Patrick Carnal & Mary
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CONIAL CAROLINE Campbell 975.536C

p. 487 1780 Decedent Exec. or Admin.



VIRGINIA TAXPAYERS 1782-87 Fathergill 975.5F

p. 91 1783 for Carolina County, Virginia

Poll Slave County

Carnell, Moses 1 0 Caroline


Carnal, Wm. 1 6 "



Mentions MARY KERNAL married Lawrence Van Hook June 12, 1793.

Per Brenda Carnall



p. 30 September Court 1793 (p. 79) MARY CARNEL deed of gift to children all received from estate of son John Carnal, dec. & husband PATRICK CARNAL, dec. 12 June 1793. Test Edmund Dixon...

p. 42 September 1795 (p. 179) Lawrence Vanhook vs. estate of PATRICK CARNAL dec. for expenses of Fleming Carnal, infant of age for 1795 10 Sept 1795

p 45 Taxtables for 1795 - St. Luke Dist

Richard Carnal 

Edmund Dixon


Hubbard Carnal

Archibald Carnal


ABSTRACTS ON NORTH CAROLINA WILLS 1760 - 1800 by F. A. Olds 975.6O

p. 49 Caswell County

1789 July CARNAL, PATRICK, MARY (wife); Richard, Fanny, Patrick, Hubbard, Archibald, & Fleming (Children); Nancy Mitchell, Mary White, and Mildred Oliver (Daughters).


On microfiche at Library - Old N. C. Marriage Bonds - Caswell Co.

Carnal, Flenman - Warrin, Frankey 22 Oct 1804

Bondsman - Clem Deshanzo

Carnal, Patrick - Warin, Anness 17 Dec 1790

Bondsman - Henry Mitchel

Carnal, Richard - Vanhook, Sally 22 Dec 1789

Bondsman - Douglas Oliver

Carnal, William, Jr. - Dunn, Ellin 26 Jan 1818

Bondsman - Richard Burch

Carnal, Hubbard - Dixon, Elizabeth 21 Jan 1797

Bondsman - Henry Mitchel

Witness - Ald Murphey

Carnal, Frances - Wm. Stanfield 11 Nov 1825 - Person Co.

Bondsman - Lowry Stanfield


1790 Census Virginia

Records of the State Enumerations 1782 - 1785

Halifax County Theop's Carter District


8 males under 16 years

1 male over 16 years

1 female


1790 Census Caswell County, North Carolina Hillsboro District

p. 83 MARY CARNEL (PATRICK's wife) - stats not given

p. 83 Richard Carnel



P. 189 The Carnell Ancestry 422

In the early 1600's, three Carnal brothers came together from England to Virginia. One was an educator, one a minister, and the youngest a singer and entertainer. This Carnell family legend has been passed down through the generations by words of mouth.


CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS: ABSTRACTS OF VIRGINIA LAND PATENTS AND GRANTS 1623-1666 by Nell Marion Nugent, mentions 3 Carnals receiving land in Nansemond Co., Va. in 1653 (William Hains, patentee). The same 3 Carnals are also listed in EARLY VIRGINIA IMMIGRANTS 1623-1666 by George C. Greer.

Various spellings of the surname began to emerge: Carnall, Cearnal(l), Carnalle, Karnal, Kernol, Kernal(l), Cernal, Kernel(l), Carneal, Cornell, Carnel(l), etc.

There a few generations separating the 3 brothers from PATRICK CARNAL and from which brother Patrick descends has yet to be established.

PATRICK CARNAL was born in Virginia. He married MARY probably in Va. (Her maiden name is unknown.) PATRICK owned land in Halifax Co., Va. and in Caswell and Person Cos., N. C. In those times you would probably call him a planter (farmer). There is still a place in Person Co. known as the Carnell homestead.

PATRICK died in the spring of 1789 in Caswell Co., N. C. He was a loving, thoughtful, and just father and husband. His will attests to that. His widow MARY CARNAL (KERNOL) married again on June 12, 1793 to Lawrence Van Hook in Person Co., N. C. PATRICK and MARY CARNAL had 10 children: John, Mary, Mildred (Milly), Nancy, Richard, Patrick Jr., Hubbard, Archibald, Fleming, and Fanny.

John died before his father Patrick. He could have possibly been the John Carnal (Carnell, Cearnall) in the Revolutionary War -- Va. State Regiment.

Mary Carnal married Thomas White on Jan 8, 1781 in Caswell Co., N. C....

Mildred (Milly) Carnal married Douglas Oliver Mar. 20, 1783 probably in Caswell Co., N. C....

Nancy Carnal married Henry Mitchell in 1787 in Halifax Co., Va.

Richard Carnal married Sally Van Hook Dec. 22, 1789 in Caswell Co., N. C. He married a second time to Elizabeth Jones Oct. 9, 1811 Person Co., N. C....

Patrick Carnal, Jr. married Anness Warrin on Dec. 17, 1790 Caswell Col, N. C.

Archibald Carnal married Polly (Patsy) Lipscomb Arr. 11, 1799 Halifax Co., Va.

Fleming Carnal married Frankey Warrin Oct. 22, 1801 Caswell Co., N. C.

Fanny Carnal, no data available.

Hubbard Carnal, born c. 1760's in Va. married Elizabeth Dixon on Jan. 21, 1797 in Caswell Co., N. C....

Edmund Dixon, Sr. and Descendants 166 - Elizabeth Dixon...m. Hubbard Carnal, son of PATRICK and MARY CARNAL of Caswell Co., N.C.Halifax County, Virginia July Court 1789

Mitchell from CARNELL - Deed 320 acres Circuit Court Halifax County, Virginia Book 14 page 470-1 Copy teste J. C. Sigemore, Clerk

This Indenture made the Eighteenth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine, between PATRICK CARNAL of Caswell County State of North Carolina of the one part and Henry Mitchell of the County of Halifax State of Virginia of the other. Witnesseth that the said PATRICK CARNAL for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred Pounds current money of Virginia to him in hand paid by me said Henry Mitchell the receipt where of the said PATRICK CARNAL doth hereby acknowledge, bargain, file, alienate, and confirm unto the said Henry Mitchell all that tract or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Halifax, on the branches of Winns Creek and containing by estimation three Hundred and twenty acres and bounded as followeth, to wit, Beginning at Thomas T. Sworth corner pine, thence, North sixty three chains to a small Red Oak on Brandon line thence South fifty three degrees south fifty three chains to his corner Hickory thence North thirty seven degrees East fifty five and a half chains boundary on line, thence south thirteen degrees West one hundred and sixteen chain to a point on the country line, thence on the said country line, one hundred and twenty chains thence North thirty chain to the beginning with all lines, woods, forfeits, commodity, advantages, hereditament and water course appertaining and also the riverine and riverions, remainder, and remainders right interest claim and demand in so ever of him the said PATRICK CARNAL his heirs or assigns forever of in or to the said tract or parcel of land and every part or parcel there of with the appurtenant unto the said Henry Mitchel his heirs and assigns forever to the one profit ever and behoof of the said Henry Mitchell his heirs and assigns forever and to the said PATRICK CARNALL for him and his heirs and assigns all and every other person or persons whatsoever unto the said Henry Mitchell his heirs and assigns shall and will warrant and forever defend, In witness whereof I hath here unto do my name and seal the day and year above written.

Signed Sealed and Delivered ) PATRICK CARNALL

in the presents of us )

Edmund Dixon, Douglass Oliver )

Stephen Anderson, Richard Carnall, Randole Budkley)


That on the eighteenth day of May one thousand and eighty nine quiet and peaceable and of the within granted deed and was made done and delivered to the within named Henry Mitchell by the within named PATRICK CARNELL according to theform of the land in the presents of us.

Randolph Buckley, Edmund Dixon ) PATRICK CARNALL

Douglass Oliver, Stephen Durdown)

Richard Carnall )

At a court held for Halifax county the 27th day of July 1789. The within Indenture with the memorandum indorsed was proven by the oaths of three of the subscribing witnesses to be the act and deed of the within named PATRICK CARNALL party thereto and ordered to be recorded.

Teste - George Carrington Clerk H. C.

Truly Recorded

Teste Wil Thompson D.C.H.C.


Will Book B, pages 173, 274 in the Clerk of Court Office, Yanceyville, Caswell County, North Carolina

In the Name of God Amen I PATRICK CARNAL of the County of Caswell and State of North Carolina being very low and weak but in perfect Mind and Memory thanks be given to Almighty God for it and Nothing Doubting and knowing but that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and Ordain this my last Will and Testament in form following-------

Item my Will and Desire that all my Just Debts be paid by my Executors hereafter Mentioned------

Item I lend unto my beloved Wife MARY CARNAL my whole Estate to wit my Negroes, Stock of all kinds except one Dun Coloured Coult, likewise my Land and plantation Utensils and all my Household furniture until my youngest son Flemin Carnal arises unto the ages of fifteen and then my Will and Desire is that half of my Estate, to be sold and the Money arising there from Shall be equally Divided between my sons and Daughters and the Other half I lend unto my wife During her life or widowhood and at her Decease her Dower to be Equally Divided Amongst my son Richard Carnal Patrick, Hubbard, Archibald, and Flemin Carnal Nancy Mitchell Mary White Mildred Oliver and Phanny Carnal Item I give unto my son Patrick Carnal his choice of my Negro Fellows besides his equal part with the rest also I give to him my said son Patrick the Tract of Land I bought of William Smith Containing 208 Acres after his Mothers Death or Widowhood also I give to him my said son one Dun Coloured Horse Coult Item I give the rest of my Lands where on I now live Containing 385 Acres after the Death of my Wife or Widowhood to my four sons Richard Hubbbard Archibald and Flemin Carnal to be equally Divided amongst them

Item item I give unto my Daughter Phanny Carnal one good Feather bed and Sufficient furniture when of age or Marryed

My Will and Desire is that my youngest Children be Sufficiently Schooled out of my Estate by my Executors.And I do ratify and confirm this my last Will and Testament and no Other and Disallow and disanul all Other Will or Wills by me heretofore made % which I do appoint my beloved wife and beloved son Richard Carnal Henry Mitchel and Thomas White my sons in law to be whole and Sole Executors to Carry this my Will and Testament in to Effect In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Affixed my seal this nineteenth day of may Anno Dom 1789

Signed Sealed Published pronounced and Declared in presence of PATRICK CARNAL SEAL

Thomas Miles

Raldolph Buckley

Stephen Underdown July Court 1789


The Execution of this Will was duly proved in open Court by the Oaths Thomas Miles Randolph Buckley and Stephen Underdown three Subscribing witnesses thereto and on motion Ordered to be recordedAt the same time MARY CARNALL Widow and relect to the said Deceased. Quyallifyd Executrix and Richard Carnal Henry Mitchel

land Thomas White Qualifyd Executors, Letters Testamentary issued Accordingly Test A. E. Murphey C C

1787 Halifax County, Virginia Book 14 page 104


Circuit Court of Halifax Co., Virginia 6 February 1787

Mitchell This Indenture made this sixth Day of February one from thousand seven hundred and eighty seven. I PATRICKCARNALL CARNAL of Halifax County & state of Virginia for the Natural love and affection which I have and do bear Negro-- unto Daughter Nancy Mitchell do give and grant unto her and the lawful begotten heirs of her body my Negro girl Diner without any manner of challenge, claim or demand of me the said PATRICK CARNAL or any other person or persons in my name by my consent or procurement and further I do warrant and will forever defend the right and property of the said Negro girl Diner to be the right and property of my said Daughter Nancy Mitchell and to the lawful begotten heirs of her body forever/and further more I do put my said Daughter in full possession of my said Negro girl Diner in Witness whereof I have hear unto set my hand and affixed my seal the Day and year above written.

Signed Sealed and Delivered) PATRICK CARNALL

in presence of )

Lewis Mabry, Ino Grey, Alexander Grey,

at a court held for Halifax County the 21st Day of June 1787

The within Written Deed of Gift was proved by the oaths of two witnesses thereto subscribed to be the Act and Deed of the Said PATRICK CARNAL party thereto, and ordered to be Recorded. Examined

Teste Geo. Carrington

Truly Recorded Berryman Green D.C.H. Co.

Recorded in Halifax Co., Va.

Book 14 Page 104

Copy Teste J. C. Sigemore Clerk


1796 Indenture - son Richard Carnell

This indenture made this 5th Day of September in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred & ninety six Between William Waite of the County of Person & State of North Carolina of the one part. Richard Cernal of the County & state aforesaid of the other part witnesseth that the said William Waite for & in consideration of the sum of thirty four pound five shillings good & lawful money of this state by him in hand paid by the said Richard Cernal on or before the sealing & Delivery of these present the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge hath Bargained sold & Delivered & by these presents do Bargain sell & convey unto the said Richard Cernel his heirs & assigns forever one certain tract or Parcel of land situate lying & being in the county of Person & state of NoCarolina on the water of Cane Creek. Beginning at a Pine Corner of WIDOW CERNALS thence south 61 chains to a white oak Thence West 17 chains to a Post Oak Thence North 3 chains to a white oak on Goodloe Warren's line

Thence East on said Warren's line 10 chains to a

(Deed not complete - next page missing)


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