John Paul,  Malcolm McRay,  James Douglass, David Raburn, Bartholomew  Gaillard,  and Michael Blomstock came and being drawn by ballot according to the directions  of  the said act of General Assembly  aforesaid  and sworn  of  the  jury aforesaid to say the truth  of  the  within contained  do upon their oaths say that the said J.  C.  Cornwell did           upon  himself  in  manner  and  form  at  the  said Plaintiff in his declaration aforesaid complained and this assets the damage of him the said Plaintiff by reason of the non payment price of the promises and assumptions aforesaid        his  costs and charges by him about his suit in that behalf expenses to four hundred  and  eleven dollars, ninety two cents, wherefore  it  is considered that the said Plaintiff do recover against the said J. C. Cornwell his damages before said by the true aforesaid in form aforesaid and also thirty dollars for his case and charges to the said  Plaintiff by the court dues with his above adjudged which said damages do in the whole amount to four hundred and forty one Dollars,  ninety two cents.  And be the said Defendants in  mercy and so forth


Richard Willis court case   1809   South Carolina - Charleston

Charleston District
Capt. Surgett                Posted
Admr of Rich Willis     and final
     vs                             final Judge
J. C. Cornwell              in

State of South Carolina
Charleston District
     J.  C. Cornwell was attached to deliver to  Captain  Surgett Administrator of all and regular the goods and chattels,  rights, and credits which belonged to Richard Willis deceased at the time of  his  death in a plan of trespass on the case  and  so  forth.  Where upon the said Captain Surgett administrator as aforesaid by William Drayton his attorney complains, that whereas the said  J. C. Cornwell on the twenty fourth Day of August in the year of our Lord  one thousand eight hundred and nine, at Charleston  in  the District and State aforesaid and within the Jurisdiction of  this court,  made  his  certain  note in  writing  commonly  called  a promissory   note,   his  own  hand   writing   being   thereunto scriptscribed, bearing date the same day and year aforesaid,  and then and there delivered the said note           Richard Willis                 and        promised  to pay to           by the  name  of Richard Willis on order, on the twenty fourth day of October the           ensuring, the sum of three Hundred and thirty four  Dollars and  thirty  six cents for value received by him the said  J.  C. Cornwell  by  reason whereof and by force of the Statue  in  such case made and provided the said J. C. Cornwell because liable  to pay  to the said Richard the said sum of money contained  in  the said  Note according to the term and effect of the said note  and being  as  liable, he the said J. C.  Cornwell  in  consideration thereof,  afterwards to wit, on the same day and year and at  the place  aforesaid,  made oath and faithfully  promised  the  said Richard  to  pay  him  the said sum of money  in  the  said  note contained,  according to the tenor due effect of the  said  Note.  And  whereas the said J. C. Cornwell afterwards to with the  same day and year and at the place aforesaid was in debted to the said Richard  Willis in another  sum of Three Hundred and thirty  four Dollars,  thirty six cents for money by the said  Richard  before that time laid out expended and paid for the       J. C. Cornwell and  at his one      assistance and request and for money by  the said Richard before that time but and advanced to the said J.  C. Cornwell  and at his special        and request and for money  by the said J. C. Cornwell before that time had and received to the use of the said Richard  and  being  so indebted to the said  J. C.  Cornwell in consideration thereof afterwards to wit the June Day and year and at  place aforesaid, undertook and faithfully promised  the  said Richard  to pay him the said last mentioned sum of money when  he the said J. C. Cornwell should be thereto afterwards requested -- Nevertheless  the  said J. C. Cornwell in  course  regarding  his several promises and undertakings so by him made in his behalf as         aforesaid, but continuing had          intending         and subtly to deceive and defiant the said Richard Willis in his life time  and  the said Captain Surgett  administrator  as  aforesaid after  the death of him the said Richard Willis on  this  behalf, hath  and  ret  paid the said several sum of money  or  any  part thereof  to the said Richard in his life time as to the said Capt       after the death of the said Richard          so to do he was often requested but to pay the same to them or either of them the said  J. C. Cornwall hitherto altogether hath refused and to  pay the  same  to the said Captain Surgett still doth refuse  to  the Damage  of the said Captain Surgett, Six Hundred and sixty  eight Dollars and therefore he    suit and so forth
               Wm Drayton        Atty
        (copy note)
August 24th 1809.  For value received before that date, I promise to pay unto Mr. Richard Willis on order the sum of three  hundred and  thirty four dollars and thirty six cents on the 24th Day  of October next a witness my hand this day & date just above written
$334.36                  J. C. Cornwell


And  the  said J. C. Cornwell by Lionel H. Kennedy  his  Attorney comes  and  defends the wrong and injury when & to forth  &  says that  he did not promise and                 in               and form  as the said Surgett Administrator as aforesaid hath in  his declaration  complained against him and of this he  puts  himself upon the count       and so forth.
                         L. H. Kennedy
                                 Defs Atty
And the said     Surgett doth do likewise and so forth
                         Wm Drayton   Plts's Atty


                                                                    John Black
Charleston District                                  John Gardner
Capt Surgett                   Declaration        John Sozrich
Adm of Richard Willis    on promissory        Stephen Boin?
   vs                            note and                  John Lewis
J. C. Cornwell                $668                  William Hals?
Filed March 1811                                    John Paul
Plea filed     6 March                               Malcom McHay
               1811                                          James Douglass
   69A                                                         David Raburs
                                                                   Bartholomew Grillard
William Drayton Pltf atty                    Michael Bloomstocke
We  find for the plaintiff three hundred and thirty four  dollars thirty six cents with interest since the 24th October 1809 2nd Feby
1813   John   ?

Friday the 20th February 1813
?    Fort 24th March 1813


RICHARD WILLIS  Deed 1818 Spartanburg County, South Carolina

Benjamin Robuck  State of South Carolina  Know   all  men 
To No  413            Spartanburg District      by these  presents
RICHARD  WILLIS                                    that I Benjamin 
30th March 1818                                           Roebuck of  the State and District   aforesaid for  and in consideration of the sum of three hundred  and  fifty dollars  to me paid in hand by RICHARD WILLIS of the  State  and District  aforesaid and have granted bargained and sold by  these presents do bargain sell and release unto the said RICHARD WILLIS his heirs and a tract of land containing one hundred and fourteen acres  more  or  less situate lying and  being  in  the  District aforesaid on the north side of James Creek beginning at a          at the head of a branch South 10 to 16 & chains to a           6,South  4416.2 chains fifty links to a red Oak, S. 16 chains to  a Red  Oak so 516.17 chains to a ash No 20 E 6 chains  thence  down the  branch to a white Oak No 748 5 chains 40 links to a  Hickery No  26 E 13 chains to a Hickery No 55 S 40 chains to a white  Oak thence  up the branch to the beginning corner.  Bounded  East  by Samuel  Floyds  lands  south by Richard Gentrys land  &  by  John Shimers  land  north by James Masons land together with  all  and singular  the privileges and profits thereof To have and to  hold the  aforesaid Tract of land without any manner of  trouble  from the  said B. Robuck my Heirs and assigns or any other  person  or persons and lastly I do hereby bind myself my heirs Executors and Administrators and assigns to warrant and forever defend the said Tract  of  land with all and singular the privileges and  profits thereunto  belonging unto the said RICHARD WILLIS his  heirs  and assigns against myself my heirs and every other person  whosoever lawfully claiming the same or any part thereof as witness my hand and  seal this 19th October in the year of our Lord one  thousand eight hundred and Seventeen Signed, Sealed and delivered in the presents of usTest Edward Willis
Starling Willis               Benjamin Robuck  SEAL

State of South Carolina       Personally   came  Starling  Willis
Spartanburg District            before me and  made  oaths the
                                                law directed   that  he  saw   Benjamin Robuck Execute the within conveyance to RICHARD WILLIS and  also that  Edward  Willis  was a  subscribing  witness  together  with himself Sworn to and subscribed this 9th day of March 1818


RICHARD WILLIS   Deed 1822  Spartanburg District, SC  Bk   p. 96

Nicholas Gentrey             Know  all  men  by   these  
to No. 183                         presents that I Nicholas  Gentry
RICHARD WILLIS           of the State of South Carolina
7th  Oct  1822                     and district of Spartanburg for the consideration  of   the  sum  of  fifty  five dollars to me in hand paid by RICHARD  WILLIS the receipt is hereby acknowledged have bargained granted sold  & released  &  by these presents do grant bargain, sell  &  release unto the said RICHARD WILLIS a certain tract of land situated  in the  district  aforesaid lying on the north side of  Tyger  river beginning  on  the  said WILLIS corner a red Oak  at  the  river; thence  a north west course on the said WILLIS line to the  river thence  down the said river the various courses and  distance  to the  beginning  corner containing fifty two acres  more  or  less together with all & singular the privileges and profits there and to  belonging unto the proper use of the said RICHARD WILLIS  his Heirs,  Executors, admrs. and assigns I the said Nicholas  Gentry my Heirs, Exors and Assigned Admrs do hereby warrant and for ever defend  the aforesaid tract of land unto the said RICHARD  WILLIS his  heirs  etc  and from all and  every  other  person  lawfully claiming the same or any part thereof as witness my hand and seal
this 12th of March 1820                               his
signed sealed and delivered in    Nicholas  X  Gentry     SEAL
the presence of us                                         mark
Polly W. Crook
Amelia Crook

State of South Carolina       Personally came Polly W.
Spartanburg District            Crook before me and made Oath  in due  form of  law and said  that she saw Nicholas Gentry  sign and  deliver the within and of conveyance for the  said  purposes within mentioned and that she saw Amelia Crook subscribe  as  a witness  together with himself.  Sworn to & subscribed before  me this 8th day of May 1822          
Polly M. Corrk
James Crook  J  Q

State of South Carolina  I James Crook one of the
Spartanburg District     Justices of the Quorum for said district  do  hereby certify  unto  all whom it  may  concern that  Sarah Gentry the wife of the within named  Nicholas  Gentry did  this day appear before me and upon being privately  examined by me did declare that she does freely voluntarily & without  any dread  or  fear of any person whomsoever  renounce,  release  and forever  relinquish unto the within mentioned RICHARD WILLIS  his Heirs  forever  all her interest & estate also all  her  right  & claim  of  Dower,  in or to all & singular  the  premises  within mentioned and released Given under my hand and seal this 8th  day of May 1822                                       
James Crook  J Q       Sarah X  (her mark) Gentry SEAL


RICHARD WILLIS  Deed 1825  Spartanburg District, SC  Bk T  p. 112

Samuel Gentry                  Know all men  by these 
to No 145                           presents that I Samuel Gentry  
RICHARD WILLIS           of the State of South Carolina
26th September 1825      and district of Spartanburg do for the  consideration  of  the  sum  of sixty  dollars  to me in  hand  paid  by RICHARD WILLIS the receipt is hereby acknowledged have  bargained granted sold and released and by these presents do bargain  grant sell and release unto said RICHARD WILLIS a certain tract of land situate  in  the district aforesaid lying on the  south  side  of Tyger river bounded by the said RICHARD WILLIS line Joseph Willis  line  Gideon Reynolds line Richard Gentry line containing  twenty acres more or less together with all and singular the  privileges and  profits  there and to belonging unto the proper use  of  the said  RICHARD  WILLIS  his heirs  executors,  administrators  and assigns the said Samuel Gentry my heirs executors  administrators and  assigns do hereby warrant and forever defend  the  aforesaid tract of land unto the said RICHARD WILLIS his heirs etc and from all and every other person lawfully claiming the same or any part thereof in witness my hand and seal this 3rd of
March 1824 Signed Sealed Delivered in the presence of us 
Test John Thornton                      Samuel  X  Gentry   SEAL  
     James Mason                                        mark

South Carolina                 Personally came John Thornton 
Spartanburg District      before me and being duly sworn  sayeth that he was present and saw the within executed  and he further saw James Mason subscribe as a witness  with  himself Sworn to and subscribed this the 26th of September 1825
Robert Ligon Jr. 2                 John Thornton
Robert  Alexander                 South Carolina      Know  all  men
To  No  146                            Spartanburg      by these  presents
RICHARD WILLIS              District                that   I    Robert
26th September 1825                                         Alexander  of  the
                                                                                State and district
aforesaid  have bargained granted and sold for  consideration  of the sum of seventeen dollars to me in hand paid by RICHARD WILLIS the  receipt  is hereby acknowledged have bargained  granted  and sold and released and by these presents do bargain grant sell and release  unto  the said RICHARD WILLIS a certain  tract  of  land situate  in  the district aforesaid Lying on the  south  side  of Tyger  river.  Beginning on a red oak running south  two degrees east 16 chains to a Red Oak thence north 83 east 6.50 to a  stake and  thence to the beginning containing five acres more  or  less Together  with  all  and  singular  the  privileges  and  profits thereunto  belonging  unto  the proper use of  the  said  RICHARD WILLIS his heirs executors administrators and assigns I the  said Robert  Alexander  do warrant and defend the aforesaid  tract  of land  from  myself  my heirs and assigns unto  the  said  RICHARD WILLIS  his heirs and assigns in Witness whereof I have  hereunto set my hand and seal this 26th of February 1825 in presence of
John Thornton               Robert Alexander  SEAL
William Thornton

South Carolina               Personally came John Thornton 
Spartanburg  District     before me and made oath that he was  present  and saw  the within deed executed and that he saw  William  Thornton subscribe as witness with himself.  Sworn to and subscribed  this the 26th of September 1825
Robert Ligon  JR            John Thornton


RICHARD WILLIS   Deed 1827  Spartanburg District, SC  Bk T p. 324

James Bright                     State of South Carolina
To  No 398                         Know all men by these  presents 
Richard Willis Junr            that I James Bright of
16th January 1827            Spartanburg District in the State aforesaid for and in consideration of the sumof  three  hundred  dollars  paid  to  me  by Richard   Willis  Jun  of  Spartanburg  district  in  the   state aforesaid,  I  have granted bargained sold and  released  and  by these  presents do grant bargain sell and release unto  the  said Richard  Willis  all  that and those a  certain  parcel  of  land containing one hundred and fifty acres more or less being part of two  tracts of land, the first containing four hundred and  fifty acres which was granted to William Shelby by a grant bearing date the  seventh day of April one thousand seven hundred  and  eighty eight  under the hand of his excellency Thomas Perkins  Esqr  the other  being  part of a tract of land  containing  three  hundred acres  taken  by a certain grant by Michael Prequett  it  bearing date  the  fifteenth day of May one thousand  seven hundred  and seventy two which parcel of land is bounded as follows beginning at  a  white oakstanding in the east bank of Tyger River  a  few yards  below the mouth of Thomasans branch being the lower  right corner of the aforesaid tract of four hundred and fifty acres and running  thence with that meanders of the said River up the  same to  a  black gum corner standing in said river  about  ten  yards above the mount of a small branch from thence with a marked  line unto Tobias Boights line, thence running north 30 West to a stake by  a hickory Thence North 60 East 22 chains 36 links to a  small hickory thence south 30 east 22 chains 36 links to a stone near a pine         from thence to a post oak corner on Robert  Rogerses line  from thence along the same to the beginning corner  on  the east  bank  of  the river Together with all  and  singularly  the rights  members heridatiments and appurtenances to  the  premises belonging or in any wise incident or appertaining To have and  to hold all and singular the premises before mentioned unto the said Richard   Willis  Junr his heirs and assigns forever   And  I  do hereby  bind  myself  my heirs executors  and  administrators  to warrant  and  forever defend all and singular the  said  premises unto  the said Richard Willis Junr his heirs and assigns  against myself  and against my heirs and against every person  whatsoever lawfully  claiming  or  to claim the same  or  any  part  thereof  Witness my hand and seal this thirteenth of September in the year of  our  Lord  one thousand eight hundred and seven  and  in  the thirty  second year of the Independence of the united  States  of America
Signed Sealed and delivered             James Bright    SEAL
in the presence of us
Drury Burton
Nathl Burton

Spartanburg District - Drury Burton came before me and made  oath as  law  directs  that he saw James  Bright  execute  the  within conveyance  to RICHARD WILLIS and also that Nathaniel Burton  made subscribing witness together with himself
Sworn and subscribed to this first day of October 1087
John Brewton   JP           Drury Burton


RICHARD WILLIS  Deed 1835   Spartanburg District, SC  Bk V p. 521

RICHARD WILLIS      State of South Carolina       Know all
To No 657                     Spartanburg District           men by
Edward Willis                                                            these presents
& Sterling Willis                                                             that I
6th July 1835                                                           RICHARD WILLIS of the District of  Spartanburg and State  of South Carolina for and in consideration of the  natural love and  affection which I bear to Edward Willis  and  Sterling Willis  my sons and also in consideration of the said Edward  and Sterling Willis taking it on themselves, and supporting me and my wife DRUCILLA during our lifetime have given and granted unto the said Edward Willis and Sterling Willis their executors, Admrs and assigns  all  my  real  and personal estate of  which  I  am  now possessed.  First the several tracts of land on which I now  live and on which my plantation is situate containing five hundred and ninety two  acres and also eight negroes.   Fill,  Bob,  Siller, Edith and Susan and her three children, Neecy, Green and Ann  and my  stock  of all kinds consisting of six head of  horses  cattle hogs  and  sheep and three hundred and twelve  dollars  in  ready money  and notes to the amount of twelve hundred and  sixty  four dollars  and  40 cents, my Waggon and gear, with all  my  Farming utensils of way description, my household, and kitchen furniture, together with all my corn, fodder, meat, oats and property of way description unto them the said Edward Willis and Sterling Willis, their  exor's admrs and assigns forever.  And I the said  RICHARD WILLIS  for myself my heirs exor's & Admrs.  The above  mentioned property,  money, notes, etc, unto the said Edward  and  Sterling Willis their exors admn's and assigns against the claim of me the said RICHARD WILLIS my exors and admors and of every other person whomsoever  shall and will warrant and forever defend  the  above mentioned  property,  ready  money,  notes,  etc.   The   Witness (Testimony)  whereof  I have hereunto set my hand and  seal  this 29th day of January in the year of our Lord 1835.  In presence of Philip Brewton                                   
James Mason                       RICHARD  X  WILLIS  SEAL
State of South Carolina           Before me personally 
Spartanburg District               appeared James Nesbitt Jun and deposed that he saw the  within Deed executed  for  the use  and purposes therein expressed; and that Philip Brewton  and James Mason together with himself in the presents of each  other witnessed  the due execution thereof Sworn and subscribed  before me the 6th July 1835       James Nesbitt  Jr.
                         E. Barnes Clk Ct 2

RICHARD WILLIS  Deed 1835  Spartanburg District, SC Bk W p. 450

RICHARD WILLIS     State of South Carolina  Know all
To No 196                   Spartanburg District       men by
Edward Willis                                                           these
10th Jany 1835                              presents that I RICHARD WILLIS of the aforesaid  State and district for and in consideration of the sum of four hundred dollars to me paid in hand  by Edward Willis of the State and district aforesaid,  have granted bargained and sold and by these presents do grant bargain sell  and  release  unto the said Edward  Willis  his  heirs  and assigns  tract of land containing one hundred and fourteen  acres more  or less situated lying and being in the district  aforesaid on North side of James Creek, beginning on a Stone at the head of a branch, running S 10 W 9 chs to a Chestnut thence S 44 W  26.50 to a Red Oak, thence 516 chs to a Red Oak thence 85 W 17 chs to a stake thence No 30 & 6 chs thence down the branch to a white  oak thence N 74 E 5 chains and 40 links to a hickory thence N 26 E 13 chs  to a hickory, thence N 55 E 20 Chs to a White Oak thence  up the  branch to the beginning bounded E by Sam Floyds land and  by RICHARD  WILLIS  land.  W by J. R. land N by James  Marions  land Together with all and Singular the privileged and profits thereof to  have  and  to hold the aforesaid tract of  land  without  any manner  of  trouble from the said RICHARD WILLIS  his  heirs  and assigns  any other person or persons and lastly I do hereby  find myself,  my  heirs Executors, Admrs and assigns  to  warrant  and forever defend the said tract of land.  With all and Singular the privileges  and profits thereunto belonging unto the said  Edward Willis  his heirs and assigns, against myself my heirs and  every other person whomsoever claims the same or any part thereof.   As Witness my hand and seal this twenty first day of January in  the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and thirty five signed, Sealed and delivered                  
In the presence of us  RICHARD  X (his mark) WILLIS SEAL
James Mason                                    
John Floyd

State of South Carolina    Personally  came  James Mason  
Spartanburg District     before me and made  oath in due  form  that he saw RICHARD  WILLIS Execute the within  deed of  conveyance  to Edward Willis for the use and  purpose  within mentioned  and  that John Floyd was also  a  subscribing  witness himself sworn to and subscribed the 26th day of October 1837
     Philip Bruton  J. T.   James Mason


RICHARD WILLIS  Deed 1840  Spartanburg District, SC  Bk Z p. 100

1840 Spartanburg, SC     Bond        RICHARD WILLIS
Starling Willis                                    State of South Carolina
    &                                                      Spartanburg    District
Edward Willis
    To                                         Bond      Know all men by these
RICHARD WILLIS            presents that  we   Starling  Willis
DRUCILLA WILLIS           & Edward Willis do  acknowledge 
  his Wife                            ourselves to owe  to  RICHARD  
John Willis                       WILLIS & DRUCILLA WILLIS      
     &                                    his wife and John Willis and
Holman  Smith                 Holman Smith the sum of five thousnad Dollars to  be paid to the said  RICHARD WILLIS & DRUCILLA & John Willis & Holman Smith their certain attys Exors Admr and assigns to which payment will  and truly to be made we bind ourselves our Heirs  Exrs  and Admrs  firmly by these presents sealed with our seals  and  dated this 29th Jany AD 1835.   The Consideration of the above obligation is such  that  if the  above bound Starling Willis and Edward Willis does  maintain and  support their father and mother RICHARD WILLIS and  DRUCILLA WILLIS  is  a genteel and suitable manner to their  condition  in life  out of the property and effects of thd said  RICHARD  WILLIS which hath this day been given to them for that purpose and after the  decease  of the said RICHARD and DRUCILLA,  after  deducting full compensatory for their trouble and attention to them  during their  life  shall  after  their  decease  shall  make  an  Equal Distribution  of the amount of whatever shall remain of the  said property  of  the said RICHARD WILLIS.  Between the  afore  named Starling  Willis,  Edward Willis, John Willis  and  Holman  Smith their  Heirs executors or Admr or assigns and if the above  named John  Willis  and  Holman Smith shall be  dissatisfied  with  the charges  made  by  said  Starling and  Edward  Willis  for  their services then the said Starling Willis and Edward Willis and John Willis and Holman Smith shall each of them choose a Disinterested man  and these men a fifth man who shall decide what  they  shall receive  for their services, which decision shall be  binding  on all  the parties the said Starling and Edward Willis to  keep  an inventory  of their trouble and Expenses with their charges  then the  above  obligation to be null and void or else to  remain  in full  force  and  virtue
             Starling  Willis   SEAL
Signed sealed and Delivered             Edward Willis    SEAL
in presents of us                      
James Nesbitt Jr.     James Mason     Philip Brewton

State  of  South Carolina     Personally  came  before  me 
Spartanburg District          James  Nesbitt  Jr. before me and  made oath that he saw Edward Willis  and Starling  Willis  sign seal and deliver the within bond  to  John Willis, RICHARD WILLIS, DRUCILLA WILLIS, and Holman Smith for the use  and  purposes  therein contained and that  James  Mason  and Philip Brewton together  with himself were subscribing witness to the same
    Sworn before me                 James Nesbitt
3 Nov 1845     J. B. Talleson     Clk May Exoss
Registered examined and certified the 13th Nov 1845
     original delivered to Holman Smith 5 May 1846


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